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What Are Star Interview Questions

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A Final Word On The Star Method


While it may take a little extra preparation time, try incorporating the STAR method in your next remote interview. You may be surprised at how effectively you can highlight your relevant accomplishments. In no time, you will have the interviewer imagining how beneficial you will be to their organization. For further information on interview preparation for remote workers, check out these resources below.

Tell Me About A Recent Mistake You Made How Did You Handle It

‘I was the assistant property manager of a real estate firm, and I was responsible for arranging a home viewing. One lady liked the house that was vacant. She paid the deposit and said she would be moving in two days’ time. Unfortunately, I didn’t book her and I assigned the same house to another tenant. I realized the mistake on the day she was supposed to move in, rushed to the apartment block, found another apartment with faulty lighting. I called the local electrician to fix the problem and ensured the house was cleaned up properly.

‘I called the lady and explained that there was a mix-up. After apologising, I asked her if she could move into another apartment that was just as spacious as the one she had booked. Lucky for me, she didn’t object. I told my boss, and he was pleased that I acted fast. I have been extra careful to record important details, and I have never made that mistake again’.

The STAR response method is a great way to create brief but compelling answers to behavioral interview questions. Make sure you provide honest answers and share positive results. A good way of practicing is by writing down the stories and reading them out loud. Where necessary, trim the stories so they are clear and concise. Try to draw from your latest five work experiences or employment history, unless you really feel there’s an older anecdote that best captures what the interviewing panel may be looking for in their ideal candidate.

Star Interview Questions For Client

  • Tell me about a time when a client was especially pleased with your work.
  • Tell me about your most difficult client interaction.
  • Describe a scenario in which you were overloaded with clients. How did you go about prioritizing your own work, while still delivering excellent service?
  • Tell me about a time when your work did not meet the clients expectations. How did you go about rectifying the situation?
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    Star Interview Question Examples

    Here are a few examples of common behavioral questions you might be asked during an interview:

    • Have you ever had to make an unpopular decision? How did you handle it?
    • Describe a time when you were under a lot of pressure at work. How did you react?
    • Tell me about a mistake youve made. How did you handle it?
    • Explain a situation where you used data or logic to make a recommendation.
    • Tell me about a time when you disagreed with your boss. How did you resolve it?
    • Describe a time when you had to deliver bad news. How did you do it?
    • Tell me about a time you worked with other departments to complete a project.
    • Tell me about a time when you set and achieved a specific goal.
    • Tell me about a time when you had to persuade someone to do something.
    • Describe a time when you had a conflict with a colleague. How did you handle it?
    • Have you ever had to motivate others? How did you do it?
    • Tell me about the last time your workday ended before you were able to get everything done.

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    Question : Tell Me A Goal You Have Set For Yourself And How You Achieved It

    How To Answer Interview Questions Star Method

    Example answer:

    I like to set goals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Having both short and long-term goals helps me stay motivated while also keeping an eye on the bigger picture.

    My goals for today are always written in the form of a to-do list. On my list for today is coming to this interview, sending you a nice follow-up email, finishing my online portfolio and washing my car. For the week, my goals are to have three interviews, apply to 10 positions and add 30 new connections on LinkedIn. My long-term goal is to find a company that I can call home within the next month.

    Breaking down goals incrementally makes each task attainable, rather than just having a bunch of goals that are harder to achieve.

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    How To Prepare For A Behavioral Interview

    Here are some steps you can take to ready yourself for the interview portion of the hiring process:

  • Recall the latest situations you’ve been in that demonstrate positive behaviors or decisive actions, especially involving work experience, team effort, leadership, initiative and service delivery.

  • Create short descriptions for each situation and be prepared to share the details if asked.

  • Make sure the story has a beginning, middle and conclusion. Be prepared to describe the situation, task at hand, the action you took and the result.

  • Be forthright in your responses. Avoid embellishing upon or omitting any important parts of the story. It is likely that the interviewer has conducted enough behavioral interviews to know when someone’s being honest.

  • Ensure that the outcome reflects positively on you even if the result was not favorable.

  • Be specific about events and give a detailed account of what happened, avoiding generalising.

  • Provide various examples, and don’t recount the same situation over multiple questions.

  • How Do You Handle Angry Customers Give Me An Example

    S – I always try to be calm and collected. Recently, when I was serving a customer behind the checkout, I had a customer shout at me for not being eligible for a refund. The customer was getting louder and there was a large line starting to form behind him.

