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How To Answer Nursing Interview Questions

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Nursing Interview Question #: Why Do You Want To Be A Nurse

Nursing Interview Questions and Answers


This question is meant to evaluate your priorities, your reasons for pursuing this profession, and the amount of mature reflection youve done in considering this path. It is critically important that you display intrinsic motivation to pursue this profession that is to say, that you are genuinely motivated by the work and ideals youll be advancing.

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How Would You Deal With Someone Whos Not Satisfied With Their Patient Care

Musto explains that this often has to do with patient satisfaction scores. Hospitals and healthcare centers can lose millions of dollars on a poor rating, so they want to hire nurses who will guarantee their patients continue to be pleased with their overall experience.

Of course, its not just about moneycompassion plays a key role in this question, too.

Finally, says Dacillo, We ask these questions to find out how their problem-solving skills and how they can address confrontation.

Do You Have Any Career Goals

What the interviewer wants to know: If you have a definite career plan and if the employer can rely on you for possible promotions.

What you should do: Talk about your plans to excel.

Additional tip: Show also how your employers can benefit from your personal career goals.

Example:Five years from now, I aim to complete a post-graduate degree in Oncology Nursing. If ever I will be hired for the job, I will spend the next two years mastering all the skills of being an Onco nurse. I will get additional certifications and possibly pursue a Masters degree in a university to further my knowledge and skills on the job.

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How Do You Stay Educated On New Medical Procedures And Protocols

If the interviewer asks this question, they are likely looking for nurses who are committed to lifelong learning.

When answering, be sure to highlight your ongoing efforts to stay up-to-date on the latest medical procedures and protocols.

In addition, you might discuss your experience with continuing education courses or online modules.

Example answer:

I am always striving to learn new things and maintain my skills.

I regularly attend continuing education courses, and Im also a big believer in online modules.

I think its important to have a variety of learning tools at our disposal so that we can stay up-to-date on the latest medical procedures and protocols.

Good Questions To Ask Atthe End Of A Nursing School Interview

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As your nurse school interview begins to draw to a close, youll usually get a chance to ask a few questions yourself. Dont miss out on this opportunity! Its a chance for you to see if this is the right program for you, so you need to make the most of this time. If you dont know what to ask, here are a few questions to keep in your back pocket.

  • What is the biggest challenge students face in this program? What do I need to do to be ready to overcome or avoid it?
  • How does this nursing program distinguish itself from other schools?
  • What do your most successful nursing students have in common?
  • What resources are available to assist nursing students who may be struggling with a subject?
  • What career resources are available to students and program graduates?
  • NOTE: For more great questions to ask in an interview check out our article!

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    Use The Star Method To Answer Nursing Interview Questions

    The STAR method is a well-known technique that you can use to answer behavioral-based interview questions. The acronym lays out how you should format your answer and tell your story:

    • Situation. Think of a similar situation that had a successful outcome.
    • Task. What task were you responsible for in the situation? State your contribution clearly and concisely.
    • Action. What action did you take? This is the time to highlight your best qualities and brag on yourself a little.
    • Result. What was the result? How did you specifically contribute to the outcome? What did you learn or take away from the experience?

    What Do You Do To Manage Stress

    Nursing can be an emotionally challenging career, so an interviewer may ask this question to assess your ability to handle stress. To answer, explain what techniques you use to manage work-related stress.

    Example:”To manage my stress, I like to spend time with friends and family outside of work. Enjoying the company of my loved ones helps me decompress from challenging shifts. I also work hard to take good care of my physical health. I eat well, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep every night.”

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    Sample Questions On Patient Care

    Tell me about a time you dealt with an unhappy or difficult patient or family member.

    Explain the situation without violating HIPAA. Dont speak negatively on the patient or their caregiver. Instead, this is a time to show you have empathy. If you did something wrong, be sure to acknowledge your mistake and share how you corrected it.

    Sample answer:

    I once had a patient who had a new order for wound care. His responsible party did not like how I dressed his wound. She thought that I should have used a different type of dressing. To ease her concerns, I reassured her I was following the doctors orders. In laymans terms, I then explained the treatment order to her, step by step, and asked if she had any questions. She let me know that she was unaware of the order change and thanked me for taking the time to explain everything to her in a way she could understand. I apologized that the new orders were not relayed to her and let her know that I was available if she had any more questions.

    How do you explain medications, treatments, or healthcare situations without using a lot of medical or healthcare jargon?

