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Best Lighting For Video Interviews

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All The Panels Have Barn Doors

How to Light an Interview | 5 Quick Easy Setups

The IKAN Small Interview Kit comes with removable and collapsible barn doors. These are a nice addition because they offer you great control over the angle of light while offering protection across the LED panel when folded.

Many LED panels dont have this option, and Ive seen a lot of really bad quality. So its nice to see good quality barn doors for a change.

The lighting kit also comes with diffusion panels to soften the light. But as these are attached close to the LED lamps, youll need another softbox if you want a soft light. You can easily attach one to the barn doors, which is another reason these are such a nice addition.

Configure The Camera Settings According To Your Device

Even though it can seem straightforward, this tip is crucial for the greatest outcomes. You must alter your cameras settings in accordance with your light. You dont want to produce an image that is either overexposed or underexposed. So, before you start taking pictures, double-check that your camera settings are correct.

What To Consider With Lighting

When it comes to lighting, getting everything planned in advance is critical to having a great shoot. Here are the lighting basics that everyone doing an interview should know.

Your main source of light is called key light and it is the brightest and most direct light on the subject. Sometimes, you can use the light from a window as the key light.

The fill light fills in the holes left by the key light so that everything is completely lit. Your fill light will be across from your key light, on the opposite side of the subject to fill in the shadows. It should be half as bright as the key light.

Also known as a hair light, edge light, or rim light, the backlight is the lighting source that is placed behind the subject, usually above. Its purpose is to light the back of their head to distinguish them from the setting they are in so that they dont fade into the background.

  • Soft and Hard Lighting
  • Knowing the difference between hard and soft lighting and being able to adjust the balance between the two can dramatically impact how your subject appears on camera. Soft lighting is lighting that is less intense with fewer shadows. It is easier to produce with one large light source. Hard lighting, which comes from smaller light sources, will make shadows and details more defined.

    6. Color Temperature

    7. White Balance

    8. Position

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    Benefits Of Using A Backlight

    I would argue that a backlight is possibly the biggest difference between an good looking video and an awesome looking video. Having some amount of backlight on your subject allows you to separate your video interview subject from the background behind them. When it comes to making videos look professional, separation between subject and background is crux!

    Clamshell Lighting For Beauty Fashion Or Glamour

    The 10 Best Lights for Zoom Calls and Video Interviews (Buying Guide)

    If achieving smooth, flawless skin in the image is more important than achieving lighting with a bit of shadow, the simplest, most effective way to light the talent is with clamshell lighting.

    While your key source in a normal lighting setup is set around 45 degrees to the camera right or left, in a clamshell lighting setup, your key is placed above the camera. By bringing the key light on axis with the cameras lens, you eliminate almost all shadows from the talents face as the light comes from the same angle the camera is seeing.

    This has a tendency to fill in and softly wash out any skin imperfections, as no shadows are cast by the large soft source thats straight on to the talent. The next ingredient is to add an under fill source. This is another soft light source that is located low, in front of the camera, usually on a short height stand, or at times, you can rest the lighting source on the ground. This source is on the same exact axis as the key light up above it.

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    Video Lighting Kits For Mid

    If your budgets a little larger, these $100-$500 kits offer even more features, durability, and control for lighting your videos.

    For a three-point softbox setup, StudioFXs kit is good choice, with three lights, adjustable stands with boom arm, fluorescent daylight bulbs, and a carrying bag, for around $125.

    A favorite of beauty and makeup vloggers, ring or Diva lights create an incredibly flattering shot thanks to the huge bulb. This $369 kit from Stellar pairs an 18 ring light with two soft boxes for a lighting setup that will make anyone look like a supermodel.

    A higher-end LED panel option, this kit from GVM includes three LED panels, remote control, and a heap of other features. The panels are dimmable and the color temperature can be adjusted cooler or warmer, depending on your needs.

    Bescor Morning Star Series Led

    Price: $40

    This LED features a 125W equivalent beam. Daylight balanced at 6500K. Amber colored-correction filter. Dimmable from 25-100 percent. 75 to 80 minute run time. Uses six AA batteries. One of the best LED lights for video, mounted on your camera, for just 40 bucks? It’s no wonder we lead the on-camera section with this model.

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    What Are The Best Lighting Products For A Video Conference

    As discussed, you can often make do with the lights you already have at home, rearranging their positioning in your office space as needed.

    But you may find that you need a few more lights.

    Weve already mentioned several types of lights you might want to consider, but heres a concise list of the main ones to think about, as well as a list of features to consider when evaluating possible lights.

    What makes a good video light?

    When determining which lighting product to invest in, the right suite of features to look for depends on your needs and budget. However, the list below will help you guide your search.

