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Sr Qa Engineer Interview Questions

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Describe The Verification Techniques That Are Typically Used By Quality Assurance Engineers During A Project

Top 25 Quality Engineer Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

The three major verification techniques and review, inspection, and walkthrough. A review is a method we use to examine code and test cases outside of the authors influence. This is usually one of the best and easiest ways to determine coverage and quality in the products features. A walkthrough is when the author of the code reads out their content and receives feedback, reviews, and corrections. Walkthroughs are usually less-official than typical reviews or inspections and are primarily used to benefit the author. Inspection is a much more technical and refined way of establishing and correcting defects in the test code. There are multiple roles in inspection: Moderator, who conducts the whole inspecting meeting. Recorder, who documents the time and duration of the meeting, what defects popped up, and other information discussed during testing. Reader, who will read out the code and essentially leads the inspection meeting. The producer is the original author of the code and must update their code accordingly after defects are found. And Reviewer, which essentially describes all of the expert engineers and developers in the inspection meeting.

Share Your Daily Routine As A Quality Engineer

This question might display your competence and productivity as a quality engineer.

Tip #1: Be organized

Tip #2: Portray that you are familiar with the daily tasks

Sample Answer:

As a quality engineer, I was assigned to develop the quality standards of the product every time a new project started. This was done with discussion from all related sectors when developing a product. Another daily task is monitoring the progress of the project and coming up with corrective actions for any issues that occur within the processes.

How Do You Stay Motivated In Your Work

I decided to pursue a field I love, and therefore, I have never struggled with motivation. I usually love spending time by my computers, running tests cases, and preparing reports. Also, I love quality products, which explains why I am always choosy when making purchasing decisions. Therefore, I am constantly motivated to provide high-quality software products to customers, which is possible through test automation. I am intrinsically motivated, which has helped me succeed in this job.

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Tell Me About Your Most Difficult Project

Take a deep breath. Let it all come back to you, the emotions, the late nights trying to find the problem, the inordinate amount of take-out boxes piled up on your test.

This is a great opportunity to let your passion for QA come out. Walk them through what caused you the most difficulty, why it was so hard to find the solution, and how hard you worked to resolve the issue.

What Are The Roles Of A Qa Automation Engineer

21 Senior Program Manager Interview Questions &  Answers

A QA automation engineer plays an essential role in the software development process. They are primarily charged with designing automated tests to validate the functionality of different software and applications. Other roles include arranging and attending meetings with the software design team, reviewing bug reports and singling out the problem areas, identifying the target areas in different software applications, designing and installing databases, generating test reports after identifying quality issues, solving application faults in collaboration with the design team and troubleshooting the software used for automation.

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Test Engineer Interview Questions

Test engineers are the unsung heroes who keep the wheels turning at any generative company. A quality product that does what it says on the box maintains a returning customer base and ensuring that your company is delivering its best to the customers is what test engineers are all about.

To establish a high standard of quality assurance, it is vital for businesses to hire excellent test engineers. Heres how to find the best of the best for your company, one question at a time.

Which Test Cases Are Written First: White Boxes Or Black Boxes

Usually, black box test cases are written first and white box test cases later. To write black box test cases we need the requirement document and, design or project plan. These documents are easily available at the initial start of the project. White box test cases cannot be started in the initial phase of the project because they need more architecture clarity which is not available at the start of the project. So normally white box test cases are written after black box test cases are written.

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Final Thoughts: Test Engineer Interview Questions

Products and software applications arent the only things requiring quality assurance: Businesses hiring test engineers must ask the right questions during the interview to ensure competence, experience, and a team-player attitude. Hiring the right test engineers will set a higher standard for product, to the benefit of your company as a whole.

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What Do You Know About Data Flow Testing

Senior Staff Engineer Interview Questions with Answer Examples

It is one of the white-box testing techniques.

Data flow testing emphasizes for designing test cases that cover control flow paths around variable definitions and their uses in the modules. It expects test cases to have the following attributes:

  • The input to the module
  • The control flow path for testing
  • A pair of an appropriate variable definition and its use
  • The expected outcome of the test case
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    Structured Vs Agile Planning

    In a longer-term project, your business, suppliers, and internal IT staff need to know what commitment is required of them so they can schedule the availability of people and physical resources.

    It takes precious time to gather the required information to create a plan. With all the dependencies on resources and people, and the commitment and performance of suppliers as well as internal people, many things can go wrong. Some things will go wrong. Because of this, the plan, as a prediction of the future, is fraught with difficulty.

