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Interview Questions For Quality Assurance Engineer

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Name Some Tools Used In Automation By A Tester

Top 25 Quality Engineer Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

In quality assurance, several tools are used by testers to implement software. It would be wise to hire a candidate who understands the different tools and their uses. A good response includes:

  • Knowledge of common automation tools
  • How the named tools are used in QA
  • Experience with a variety of tools


“I’ve used Selenium for website testing before, and it was quite easy to use. I would recommend RavSTA and TANorex, which are good for beginners since they don’t need coding.

Define The Role Of Qa In Software Development

QA stands for Quality Assurance. QA team persuades the quality by monitoring the whole development process. QA tracks the outcome and adjusting processes to meet the expectation.

Role of Quality Assurance are:

  • QA team is responsible for monitoring the process to be carried out for development.
  • Responsibilities of the QA team are planning, testing, execution process.
  • QA Lead creates the time table and agrees on a Quality Assurance plan for the product.
  • QA team communicated the QA process to the team members.
  • QA team ensures traceability of test cases to requirements.

How Do You Approach Projects You Have Doubts About

This kind of question falls somewhere between all of the question categories. But this is where you can showcase the traits that make you the right software QA engineer for this job!

Dont skimp on details about a past similar experience, your documentation preferences, and how you might voice your doubts constructively.

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What Are The Challenges That May Happen When Testing Software

This question may display your problem-solving skills.

Tip #1: Share the probable challenge that may occur

Tip #2: Provide the solution for the challenge

Sample Answer:

One of the challenges in software testing is an unstable testing environment. This may occur if there are several people in charge of testing the software at one time. To counter this, it is crucial to provide clear organization and delegation of tasks to avoid clashing of information from happening.

What Do You Understand About Bug/ Defect Triage In The Context Of Quality Assurance

Electrical Engineer: Qa Qc Electrical Engineer Interview Questions

Defect triage is a method of prioritising bugs based on their severity, frequency, risk, and other factors. The term “triage” is used in software testing and quality assurance to describe the severity and importance of new faults. Bug triage’s purpose is to review, prioritise, and assign defect solutions. The team must confirm the severity of the fault, make necessary changes, conclude defect resolution, and assign resources. This method is primarily utilised in agile project management. The frequency of the Defect Triage Meeting isn’t set in stone. It is dependent on the circumstances of the project.

The following are some key elements that influence the frequency of Defect Triage Meetings:

  • According to the project’s schedule.
  • The number of flaws in the system.
  • The impact on the availability of team members’ schedules.
  • The state of the project as a whole.

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What Are The Categories Of Defects

There are three main categories of defects as shown in the below figure:

  • Wrong: It implies that requirements have been implemented incorrectly. It is a variance from the given specification.
  • Missing: This is a variance from the specifications, an indication that a specification was not implemented, or a requirement of the customer was not noted properly.
  • Extra: It is a requirement incorporated into the product that was not given by the end customer. It is always a variance from the specification but may be an attribute desired by the user of the product.

What Are The Challenges You Once Had In The Past Related To This Field

This question will display your experience and problem-solving skills.

Tip #1: Be concise and specific about the experience

Tip #2: Display your capabilities to face the challenges well

Sample Answer:

One of the challenges I had in this field is the flooding of data. In my early years working in this field, I find it tough to filter the data accordingly. I was quite disorganized with my data collection and turns out recording irrelevant data which slows down the pace of data analysis. As time passes, I managed to resolve this issue with guidance from my colleagues and after attending related courses and training.

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Can You Tell Me About Your Most Difficult Project

This kind of question will clue interviewers into what kind of work ethic you have. That means that it is important to be the right kind of candidate and select a project where you grew professionally.

Ultimately, you will have to decide from your experience pool which project fits these parameters.

On What Basis The Acceptance Plan Is Prepared

Interview with Quality Assurance Engineer – Why You Should Try QA Job

Basically, the acceptance document is prepared using the following inputs.

  • Requirement document: It specifies what exactly is needed in the project from the customers perspective.
  • Input from the customer: This can be discussions, informal talks, emails, etc.
  • Project plan: The project plan prepared by the project manager also serves as good input to finalize your acceptance test.

