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Patient Navigator Interview Questions And Answers

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Genentech Patient Navigator Interview Questions

Top 20 Patient Care Coordinator Interview Questions and Answers for 2022


I applied online. I interviewed at Genentech


2-3 panel interviews, typical background questions and will likely have you work out a potential scenario “Patient calls at 4:50PM requesting an urgent prescription, and cannot reach their provider” how would you handle this scenario?

Interview Questions

Anonymous Interview Candidate in South San Francisco, CA


I applied online. The process took 4 weeks. I interviewed at Genentech in Dec 2017


Panel interview 3 hours total. Asked several behavioral questions and given 20 mins to complete a case study and provide feedback Each panel was with two hiring managers and lasted one hour.Be sure to give concrete examples and tell a story

Interview Questions

  • Describe your communication style and give exampleDescribe a time when you had a conflict at work and how you handled it

What Is The Biggest Challenge That You Foresee In This Job

You must have imagined getting the job before coming to the interview. The interviewer expects you to have pictured some of the challenges.

Tip #1: Mention a challenge that is above you and not one that can be easily handled.

Tip #2: You do not have to create something that does not exist

Sample Answer

I believe that specific challenges are even in all healthcare facilities. I havent seen a particular challenge that I can point out. However, I believe that with proper consultation, we can always overcome challenges.

What Do You Do If A Patient Withholds Potentially Critical Information From Their Doctors At The Time Of Treatment

Interviewers ask this to determine how you handle complicated situations without compromising the level of health care you provide to your patients. When you answer questions like this, it’s essential to describe your approach to potentially problematic cases and emphasize that you encourage patients to be honest with their information. It’s a good idea to show a sense of authority and empathy in your response.

Example:âThere are times when patients are afraid to be upfront with information because they fear it might affect how their insurance covers their case. They may also feel ashamed about their situation, uncomfortable with the people around them, or disturbed by what the doctor asks. Doctors may find treating patients challenging if they don’t have all the necessary information.

In these situations, it’s vital for us to communicate with them empathetically. Explaining the importance of honesty and how it can affect treatment plans can encourage them to be more open with sharing this information. It’s crucial that we don’t scare them into providing details. Instead, we can make them feel valued as people and help them understand that we only want what’s best for them.â

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An Interview With Oncology Nurse Navigator Darcy Burbage Msn Rn Aocn Cbcn

The National Navigation Roundtable sat down with Oncology Nurse Navigator , Darcy Burbage, MSN, RN, AOCN, CBCN to learn more about her experiences in the field. Darcy is an ONN at the Helen F Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute and an active member of the Oncology Nursing Society . Read on to learn more about her experiences.

Tell us more about your role. What is an ONN?

I was the first nurse navigator hired at my Cancer Center in 1999 to coincide with the opening of our Breast Center. The interview process was lengthy and at the time, I didnt have a formal job description. I was simply told to fix it. The it being reducing the length of time between biopsy recommendation to biopsy and to improve patient satisfaction throughout the breast cancer continuum.

The impetus for this role was that patients expressed a need for a single point of contact that knew them and could provide education specific to their recommended treatment plan as well as provide psychosocial support throughout the continuum of care.

To paraphrase the 2017 ONS ONN Core Competencies An ONN is a professional RN with oncology-specific, clinical knowledge who offers individualized assistance to patients, families and caregivers to help overcome healthcare system barriers using the nursing process as well as provides education and resources to facilitate informed decision making throughout the cancer continuum

Why is it helpful to have an ONN?

What is the best part of your job?

General Patient Care Coordinator Interview Questions

Online Essay Help

If you’re interviewing with a hiring manager, it’s likely because they identified qualifications on your resume that they’re looking for in their new hire. Although they may have some knowledge about your experience based on your application, they may ask general interview questions to learn more about you. For example, the interviewer may want to know what motivates you or why you chose a career as a patient care coordinator. Review these general questions you may receive during the interview process for a patient care coordinator position:

  • What made you want to seek a position with our organization?

  • Why do you want to work in the health care industry?

  • What is your favorite part of being a patient care coordinator?

  • How would your previous coworkers describe you?

  • What are your passions?

  • Where do you see yourself in five years? How would you expect your employer to support for career ambitions?

  • In what areas would you like to improve in your work as a patient care expert?

  • What are you motivated by?

  • What is your communication style?

  • Tell us about your favorite courses in school. Why did you enjoy them so much?

