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What Is Asked In An Exit Interview

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What Would You Say Was The Worst Part Of Working At Our Company

Best Questions to Ask During an Exit Interview!

The longer youve been at a company, the more bad parts you’ll be able to identify.

Having said that, you dont need to create a long list of negative employee experiences. And if you suggest that there was no worst part, youd be lying again. Try to paint a truthful picture of the issue, but dont badmouth anyone.

For example, tell them that you didnt enjoy the communication process at first but eventually got used to it. Formulate it like feedback.

What Could We Have Done Better

Again, this may seem similar to question three, but the answer explores a different side of the issue. Say, for example, that an employee responded to question three with, more professional development opportunities. That answer insinuates that the number of opportunities is important.

But when asked question number four, he may offer this advice: Actively promote professional development and motivate employees to reach out. So maybe its not the number of opportunities you offer, but the promotion of those opportunities that is the real key. Asking both questions in tandem can reveal these finer points.

Top Questions You Can Expect During An Exit Interview

During an exit interview, an employer may be interested to know what aspects of your job or project you enjoyed the most. They can also set up this interview to gain feedback from you to help them improve aspects of the organisation to better retain employees and reduce turnover. You can get invited for an exit interview after you quit a job, leave an institution or dissolve your membership in an association. In this article, we’ll discuss some questions you can expect to be asked during an exit interview.

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Gain Insight Into Managers Leadership Styles And Effectiveness

This equips the organization to reinforce positive managers and identify toxic ones. One executive at a major restaurant chain told us that several exit interviews shed recently conducted revealed that micromanagement was a big problem. The conversations, she said, led to some very tangible outcomes, such as establishing training and development initiatives to create better managers.

What Does Your New Position Offer That Influenced Your Decision To Leave

3 Questions You Should Ask In Your Exit Interviews

The answer to this question will indicate the specifics of where your company is lacking. It could be company culture. It could be pay or benefits. It could be lack of flexibility. It could be any number of things.

The important thing to remember is that the information the outgoing employee provides can be used to pick up the slack where your company has fallen short.

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How To Conduct A Successful Exit Interview

Different exit surveys will gather different types of feedback. Some ask for direct feedback on the persons manager while others just ask about the role and reasons for leaving.

If an exit survey isnt clear to interpret you may want to consider redesigning your survey

Exit interviews should also allow you to dissect data by performance levels, tenure, and role.

Unlike an engagement survey, where you deal with constructs built around employee attitudes, an exit survey should be much more practical and simple to design and interpret. If an exit survey isnt clear to interpret you may want to consider redesigning your survey.

It can be useful to include a few open text fields in your survey too often they elicit rich detail and nuances about an employees decision to leave compared to multiple-choice questions.

While historically these have been difficult to turn into insights, text analyticssoftware can process language and sentiment analysis to allow you to automatically analyze many thousands of open-text responses.

This then creates topics, themes, and trends to allow you to spot patterns and interpret the data.

Did You Feel That You Were Equipped To Do Your Job Well

If you want a direct way to better retain the employee who fills this position next, ask this question. It’s one of the best exit interview questions that will help you generate an immediate proactive response. Be prepared for tales of technology woes, inadequate training and more, but also be prepared to gain valuable knowledge of what you can do better next time.

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Is There Something We Could’ve Done To Prevent You From Leaving

Its a candid question, so feel free to respond in kind. Dont be overly critical or unnecessarily mean, though. For instance, if youre leaving because youre overworked, just say so. Dont be sarcastic in pointing it out, even if its obvious you and your colleagues are burned out. Besides, the best revenge against a bad boss is getting a better job not some witty comeback during an exit interview. Remember, your honesty during an exit interview could benefit colleagues and the future talent the company will hire.

If you haven’t already, start revising your resume now. Here are some tutorials to help you improve your resume and also some help for finding a new job:

You can also find some great resume templates on Envato Elements or GraphicRiver.

Your Essential List Of Exit Interview Questions

What is EXIT INTERVIEW? What is EXIT INTERVIEW mean? EXIT INTERVIEW meaning & explanation

Here are some of the most common and useful questions to ask during exit interviews. Derrick finds that the way you frame a question can have an impact on the type of answer you receive, which is why he likes to ask people questions like what advice theyd offer to the CEO or their department leader. He says, You start to tease out a lot of opinions and perspectives that are really valuable in a productive, constructive way because theyre giving advice rather than feedback.