    The day after a plan is published, and every day subsequently, new information comes to light and some adjustment needed. Requirements get scrapped suppliers deliver late environments, test data or tools are not ready in time. The list goes on. Planning is never a one-off task, it is a continuous almost daily activity.

    Often unplanned events are treated as noise and dont get much attention. But, later, some of these minor glitches become major problems. One of the challenges of waterfall projects is that this continuous adjustment can be burdensome because any changes are viewed as unnecessary tinkering. Projects often steam on regardless, hoping that things will be alright on the night. But this is rarely the case and it has been said many times:

    How does a project get to be a year late? One day at a time.

    Planning is a continuous learning journey, not a task with a deliverable.

    What Are Training And Testing Accuracy

    Software testing allows you to verify any system so that you can identify any sort of gaps, errors, and missing client requirements. It is done with the help of several methods and models that allow you to check and test the software in each and every step from its development to its execution. In simple terms, software testing is the process in which you find errors in any given software program or application such that the application functions as per the requirements of the end-user. Testing can be classified into two major categories: Functional testing and non-functional testing.

    Training accuracy and testing accuracy are two ways in which the accuracy of the software can be tested. With the help of these tests, you can monitor the working, accuracy, and ability of the given software and also check if the requirements of the clients are met. In general, the training accuracy is the accuracy that you attain after applying the given model on the available training data, whereas in testing accuracy, the accuracy you receive is for the testing data. These are extremely helpful when you need to compare the results to identify overtraining.

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    When Should You Stop The Testing Process

    The testing activity ends when the testing team completes the following milestones.

    Test case execution

    The successful completion of a full test cycle after the final bug fix marks the end of the testing phase.

    Testing deadline

    The end date of the validation stage also declares the closure of the validation if no critical or high-priority defects remain in the system.

    Code Coverage ratio

    It is the amount of code concealed via automated tests. If the team achieves the intended level of code coverage ratio, then it can choose to end the validation.

    Mean Time Between Failure rateMean time between failure refers to the average amount of time that a device or product functions before failing. This unit of measurement includes only operational time between failures and does not include repair times, assuming the item is repaired and begins functioning again. MTBF figures are often used to project how likely a single unit is to fail within a certain period of time

    Walk Us Through How You Decide On The Tools Used For Automation Testing

    Software Developer Interview Questions

    My first considerations when picking the right tools for automation are the requirements, as they help me with the right testing scenarios to automate. Once I know all the requirements, I extensively research the tools that will meet the project requirements. However, I also consider whether the budget can cover the necessary tools, resources, and skilled personnel. I would then compare all the needed tools to determine if they can do the work without overstretching the provided budget. I am glad that I always end up with the right tools.

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    Have You Ever Had To Deal With Somebody Not Following Quality Standards What Did You Do To Resolve The Situation

    This question is vital, as it offers insight into the candidates character from a managerial and departmental perspective. You can learn more about how the candidates would lead if they are in charge of training or how they may help uphold the culture of the workplace with their peers. Look for quality engineer candidates who display diligence and responsibility in making sure that their peers are up to standard.

    What to look for in an answer:

    • Exhibition of initiative in stressful situations
    • Understanding of the required quality standards
    • Holds others to the required standards to maximize safety


    When I was in management at my previous workplace, I had to let an employee go for failing to meet quality standards for our products.

    What Testing Tools Do You Prefer And Why

    All kinds of tests come into play when considering software quality assurance jobs. You could name test management tools, smoke testing tools, or even a simple program that helps you and your QA team stay organized.

    While there are some obvious answers to this question, you can tailor it to the company, too. For instance, if youll mainly be working with web services or web APIs, you might mention Selenium testing tools. Another instance may require SQL or Android related tools. It all revolves around the companys products and services.

    Automated Web UI Testing: Best Practices, Challenges, & Tools

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    Would You Say Public Speaking Is An Important Skill To Have As A Quality Assurance Engineer If Yes Why

    This question informs you on whether the candidate understands the importance of public speaking in quality assurance. It also helps you discover whether the candidate clearly understands the duties associated with their role. An ideal candidate would probably cite instances when their public speaking skills helped them perform their duties effectively. What to look for in an answer:

    • Knowledge of a quality assurance engineer’s responsibilities
    • An explanation of how public speaking applies in quality assurance
    • Instances when the candidate used public speaking in their job


    “I believe public speaking skills are an important tool for a quality assurance engineer. In my previous job as a QA engineer, I used my public speaking skills to present test reports and analysis to my colleagues, which I had to ensure were clear and concise.”

