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Aws Cloud Engineer Interview Questions And Answers

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Tell Me When You Decide To Go Along With The Group Decision Even If You Disagree

AWS Interview Questions | AWS Interview Questions for Solutions Architect | Intellipaat

There are a few different ways to answer this question. One way is to discuss a time when you were in disagreement with the rest of the group, but you decided to go along with their decision anyways. This can show that you are a team player and willing to compromise to get the job done.

Another way to answer this question is to discuss a time when you agreed with the group decision, even if you didn’t necessarily agree with it. This can show that you have good judgment and make decisions quickly.

What Are Regions And Availability Zones In Aws

Regions: A region is a geographical area which consists of 2 or more availability zones. A region is a collection of data centers which are completely isolated from other regions.

Availability zones: An Availability zone is a data center that can be somewhere in the country or city. Data center can have multiple servers, switches, firewalls, load balancing. The things through which you can interact with the cloud reside inside the Data center.

If you want to know more about the Availability zone and region, then click on the link shown below:

What Do You Understand By Stopping And Terminating An Ec2 Instance

Stopping an EC2 instance means to shut it down as you would normally do on your Personal Computer. This will not delete any volumes attached to the instance and the instance can be started again when needed.

On the other hand, terminating an instance is equivalent to deleting an instance. All the volumes attached to the instance get deleted and it is not possible to restart the instance if needed at a later point in time.

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What Are The Objectives For This Aws Online Training

Amazon Web Services is a secure cloud platform that offers database storage, content delivery, and compute power to personal and business users. Having seen exponential growth in the sector, AWS allows users to build sophisticated applications at a scalable level through leveraging AWS cloud products and solutions.The objectives of this course include knowledge on the AWS services, description of the AWS global infrastructure, security management in AWS, networking and monitoring services, and more.

What Is The Difference Between Stopping And Terminating An Ec2 Instance

50 Cloud Computing Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

While you may think that both stopping and terminating are the same, there is a difference. When you stop an EC2 instance, it performs a normal shutdown on the instance and moves to a stopped state. However, when you terminate the instance, it is transferred to a stopped state, and the EBS volumes attached to it are deleted and can never be recovered.

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Why Do We Make Subnets

Creating subnets means dividing a large network into smaller ones. These subnets can be created for several reasons. For example, creating and using subnets can help reduce congestion by making sure that the traffic destined for a subnet stays in that subnet. This helps in efficiently routing the traffic coming to the network that reduces the networks load.

Learn more about AWS from this AWS Training in New York to get ahead in your career!

What Is Amazon Ec2

EC2 is short for Elastic Compute Cloud, and it provides scalable computing capacity. Using Amazon EC2 eliminates the need to invest in hardware, leading to faster development and deployment of applications. You can use to launch as many or as few virtual servers as needed, configure security and networking, and manage storage. It can scale up or down to handle changes in requirements, reducing the need to forecast traffic. EC2 provides virtual computing environments called instances.

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Top 50+ Aws Interview Questions For 2023

November 24, 2022 by Krishan kumar

Amazon is the leading tech giant and has been the leading cloud brand over the past couple of years. Also, AWS is expected to grow in the future with more pace. With more demand for AWS cloud, the need for AWS cloud professionals is also increasing. Most learners are already preparing themselves to become AWS cloud professionals. And, for the aspirants preparing for AWS Interview, this blog covers the Top 50 AWS Interview Questions you must prepare in 2023.

This blog covers the following levels of AWS Interview Questions.

Lets start AWS Interview Questions with some beginner-level questions that cover foundational knowledge and basics.

1) What is EC2?

Amazon EC2 or Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is a cloud service that enables secure and resizable compute capacity. It makes web-scale cloud computing simpler for developers.

2) What Is S3?

or Simple Storage Service is a storage service that makes web-scale computing easier. The simple interface is used to store and retrieve data at any time from anywhere over the internet.

3) What are the different Storage Classes available in Amazon S3?

Different Storage Classes available in Amazon S3 are:

  • Amazon S3 standard infrequent Access
  • Amazon S3 Reduced Redundancy
  • Storage Amazon Glacier

4) What is Snowball?

Snowball is a small petabyte-scale data that enables transferring huge quantities of data inside and outside the AWS Cloud.

5) What is Cloud Watch?

6) What is Elastic Transcoder?

7) What is VPC?

Mention What The Relationship Between An Instance And Ami Is

Top 20 AWS Cloud Support Engineer Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

From a single AMI, you can launch multiple types of instances. An instance type defines the hardware of the host computer used for your instance. Each instance type provides different computer and memory capabilities. Once you launch an instance, it looks like a traditional host, and we can interact with it as we would with any computer.

