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Interview Confirmation Email To Candidate

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This Interview Confirmation Email Template Will Wow Your Candidates

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So you found a stellar candidate, received their availability, and got them on the books to interview for your company. Now, its time to send out an interview confirmation email.

While this email may seem inconsequential, the interview confirmation email is one of the first impressions that candidates get of your company. You need to set the right tone to start forming a genuine bond with candidates.

Read on for the core elements you should include in your email, and for an interview confirmation email template thatll start you off on the right foot.

Email Example : Confirmation With Questions

Subject line: Confirming Administrative Assistant Interview with Alex Hamm

Hello, Mr./Ms./Mx. ,

Thank you very much for the opportunity to interview at I look forward to meeting on at . I will have copies of my resume on hand for your review. If there is anything else you need me to bring, please let me know.

I understand that you have two offices, one on street

Thank you for your time, and thank you again for inviting me to meet with you about the position.

Kind regards,

Begin With Your Reason For Sending The Email

Begin your email by clearly stating why you are writing the email, and what is your purpose. Be clear with your message, and make it as short as possible.

Most recruiters, HR professionals, and employees of companies received hundreds of emails a day, often they will receive emails that are irrelevant.

Start your first paragraph with your reason for sending your email will let your reader know if they should spend time to read the rest of your email.

The first paragraph should be short and concise with less than 30 words.

Reason for sending the email template

  • Thank you for the opportunity. I am writing to confirm the interview held on at .
  • Thank you for inviting me for the . I am writing to confirm the online interview held on with .
  • Thank you for the opportunity, I will like to confirm the details of my upcoming phone interview for the position at .
  • Thank you for your invitation to interview for the role of . I am writing to confirm the interview we have set for , at .

Reason for sending the email example

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Job Interview Confirmation Email

No matter how will your interview be conducted, it is important to know how to send an interview confirmation email.

  • Onsite face to face interview
  • Online virtual video interview
  • Phone interview

Here we will show you a few examples of how to confirm an interview invitation via email.

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What Should You Include In An Interview Confirmation Email

Send Interview Confirmation Email  Greenhouse Support

Some hiring managers prefer to write their own interview confirmation email and then send it through a hiring platform rather than using a previously prepared template. And theres nothing wrong with that. In fact, this personalizes the candidate experience!

With that in mind, were here to help you craft the best interview confirmation template in your very own hiring platform.

After agreeing on a date and time to schedule the interview with candidates, we advise you to send an interview confirmation email to confirm and clarify details such as:

  • Interview date and time
  • Interviewer name and job title
  • How the interview will be conducted

You could also use this email to remind candidates to bring in their resumes, portfolios, degrees, or any other documents needed.

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Phone Interview Confirmation Email

Sending a phone interview confirmation email is essential, even if you have spoken to the hiring manager or human resource representative on the phone. Preparing a phone interview confirmation email shows that you are enthusiastic about the position and interested in joining the company. Writing a phone interview confirmation email should be free of typos and grammatical errors. Here is how to go about the email.

Etiquette For Confirming An Interview Appointment


The way you interact with recruiters and hiring managers is just as important as your skills and qualifications when you’re looking for a job. The manner in which you handle verbal and written communication is likely to be an integral part of the job, so demonstrate proper etiquette in all your communications with the company, especially in the early stages of the selection process. Take the opportunity to make a good impression by being professional and considerate when you reply to interview invitation availability.

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Questions And Confirmations Of What You Should Bring

Standard practice is to bring at least five copies of your resume to an interview, more if there will be multiple interviewers in the room. Even if you know the hiring manager already has a copy, you want to be ready in case they ask for more. There might be someone in the interview who doesnt have a copy on hand, or who might want a hard copy for your file.

To show that you understand interview etiquette, indicate in your confirmation reply that youll have those copies on hand. It makes an efficient and professional segue into asking what else the interviewer wants you to have:

  • I will be there on March 2 at 2 p.m. with several copies of my resume in hand. Let me know if there is anything else I should bring.

If the hiring manager has already asked you to bring something with you, confirm that as well.

  • As requested, I will have six copies of my resume, a copy of my reference list and a photo ID to enter the building.

  • I will be there and ready at 12:30 p.m. on April 6 with a copy of my resume and my portfolio. Is there anything else that I should have on hand?

