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What To Know For Cyber Security Interview

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What Is The Difference Between A False Positive And A False Negative In Ids

Cyber Security Interview Questions And Answers | Cyber Security Interview Preparation | Intellipaat
  • A false positive is considered to be a false alarm and a false negative is considered to be the most complicated state.
  • A false positive occurs when an IDS fires an alarm for legitimate network activity.
  • A false negative occurs when IDS fails to identify malicious network traffic.

Compared to both, a false positive is more acceptable than a false negative as they lead to intrusions without getting noticed.

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Transforming Your Cybersecurity Career

– Do you want to excel in your cyber security interview? Do you want to be one of the top picks after the interview? This course will show you how. I’m Tu Laniyonu. I’m a cyber security practitioner and mentor. I built a 23,000 member cyber security career Facebook group and have been providing cyber security career strategies to experienced professionals and those just getting started. Throughout this course, we’re going to cover some common areas you need to know to be successful in your cyber security interview. We’ll talk about the only three categories of questions you need to be able to answer as well as the three types of people you’ll meet in the interview itself. So I invite you to check out my LinkedIn Learning course on how to succeed in your cyber security interview.

What Do You Understand By Port Scanning

Port scanning is the technique administrators, and hackers use to identify the open ports and services available on a host. Hackers use this technique to find information that can be helpful to find flaws and exploit vulnerabilities, and administrators use this technique to verify the security policies of the network.

Following is a list of some most common Port Scanning Techniques:

  • Stealth Scanning

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How To Prevent Csrf Attacks

CSRF is referred to as Cross-site Request Forgery, where an attacker tricks a victim into performing actions on their behalf.

CSRF attacks can be prevented by using the following ways:

  • Employing the latest antivirus software which helps in blocking malicious scripts.
  • While authenticating to your banking site or performing any financial transactions on any other website do not browse other sites or open any emails, which helps in executing malicious scripts while being authenticated to a financial site.
  • Never save your login/password within your browser for financial transactions.
  • Disable scripting in your browser.
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What Is An Active Reconnaissance

Cyber Security Interview Questions And Answers
  • Active reconnaissance is a kind of computer attack where an intruder engages the target system for collecting data about vulnerabilities.
  • The attackers mostly use port scanning to identify vulnerable ports and then exploit the vulnerabilities of services that are associated with open ports.

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Explain Social Network Phishing

Phishing is a cybercrime technique in which attackers disguise fraudulent communications as legitimate or trustworthy in order to steal sensitive data or install malware on a targets device. Social network phishing, sometimes also referred to as angler phishing, harnesses notifications or messaging features on social media to lure targets.

You Receive An Email From Your Bank Telling You There Is A Problem With Your Account The Email Provides Instructions And A Link So You Can Log Into Your Account And Fix The Problem

What should you do?

Delete the email. Better yet, use the web client and report it as spam or phishing, then delete it.

Any unsolicited email or phone call asking you to enter your account information, disclose your password, financial account information, social security number, or other personal or private information is suspicious even if it appears to be from a company you are familiar with. Always contact the sender using a method you know is legitimate to verify that the message is from them.

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Top 100 Cyber Security Interview Questions And Answers In 2022

According to the IBM Report, data breaches cost measured businesses $4.24 million per incident on average, the highest in the 17 years of history. However, the demand for cyber security professionals exceeded and created exciting job opportunities. So, I wrote this wonderful blog on Cyber security interview questions and answers for all those opportunity seekers who are willing to secure their future in a well-reputed organization as a cyber security analyst.

This digital world enclosed by cyber-attacks requires fully trained and professional cyber security engineers to foresee, notice, and limit the possible threats by utilizing their best possible efforts. It is expected that the current number of open positions for network security engineers and analysts will triple over the coming five years.

Clearing the cyber security questions in the interview is not as easy as you think, so it is recommended to fully prepare because more knowledge is required to handle sophisticated threats.

Top Cybersecurity Project Manager Interview Questions

Cyber Security Interview Questions And Answers | Cyber Security Interview Preparation | Simplilearn

So what questions can you expect in a cybersecurity project manager job interview?

Here’s a list of common questions:

38. Q: What is a data leak? How can you detect it and prevent it?

A:A data leak is when a company’s or organization’s private data is released to the public in an unauthorized manner. Data leaks can come in many ways such as hacked emails and networks, stolen or lost laptops, or released photos.

To prevent a data leak, a company needs to restrict internet uploads, add restrictions to email servers, and restrict the printing of confidential information and data.