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    Senior Technical Support Engineer Interview Questions with Answer Examples

    Parasoft is all about making everyones lives easier in the realm of development. From writing the best test cases to performing regression testing and webinars for all topics, Parasoft is constantly providing content to keep industry professionals up-to-date and informed.

    Daniel is Parasoft’s Director of Quality Assurance. He believes in having both manual and automation testing in place as part of the quality assurance process of testing software.

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    What Makes You Qualify For This Job

    Display what points differentiate you from other candidates applying for the same position.

    Tip #1: Be concise but confident

    Tip #2: Be unique in providing your astounding traits

    Sample Answer:

    I hold a bachelors degree in engineering and in recent years, I have attended and acquired several certifications which boosted up my qualification in this field. I am someone who possesses an immense interest in this field and strives to provide the best experience for software consumers. Accompanied with almost three years of experience in this field, I believe I could bring good changes to this company.

    What Does Defect Removal Efficiency Mean In Software Testing

    Defect removal efficiency is one of the testing metrics. It is an indicator of the efficiency of the development team to fix issues before the release.

    It gets measured as the ratio of defects fixed to total the number of issues discovered.

    For example, lets say, there were 75 defects discovered during the test cycle while 62 of them got fixed by the development team at the time of measurement. The DRE would be 62/75 = 82.6%

    Go through the Manual Testing Training to get a clear understanding of Weak AI and Strong AI.

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    A Defect Which Could Have Been Removed During The Initial Stage Is Removed In A Later Stage How Does This Affect The Cost

    If at the initial stage a defect is identified, then it should be removed during that stage/phase itself rather than at some later stage. Its a fact that if a defect is delayed for later phases it becomes more costly. The following figure shows how a defect is costly as the phases move forward.

    If a defect is identified and removed during the design phase, it is the most cost effective but when removed during maintenance it becomes twenty times costlier.

    In Your Opinion What Are The Examples Of Quality Metrics

    Zydus Cadila

    A candidate who strives to get accepted should be able to be familiar with some important metrics in determining quality.

    Tip #1: Display familiarity for the examples

    Tip #2: Provide specific answers

    Sample Answer:

    Some of the examples of quality metrics are cost control, the frequency of defects, and the automaticity of the performance. Another metric is the rate of failure or error happening. These are some of the examples of quality metrics that I often prioritise for the products we are working on.

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    How Are Your Interactions With Customers And How Do You Handle Customer Complaints

    A Quality Assurance Engineer is involved during a marketing meet between the customer and organization. From here starts the main business requirements that is being input in the system or process back at organization. The system would then identify the needs which is converted to procedures and plans. The product or service is finally dispatched to the customer.

    In case of complaints, the Quality assurance Engineer comes to picture to tackle the issue and bring about the corrective actions then. This would become a preventive action plan for the future. By briefly describing about some interesting problems that you would have faced you could bring out the way it was handled and what steps you had taken to implement the corrective and preventive actions.

    The Most Common Questions In Qa Job Interviews

    Identifying the most common questions in QA job interviews is deceptively simple. You have general questions that are asked at every interview like Where did you go to school? However, youll also get more pointed questions asking about your general knowledge base and hypothetical questions, too.

    Lets break down the different categories of question types, example questions, and example answers you could give during a real interview.

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    How Would You Test A Broken Toaster

    This is a bonus question because some organizations like these sort of questions and others dont. On one hand it puts the interviewer in a difficult position, and one they almost certainly didnt expect to be in. But the benefit is that it requires quick, out of the box thinking and presents an opportunity for the interviewee to demonstrate their creativity.

    Due to the spirit of the question, Im not going to tell you how to test a broken toaster. Thats up to you.

    The Difference Between Quality Engineering And Quality Assurance

    QA Interview QUESTIONS

    In the traditional model of ensuring quality, a team of quality assurance professionals comes in after the product has been finished, to detect any faults with the product before it goes to the users.

    This method is generally known as quality assurance. If there are any defects in the product, the product is sent back to the team responsible for the offending part.

    An analysis of the quality assurance model shows that the method has several inefficiencies. For example, sometimes these quality assurance teams may identify faults that require the product to be redesigned. To do this, more time and resources are needed. This may also result in delays in getting the product to the end-user.

    To solve the challenges inherent in QA, QE is the new method that has been introduced. The idea is that if the development teams know the requirements that the end product should meet, they will be able to consciously test the product as they develop it so that there are no nasty surprises at the end.

    Even though QE and QA both have the same goal of ensuring quality products, there are some differences between the two:

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