    Heres your chance to show that you know how to practice therapeutic communication and teach patients. Explain what you said, the language or terminology you used, and how you ensured the patient understood your explanation.

    Sample answer:

    Describe a time a patient was really happy with your care or a time you went above and beyond for a patient?

    Sample answer:

    What Are Your Greatest And Weakest Skills As A Nurse

    How to Answer Top Nursing Interview Questions

    This nursing interview question gives you the chance to shine and shows how you stand out from the other applicants! The employer needs to know youll fit in with their team and organization. If their biggest need is better patient education and thats your strongest skill, youll have an excellent chance of being considered. However, if the job requires someone who can manage EHR records and your strongest nursing skill is time management, dont be afraid to say it. Honesty is always best.

    Think of solid examples highlighting your strongest skills that align with the job and what the employer values most, and use real achievements that prove them. When discussing weaknesses, state a real flaw thats manageable, understandable, and real, but that shows strong work ethic, too.

    Example Answer: My biggest strengths are my compassion and my ability to solve tough problems. I once had a patient who would woke up screaming every few hours. I thought of how horrible he must feel and took some time to talk to him. I quickly found that he felt much better after just ten minutes of conversation, so I came in early for the next five nights to spend time with him. His night terrors disappeared and the other patients could sleep peacefully again. My biggest weakness is I get irritated when other nurses dont pull their weight, and sometimes have a hard time hiding this.

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    Imagine You Made An Error With A Patient’s Medication What Would You Do

    Nurses sometimes make mistakes, just like every other healthcare professional. By asking this question, an interviewer wants to find out if you are honest and willing to correct your mistakes.

    Example: “If I made a mistake with a patient’s medication, I would first inform my supervisor. Then, I would tell the patient or their family. Finally, I would take steps to prevent such errors from happening in the future.”

    How Do You Handle The Crises And Stress Of The Job

    Nursing can be a very high stress job, and you will often find yourself in crisis mode . Employers need to know how well you handle that stress and work under pressure. Choose a real challenge and explain your solution. How did you react? You need to come across as someone who can handle anything calmly, strategically, and proactively.

    Example Answer:I also have a great self-care regime that I practice at home. This helps me unwind after each day and leave me feeling reenergized to come back the following day.

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    How To Answer: Weaknesses

    Similarly, it can be difficult to answer this question without coming across as unsure or insecure. Avoid generic or cliche answers, such as being a perfectionist or working too hard. Instead, be open and acknowledge where you have some room to grow. You can also discuss how youre working to improve upon your weaknesses or how they wont hold you back from performing well in this role.

    Sample Answer: I dont love doing paperwork, and I tend to procrastinate on writing patient notes or filling out forms. I do my best to keep up with paperwork throughout my shift so I dont impede anyone elses workflow, but sometimes things still slip through the cracks. Thats why I always take time at the end of my shift to make sure I havent forgotten anything.

    Q1: When Were You The Happiest In Your Job

    Qualitative Analysis of the Lived Experience of First

    A: When Im talking to patients. Im happy when I know Im doing a good job for them and giving them the greatest care possible. When a patient appreciates me or smiles at me, it brightens my day.

    I think this attitude shows in the way I have been reviewed and rated so highly in my peer reviews. One of the reasons I would like to work for your hospital is that I will have even more interaction with patients on a more critical level.

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    How To Answer Nursingschool Interview Questions

    Before we dig into the actual questions, lets take a moment to cover how you want to answer them. The approach isnt unlike a job interview. And, with the right strategy in place, you can be ready for common questions as well as unexpected ones.

    How do you create an effective strategy? First, it helps to understand what the admissions board is looking for.

    Nursing schools want to know that you can succeed not just as a student, but as a nurse, too. Along with a strong foundation education and GPA, nursing schools want to know that you have drive. Many consider nursing a calling. If you can show them that you have a passion for patient care and health, youre more likely to impress.

    Additionally, they look for a range of other traits. Nurses need stellar organizational skills, the ability to adapt to hectic or chaotic environments and ever-changing priorities, and to be accountable for their actions. Having empathy is also a must, ensuring you can connect with your patients and put yourself in their shoes. Communication skills are vital, as well.

    Now that you know what you need to highlight, its time to dig into how to showcase your talents. Usually, youll tap on the qualities mentioned above when answering behavioral interview questions. Weve discussed behavioral interview questions in depth before but, for those who arent familiar with what they are, heres a summary.

    How Would You Deal With A Patient Who Complains Of Recurring Pains

    Empathy is an essential skill when dealing with any type of patient. Explain how you take care of patients with recurring pain using an example.