    T – I had to remain calm, move the conflict somewhere else, and make sure the other customers could go about their purchases.

    A – I realized the best thing to do was to move the situation away from the cash register. I asked my colleague to take over for me so that I could talk to the customer one-on-one and better explain the situation. I explained that I could understand his frustration, but I made it clear that sales items were non-refundable, even though he had a receipt.

    R – In the end, he began to calm down and accepted my explanation. While he still wasnt happy about it, I managed to dissolve the situation before he made any more of a scene. I believe that by being calm and empathetic, its possible to dissolve most such situations.

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    What Is The Star Technique

    The STAR technique is a method of answering questions that is comprised of four steps:

    • Situation: Describe the situation and when it took place.

    • Task: Explain the task and what was the goal.

    • Action: Provide details about the action you took to attain this.

    • Result: Conclude with the result of your action.

    What Is The Star Interview Response Method

    How to Answer BEHAVIORAL INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Using the STAR Method (TOP 10 Behavioral Questions)

    The STAR interview response method is a way of answering behavioral interview questions. Behavioral interview questions are questions about how you have behaved in the past. Specifically, they are about how you have handled certain work situations. Employers using this technique analyze jobs and define the skills and qualities that high-level performers have exhibited in that job.

    Since past performance can be a good predictor of the future, interviewers ask these questions to determine whether candidates have the skills and experiences required to excel in the job.

    For example, employers might be looking for proof of problem-solving skills, analytical ability, creativity, perseverance through failure, writing skills, presentation skills, teamwork orientation, persuasive skills, quantitative skills, or accuracy.

    Examples of behavioral interview questions include the following:

    • Tell me about an occasion when you had to complete a task under a tight deadline.
    • Have you ever gone above and beyond the call of duty?
    • What do you do when a team member refuses to complete his or her quota of the work?

    Some interviewers structure their questions using the STAR technique. However, job seekers can also use the STAR interview method to prepare for behavioral interview questions.

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    Have You Ever Been In A Situation When The Client Was Wrong And You Had To Correct Them Give Me An Example

    S – Yes, that happens every so often.

    I can think of one example which happened during my first job as a recruiter. I had sent out a candidate over to a client and the hiring manager had rejected him based on CV alone. They said that the candidate was too junior of a profile for the position, no experience with X, Y and Z.

    T – I went through the resume and my notes several times, and I was 100% sure that this had to have been a mistake on the clients part – the candidate was an exact match for the job ad they gave me.

    So I had to somehow let them know about it without seeming to be telling them how to do their job.

    A – I contacted my candidate, I got exact and thorough information on his experience with X, Y and Z, wrote it all out in an email and obviously with a very calm and professional tone explained to our clients hiring manager that my candidate did in fact have experience in all areas pointed out, proven by this and that project, etc. And I kindly asked him to review his application.

    R – He responded, agreed that the candidate did in fact have the required experience and admitted that it was an error on their end. So, they DID invite the candidate for an interview. Given, he wasnt chosen for the role, but oh well, at least we gave him a chance.

    How To Use The Star Technique To Make Your Answers Really Stand Out

    Heres a secret its all in the Story!

    Would you read a book that was boring? No, probably not and you would not recommend it to your friends.

    And how many pages would you read before you concluded it was boring? Some might persevere to the end, but most would give up after maybe 20 or 30 pages.

    The point I am trying to make is that your answer, your story must be gripping and it must grip in the first few sentences.

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    What Is A Behavioral Interview Question

    A behavioral interview question focuses on the candidateâs past experiences by asking for specific examples regarding how they used their knowledge, skills, and abilities in previous situations. The belief is that the most accurate way to predict an individualâs future performance is by looking at their past responses.

    Recruiters hope that responses to well-designed behavioral questions will elicit responses that accurately illustrate a candidateâs skills and abilities in job-related competencies. They are also looking for information that is verifiable and objectively comparable with other interviewees.

    A few examples of the most common behavioral interview questions include:

    • Tell me about the last time a customer or co-worker got upset with you.
    • Tell me about the toughest decision youve had to make in the past six months.
    • Give me an example of a major mistake you made, and what you did to correct it.

    Have You Ever Faced Conflict Or Disagreement With A Coworker What Happened And How Did You Resolve It

    STAR Method of behavioral interviewing # ...

    S – Yep! During my internship at Company X, my team and I were supposed to work together and brainstorm new talent sourcing ideas for a client. The client was a large supermarket chain located in a very rural area, so they were struggling to source new talent.

