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How To Interview Job Candidates

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How To Interview Candidates For A Job

The ability of a candidate to talk about their strengths and still maintain their humility is a strong indicator of a winning personality.

This also gives the interviewee a chance to explain and align their strengths with the position they are interviewing for demonstrating attributes that will contribute to the companys goals.

Read The Candidates Cv Before The Interview

Schedule half an hour before each interview to familiarise yourself with the candidate you are about to see. Review any projects and examples of their work which are of interest, and take a look at their LinkedIn profile. Doing so will help you feel prepared, and allow you to start building a rapport with the candidate.

Telephone Screen Candidates Prior To A Job Interview

The telephone interview or candidate phone screen allows the employer to determine if the candidate’s qualifications, experience, workplace preferences, and salary needs are congruent with the position and your organization.

The telephone interview saves employee time and eliminates unlikely candidates. While you will want to develop a customized job interview with customized questions for each position, this step helps narrow down your prospects.

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How To Be A Good Interviewer

As an HR, one of your main tasks is conducting interviews and hiring the right candidate for the company. Being on both sides of the table, you might already know that interviews are equally challenging for both parties. An interviewer should be as prepared as an interviewee to get the productive outcome, the right candidate.

Even when there are thousands of articles on the internet to help candidates prepare for interviews, there are merely enough for interviewers. So, we did thorough research and gathered all the necessary information that can help you be a good interviewer.

Before diving deep into the topic, take a look at the benefits of a good interview.

Why should you be a good interviewer?

An interview is a two-way process where two people communicate to know more about each other. In a job interview, you will be representing your company, and the information you give during the interview will be the companys information.

In such interviews, your role is to give the right information about the company and attract suitable candidates. You can do that effortlessly if you can gather all the information that a candidate needs to know.

A prepared interview also helps you to know more about the candidate and their expertise in required skills. It will become an open conversation, and you will understand their opinion on the companys policies. It also helps you in shortlisting the candidates that have more chances of accepting your offer letter.

  • Prepare well

How Would Your Boss Describe You

The 5 Best Interview Questions Candidates Ask During Job ...

This may give you a sense of the candidates relationship with previous managers. Reliable? Prompt? Efficient? Keep in mind, though, who youre asking. The answer will be simply their opinion of what the boss might have said. Thats why its still critical to check references. Request a list of contacts and give former employers a call to hear how their impressions align with the candidates.

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Do Your Background Research

A key element of running an interview properly is doing your homework beforehand. It’s important to thoroughly understand a job candidate’s résumé and to review any supplemental material they provided. You should keep this information in the back of your mind throughout the interview.

“The first step in any interview process is to review a person’s résumé before they come in and to come up with a set of open-ended questions that come to your mind,” Halasnik said. “As the interview moves along, other questions will come to mind.”

Background research should also include verification of any information the candidate has provided about past work experience, as well as calls to any references listed on their résumé. Don’t plan to bring a job candidate in for an interview until you’ve thoroughly investigated their background.

Final Interview Invitation Email

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Emphasize your excitement when sending a final interview invitation email. At this point, candidates have been through several rounds of your interview process, and you need to keep them engaged. They have likely already received additional information regarding your office dress code and location, but include it again anyway.

Pare down the body text of your email by linking out to the pertinent information. These details can live on a hidden page of your website or a Google Doc in View Only mode.

Customize the template below to send the perfect final-round interview invitation email.

Subject Line: : Final-Round Interview Invitation

Hi ,

Thank you for your recent interview regarding the position at . We appreciate your dedication to the process and are pleased to share that you have been selected for a final interview at our office!

We believe you are an excellent candidate for the position and were excited to continue the conversation with you.

The interview will be with and will last no longer than . Below are some proposed time and date options:

To help you plan and prepare for your onsite interview, click here to view additional information about our office and nearby travel options. .

Please reply to this email with your availability. I will then confirm the date and time internally and send you a confirmation email with a calendar invitation.

If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to reach out.


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How To Prepare For The Job Interview

The interview team was selected at your earlier recruiting planning meeting, so the interviewers have had time to prepare. You will want to use the list of qualities, skills, knowledge, and experience you developed for the resume screening process.

Use this list to make sure each interviewer understands their role in the candidate assessment. Review each interviewers questions, too, to make sure the interview questions selected will obtain the needed information.