What To Include In Your Interview Invitation Email

Jennifer Strahan, GOP Congressional Candidate in Georgia Interview

Typically, recruiters opt for the ultra-formal interview invitation email one that simply states that they reviewed the candidates materials and would like to set up an interview. While it is important to be clear and concise in interview invitations, it is also a great opportunity to create a stand-out candidate experience.

Use the interview invitation email to convey your excitement about the candidate, emphasize your company culture and highlight your employee value proposition. An upcoming interview whether over the phone or in-person can be a source of stress for job seekers, so go above and beyond to make them feel comfortable and confident.

Also, be sure to include all the information they might need to prepare. Doing so will make them feel valued, and they will see you as an employer that truly cares.

Direct Subject Line

Job Details

Restate the title of the position early on, even within your subject line. Job seekers may apply to multiple open roles at a company, so inform them of the role for the interview. Additionally, state the name of your company again. It is a job seekers market, and top candidates have their choice of multiple elite employers remind them who you are.

Interview Format

Explain which format the interview will be conducted in, whether thats in-person, over the phone, via video conference or as part of a group interview.

Interview Location

Approximate Interview Duration

Multiple Date and Time Options

Interviewer Details

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Example : Interview Confirmation Email With Schedule Options

You can use this free interview confirmation email template for when a recruiter has emailed you asking for your availability. In such a case, the recruiter wants you to respond with a few different options when the interview can be scheduled. Heres how to respond:

Subject: Interview Confirmation – Hello ,Thank you for considering me for the position of the at . I am delighted to hear from you.I am available for the interview any time this week, between X:XX AM and Y:YY PM. If it helps, here are some schedules that work best for me.

Past Candidate Interview Invitation Email

When recruiting for an open role, tap into your talent community to re-engage qualified candidates who stood out to you during past interviews. Similar to employee referrals, you have a relationship with these candidates and must include enough personal details to get their attention.

Before reaching out to a past candidate, consult your candidate persona thoroughly to verify they would be a good fit. Attach the job description so they can review the role themselves. Getting a candidate excited about a new opportunity only to pass on their candidacy again is a bad experience and a poor reflection of your external employer brand.

Use the following template to invite a past candidate to interview over email.

Subject Line: : New Opportunity

Hi ,

I hope this finds you well! I know you applied to the role at back in , and while we went in a different direction then, we kept your resume on file.

A new role just opened up on the team that I think youd be an excellent fit for.

Were currently conducting interviews for the role, and I would love to set up a time for you to talk to , the hiring manager. Are you available for a phone call sometime this week? Ive highlighted a few date and time options below, let me know if any of them work for you.

Here is a link to the job description on our website. . If you have any questions about the role, give me a call at .

Thanks, ! Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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Interview Confirmation Email For An Open Position

Receiving a message from an employer or hiring manager that they’d like to interview for a position is a big deal and something to be excited about. When responding to this type of message for confirmation, it’s important to remain professional and respond promptly. Here we explore what an interview confirmation email is, when you should send one, what to include in this type of letter, and a template and example of an email of confirmation for an interview.

Format Or Topic Of The Interview

Send interview confirmation email  Greenhouse Support

Giving an idea of what topics will be explored in the interview can help improve the overall flow of the meeting for both the job applicant and the interviewer. Other details regarding the format of the interview can include the review of a portfolio, the request for a writing sample or test, or any other feature specific to your hiring process. This can also highlight whether the candidate prepares given the provided information, or disregards it.

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Keep It Short And Simple

Theres no need for a lengthy email explaining how excited you are about the interview, how long youve wanted to work at the company, and why youre the best person for the job save that for the interview itself.

You should see the confirmation email as exactly that: a confirmation. Keep your email to a few lines maximum.

Should I Send A Job Interview Confirmation Email For A Virtual Interview Or Phone Interview

Even if youre not meeting the interviewer in person, you should still send a confirmation email letting them know you can do the interview at the set date and time.

This is even more important if different time zones are involved.

Make sure you know whether the interview will be held over the phone, Zoom, Google Meet etc. If the hiring manager hasnt said, you can ask.

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Ask Questions And Confirm What The Items Are Youll Need To Bring For The Interview

Phone interview confirmation email is the best opportunity for you to ask any reasonable questions that can help you to better prepare for the d-day. Questions you can ask when writing a phone interview confirmation email include the confirmation on time, and date, of the interview. Asking questions wisely shows that you are a potential candidate who is enthusiastic and well prepared for the interview.