    Example: “I would sympathize with the patient and reassure them that we could find a solution to the problem. In my previous role, a man who was experiencing chronic shoulder pain came into the clinic. He complained that his medication wasn’t giving him the results he had hoped for. I recommended some non-medicinal options, but they didn’t help. Finally, I redirected him to a doctor who thoroughly examined him and found an alternative medicine.”

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    How Would You Handle A Crisis Or Emergency Situation

    Crises, emergencies, and other urgent situations are commonplace in the medical field. Depending on where you work, crises may be a routine and regular part of your day-to-day work. Though common, these may still be literal life-or-death situations, and the hiring manager wants to know if you can handle such high-pressure work.

    What Professional Certifications Or Affiliations Do You Have

    How To Answer Questions In A Nursing Interview | New grad nursing interview tips

    Your interviewers may already know about your RN certification, but when they ask this question, they want to get a better idea of your hard or clinical skills. Your application materials may not have told them everything they need to know about your professional life. They may want to know if youre involved in the larger professional community, if youre interested in certain specialties, or if youre looking for potential advancement opportunities.

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    Why Are You Leaving Your Current Position

    When a hiring manager asks this question, they are trying to understand your motivation for making a career change. Regardless of what brought you to the decision, be sure to stay positive.

    Example: “My previous role allowed me to learn and improve my clinical and communication skills in a friendly environment. Although I’ve learned a lot there, I’m looking for new opportunities that provide more challenges. I’m eager to learn new skills and techniques that come from working in an environment like this one.”

    Q: How Do You Feel About Co

    A: That is unacceptable to me. To run the institution and ensure the patients well-being, we must all work together as a team. I would not put up with other nurses or supervisors arriving late, leaving early, or taking extended breaks during working hours. The sooner we can get everyone started on their given shifts, the better it will be for everyone.

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    Nursing Can Be Stressful How Do You Handle Stress In Your Life

    Earlier, we looked at the question, How do you handle stress at work? but they may also ask a more general question about how you handle it in your life overall.

    Because Nursing exposes you to stressful situations often, its a topic that many employers want to talk about in the interview.

    Try to show that you stay level-headed and maintain your composure and that you do relaxing, healthy activities outside of work to maintain a balance.

    Example answer:

    Over the past couple of years, Ive been practicing breathing exercises and meditation. Both have been very effective in reducing stress while on the job, and after a shift. I also like to exercise regularly by going to the gym and doing yoga. Finally, I spend time in nature when Im not working. Ive found thats a great stress-reducer.

    Thats how to effectively answer interview questions about how you cope with this stressful career, or how you take care of yourself personally.

    Another variation of this question that you might hear is: How do you practice self care?

    These are all frequently-asked nurse interview questions, because its a career that often comes with stress.

    Case Study Nursing Interview Questions

    40 rn nursing interview questions and answers pdf

    Just like behavioural questions, sometimes you might be asked to answer specific case study or scenario-based questions. For example, if the patient was post op surgery and had an unsteady gait but they wanted to go out for a smoke , what would you do? Employers are looking to test your analytical thinking, your intuition, and your ability to ask questions. While these types of nursing interview questions are nerve-racking to answer, and really vary in difficulty depending on the employer, remember to analyze the question, ask questions if needed, and take a few seconds before putting together your answer. Remember that employers are not trying to trick you but that instead they just want to see how you react and what skills you can bring to the table.

    Example Answer:Since the answer depends on what scenario they give you, the best way to prepare for this is to work with a colleague or fellow nurse to test you with a few case study questions. If youre not sure who to ask, post in the Nurse Avenue networking community and ask for some example scenarios.

    If you’re looking for a new nursing job check out our nursing job board where you can search by keyword or location. New jobs get posted daily!

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    What Do You Do If Your Replacement Does Not Arrive

    Nurses are required to stay at their post until the next shift nurse arrives. This shift change is to ensure there are no lapses in the quality of service provided by the nursing staff. When a replacement doesnt arrive on time, some solutions you can offer to this situation include contacting your replacement while you stay for a few minutes beyond your shift or finding someone else to cover the responsibilities before your co-worker arrives. You can talk to your supervisor if there is a problem or your replacement is late on more than one occasion.

    Example:In my last position in the ICU at City Hospital, I could not find my replacement one night. It was the end of my long shift and I was ready to go home. I spoke to my supervisor and we were able to make changes to fit his schedule better so I would not have to stay late after my shift was over.

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