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Please Tell Me When You Were Obsessed With Providing High

Sample Answer: I worked as a support engineer at a software company and one of our biggest clients called XYZ. They were having some issues with the product, and I was the only one who could help them. I spent hours on the phone with them to resolve the issue. I was obsessed with giving them the best possible service. In the end, I was able to fix the issue, and they were very happy. That experience taught me the importance of going above and beyond for customers.

What Do You Mean By Changing In Amazon Ec2

In order to simplify the limit management experience of customers, Amazon EC2 provides the option to change the instance limits from the current instance count-based limits to the new vCPU Based limits. So, the usage is measured in terms of the number of vCPUs when launching a combination of instance types based on demands.

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Sample Cloud Engineer Interview Questions For Freshers

  • Elaborate on the cloud computing architecture.
  • Define the direct customers in a cloud ecosystem.
  • What are the cloud delivery models?
  • What do you mean by cloud technology?
  • Mention the layers of PaaS architecture.
  • List the primary features of cloud computing.
  • Who are the cloud consumers in a cloud ecosystem?
  • What are the component layers found in Cloud architecture?
  • Define on-demand functionality.
  • Differentiate between scalability and elasticity.
  • For more examples of the kinds of interview questions you can expect, read Top AWS Cloud Support Engineer Database Interview Questions.

    Tell Me When You Strongly Disagreed With Your Manager On Something You Deemed Very Important To The Business What Was It About And How Did You Handle It

    Capture_S3_Cost_Calculator â IT â Engineering â Cloud â Finance

    There are a few different ways to answer this question. One way is to stay calm and professional and explain your reasoning clearly and concisely. Another way is to be honest and upfront, explaining that you disagreed with the manager’s decision but are still willing to do your best to carry out the task. Finally, you could also find a compromise or middle ground between the manager’s decision and your own beliefs. Whichever way you respond, make sure that you are respectful and polite.

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    What Is Amazon Vpc

    is known as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud , allowing you to control your virtual private cloud. Using this service, you can design your VPC right from resource placement and connectivity to security. And you can add Amazon EC2 instances and Amazon Relational Database Service instances according to your needs. Also, you can define the communication between other VPCs, regions, and availability zones in the cloud.

    Which Of The Following Services Can Be Used If You Want To Capture Client Connection Information From Your Load Balancer At A Particular Time Interval Enabling Access Logs On Your Load Balancer Enabling Cloudtrail For Your Load Balancer Enabling Cloudwatch Metrics For Your Load Balancer

    Enabling CloudTrail for your load balancer. AWS CloudTrail is an inexpensive log monitoring solution provided by Amazon. It can provide logging information for load balancers or any other AWS resources. The provided information can further be used for analysis.

    Learn more about AWS CloudWatch in the blog by Intellipaat.

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    Please Walk Me Through A Different Scenario Of A Process You Invented Or Improved

    There are a few ways to answer this question. One way would be to describe how you identified a problem and came up with a solution. This could involve describing the steps you took to research the problem and develop a plan of attack.

    Another way to answer this question would be to describe how you implemented a process improvement. This could involve explaining how you worked with your team to make changes and then following up to ensure that the changes were effective.

    Tell Me When You Took An Unpopular Stance In A Meeting With Peers And Your Leader And You Were The Outlier

    AWS Interview Questions and Answers in 2020

    Sample Answer:

    I was the outlier in a meeting when working at my previous job. We discussed a new project, and I was the only one against it. My boss and coworkers were pushy and tried to convince me to go along with the project, but I stuck to my guns and said no. They went ahead with the project without me, and it failed miserably.

    I learned two things from that experience. First, always trust your gut instinct. If you don’t feel right about something, there’s probably a good reason for it. Second, it’s important to be assertive and stand up for what you believe in, even if it means going against the majority.

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    What Are Lifecycle Hooks Used For In Autoscaling

  • They are used to do health checks on instances
  • They are used to put an additional wait time to a scale in or scale out event.
  • They are used to shorten the wait time to a scale in or scale out event
  • Answer B.

    Explanation: Lifecycle hooks are used for putting wait time before any lifecycle action i.e launching or terminating an instance happens. The purpose of this wait time, can be anything from extracting log files before terminating an instance or installing the necessary softwares in an instance before launching it.

    Give Me An Example Of When You Used Data To Decide/solve A Problem

    There are a few different ways to answer this question. One way is to give an example of when you used data to decide your personal life, such as deciding what college to attend. Another way is to give an example of when you used data to solve a problem in your professional life. For example, you might have used data to figure out how to increase website traffic or improve customer retention rates.