  • What are your reasons for looking elsewhere for a job? How long have you been looking?
  • What went well in your role here? What could’ve been better?
  • If you could change one thing about your role or the company, what would it be?
  • Would you recommend working here to a friend?
  • If you could give your CEO or department leader some advice, what would you say?
  • What does your new position offer that influenced your decision to leave?
  • Did you feel that you were equipped to do your job well?
  • How would you describe the culture of our company?
  • What do you know now that you wish youd known when you started?

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How Long Should An Exit Interview Be

Most exit interviews are conducted long after an employee has disengaged. Recommendations about the optimal length of an EI vary. Some executives believe it should be kept to an hour, with the option of continuing should the conversation merit it. Others recommend up to 90 minutes.


The primary purpose of the exit interview is to review the liabilities and restrictions placed on the former employee based on the employment agreement, nondisclosure agreement, and any other security-related documentation.

Was There Any Aspect Of Your Role That You Struggled With Would You Have Benefitted From Additional Training

Although this question might feel like a case of too little, too late, its worth asking, as it allows you to re-evaluate your current teams training, as well as the training that you now provide to new employees. Perhaps your interviewee would have benefitted from additional technical training to better understand data management systems, or maybe they felt they were lacking a proper understanding of holiday policy. By collecting that feedback, youll have a better insight into your remaining team.

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Why Are You Leaving Your Current Position

As you might guess, this is likely the key question that your employer wants answered during your exit interview. What the heck caused you to want to pack up your bags and go?

Youre asked this for a few different reasons. First, your employer wants to identify whether or not there was a single event that precipitated your departuresuch as a falling out with your manager or a co-worker. Secondly, he or shes hoping to determine if there are any shortcomings with the position that need to be resolved before bringing in a replacement.

Remember, one of a companys key goals is employee retention. And, your feedback is critical in helping to achieve that!

Exit Interview Questions You Need To Ask

What should a retailer ask at an exit interview?  RetailWire

An exit interview provides a valuable learning opportunity. If you ask the right exit interview questions, you can find out why an employee is choosing a new career opportunity over one with your company. As a result, you can use an exit interview to identify ways to improve talent recruitment and retention. And in the long run, you can find ways to keep your employees happy.

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How To Gain Maximum Insight From Exit Interviews And Surveys

  • Make the exit interview part of the standard off-boarding process and use automated systems to reduce the workload.
  • Conduct the exit interview after employees decide to leave, but just before physically leaving the organization. Employees are less likely to respond to the survey once they have walked out of the door.
  • Keep employee exit interview questions short and simple by focusing on evaluating different job components and identifying where change is necessary.
  • Think carefully about interview questions involving feelings and emotions as this is particularly difficult, especially if you have let an employee go.
  • Assure the respondent that their feedback is confidential. Not to be directly shared with their manager, and most importantly, you must emphasize that it will not affect any reference they may seek in the future.
  • What Ultimately Led You To Accept The New Position

    This is a good exit interview question because it will allow you to contrast your company’s position with a different organization’s. The key to this answer is actually in what you don’t see. For instance, if an employee indicates that they are leaving for higher pay, this could mean that your compensation package isn’t competitive enough.

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    What Would You Change About The Company

    Answers to this question could relate to your companys training, processes, culture, or even leadership team. Although one persons feedback might not justify making any major company changes, its useful to look for trends in multiple answers over time. Perhaps certain points are frequently raised and therefore need addressing.

    What Should An Exit Interview Cover

    Exit Interview: What To Expect

    Start by letting the employee know, in advance, the goal of the discussion and what topics you want to cover. This will allow them to prepare themselves matter, and will typically result in a higher quality of answers. Make it clear that you are planning to have a conversation that is:

    • Open
    • Based on their personal opinion

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    Did You Feel Equipped To Do Your Job

    Not having the right skills and knowledge can be a major cause of dissatisfaction in the workplace. Knowing the answer to this question can prevent other employees from leaving.

    This exit interview question also gives you insight into how to improve the employee onboarding and hiring processes. Based on this, you can update your new hire checklist accordingly.

    Exit Interview Questions You Need To Ask For Company Growth

    Ah, exit interviews. Something that polarizes organizations and strikes fear into both the employer and ex-employee. The truth is, though, if you craft the right exit interview questions, the process isnât something to be feared, but rather an opportunity to learn.

    When an employee is on their way out, you need to accept that their mind and heart are already elsewhere. Getting exit interview questions answered honestly can be tricky. Especially if the employee is leaving because theyâre unhappy.