How To Assess Candidates In A Job Interview

How to Interview a Job Candidate

Are you sure you are assessing your candidates the best way? Learn the best practice tips and tricks for assessing candidates in a job interview. Youll also discover 5 questions that can help you assess the performance, responsibility and ownership the candidate has displayed in the past.

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Anchor Abstract Statements To Concrete Examples

A lot of candidates will make abstract statements about their skill set or experience. If they describe themselves as a “self-starter,” for example, seek to ground that claim in a concrete example. You can do this by directly asking them to offer an example of when they believe they exhibited the qualities of someone they would consider a self-starter.

“When an interviewee states something, rather it be verbally or on their résumé, look for proof to back up what they are telling you, and don’t always rely on one example,” Halasnik said. “So, when someone says something like ‘I am really good at working with people,'” I ask for a specific anchoring example, such as they’ve worked with a very difficult teammate who wouldn’t do the work. Then, I ask what they did about it.

Can You Tell Me About A Time When You Had A Disagreement With A Boss Or Colleague And How You Handled The Situation

This is one of the best questions to ask an interviewee because youll get a sense of their conflict resolution abilities. What tone does the person use when talking about the other people involved? Were they able to handle the situation described appropriately? Did they find common ground? Emotional intelligence is keenly needed in almost every job.

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Consider Your Answers To Common Interview Questions

While you wont be able to predict every question youll be asked in an interview, there are a few common questions you can plan answers for. You might also consider developing an elevator pitch that quickly describes who you are, what you do and what you want.

There are some jobs that may involve a test or evaluation during the interview process. For example, if you are interviewing for a computer programming, development or analytics role, you might also be asked to write or evaluate lines of code. It might be helpful to consult with colleagues in the industry for examples of tests theyve been given to prepare.

You should also prepare to discuss your salary expectations, just in case. If youre unsure about what salary is appropriate to ask for the position youre applying to, visit Indeed’s Salary Calculator to get a free, personalized pay range based on your location, industry and experience.

Here are a few examples of common interview questions:

Why do you want to work here?The best way to prepare for this question is to learn about the products, services, mission, history and culture of the company. In your answer, mention the aspects of the company that appeal to you and align with your career goals.

Example:Id love the opportunity to work with a company thats making a difference. Finding a company with a positive work environment and values that align with my own has remained a priority throughout my job search, and this company ranks at the top of the list.

Have You Applied For Any Other Positions

WORKSHOP: Job Interview with Resume

If the interviewee has been applying for other positions, is a good idea to see what types of positions they have applied for. Are the positions similar to your opening or totally different?

If you speak to a candidate who is applying for many different types of positions in many different fields it may give you an indication that the candidate does not really know what kind of job they want and are just seeing whats out there.

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The Candidate With Autism May Communicate Differently

Be prepared that the person with autism may communicate slightly differently from what you would expect of a neurotypical person.

Its important to reflect carefully upon whether any of these common attributes will actually interfere with their ability to perform the job tasks. Although they might not be neurotypical, in most circumstances they have no impact at all on their ability to succeed at work. Any discrimination or unfair dismissal based upon these attributes is illegal.

Here are some attributes you should be aware of:

  • Dont expect or force them to make eye contact. Inconsistent eye contact may be a way of processing for the candidate.
  • The candidate may wish to hold an object to keep their hands busy during the interview. This might help them concentrate better on the questions. Removing the object may cause unnecessary stress and disadvantage.
  • Many people with autism can be hypersensitive and may wish to refrain from handshakes.
  • The candidate may have an unusual tone of voice or manner of speaking. This could include using an atypical greeting or phrasing sentences in irregular ways.
  • They may struggle to judge how much information is appropriate for the question. It is okay to tell them that they have said enough.

Make Natural Transitions Between Questions

Having a list of interview questions to ask is good practice, but it has an inherent difficulty: it might make the interview seem more robotic and inflexible.

For example, imagine youre listening to a candidates answer. When they finish talking, you may suddenly feel awkward, so you nod and say something akin to OK, interesting and then you move on to the next question. This isnt how a natural conversation would flow, and it might make the experience less pleasant for the candidate .

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How To Interview Job Candidates With Autism

The interview process can be a stressful experience for anyone, but for candidates with autism, it can be particularly challenging.

