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What Makes An Outstanding Teacher Interview Question

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Example Teacher Strength : Order

What makes a good teacher great? | Azul Terronez | TEDxSantoDomingo

I believe in getting results, and Im proud of the fact that my class has always scored above the school and state average in standardized testing. I make homework expectations clear at the beginning of the school year, and keep parents updated throughout about exactly where their children stand. I have posters on the wall explaining my discipline strategy and ask parents to sign that they have read it, and it has never been challenged.

Would You Consider Yourself A Risk Taker If So What Are Some Examples

Sample Answer: I guess it really depends on what you consider a risk taker to be. If you think of a risk taker as someone who jumps out of airplanes and goes bungee jumping, then the answer is no, I am definitely not a risk taker! I was brought up to be a careful, cautious person who values my life and my family too much to take risks like that.

However, I am not the kind of person who is afraid of failure. I am willing to put myself out there and take risks to achieve the goal that I am after. I do not look at failure as a bad thing. Sure, it may be disappointing to fail at something, but I look at every failure as another experience in my life that I can learn from. And I think that attitude is the right attitude to have. You just can’t go through life worrying about all of your failures, or worse yet, being so afraid to fail that you never take any risks.

Tip: While you may not think you need to be much of risk taker to be a teacher, it is important to be willing to put yourself out there a little bit. The only time we grow as people is by putting ourselves in situations we may not be all that comfortable with. Doing that, stretches us, and a lot of times shows us that we are capable of things we never even dreamed we could do.

How Will You Engage Reluctant Learners

Teaching in an age when we must compete with Fortnite, Snapchat, and other forms of instant entertainment makes this question valid and necessary. How will you keep students engaged? Share specific incentive policies, lessons youve used, or ways youve built relationships to keep students on task. An anecdote of how a past student that you taught was turned on to your subject because of your influence would also help your credibility here.

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Would You Say You Make Learning Fun And If So How

Sample Answer: Yes, I do. I firmly believe that students learn more freely when they are having fun instead of doing a chore. By making learning fun, I am able to reach a greater number of students than if I have a serious and stern attitude. My students are able to see me as a peer, which helps to facilitate the relationship between teacher and student.

I incorporate fun into the classroom in a variety of ways. In the past, I have used art projects, plays and skits, films, and other media as a way to be hands-on with the students to drive home skills, while having a good time in the process.

Tip: Most educators recognize the fact that children are more open to learning when they are having fun at the same time. The ability to bring fun to a lesson while keeping it effective is a sought after skill!

What If Youre Having Trouble Landing An Interview

Sample Interview Questions For Teachers

Now that you know all about how to answer the most common teacher interview questions, theres no reason for you not to be prepared to nail your interview!

But what if youre having trouble landing an interview in the first place? Perhaps you should try to tailor your resume to make it better fit the role of teacher, adding some of your strengths and experience helping others, even if its not directly related to teaching.

Maybe you also need to do some volunteer or intern work before applying to a school. And if you are looking to study a degree in Education to increase your chances of landing that job, you can do so online at University of the People which offers a variety of tuition-free education degrees.

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Describe A Time You Had To Address A Safeguarding Issue

Safeguarding is a critical concept in any school. Most teacher interview questions would include at least one question on this topic, which may sometimes include a hypothetical situation.

A good answer would display your knowledge about safeguarding and the process you would use to handle any potential safeguarding issues. You should convey that you would be sensitive and supportive of the student but would always follow protocol and reporting procedures.

You might also be asked what you shouldnt do if a safeguarding issue arose.

If you have experienced a situation in a safeguarding area previously, you can share this as long as details are anonymous.

Interview Questions for Teachers

Chris Hildrew Deputy Headteacher And Media Studies Teacher Chew Valley School Near Bristol

Candidates should have plenty of opportunities to ask questions during the day of the interview itself, so in the interview it’s fine to say: “I’ve had so many opportunities to ask questions that I think everything I wanted to know has been covered.” This shows the panel that the candidate has come prepared with a list of what they need to know and has taken the opportunities that their well-planned day has afforded.

You might want to ask a table-turning question: “What do you think the best thing about this school is?” Although it makes you memorable it also runs the risk of making you seem like a show off. On two very memorable occasions in my experience, candidates who have come into the interview as frontrunners have talked themselves out of a job offer with a barrage of questions to the panel ranging from the self-aggrandising to the irrelevant, clearly saved up during the day in an effort to impress us. It doesn’t.