To detect a data leak, you’ll need to:

1) Monitor access to all your networks

2) Evaluate the risk of third-parties

3) Identify and secure sensitive data

4) Encrypt data

6) Evaluate permissions across the organization

7) Use cybersecurity risk assessments

39. Q: What is a cybersecurity risk assessment?

A:A cybersecurity risk assessment is part of an organization’s risk management strategy because it helps them see how their security is performing along with current vulnerabilities and potential risks.

A cybersecurity risk assessment also covers the different types of assets owned by a company that may be prone to cyberattacks. These assets can include physical assets such as hardware, laptops, or non-physical assets such as customer data.

Companies that use a cyber risk assessment can prioritize addressing those risks based on their importance and the available budget.

– Verify the site’s security

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Q: What Is Vlan And What Are The Differences Between A Vpn And A Vlan

A:The VPN is a remote access network with an encrypted and secured tunnel. A VPN prevents hackers from accessing the network and doesn’t allow people to capture the data packets.

Meanwhile, the virtual LAN is a broadcast domain that is isolated within a computer network at the data link layer. Using a VLAN, we can group work stations that aren’t found in the same location as the broadcast network. A VLAN doesn’t require or involve encryption and it can divide networks without physically segregating the switches.

Q: What Are The Differences Between Symmetric And Asymmetric Encryption And Which Is Better

Bonus Tip:This is a broad topic so keep your answer simple and to the point. You don’t want to lose the interviewer in unnecessary details.

A:Symmetric encryption is a type of encryption that uses a single key, a secret key, to both encrypt and decrypt electronic information. Entities communicating via symmetric encryption must exchange the key so they can be used in the decryption process.

On the other hand, Asymmetric encryption uses two keys, one public and one private, to encrypt and decrypt messages.

While the symmetric encryption is faster, the key needs to be transferred using an unencrypted channel, the asymmetric encryption is slower but more secure.

Each has its pros and cons, which means a better approach is to combine the two types of encryption. This means we’ll need to set up a channel with asymmetric encryption and send the data using a symmetric process.

Symmetric Encryption

Used to transmit bulk data

Used to exchange secret keys safely

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How Do You Envision Your First 90 Days On The Job

Your answer should encompass how you intend to meet with your team members to find out more about them and how you can work together. You should talk about how you will prioritize gaining an understanding of what your managers need from you and what all the stakeholders hope to achieve while also building a strong rapport with your co-workers. You should ask what you can do to make an impact right away. Talk about how you intend to learn and get into the midst of business as soon as you can.

I Am Using An Unsecured Wi

Cyber Security Interview Questions With Answers

Yes, it is possible to access your IP address, passwords, GPS tracking, and so forth. It could be a trap like the Honeypot, set up to detect the data or neutralize the attempts of using the neighbors network unrightfully. In case the neighbor is tech-savvy, there is every chance that the connection could be used to hack the device, gain access to the system, or attribute the unwanted browsing history to you.

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What Does A Cybersecurity Analyst Do

Cybersecurity analysts strive to preserve the integrity of sensitive data by defending infrastructure and systems from cyberattacks. To protect these assets, cybersecurity analysts evaluate system vulnerabilities through diagnostic testing and traffic monitoring. Based on the results of these assessments, cybersecurity analysts design and implement risk management strategies. Cybersecurity analysts also respond to cyber attacks, conduct forensic analysis of previous cyber incidents, and work to ensure organizational compliance with relevant security standards and protocols.

What Is The Difference Between Domain And Workgroup


A domain is a centralized network model.

A workgroup is a decentralized network model.

Here, one administrator manages the domain and its resources.

Here, every user manages the resources individually on their PCs.

It is good for large networks.

It is good for small networks.

Here, the computer can be connected to any network.

All the computers here should be connected to the same LAN.

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What Do You Mean By Xss

Cross-site scripting is a type of cyberattack that injects malicious scripts into legitimate websites. XSS attacks use web applications to send these fragments of codetypically as browser-side scriptsto oblivious end users whose browsers execute the malicious script because it appears to originate from a trusted source.

What Is The Difference Between The Red Team And The Blue Team

CYBER SECURITY Interview Questions And Answers! (How to PASS your Cyber Security Job interview!)
  • The red team and blue team refer to cyberwarfare. Many organizations split the security team into two groups as red team and blue team.
  • The red team refers to an attacker who exploits weaknesses in an organization’s security.
  • The blue team refers to a defender who identifies and patches vulnerabilities into successful breaches.

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How To Crack Cybersecurity Internship Interview

  • May 14, 2021
  • Reading Time:3Minutes

Cybersecurity is one of the best domains to pursue a career in if you are an Engineering student who has an interest towards IT, Cyber-crime or Computer Science and related fields.

Cybersecurity refers to protecting computer systems, digital gadgets, and networks from unauthorized third-party access who might use the data for illegal purposes.