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What Do You Consider As Key Principles Of Professionalism To Follow When Interacting With Patients

As a patient care coordinator, I believe that it is essential to treat patients respectfully. I actively and carefully listen to what patients say to ensure that they feel heard. In my opinion, this is an important aspect while interacting with patients. Then, I try my best to offer them help as per the guidelines set by the facility.

How Do You Manage The Sanitization And Cleaning Of The Equipment Between Patients

A primary responsibility of dental assistants is sterilizing and cleaning the equipment to ensure a timely turnover of patients. Hiring managers may look for your knowledge of sterilization processes and organization skills in your answer. Consider highlighting your understanding of how to set up trays for specific procedures and appointment types. You can include any information pertaining to preparing the room and your process.

Example answer:”I think it’s important to sit down with the dentist or training assistant to understand the desired room and tray set-up for each procedure. I understand each dentist has their own preferences and processes, so I ensure to take notes and follow the guidelines accordingly. Once a patient leaves the room, I prioritize sterilizing the equipment and cleaning the surfaces thoroughly to prepare the room for the next patient.”

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Patient Access Representative Interview Questions

As a patient access representative, you are the first and often the last point of contact for your patients once they enter your facility.

Your job is two-pronged: the patient-facing side and the administrative side. No matter what type of medical facility you are servingsmall doctors office, nursing care facility, hospital, will need to demonstrate a friendly, empathetic personality in addition to strong communication skills, listening skills, and administrative skills.

Only some of those will come across in your resume and cover letter.

The interview is your opportunity to show them you possess the skills, knowledge, and experience to do the job and the personality to match.

Due to the nature of this role, you will see a lot of behavioral and situational interview questions. The employer wants to get an idea of how you respond to situations you will face in this position.

Youll also face a lot of technical questions intended to gauge your procedural knowledge.

Looking for a job? These position are hiring now near you:

Is It Important To Set Boundaries Between Yourself And The Patient

Nursing Interview Questions and Answers

This question helps interviewers see how you approach your work as a health care professional. While it’s commendable to go above and beyond the job description, it’s just as important to have boundaries between you and the patient. This allows you to function efficiently and effectively in your role.

Example:âIt’s inevitable to have patients that rely on you for everything. Sometimes, this can mean devoting more time to their case than what’s necessary. While it’s easy to become invested in a patient’s case, it’s crucial for a patient navigator to realize that spending more time on a single patient may mean less time for another.

Setting boundaries is vital and knowing when to stop is necessary for performing the job effectively. The best way to do this is to be upfront with the patient by explaining our role and job scope. There may always be exceptions depending on the case, but it’s our duty to prioritize each person’s time.â

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Three People Are Waiting In Front Of Your Desk A Teenager Seemingly Disoriented And Injured Appears In The Hall What Will You Do

Prioritizing the order of care will be one of your duties. If you spot someone who shows signs of possible internal bleeding or other risky injury, you should ask other patients to wait and check-in the patient in a precarious condition immediately.

Say that you will politely ask people in the queue to wait, and will walk to fetch the disoriented teenager. With a few targeted questions you will quickly assess the situation and possibly prioritize them, checking them in without any delays.

Ensure the hiring managers that you want to keep your eyes open in the job. Anytime spotting someone with a serious problem or huge pain, youll prioritize them in the queue.

This: You Have Three People Waiting For You At Your Desk And Then An Older Woman Who Appears Injured Comes Towards You What Will You Do

There are times that you have to prioritize. Prioritizing the order of care is one of the jobs of a patient access representative.

Tip #1: Anyone with a risky injury should be given more consideration.

Tip #2: You have to talk to the other patients first

Sample Answer

I will politely ask those in the queue to wait as I walk to the injured woman. I will then ask a few targeted questions to know how to help and check her in without delay.

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Example Interview Questions With Answers

Answering interview questions often requires you to be clear and concise with your response. You can achieve this by using the STAR response method. This involves sharing context around the situation you faced, describing your task in the situation, explaining your actions and describing the results. Using this method can ensure you fully address the question while emphasising your skills and achievements. Reviewing example answers to OHN interview questions can help you prepare and feel confident about your interview. The following are some OHN interview questions with example answers:

What Are The Most Important Skills For A Dental Assistant To Have

Anderson Township dentists

This question helps hiring managers evaluate the knowledge and experience of the candidate. To answer this question, you can consider the daily duties of a dental assistant and evaluate the skills or abilities that can help them accomplish these duties effectively. You can highlight organizational skills, the ability to multi-task, flexibility, reliability, and customer service skills in your answer. Depending on whether the practice specializes in a specific dental field, you can include additional related skills.