    • Adjustable brightness
    • Sturdy mounting
    • Compatibility with tripods and other stands
    • Long battery life or other reliable power source
    • Portable and not too heavy

    The best lighting products for video conferencing

    As youre building out your lighting setup, here are a few products to consider.

    LED smart bulbs: Smart bulbs have climbed in popularity over the last several yearsits very likely you already have some in your home. However, if you dont, switching out your lamps existing bulb for a smart bulb can be an easy way to gain more control over the lighting in your space. These Bluetooth-enabled lights often allow you to adjust the color and brightness of the lights to suit your needs.

    And, as an added bonus, you can control them by voice or via an app on your phone. No more frantically jumping up before a video call to adjust your light.

    Versatile Video Lighting Kit Ready For Action

    8 Steps to Shooting Interviews // Job Shadow 2022

    Each Westcott Cine LED mat comes with touch fasteners on the front and back, allowing you to mount it to many surfaces easily. And you also get two Scrim Jim frames for easy mounting onto light stands.

    Ive seen people use these attached to the roof inside a car for a car scene, gaffer taped to a concrete wall in the back as a rim light, and bend around a column. Theyre so versatile in so many situations.

    The kit comes bundled with everything you need to get going and includes batteries, AC adapters, and lighting stands. The cables are industry-standard D-tap, and the batteries even have a USB port to charge your smartphone, tablet, or camera batteries on set.

    And everything is well protected in the high-quality wheeled travel case.

    Check the current price for the Westcott Flex 1×1 Bi-Color LED Mat 2-Light Cine Travel Kit here on Amazon.

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    The Best Lighting Kits And Tips For Video Interviews

    Jourdan Aldredge

    In what has somehow become the staple shot type for all corporate, commercial, and documentary work, the set talking head interview setup look is everywhere. You see it on your favorite news and sports channels, you see it on companys websites, and you certainly see it in your favorite documentaries and true crime programs on Netflix.

    But, for those trying to start out in film and video, how do you actually set these shots up? And, more importantly, how do you light them?

    The answer might be both more simple, and more complex, than you think. It all depends on your desired goals, your budget and scope, and your video lighting gear and knowledge.

    Lets go over some of the best interview lighting kits and tips for those looking to shoot these talking head video interviews. Well also outline some techniques to help you start shooting today.

    Ready To Go Out Of The Box

    The kit comes with everything you need out of the box including US+EU power cables and power supply, light stands and yokes, two Anton Bauer Gold-Mount battery brackets, and two 10 lb sandbags .

    Everything is well protected inside the rugged-wheeled Pelican iM2750 Strom Trak case.

    This is a high-end 2-point LED lighting kit for the traveling videographer who does tons of corporate work even across continents.

    Check the current price for the Litepanels Astra 6X Bi-Color LED 2-Light Kit here on Amazon.

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    Making Your Final Decision

    Now that you know all the criteria to look for as well as some fantastic lighting options, your choice comes down to knowing what type of situation you are going to be filming. Keep in mind that the time of day, weather, and your subject can dramatically impact the outcome of a shot. Any of the above lighting options will serve you well, so choose the ones that you think will work the best for your interview and go from there. It always helps to see the shooting location ahead of time and even practice with your equipment so that you know exactly what to expect.

    Position Of Key Light Affects Face Shadows

    The 10 Best Lights for Zoom Calls and Video Interviews (Buying Guide)

    Generally, when filming an interview, you want to get soft shadows on your talents face. There are many factors that play a key role in achieving soft shadows. I chose to highlight two which I think are very important the size of your light and its distance to the talent. The shadows get softer when the light source gets larger . If you have a small light source, you can bounce it off a wall or a reflector to soften it.

    Because there is no fill light to compensate for the shadows on our talents face, the key light will have to be positioned more carefully. Depending on the desired look, you can move the light further away from the camera to get more shadows and sort of a dramatic look. Or you can move it closer to the camera to get less shadows. Just note that when the key light gets too close to the camera, it will make the talents face look too flat.

    Furthermore, to avoid reflections in eyeglasses, you might have to adjust the position of your key light . Usually, it helps to move the light upwards.

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    Choose Your Light Color Temperature

    Not all lights are created equal. Based on the type of bulb, lights can appear cooler or warmer on camera. The human eye perceives this difference, too.

    Consider how a doctors office looks compared to a comfortable living room setting. Warmer light typically has more yellow color, which cooler light has more white or light blue tones.

    This concept is called color temperature, and can be measured on a scale of kelvin

    As we stated earlier, its best not to mix lights of different color temperatures. I suggest finding daylight color bulbs, which is around 5000K.

    For LED, its helpful to be able to adjust the color by temperature to ensure even coloration. Mixed temperatures can lead to improper color balance, which can lead to unnatural-looking footage.

    Color temperature on a kelvin scale

    Arranging The Best Lighting For Video Interviews

    Let me guess, the video interviews you are filming right now are alright but not great? I bet they could look better, more cinematic, and overall just more professional. Youve come to the right place!