Interview Confirmation Email Faq

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  • Is it okay to confirm an email?

    Yes, it is always a good idea to confirm a job interview. It makes you appear professional and gives you the opportunity to confirm any information you might be missing.

  • How do you say thank you professionally in an email?

    Examples of ways to say thank you professionally are:

  • I am so very thankful for your time.

  • Thank you for connecting with me.

  • I appreciate the information you shared.

  • How do you confirm an interview invitation?

    Some examples are:Thank you for your invitation to interview with and yes, I am available for an interview

  • How useful was this post?

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    Interview Confirmation Email Template:

    Email subject line: Interview with for the position

    Dear ,

    On behalf of , I would like to confirm your interview for the position. Below are the details of the interview:

    When: The estimated duration of the interview is minutes.

    Where: .


    Please bring along your resume and portfolio for review. You may park in the parking lot located next to our building.

    We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your suitability for the role.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or telephone at during our office hours.

    Kind regards / Best wishes,

    A interview confirmation email forms just part of a greater strategy. Read our article on Full Life Cycle Recruiting to see where an interview confirmation email fits in the journey from attracting potential employees to eventually bringing them onboard.

    Phone Interview Confirmation Email 4

    Subject: Confirmation of interview as Human Resource Manager at XYZ CompanyGreetings, Ms. Benny,Thank you for taking the time to evaluate my application for the position of marketing manager with XYZ Company and for inviting me to an over-the-phone interview.I'm writing to confirm that the interview we've scheduled for Monday, January 31st, October 7, at 2:30 p.m. will occur as expected.I am looking forward to talking on the phone to discuss this available opportunity and my credentials for the post in question.Please let me know if you want any other paperwork besides my résumé and portfolio or require any additional information before the interview on Monday. I appreciate your consideration.Sincerely,Jimmy Bon85745876458Email: LinkedIn:

    Whatever method you choose when writing your phone interview confirmation email, be sure to answer as soon as possible. This demonstrates your commitment to the role and helps to guarantee that you do not lose your interview place to another contender in the future.

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    Rejection Email After Interview

    Informing unsuccessful candidates after an interview is tough, but it’s essential that you do so. When creating a candidate rejection email after an interview, don’t beat around the bush. Tell them straight if they’re not a good fit for the job.

    You should be clear and concise and explain that, while this role wasn’t the right one, there may be others in the future. For example, here’s a rejection email after the interview template.

    Phone Interview Confirmation Email 3

    Interview Appointment Letter
    Subject: RE: Interview with XYZ Company for the Sales Agent positionGood day, Ms. BennyThank you for letting me know that the interview is rescheduled to Wednesday, 2nd February 2021 at 2:30 p.m.I am writing to confirm my attendance  and I look forward to the interview and will like to hear more about the position.Please let me know if there is any information you need.Thanks again for rescheduling my interview and letting me know.Sincerely,Jimmy Bon85745876458Email: LinkedIn:

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    What To Include In The Message

    Why You’re Writing: Lead off the email with the reason you’re writing. You can start by saying, “Thank you for the opportunity…” or “I’m writing to confirm the interview details…”

    Thank You: Be sure to thank the email’s recipient for the opportunity to interview.

    Ask What You Should Bring: You should always bring several copies of your resume to your interview. However, some companies might want other documentssocial security card, portfolio of work, etc.on hand during the interview. Others might want you to send a sample of work prior to the meeting.

    Formal Address And Gender

    If you dont know the hiring managers gender identity, crafting a formal address can be stressful. Before you give up, look at the persons email signature. An increasing number of professionals are adding their pronouns to their email signature. Use Mr. for people with he/him pronouns, Ms. for those with she/her pronouns and Mx. for people with they/them or other gender-neutral pronouns.

    If there are no pronouns on the persons email signature, check if they have a bio on the company website and find out what pronouns the bio uses. If you still dont know, default to the persons full name. Its better to say Hello Alex Smith than to start on the wrong foot by misgendering a person.

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    Sign Off With Your Name And Contact Information

    When you are replying or emailing your confirmation for the interview, it is recommended to include your email address and phone number as part of your signature, so that the company can contact you when required.

    In addition, you may also want to include any contact information which the company may used to contact you. Such as Skype name, Zoom ID, LinkedIn profile link, etc.

    You want to make it easy for the recruitment team to contact you.

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