    Happy or not, while theyâre working their notice period, their focus is going to be on tying up loose ends and handing work over.

    If an employee agrees to an exit interview , make sure that it adds value to the employee experience and your company. Otherwise, itâs just a waste of time. And, remember, colleagues – even ex colleagues – talk. If one exit interview was a monumental waste of time, chances are theyâll tell members of the team, and youâll find that the decline rate when asking for exit interviews will shoot up.

    Carefully consider what information you want from an exit interview and how youâll use it. Thatâs the starting point, and itâs something you should base all of your exit interview questions on.

    Also, appreciate that the employee is doing you a favor by being honest theyâre no longer invested! So, craft the interview in a way that shows your gratitude, and keep your exit interview questions on-topic.

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    + Most Commonly Asked Exit Interview Questions And Answers

    Read These Sample Exit Interview Questions and Answers to Prepare for The Upcoming Exit Interview. We have Also Included Questions Employees Can Ask The Employer:

    Be it big or small, every company loses employees now and then. Turnover could be hard to deal with but before the employees leave, the employers must do one last thing i.e the Exit Interview.

    Both the employers as well as the employees dread this final sit-down alike. For employers, it is an opportunity to gather valuable feedback that can be used to improve themselves as they walk into the future. For employees, it is a chance to hash out what they loved about the job and what made them dissatisfied enough to leave it.

    However, both of them should know what to ask. Asking the right questions is the key insight for both the employers as well as employees. Here we have gathered a set of questions that will help you with your side of feedback.

    What You Will Learn:

    What Was The Biggest Factor That Led You To Accept This New Job

    Top Effective Tips to Ace An Exit Interview Policy

    Of course, you dont need to feel pressured to share all sorts of details about the position youre moving on to. However, you should be prepared to hear a few questions along those lines. The people in charge simply want to get an idea of how theyre matching up with other organizations in the same industry.

    Perhaps the pay at your new job is way better, and your employer needs to reevaluate its salary structure. Or, maybe something about the company culture really appealed to you. Whatever it is, sharing that information helps your employer to stay on track with its competitorssomething thats undoubtedly important when attracting new talent.

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    Who In Your Opinion Is The Best Person In The Office

    Whoever you name here, youll be helping them build a lasting relationship with the organization.

    You dont necessarily have to name a senior or an executive not even your own manager. Just name the person who had the most positive impact on your performance and your disposition as an employee.

    For example, you can mention a coworker who encouraged you to take creative and calculated risks and come up with out-of-the-box ideas. Or someone who listened to your ideas and actually created preliminary plans out of them to test their effectiveness.

    Exit Interview Questions You Should Ask Employees Who Are Leaving

    While its important to rehire to help maintain production levels and morale, its just as important to understand why the employee is leaving the company

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    We know the benefits of having a strong employee onboarding program, but did you know that employee offboarding is equally as important? Determining why the employee is leaving is just as important as planning for their future replacement.

    Understanding the employee experience can help HR managers plan for the future and gain feedback to help other employees.

    The exit interview is central to gather honest feedback to help improve the organization, but its a meeting very few managers and business owners enjoy. It can be uncomfortable at best, awkward at worst.

    Too many put it off or avoid it completely. But failing to conduct as thorough an exit interview as possible is a mistake.

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    Get Started With Your Own Exit Interview Survey

    If your company has experienced high turnover, low employee satisfaction scores or you want to boost employee retention, capitalize on your Exit Interviews data.

    The insight from employees, who have nothing to lose and want to share their honest experiences, can highlight areas for improvement and underlying issues.

    Get started with our free exit interview survey template, designed with best practices in mind

    Decide Who Will Do The Exit Interview

    How To Conduct An Exit Interview

    The two options for this include an employee’s direct supervisor or one of the HR managers. Each option has various pros and cons.

    An employee’s direct supervisor has worked closely with them and had a better understanding of their talent and performance. Because of this, they can provide keen insights into the employee’s performance, the struggles they may have faced, and how they feel about their boss and the company. This will allow them to ask the best questions that may result in actionable employee feedback.

    However, sometimes a direct supervisor may be too close to the subject. Most companies have HR managers conduct exit interviews. This is because HR teams are more well-versed in the entire employee journey from the hiring process, job description, work conditions, compensation, company culture, and employee engagement metrics. They also know what insights the company will need which is essential in crafting the best exit interview questions.

    Some companies hire an external consultant for exit interviews. While consultants are experts at crafting exit interview questions and getting feedback, this option can seem impersonal.

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