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    What Are Classes And Objects In C++

    Classes and objects are the two most important concepts in C++. A class is a template for creating objects. It is a blueprint for an object. Classes are defined by their members, which are the data and functions that belong to the class.

    An object is an instance of a class. It is a specific instance of the template defined by the class. Objects are created by using the new keyword. The class members are copied into the object when it is created.

    What Are Lifecycle Hooks In Amazon Ec2 Auto Scaling

    50 Azure Interview Questions and Answers to Prepare for in 2022

    Lifecycle hooks help to take proactive actions before instances get terminated. For example, launch hooks allow configuring an instance before it is connected with load balancers by the Amazon Auto Scaling service. This is achieved by connecting Amazon Lambda with launch hooks. Similarly, terminate hooks collect important data from an instance before it gets terminated.

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    Tell Me About A Time When You Not Only Met A Goal But Considerably Exceeded Expectations

    There are a few ways to answer this question. You could talk about a time when you overcame an obstacle in your way or a time when you went above and beyond to get the job done.

    An example of overcoming an obstacle could be if you were working on a project and the deadline was suddenly moved up, and you still managed to meet the original deadline. An example of exceeding expectations could be if you were working on a project and the client asked for an additional charge, and you were able to make the change without any issues.

    What Are Some Of The Things I Must Know Before The Aws Interview

    Answer: Interviews are a way to gauge your knowledge and eye for detail. It is the right time to unleash all your potential going right into details regarding technical questions. Try to be as precise yet detailed to keep answers short, simple, and impactfulresearch about the company and how they incorporate AWS services in their daily practices before heading over. Interviewers often ask tricky questions related to the company and job profile alike.

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    Which Type Of Scaling Would You Recommend For Rds And Why

    There are two types of scaling – vertical scaling and horizontal scaling. Vertical scaling lets you vertically scale up your master database with the press of a button. A database can only be scaled vertically, and there are 18 different instances in which you can resize the RDS. On the other hand, horizontal scaling is good for replicas. These are read-only replicas that can only be done through Amazon Aurora.

    Suppose You Hosted An Application On Aws That Lets The Users Render Images And Do Some General Computing Which Of The Below Listed Services Can You Use To Route The Incoming User Traffic Classic Load Balancer Application Load Balancer Network Load Balancer

    AWS Interview Questions | AWS Interview Questions And Answers 2022 | AWS Training | Simplilearn

    Application Load Balancer: It supports path-based routing of the traffic and hence helps in enhancing the performance of the application structured as smaller services.

    Using application load balancer, the traffic can be routed based on the requests made. In this case scenario, the traffic where requests are made for rendering images can be directed to the servers only deployed for rendering images and the traffic where the requests are made for computing can be directed to the servers deployed only for general computing purposes.

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    Please Tell Me When You Solved A Complicated Problem With A Simple Solution

    When answering this question, you have to share a time when you utilized your problem-solving skills to solve a complex issue. Be sure to highlight how you could remain calm under pressure and utilize your critical thinking skills to find a solution.

    For example, suppose you were in a previous job and were tasked with developing a new software system. In that case, you could share a story about how you were able to simplify the process by breaking it down into smaller steps that could be easily tackled. This would show the interviewer that you can think on your feet and develop creative solutions to complex problems.

    What Is Amazon Lightsail

    Amazon Lightsail is a service that helps to build and manage websites and applications faster and with ease. It provides easy-to-use virtual private server instances, storage, and databases cost-effectively. Not just that, you can create and delete development sandboxes using this service, which will help to test new ideas without taking any risk.

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    What Is The Relation Between The Availability Zone And Region

    An AWS Availability Zone is a physical location where an Amazon data center is located. On the other hand, an AWS Region is a collection or group of Availability Zones or Data Centers.

    This setup helps your services to be more available as you can place your VMs in different data centers within an AWS Region. If one of the data centers fails in a Region, the client requests still get served from the other data centers located in the same Region. This arrangement, thus, helps your service to be available even if a Data Center goes down.

    What Is The Difference Between Latency Based Routing And Geo Dns

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    The Geo Based DNS routing takes decisions based on the geographic location of the request. Whereas, the Latency Based Routing utilizes latency measurements between networks and AWS data centers. Latency Based Routing is used when you want to give your customers the lowest latency possible. On the other hand, Geo Based routing is used when you want to direct the customer to different websites based on the country or region they are browsing from.

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    What Are The Advantages Of Aws Iam

    AWS IAM allows an administrator to provide multiple users and groups with granular access. Various user groups and users may require varying levels of access to the various resources that have been developed. We may assign roles to users and create roles with defined access levels using IAM.

    It further gives us Federated Access, which allows us to grant applications and users access to resources without having to create IAM Roles.

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