    T – Basically our task was to meet on a daily basis, brainstorm and finally settle on 3 great ideas. After a couple of meetings, we did have SOME ideas, but none of them were too exceptional. The management wanted something that they could confidently present to the client .

    Some of my teammates wanted to just give up, say well, heres our ideas, we dont have anything else! and be done with it. Me and another teammate, however, wanted to work on it a bit more and come up with something that WOULD work.

    There was a LOT of back and forth from there, the tensions were high, and the team kept shutting down all the ideas we were proposing. The deadline was super close, and had to figure out a way to move forward.

    A – So, I gave it some thought, and realized that wed forever be in a deadlock if we continued like this. They wouldnt agree with our approach, and we wouldnt agree with theirs. So, we decided to bring in an unbiased third party who didn’t have any emotional investment here.

    R – This really helped bring in something new to the table. The mediator helped sort through all the bad ideas, as well as infusing the team with some new energy.

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    Putting It All Together

    Its making sense now, isnt it? Heres one more question-and-answer example for some added clarity.

    The Interviewer Says:Tell me about a time when you had to be very strategic in order to meet all of your top priorities.

    Your Response:

    Situation:In my previous sales role, I was put in charge of the transfer to an entirely new customer relationship management systemon top of handling my daily sales calls and responsibilities.

    Task:The goal was to have the migration to the new CRM database completed by Q3, without letting any of my own sales numbers slip below my targets.

    Action:In order to do that, I had to be very careful about how I managed all of my time. So, I blocked off an hour each day on my calendar to dedicate solely to the CRM migration. During that time, I worked on transferring the data, as well as cleaning out old contacts and updating outdated information. Doing this gave me enough time to chip away at that project, while still handling my normal tasks.

    Result:As a result, the transfer was completed two weeks ahead of deadline and I finished the quarter 10% ahead of my sales goal.

    The STAR interview process for answering behavioral interview questions might seem a little overwhelming at first. But it will become second nature with a little practice. And make no mistake, practicing is definitely something you should do.

    How To Ace A Star Interview

    Getting picked out of a group of hungry job candidates means you need to be at the top of your game and be able to differentiate yourself from everyone else.

    On this page are two classic interview questions you can expect in behavioral based interviews.

    They both follow the STAR Interview method of answer behavioral questionss.

    Answer them correctly to score points with your interviewer and youll inch closer to landing the job.

    As you can see from the following examples, you answers do not need to be very long.

    Actually, shorter interview answers are preferable because its easier for an interviewer to follow your story and it leaves the floor open for an interviewer to ask additional questions about what you did and why you chose the course of action you did.

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    Have A Few Examples Ready

    Theres no way for you to know in advance what type of behavioral interview question the interviewer will ask.

    But its still a good idea to have a few examples ready that follow the STAR method.

    This way, you can tweak and adapt your answer on the go depending on the question.

    Keep in mind, though, that your answers shouldnt be a word-for-word memorized script.

    Youll want to sound natural when answering.

    And if youre having a hard time coming up with an answer during the interview, dont be afraid to ask for a minute to come up with an example.

    Its ok to take a few seconds and structure your answer in your head first. If anything, the HR manager might appreciate that youre not rushing in your answers.

    Pro Tip:

    Can You Tell Me About A Time When You Went Above And Beyond To Deliver Excellent Customer Experience

    STAR Interview Technique with Questions and Answers (PASS)

    S – When I was working at Company X, we were preparing for a video presentation for a client when I learned that someone on their team was deaf. The presentation was due the next day in the morning and I was the only one left in the office after 5PM.

    T – I realized there was only one solution and that was for me to stay behind in the evening and add the captions myself.

    A – It took a few hours, and around 8PM, I was done. Then, I let our team know about the update.

    R – In the end, the client enjoyed the presentation. They were very impressed by our attention to detail, and we ended up closing them soon after.

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    Why Employers Ask Behavioral Questions

    Behavioral questions are designed to learn how you would respond to a specific workplace situation, and how you solve problems to achieve a successful outcome.

    Behavioral interview questions are generally formatted by presenting a situation, inquiring about what action you have taken to respond to something similar in the past, and what the result was.

    The interviewer will ask how you handled a situation, and you will need to respond with an explanation of what you did. The logic is that your success in the past is a positive indicator of your success in the future.

    Essential Tips for Answering Top Behavioral Questions

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