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Rest Assured Api Testing Interview Questions

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What Is Payload In Rest Api

13 – Top 10 REST-Assured API Automation Interview Questions And Answers.

The Payload in REST API is the actual data pack that is sent with the GET method in HTTP. Its the crucial information that you submit to the server when making an API request.

The payload is denoted using in a query string, and it can be sent or received in multiple formats.

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C Commonly Asked Rest Assured Interview Questions And Answers

These are 7 rest assured API automation testing interview questions and answers to give you a knowledge of REST assured, RESTful web services, URI, and the types of HTTP methods. You can face such API questions too.

Q38. What is REST assured?

Ans:- REST Assured is a Java-based library that is used for RESTful APIs testing. It can be used to test applications based on JSON and XML. Also, all methods are entirely supported, including PUT, POST, GET, PATCH, and DELETE.

Q39. What are RESTful web services?

Ans:- Restful web services are REST Architecture-based Web services. RESTful web services use HTTP as a communication between the server and the client.

Q40. What is URI?

Ans:- URI consists of the base URL, path parameter, and query parameter.

Q41. Which HTTP methods are used in REST and what do they do?

Ans:- You definitely should remember these HTTP methods before going to appear API testing interview questions.

  • GET: Retrieves resource representation. Should be cacheable.
  • POST: Creates a new subordinate resource. Not cacheable
  • PUT: Updates existing resources. If the resource does not exist, then API may decide whether to create a new one or not.
  • PATCH: Makes a partial update
  • DELETE Deletes the resource. Idempotent and not cacheable
  • OPTIONS: Describe the communication options for the target resource.
  • HEAD: Asks for a response identical to that of a GET request, but without the response body.

Q42. Can You explain the payload?

Q43. What is the difference between PUT and POST?

Disadvantages Of Restful Web Services

  • RESTful web services are stateless and do not maintain session simulation responsibility as the client side does not provide a particular session id for it.
  • REST is not able to impose the security restriction inherently. However, it inherits them with the help of implementing protocols. Thus, the integration of SSL/TLS authentication needs to be done very carefully for better security measures of the REST APIs.

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Can You Tell The Disadvantages Of Restful Web Services

The disadvantages are:

  • As the services follow the idea of statelessness, it is not possible to maintain sessions.
  • REST does not impose security restrictions inherently. It inherits the security measures of the protocols implementing it. Hence, care must be chosen to implement security measures like integrating SSL/TLS based authentications, etc.

Which Http Request Methods Are Supported By Rest

TestNG Annotations

Answer: An HTTP request method indicates which action the client wants the API to perform on a resource. The four primary HTTP request methods in REST are:

  • GET: Requests a resource from the server.
  • POST: Creates a new resource on the server.
  • PUT: Updates an existing resource on the server.
  • DELETE: Removes a resource from the server.

Additionally, two less common HTTP requests you should also know are:

  • HEAD: Requests meta-information about a resource. This request is similar to GET, but the response does not include a response body.
  • OPTIONS: Retrieves a list of possible methods for a resource.

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What Are The Common Tests That Are Performed On Apis

Some of the common tests we perform on APIs are as follows.

1. Verify whether the return value is based on the input condition. The response of the APIs should be verified based on the request.2. Verify whether the system is authenticating the outcome when the API is updating any data structure3. Verify whether the API triggers some other event or request another API4. Verify the behavior of the API when there is no return value

Is There Any Difference Between Put And Post Operations

With the exception of the terms of the output they produce, PUT and POST operations are relatively similar. POST operation responses are not cacheable, but PUT operation responses are idempotent, thus you can cache the response. If you retry the request N times, the server will create N resources with N different URIs.

Let’s say we are creating a network application. To understand when to use POST and when to utilize PUT operations, let’s enumerate a few URIs along with their purposes.

Get all devices by typing GET /device-management/devices. POST to devices in device management: Make a new gadget

GET /device-management/devices/id: Retrieves device-specific information. Update the device information designated by “id” by using the command PUT /device-management/devices/id. Delete device by “id” at /device-management/devices.

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Q: Write A Code To Test Rest Api Using Rest Assured Ans:

import org.testng.annotations.Test import io.restassured.RestAssured import io.restassured.http.Method import io.restassured.response.Response import io.restassured.specification.RequestSpecification publicclassEmployeesTest}

Refer Spring Boot Rest Assured Example to understand it’s implementation.

Explain Everything About Warnings And Api Errors

API Testing Interview Questions and Answers | RestAssured Interview Questions

When something is not going as per expectations like when the outcome is not as predicted then the occurrence of errors can be seen and the same warnings are explained in the form of a message in a proper format. Within a single module, there can be one or many warnings.