    In this article, we will break down the best lighting tip, advice, and ways you can improve your interview lighting. But first the why.

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    Take Advantage Of Three Point Lighting For Video Interviews

    Three-point lighting indicates that you may illuminate your subject from three angles that are referred as fill, key and backlight.

    The key light is the one that brightens up your subject, so it is recommended to use the brightest and largest light source you have.

    The fill light makes up for the darkness and shadows frequently produced by the key one. It is less bright than your key and not always made of light. And it can also be created by reflecting light off of your key.

    The backlight, which is usually positioned above and behind your subject, helps you illuminate your subjects frame.

    This is the basic setup to create a good atmosphere in your video interview.

    Why Lighting Matters In Video Marketing

    Cinematic Lighting 101 | On-Location Interviews

    Lighting is pretty much the defining factor in how well a video will turn out. Think of light and shadow as being to video what oils or acrylics are to painting â itâs quite literally what creates the image you see.

    Thatâs why great studio lighting is so important, especially so for a corporate video interview. You need your subject to look genuine, relatable, and trustworthy. If your lighting is weird, shadowy, or even spooky, thatâs not the effect youâre going to create!

    But finding the right combination of lighting equipment can be tricky. Thatâs why film industry professionals spend so much time, money, and energy getting their techniques just right. They use tons of special video equipment, like a light tent, special lense, boom stand, or softboxes. But you donât need that to get great results on your own.

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    Ikan Ibk23150 V3 Small Interview Kit

    The Small Interview Kit from IKAN is an inexpensive LED-lighting kit, which packages everything you need for professional lighting in a single bag.

    Its a great 3-point lighting kit for interviews, short films, event videography, music videos, commercials, and more.

    The IKAN Small Interview Kit consists of one IB508-V2 LED-panel and two iLED312-v2.

    What About Beauty Fashion Or Glamour Lighting

    Additionally, at some point, you may occasionally have been asked to shoot something tied to beauty, fashion or glamour.

    If youve been in this position before, how did you change your normal interview lighting setup to accommodate this request for a softer, warmer, more idealized look thats typical in beauty and fashion?

    If youre not sure or you werent happy with your results, stay tuned: Thats what we are going to cover in this article. Well explore how to create lighting for beauty and fashion, and how to obtain flattering results that are simple, easy and quick. This will give you and your clients results that jump off the screen and flatter your subject.

    Chances are, you can deploy the same lighting and grip gear that you already own and youve been using for normal-looking interviews. But for this primer, well discuss different techniques and rules that apply to get that beauty/fashion/glamour look.

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    Start By Setting Your Key Light

    For every interview you produce, you will have at least one light source, one interviewee, one interviewer, and one camera. With these four elements in mind, here is the most basic rule of thumb for light and camera placement. Always place your interviewer between your key light and the camera. Here is the rule, broken down into three simple steps:

  • Sit directly in front of your subject, and conduct the interview talking directly with each other.
  • Set the camera at eye level height, to the left or the right of the person conducting the interview, as close to the eyeline as possible. As a guide, try to keep the camera between 6 and 2 to the left or the right of the interviewer. To achieve this more easily, you can use a telephoto lens . Shoot over the shoulder of the interviewer from behind, still 6 to 2 from the established eyeline.
  • Use as big and soft of a light source as possible, and place it on the opposite side of the interviewer.
  • If you follow this rule of thumb as the starting point of every interview lighting setup, you will always have beautiful, flattering light on your subject. From here, you can go deeper into the rest of this article to craft an image painted with light worthy of the big screen.

    Neewer 3 Pack Dimmable Led Video Light Kit

    The 10 Best Lights for Zoom Calls and Video Interviews (Buying Guide)

    After looking at umbrella and softbox kits, I would definitely recommend looking into LED light options for your 3-point lighting interview setups.

    While not exactly a go-to top-of-the-line brand for most filmmakers, these Neewer LED lights are actually quite capable and could be a solid first investment for any videographers looking to explore LED for the first time.

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    Aputure Amaran P60c 3

    Aputure has made a big splash in the video lighting industry in recent years. And it is easy to understand why. They offer great and innovative products, which are of high quality while being very reasonably priced at the same time.

    If youre interested, you can read my review of their two tiny on-camera LED-lights here, which I use all the time.

    The Aputure Amaran P60C 3-lights RGBWW kit is the natural successor to three of Aputures most popular lights: the Amaran HR672S Daylight LED spotlight and the Amaran AL-HR672W Daylight Floodlights.

    You get a daylight kit, a tungsten kit, and an RGW kit all in one package. And, of course, you get effects like lightning, paparazzi, police car, fireworks, fire place, and TV, which have become standard with most RGB lights today.

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