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How Do You Stay Motivated At Work

It is best to provide your personal motivation but try to relate as much as possible to job-related answers.

Tip #1: Provide a concrete and convincing answer

Tip #2: You may elaborate details for your answer

Sample Answer:

I always like to set up deadlines and milestones for my job. Doing this will bring me a sense of accomplishment and makes me more motivated to keep doing my job well. Aside from setting deadlines for my job, I always jot down my success criteria. For example, getting approval from my manager.

What Are Important Characteristics For Leaders In Qa

A question like this will probably be among any set of QA engineer interview questions or similar positions geared towards leadership. You might also be asked this question because your future manager would like to know what qualities you look for in your leaders.

Either way, the best answer is an honest one. Reflect on this and prepare to talk about what types of environments you work best in, and how leaders can help create that environment. Some ideas to talk about are strong communication, active listening, honesty, psychological safety, empowerment, autonomy, vision, and more.

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Differentiate Between Verification And Validation In Qa

Verification and validation are important processes in QA. This is a technical question that will provide further insight into the extent of the candidate’s QA knowledge. You may want to hire a candidate who can accurately distinguish between the two and explain their experience with either. What to look for in a good answer:

  • A clear distinction of the terms
  • How both processes apply in QA
  • Experience with either or both processes


“Verification occurs in the software developmental stage in assurance while validation only occurs when a software is fully complete. In my previous job, I was involved in both processes to ensure the software complied with the stated requirements.”

What Do You Mean By Regression And Confirmation Testing

Quality Assurance Engineer Cover Letter Sample

Regression Testing: It is defined as a type of software testing to confirm that a recent code change has not adversely affected existing features.

Confirmation Testing:When a test fails because of the defect, the defect is reported. Then a new version of the software is submitted whose defect is fixed.This is called as confirmation testing or re-testing.

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Why Did You Decide To Become A Quality Assurance Engineer

You will receive many varying answers to this question from interviewees but look for particular statements in their answer. If the interviewee focuses on their passion for engineering and desire to be involved in all aspects of the products completion, that says a lot about the kind of engineer they are. They arent interested in manufacturing code or components of a product behind the scenes– they are invested in being hands-on during the project and are willing to lead a team.

What May You Do If There Was A Challenge With The Supplier And It Stalls The Manufacturing Process

Hiring managers may ask this situational question to determine how you might respond to stressful situations at work and if you’re able to think of a solution to the challenge. To answer this question, remain optimistic about the situation while acknowledging professionally that it isn’t an ideal situation. Give ideas about how you solve this challenge or how you may work with the supplier to reinstate deliveries.

Example:”If our team encountered a challenge with the company supplier which stalled the manufacturing process, I’d first speak with my manager. I can inform them about the situation and how it may affect the process and get their advice about how to proceed from there. We can prepare a negotiation with the supplier or expedite a shipment from a new supplier to resolve the situation temporarily and continue with the manufacturing process.”

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What Is A Test Strategy

Software Quality Assurance Interview Questions and Answers – QA Interview Questions

Understanding the meaning of essential technical terms like ‘test strategy’ in QA assures you that the candidate is knowledgeable in the field. People often confuse ‘test strategy’ with ‘test plan.’ Listen for whether the candidate describes one instead of the other. A good response includes:

  • Familiarity with the term
  • An understanding of how the term is applied in QA
  • An accurate definition that doesn’t overlap with the test plan’s description


“The test strategy outlines the plan for the software’s testing stage. It covers the whole testing phase of development, unlike the test plan, which describes only one specific test. The test strategy entails a description of test groups.”

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What Do You Think Are Some Advantages Of Manual Testing

Here are a few advantages of manual manual testing that you can talk about:

  • It can be less expensive compared to automated testing
  • For new teams or people new to QA, it can be easier to learn how to run manual test, so it can be rolled out faster
  • To a similar point, manual testing can be great on short-term projects when test scripts won’t be re-used many times
  • You can analyze the product from the point of view of the end user when doing manual testing
  • Testing the GUI can feel more intuitive and lead to more accurate results when doing a manual test the visual accessibility and preferences can be tricky to automate

Here’s an article where you can read more about the pros and cons of manual testing and automated testing.