A wide range of warnings that can form are:

Missing module warning and parameter validation warning

A wide range of errors that can form are:

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Why Do We Use Static Import In Rest Assured

A feature of the Java programming language called static import enables the use of members that have been scoped as public static in their container class without naming the class in which they were defined.

package com.techgeeknext.controller

* this is static import to avoid writing

* into front of every method call of RestAssured

Full Stack Web Developer Course

Mention What Is The Difference Between Put And Post

PUT puts a file or resource at a particular URI and exactly at that URI. If there is already a file or resource at that URI, PUT changes that file or resource. If there is no resource or file there, PUT makes one

POST sends data to a particular URI and expects the resource at that URI to deal with the request. The web server at this point can decide what to do with the data in the context of specified resource

PUT is idempotent meaning, invoking it any number of times will not have an impact on resources.

However, POST is not idempotent, meaning if you invoke POST multiple times it keeps creating more resources

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Q: How To Deserialize A Response Json As List Of Pojo In Rest Assured Ans:

In below ways we can deserialize a response JSON as List of POJO in Rest assured:

  • List< Employee>  returnedEmployees = 
  • In version 3.0.2 :
    JsonPath jsonPath = RestAssured.given.when.get.then.assertThat.statusCode).assertThat.extract.body.jsonPath List< Employee>  Employees = jsonPath.getList 
  • Google’s Gson library
  • What Do You Mean By Input Injection Explain Different Ways Of Doing It

    Part 2

    The term Input injection is the act to stimulate user input. User input can be simulated in many different ways such as:

  • Direct Method Invocation
  • Invocation with the help of accessibility interface
  • Doing simulation with the help of low-level input
  • Doing simulation with the help of a device driver
  • Doing simulation with the help of a robot
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    Q: What Are The Ways And How To Validate The Response Of Rest Api In Rest Assured Ans:

    Response is an interface available io.restassured.response package.This interface contains many methods, majority of which can be used to extract parts from the received response. Below are some method of response which we can use to validate the received response:

  • Status Code: getStatusCode method can be used to validate the response. It is an integer values, if it valid response will return 200.
    Response employeesResponse = RestAssured.given.request //validate the resonse using AssertAssert.assertEquals) 
  • Status Line: getStatusLine method can be used to validate the response. It contains 3 part i.e. Http Protocol version, Status Code and Status Code like HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Response employeesResponse = RestAssured.given.request //validate response using Assert and checking with response StatusLineAssert.assertEquals) 
  • Refer Spring Boot Rest Assured Example to understand how to extract and validate the response.

    What Are The Main Challenges Faced In Api Testing

    Some of the challenges we face while doing API testing are as follows

    • Selecting proper parameters and its combinations
    • Categorizing the parameters properly
    • Proper call sequencing is required as this may lead to inadequate coverage in testing
    • Verifying and validating the output
    • Due to the absence of GUI, it is quite difficult to provide input values

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    What Are The Web Relation Functionalities Provided By Soap Protocol

    • HTTPUtils: This provides the functionality of the POST method to safely meet the requirements.
    • Parameter: It is an argument for an RPC call used by both the client and the server.
    • Response: It is an object that represents an RPC reply from both client and server, but the result will not be displayed until after the method call.
    • TCPTunnel: It is an object that provides the ability to listen on a specific port and to forward all the host and port names.
    • TypeConverter: It helps to convert an object of one type into another type and this is called using the class in the form object.

    Rest Api Coding Interview Questions

    Top 25 API Testing Interview Questions & Answers | Rahul Shetty
    • The model used of your Rest API means how your following rest API
    • The architecture of the API project
    • How you create JSON data on post-call.
    • How you extract path parameters
    • How do you read JSON response
    • The question will be about headers and cookies
    • Maintaining URLs
    • Question will be from what is path parameters, query parameters, etc
    • Extent report or default report.
    • Some database query as you know API bit related to DB as just making the sure response and request was dropped in DB or not OK

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    How Does The Message Security Model Allow The Creation Of Soap More Secure To Use

    The security model includes the given security tokens. These tokens comprise digital signatures for protection and authentication of SOAP messages. Security tokens can be used to provide the bond between authentication secrets or keys and security identities. Security token uses the authentication protocols and an X.509 certificate to define the relationship between the public key and identity key. The signatures are used to verify the messages and their origin, generate knowledge to confirm the security tokens to bind the identity of a person to the identity of the originator. Security model prevents different attacks and can be used to protect the SOAP architecture.

    Q: Why Do We Use Static Import In Rest Assured Ans:

    Static import is a Java programming language feature that allows members that have been scoped as public static within their container class to be used in Java codewithout mentioning the class in which the field has been defined.

    packagecom.techgeeknext.controller importorg.testng.annotations.Test /** * this is static import to avoid writing * into front of every method call of RestAssured */importstaticio.restassured.RestAssured.* publicclassEmpControllerTest}

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    Explain The Restful Web Service

    Mostly, there are two kinds of Web Services which are quite popular.

    1.SOAP which is an XML-based way to expose web services.

    2.Web services developed using REST style are known as RESTful web services. These web services use HTTP methods to implement the concept of REST architecture.