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Top 10 Questions Teachers Are Asked At Job Interviews

Which is more important, teaching or learning? If you saw a fellow teacher out buying fruit in the market with a sixth-form student, what would you do? How might the current political climate affect your teaching?

When we asked readers what questions they’d been asked at job interviews, the responses we received were testament to the variety of skills and responsibilities that teachers have. From providing pastoral care to pedagogical expertise, working in a school is tough and so too is the interview process.

To help you prepare, we’ve surveyed readers and headteachers to find out what questions crop up during the recruitment process. You can browse our reader submissions by clicking here, or read our headteachers’ tips below:

If I walked into your classroom during an outstanding lesson, what would I see and hear?

“I’d like to hear about: animated discussions, students clearly making progress as evidenced in oral and written contributions. High quality visual displays of students’ work showing progress. High levels of engagement. Behaviour that supports learning.”

Helen Anthony, headteacher, Fortismere school

“After hearing a candidate’s response I try to get them to talk about their experiences in the classroom. I try to get a sense of the impact that they have had on pupils’ achievement.”

Tim Browse, headteacher, Hillcrest primary school

Why do we teach x in schools?

Evaluate your lesson

Are You A Patient Person Give Some Examples Of How You Are Or Aren’t Patient

TRAINEE teacher INTERVIEW QUESTIONS | How to ANSWER interview questions | PGCE Interview | SCITT

Sample Answer: I believe that I am patient person to the point that it might even be considered a fault. We all have our own level of patience, and I believe that anyone who works with children must be patient. While I have little tolerance for misbehavior and will look to get to the root of the problem quickly, I find that I am more patient with other things, like waiting on a student to grasp a concept. Children cant be rushed to learn they learn at their own pace. If I want my students to be successful and to learn from me, I have to accept that they might not master a particular concept as fast as their peers but that they still have the potential to do so, with my help. I am very patient with students as long as they are giving their best effort and they show a desire to learn and grasp the concepts being taught.

Tip: The ideal teacher has mounds of patience. Without it, they would quickly find themselves in a new career. In exhibiting patience, you are letting the interviewer know that you know what to expect and that you are prepared for it.

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What Can You Bring To Our School That Makes You Unique

This is your chance to make your claim to fame, and to truly stand out in your teacher interview! Share the passions you have and things youve taken part in. Show the interviewer everything that you have to bring to the table, and offer some ideas of how you can add to the classroom without undermining the existing system.

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How Would You Manage A Disruptive Or Reluctant Student

You need to show that you understand that all students are different and that there might be underlying issues for why they behave as they do.

Here is an example of how this question might be answered:

  • Explain how you would have a meeting with the student to try and understand the underlying cause of their behaviour better. You would ask the student questions to help you decide the best ways to motivate them.

  • Describe the strategies you would use to engage with the student, such as giving them opportunities and learning choices in the classroom that they enjoy, but that also meet the curriculum.

  • Describe how you would use positive feedback and opportunities for success to motivate the student to learn and strive more in the classroom.

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Do You Have Any Questions

While it may be tempting to get out of the hot seat quickly by answering with a simple no, this will generally be the final question and your last opportunity to leave a good impression. So, grab a journal or pad and jot some ideas down before your interview and proudly pull these notes out on cue. If you are at a loss for what to ask, peruse the schools website, check out their goals, strategic plan, or recent accomplishments, and refer to them specifically. Your potential principal will likely appreciate your inquisitive side if it is paired with genuine interest in their school.

In What Ways Do You Prepare Students For State And/or Standardized Tests

Classroom teacher interview questions

Sample Answer: I find that using practice exams and sample questions throughout the year is a great way to prepare students to get ready for state or standardized testing. I try to implement questions that are similar to what the student will be answering on the test into my lessons whenever possible. To prepare the students for the writing requirement on standardized tests, I usually ask my children to write various pieces during the school year and then grade those pieces based on the criteria that will be used during state testing.

Tip: State testing and standardized testing is important to school districts because it not only measures the proficiency of students, but the results of these tests are also taken into consideration when federal money is disbursed to each district. Interviewers want to see that you are on board with prepping your students for testing all year long.

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How Do You Motivate Students To Learn

Engaging students in learning is not always an easy task. Students motivation should be developed on 3 levels: cognitive, emotional, and behavioral. In other words, the teacher should focus on making interesting content, show the use and the benefits of gaining knowledge. The teacher should always keep an individual approach, build an atmosphere of trust and respect, be dynamic, adjust to the current energy in the classroom, and, finally, actively involve the students in lessons by asking questions, opening discussions, and organizing work in groups, etc.