What Would You Do If You Notice Defects In A Product

This is a question to test your problem-solving skill.

Tip #1: Be confident with the answer

Tip #2: Relate the steps with the scopes of the job

Sample Answer:

It is best to refer to the corrective action to be performed for any quality issues that occur in any product. For minor defects, if I think they could be resolved without much effort, I would try my best to resolve the issues and record the issues comprehensively. However, if the defects are major, it is best to consult with a more experienced colleague for the best course of action.

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Why Do You Think Quality Assurance Is Important

It is important to study and be prepared with some of the field-related questions before attending the interview.

Tip #1: Be prepared with your answers

Tip #2: Display familiarity with the field

Sample Answer:

Quality assurance is very important considering that it is the indicator of either the product meets the expectations and requirements established for the product or not. When releasing a product, there are many aspects to think of. Not only highly checking on the purpose it serves to the consumers, but the product must abide by the standards set at multiple levels. Quality assurance is to validate these aspects.

What Would You Include In An Automation Test Plan

QA Interview Questions and Answers â for Software QA tester and QA ...

Since building a plan for automation testing is a big undertaking, you don’t have to go into every detail.

Instead, name a few important aspects of a test planfor example, talk about how the plan should describe how the tests will be designed, how they will be executed, how defects will be managed, and what the test automation reporting will look like.

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About The Qa / Test Engineer Test

Test engineers ensure the quality of the products that your team puts in in the hands of customers. It is one of the important roles in software development and plays a crucial role in the success of your company. Software test engineers identify and fix technical issues across various aspects of a product, such as functionality, durability, safety, and speed, to ensure that the quality of the final productmatches the quality guidelines and expectations set by the company.

The QA / Test engineer test assesses candidates abilities to apply general test knowledge and to communicate effectively in a team setting. It also assesses their project management capabilities and their knowledge of test execution methods and tools

Candidates who score well on this test not only have the theoretical knowledge needed for software testing but can also apply that knowledge skillfully and effectively. They can communicate well with their teams and other stakeholders and manage projects well to ensure that both quality requirements and deadlines are met.

Briefly Explain What Does Below Code Snippet Indicate

WebElement sample = driver.findElement) 

It defines a variable sample of type WebElement, and uses an XPath search to initialize it with a reference to an element that contains the text value data.

This brings us to the end of this article on Top 50 Software Testing Interview Questions. Hope it helped in adding up to your knowledge. Wishing you all the best for your interview. Happy learning.

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Explain The Types Of Documents In Software Quality Assurance

The following are the types of documents in Software Quality Assurance:

  • Requirement Document

All the functionalities are to be added in the application are documented in terms of Requirements, and the document is known as Requirement document. This Requirement document is made by the collaboration of various people in the project team like developers, testers, Business Analysts, etc.

Test Metrics is a quantitative measure that determines the quality and effectiveness of the testing process.

It defines the strategy which will be applied to test an application, the resources that will be used, the test environment in which testing will be performed, and scheduling of test activities will be done.

A test case is a set of steps, and conditions used at the time of testing. This activity is performed to verify whether all the functionalities of software are working properly or not. There can be various types of test cases such as logical, functional, error, negative test cases, physical test cases, UI test cases, etc.

  • Traceability matrix

Traceability matrix is a table that traces and maps the user requirements with test cases. The main aim of Requirement Traceability Matrix is to see that all test cases are covered so that no functionality miss during the software testing.

A test scenario is a collection set of test cases which helps the testing team to determine the positive and negative aspects of a project.

Which Test Cases Are Written First: White Boxes Or Black Boxes

QUALITY ASSURANCE Interview Questions And Answers! (QA Interview Questions)

Usually, black box test cases are written first and white box test cases later. To write black box test cases we need the requirement document and, design or project plan. These documents are easily available at the initial start of the project. White box test cases cannot be started in the initial phase of the project because they need more architecture clarity which is not available at the start of the project. So normally white box test cases are written after black box test cases are written.

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