Example answer:”I think there are many important skills dental assistants use to perform their duties, with the three key traits being strong organization, a good bedside manner, and initiative. Being able to evaluate what’s required and taking the steps to complete tasks without being instructed can help reduce patient wait time and improve their experience. It’s also important to comfort and educate patients throughout their appointment to further improve the patient’s level of comfort and satisfaction.”

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How Might You Handle A Situation With A Difficult Or Scared Patient

Hiring managers may ask candidates this question to evaluate how a job applicant handles conflict and implements conflict-resolution skills. It’s not uncommon for patients to have anxieties about visiting the dentist, so this question can help interviewers better understand their problem-solving skills. You can answer this question by showcasing your experience working with a range of personalities with compassion and understanding. Consider including specific scenarios when you might have experienced this type of situation in the past and how you handled it.

Example answer:”Whether the patient is afraid to come to the dentist, upset about appointment availability, or unhappy with a bill, I find it’s important to address the situation with empathy. When patients are afraid, I try my best to identify any stressors causing the patient to act out or become anxious to make them more comfortable. In all situations with challenging patients, I find that providing extra explanations and details helps to diffuse the situation and calm the patient.”

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Why Do You Want To Become A Dental Assistant

Hiring managers may ask this question to better understand your career choice and reasons for pursuing a job in the dental field. You can include any specific duties that appeal to you in the role of dental assistant or any personal stories in your answer. It’s important to be specific about the elements of dental assisting that attracted you to the position to ensure a memorable response.

Example answer:”Growing up, I always loved visiting the dentist and learning about the role dental hygiene plays in my overall health. I pursued dental assisting to share my passion for dental health and give patients a positive and comfortable experience. I enjoy the variety of the position itself and how every day presents different scenarios and opportunities for growth.”

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What Are The Qualities That A Patient Care Coordinator Need To Be Successful

A patient care coordinator must systemize a care plan for many patients at once. He or she coordinates several healthcare workers with their different schedules. To succeed in this role, they must have strong organizational and time management skills. They also need very strong written and oral communication to effectively expedite and facilitate patient understanding of medical needs. A top-notch patient care coordinator must possess a high level of confidentiality and respect for the patient. He or she must have the ability to work under pressure and demonstrate compassion and care to patients.

What Does Diversity Mean To You And How Can It Impact Teams And Results

Top 6 Common Interview Questions and Answers | Indeed Career Tips

Employer Motivation: To assess your knowledge and commitment to diversity and to examine your understanding of effective interpersonal and team dynamics.Strategy: Describe your definition of diversity and how it might be a fit for the organizational structure, keeping in mind any organizational research or literature you may have seen on this issue.

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What Skills Do You Wish To Work On Or Develop As A Dental Assistant

A hiring manager may ask you about the skills you want to develop related to the role to evaluate if there are any gaps in your knowledge. You can consider this question as a way of asking about your weaknesses, so consider answering this question strategically. Your answer can help employers determine if you require any additional training if they were to hire you. You can use this opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of important skills and your willingness to learn and improve.

Example answer:”I wish to develop my conflict resolution skills, as I have been lucky to have only experienced a few negative interactions with difficult clients. The last clinic I worked at was a more established business with many long-time patients, so I didn’t have many opportunities to address or solve issues relating to unhappy customers. I might benefit from seeing how others manage difficult patients to help me develop and practise these skills.”

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Other Common Nursing Interview Questions And Answers

Tell me about yourself.

When asked about yourself in a job interview, it is important to give an honest but positive answer. You want to avoid sounding like you are bragging, but you also want to make sure that you highlight your best qualities.

What do you like most about being a nurse?

There are a lot of things that I like about being a nurse. I enjoy helping people and making a difference in their lives. I also like the challenges that come with the job and the opportunity to learn new things.

What do you find most difficult about being a nurse?

The most difficult thing about being a nurse is dealing with the emotional aspect of the job. It can be very difficult to see people suffering and not be able to do anything to help them. It is also hard to see people making poor choices that will likely lead to negative health consequences. However, I find that the rewards of the job outweigh the difficulties.

Why are you leaving your current position?

I am leaving my current nursing position because I am looking for a new challenge, and want to find a job that will allow me to use my skills and knowledge in a different way. I am also hoping to find a position that offers more opportunities for growth and development.

Why do you want to work here?

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a nurse?

Why did you choose nursing as your chosen profession?

What do you think are the most important qualities of a successful nurse?

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