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires William Arthur Ward, American writer

Helen Sadler Art And Design Teacher London

If you get the opportunity, seek out and speak to the students at the school and make the most of their time. I always ask them what one thing they would change about their school. Their answers are usually honest and sometimes surprising.

Don’t just ask questions in the interview if you want to know something ask while you are being given a guided tour of the school. You’ll probably find if you are on a group tour so there will be someone who asks every question about everything, so try to get the balance right. Consider the choice of words and the way you ask as well, especially if the reason for the vacancy hasn’t been discussed yet.

When being interviewed if there are any questions you are not sure about ask them to repeat the question or explain it further. Don’t just be tempted to say something to fill the gap.

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How Would You Engage A Reluctant Student

What They Want to Know: This question is meant to prompt discussion about how you motivate students with different learning styles.

If a student seems reluctant to participate during a specific subject, I would use my experience working with different types of learners and adjust my teaching strategies to engage the student in a way that they would feel more comfortable to participate. This may be by having the student work with a partner, or creating my lessons around a topic that the student may be more likely to be interested in.

What Makes An Ofsted Outstanding Lesson


This blog post is delivered to you by the number 1 UK teacher recruitment agency, Engage Education.

Ofsted is a non-ministerial department: the Office for Standards in Education, Childrens Services and Skills. Ofsted inspect education and care services for children and young people.

When an Ofsted inspector visits, theyre there to report on the quality of teaching, learning and childrens care services.

Schools are graded for each area using a scale. Theyre also awarded an overall grade using the same scale:

  • Grade 1
  • Grade 4

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What Are Your Greatest Strengths That You Have To Offer

Sample Answer: My greatest strength is my ability to run an efficient classroom and to give individualized attention to each student. I am adept at identifying and maximizing the strengths of each student and learning their weaknesses so that I can better help each individual child excel to his or her potential. I am also patient, which is a trait that is a must-have for any educator. My patience allows me to work effectively with even the most challenging students.

Tip: When asking about your strengths, the interviewer is looking for you to be both positive and honest about where you feel your strengths lie. This is a time to brag about yourself and see yourself in the best light possible. It is necessary to play up your strengths when answering this question, but you dont want to boast about too many of your strengths or you may seem deceptive even if you are the total package! In other words, dont make yourself appear to be too good to believe.

How Do You Use Technology In The Classroom

Or specifically in a post-COVID world, How did you handle remote learning? Technology is at the forefront of education, so your interview is the time to show off that youre savvy. Talk about why youre excited to use technology with students. How did you manage remote classrooms and engage students? What technology did you incorporate and use while teaching at home and in the classroom? Your administration needs teachers who are tech-savvy and have innovative thinking around technology.

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What Makes A Great Teacher And What Are Your Teaching Strengths

The intent behind this question is to assess the competencies you think a high-quality teacher should have, and ascertain if you feel you have those strengths.

You need to provide clear examples of your strengths as they relate to the position and the school. These include:

  • A belief that every student can be successful
  • Examples of how you might have previously achieved success in a teacher/student situation that was challenging
  • Skills at parent communication, patience, use of innovation or creative lesson delivery

Be Comfortable And Honest

English Teacher Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

Make sure youre comfortable when you arrive at the interview, especially since youre likely to be interviewed by several people. For everyone, this means something else. Perhaps for you it could mean showing up early to get familiar with the setting, or wearing something that you feel confident in.

Its also crucial to be honest, because otherwise youll not only be caught in your lies, but perhaps the position isnt really the right fit for you.

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How Would You Cope With The Pressures Of Teaching Sample Response

I fully understand the pressures that are placed on teachers. And I also understand the pressures placed on you, the school. These pressures need to be managed effectively so that we all work together to achieve the aims of the school and meet the needs of the students we are teaching.

To begin with, I believe in proper,effective planning of both time and lessons. Planning helps significantlyreduce stress as a teacher. Secondly, I believe in maintaining a positive andhappy mindset. If you are happy and positive, this rubs off on your workcolleagues and also the students you are teaching.

Finally, I look after myself outside of work. I eat well, and whilst I am not a massive fitness fantastic, I often go walking and carry out physical exercise to clear my head and this also helps to reduce stress, too.

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