Today, we are living in a digital era. If you observe, youll see people of varied age groups embrace technology and its applications.

Not only individuals at a personal level, even big corporates, Governmental organizations, Defence, Educational Institutions, and every other sector you can think of is harnessing the advantages offered by the technology.

Every day there is a new technology with advanced features that are launched in the market.

Therefore, it becomes crucial for us to ensure that our data stored in digital records and networks do not become a victim of cybercrime.

One solution to do this has a top-notch cybersecurity system. Therefore, the demand for cybersecurity experts is high worldwide.

According to a report by The New York Times, the demand for the cybersecurity profession will surge and result in 3.5 million unfilled positions in 2021.

How Can I Securely Access My Computer Desktop From A Remote Device

You may connect with your desktop through any device connected to the Internet. A few of the popular software and web service option that facilitate the connection includes TeamViewer, LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, and, etc.

This software facilitates easy transfer of file, make a video chat and mobile apps. It is useful to access your PC while on move.

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Q: What Are The Main Transmission Modes Between Devices In A Computer Network

A: The three transmission modes are the Simplex Mode, the Half-Duplex Mode, and the Full-Duplex Mode.

In the Simplex Mode, data can be sent in only one direction. That is, the message cannot be sent back to the sender.

In a Half-Duplex Mode, the data can be transmitted in two directions using a signal carrier. However, the transmission cannot be done in both directions at the same time.

In the Full-Duplex Mode, the data is bidirectional, that is, it can be sent in both directions at the same time.

Be Passionate About Your Projects

CYBER SECURITY Interview Questions And Answers! (How to PASS your Cyber ...

Cybersecurity interview tips | Cyber Work Podcast

In his Cyber Work Podcast episode, Jonathan Tanner of Barracuda provided tips about passion and qualifications.

Projects, Barracuda said of whats important to stand out in a resume or interview. Even if its for school. They give a description of the project, and you can tell they enjoy working on it as well as know how to do it in the first place.

And think about what you bring to the table related to the job posting. You can tell them about your skills in the interview, even if the interviewer doesnt bring it up. And dont be afraid to admit youre not a pro on something.

Treat it a little bit more like a conversation than a test you have to pass, Tanner said.

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What Not To Do In Your Cybersecurity Interview

Interview mistakes and how to avoid them | Cyber Work Podcast

While there are plenty of great tips on what to do, sometimes you need to know what not to do in an interview.

You can ask yourself, what are your strengths and weaknesses? Are you prepared to answer common interview questions in a clear and concise manner? Do you have an elevator pitch of sorts you can deliver in 90 seconds or less? Brevity is key to keeping your answers focused on whats most important and allows the interviewer to ask follow-up questions and make the interview more conversational.

Are you paying attention? Jackie Olshack of Dell Technologies asked during her Cyber Work Live episode.

Also, dont make the mistake of not interviewing the interviewer. Do this company and its culture fit your values, and will it make you happy?

Q: What Is Vulnerability Assessment And How Is It Different From Penetration Testing

A: Vulnerability Assessment is the process of locating flaws or vulnerabilities on the target. For example, a company may be aware that its security system has flaws or weaknesses. To find those flaws, prioritize them, and fix them, they would need to conduct a Vulnerability Assessment.

On the other hand, Penetration Testing is the process of finding vulnerabilities on the target. In this situation, the company would have set up all possible security measures they could think of and test other ways their system or network may be hacked.

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Differentiate Between Black Box Testing And White Box Testing

Black Box Testing White Box Testing
It’s a type of software testing in which the program’s or software’s internal structure is concealed. It is a method of software testing in which the tester is familiar with the software’s internal structure or code.
It is not necessary to have any prior experience with implementation. It is not necessary to have prior experience with implementation.
On the basis of the requirement specifications paper, this testing can begin. This form of software testing begins once the detailed design document has been completed.
It takes the least amount of time. It takes the most amount of time.
It is the software’s behavior testing. It is the software’s logic testing.
It is relevant to higher levels of software testing. It is relevant to lower levels of software testing.

In Our Computing Labs Print Billing Is Often Tied To The Users Login Sometimes People Call To Complain About Bills For Printing They Never Did Only To Find Out That The Bills Are Indeed Correct

Cybersecurity Interview Questions And Answers | Cybersecurity Interview Prep | Invensis Learning

What do you infer from this situation? Justify.

Sometimes they realize they loaned their account to a friend who couldnt remember his/her password, and the friend did the printing. Thus the charges. Its also possible that somebody came in behind them and used their account

This is an issue with shared or public computers in general. If you dont log out of the computer properly when you leave, someone else can come in behind you and retrieve what you were doing, use your accounts, etc. Always log out of all accounts, quit programs, and close browser windows before you walk away.

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