    A RESTful web service usually defines a URI, Uniform Resource Identifier a service, provides resource representation such as JSON and set of HTTP Methods.


    What Are Principles Of An Api Test Design

    Part 6

    The five most important principles of an API test design are:

    • Setup: Create objects, start services, initialize data, etc
    • Execution: Steps to apply API or the scenario, including logging
    • Verification: Oracles to evaluate the result of the execution
    • Reporting: Pass, failed or blocked
    • Clean up: Pre-test state

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    B Advanced Api Testing Interview Questions And Answers

    Here are the API interview questions that you should prepare while appearing for the senior profiles. These API testing interview questions are mostly asked to test your knowledge and experience, so try to impress your interviewer by exposing your skill and knowledge.

    Q22. What is the basic process to test an API? Explain based on your previous experiences.

    Ans:- Here are the basic steps to follow to test an API

    • First of all, decide the suite where you wanted to add the API test case.
    • Now select the test development code too.
    • Now you have to develop test cases for needed API methods.
    • This is the time to configure the app control parameters.
    • Configure the test conditions too.
    • Validate the methods and configure them
    • Execute APIs, check the test reports, filter the test cases, arrange the test cases etc.

    Q23. What are the errors expected during API Testing?

    Ans:-These are the errors you can tell to let them know that you have performed such tests before and you know what you claim.

    • tracking system integration.

    Q25. What is the test environment of API?

    Ans:- Setting up an API environment is not easy, so try to share your experience and try to communicate with the interviewer on this.

    The test environment of API is a bit complete and requires the configuration of both database and server is done without the integration of GUI.

    Q26. What are the principles of an API test design?

    Ans:- It is one of the API design interview questions. You can answer it like this:

    Q: What Is Jsonpath In Rest Assured Ans:

    JsonPath is a simple way to get values from an Object document without having to use XPath. When retrieving an object from the document, it follows the Groovy GPath syntax. It can be thought of as a JSON-specific version of XPath. As an example, consider the following Object document.

    }Response employeesResponse = RestAssured.given.request JsonPath jsonPathObj = employeesResponse.jsonPath //get a list of all employees id:List< String>  employeeIds = jsonPathObj.get //get the first employee name:String empName = jsonPathObj.get 

    Refer Spring Boot Rest Assured Example to understand how to use JsonPath to extract the specific object from the response.

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    Hackerrank Rest Api Questions Solutions

    • What will you check first when a lot of failures in API automation?
    • What will you do when the API structure changes?
    • Which dependency is good to handle Json operations?
    • How do you keep Json requests in the automation framework?
    • Which of the following takes more time to script. Get or Post a call?
    • Tell me your approach to automating an API that is under development
    • Tell me a complex scenario you automated so far
    • What will be your action, when a mandatory header which is passed in all the services becomes optional?

    What Is The Caching Mechanism

    API Testing Interview Questions and Answers for 2-3 Years of Experience |. SDET | Selenium

    Caching is just the practice of storing data in temporarily and retrieving data from a high-performance store either explicitly or implicitly.

    When a caching mechanism is in place, it helps improve delivery speed by storing a copy of the asset you requested and later accessing the cached copy instead of the original.

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    Rest Assured Interview Questions

    • Explain challenges that you face during the automation of the rest APIs
    • What are the diff types of testing you do with an API
    • What is the diff between regular calls vs OAuth calls?
    • How do you test security testing using APIs
    • How do you do performance testing with APIs
    • What is the difference between Put vs Patch?
    • We have 200 API and for all 200 APIs, there are 7 different you will validate. what will be your approach?
    • There are 25 fields you need to validate from API response what will be your approach. how will you validate? Will you create 25 variables to store responses for every field?
    • There are 1000 API post request calls to create records. The best approach to do that is to make our test cases run in any chrome version irrespective of the chrome driver version?

    Common Rest Api Testing Interview Questions

    Many testers will definitely need to face interview questions when applying for a QA job. The web API testing interview questions below have been collected from the test professionals to help you get ready for a new role. More than just an API interview, this list of content will also benefit both freshers and senior testers who would like to achieve both general and advanced knowledge in REST API testing.

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    What Is Api Testing

    API testing is a type of software testing that involves testing APIs directly. API is a part of integration testing to check whether the API meets expectations in terms of functionality, reliability, performance, and security of applications. Multiple API system can performed API testing. In API testing, our primary focus is on Business Logic Layer of the software architecture.

    What Is The Api Documentation

    REST Assured Tutorial 2

    For any foundation, there is always a need for good documentation. Similarly, API documentation provides a quick reference to access working or library within a program.

    While walking through any such documents, a proper plan is a must along with a proper sketch or layout for delivery, there is a need for the content source, information regarding each and every function, etc.

    There are various API documentation tools like Doxygen and JavaDoc. Below you can check the various categories in which each and every function is being documented that are revolving around the parameters like:

  • Function description
  • Type and syntax of the error message that may occur
  • Syntax, elements, and sequence needed for each parameter
  • Links regarding functions
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