Traditional recruitment and interview processes often inadvertently create barriers for hiring people with autism. People with autism might have a different method for communicating or processing information, and both can disadvantage their performance in an interview setting.

For autism awareness month were highlighting the simple things you can do to make your workplace more accessible, and this starts in the recruitment stage.

If you want to find the best person for the job, not just the one who interviews the best, there are several adjustments you can make as an employer to give every candidate the best opportunity to demonstrate their strengths and abilities.

Do You Work Best Alone Or On A Team

How to Interview Someone – How to Recruit a Good Job Candidate (4 of 5)

What kind of work will the candidate be performing if theyre selected for the position? This question helps determine if theyre suited to the types of assignments theyll receive. Someone who enjoys solitary work and long stretches of uninterrupted time may not thrive in a position that requires collaboration or multitasking.

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Whats The Most Interesting Project Youve Worked On In A Past Position

Ask this interview question to determine if the applicant would likely enjoy the work available at your company. Do the types of tasks they find fulfilling align with the job description for your position? Making sure employees find their work professionally satisfying is one of the most important factors in retention.

What To Include In Your Interview Invitation Email

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Typically, recruiters opt for the ultra-formal interview invitation email one that simply states that they reviewed the candidates materials and would like to set up an interview. While its important to be clear and concise in interview invitations, its also a great opportunity to create a stand-out candidate experience.

Use the interview invitation email to convey your excitement about the candidate, emphasize your company culture and highlight your employee value proposition. An upcoming interview whether over the phone or in-person can be a source of stress for job seekers, so go above and beyond to make them feel comfortable and confident.

Also, be sure to include all the information they might need to prepare. Doing so will make them feel valued, and theyll see you as an employer that truly cares. At the bare minimum, mention the following details in your interview invitation emails:

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Phone Screen Interview Invitation Email

Image via Shutterstock

After an applicant has applied to an open role, the next step is typically a phone screen interview to assess their qualifications. When you have a loose relationship with the candidate but are reaching out for the first time to invite them to a phone interview, use the following template.

Subject Line:: Phone Interview Availability

Hi ,

Thank you for applying to the position at .

After reviewing your application, we are excited to move forward with the interview process.

We would like to schedule a phone call with , at .

Below are some date and time options:

Please reply directly to this email and let me know if you are available at any of the above times. From there, Ill coordinate with and send you an email with a calendar invitation to confirm the date and time.


Ready To Use Your Interview Questions For Students And Start Hiring

The 10 companies with the most candidate

Just because a candidate has a lengthy resume doesnt always mean theyre the right fit. In fact, the best fit could be a student or recent grad with limited experience. If youre trying to find the right fit for your next position, consider posting your job right here. With Monster you can get access to distribution on a local and global scale, unlimited applicants, pre-written job descriptions, and more. Find out how you can get started with a free job posting today.

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Outline The Process On How You Set Goals

Your best employees are generally driven and goal-oriented. This question will help ensure they have the ability to not only reach goals you would set for them but set their own goals to achieve as well.

The top candidates will be able to explain their goal-setting process in detail, how they set up their goals, break goals into smaller tasks, and measure their success once completing them.

Give The Job Candidate A Chance To Ask Questions

Finally, always offer a job candidate the opportunity to ask any questions they might have about working for your company, whether they want to know about day-to-day expectations, company culture, or compensation. These questions provide two benefits: They help you gauge the candidate’s level of interest in the company, and they demonstrate the candidate’s analytical ability and dedication to preparation.

“Always ask if the candidate has questions for you,” Walker said. “It should give you a gauge of their interest level towards the job, and it addresses any pressing concerns at the moment.”

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Get Support From A Disability Employment Specialist

If all the above seems a little daunting, there are free, disability employment specialists that you can partner with to help you find the perfect staff member. Working directly with a DES provider can help your business set up an interview process that allows candidates with autism to demonstrate their skills and capabilities in a comfortable, accessible setting.

EPIC Assist regularly works with businesses to adjust the interview process so that it helps you discover the best person for the job, not just the best interviewer. We help businesses line up interviews with job-ready employees with autism and other disabilities that are the right fit for the role and then help you break down barriers to hiring a diverse and inclusive team.

If you are ready to make diverse hiring a priority this autism month and need some help finding and onboarding the perfect staff member, contact EPIC Assist today.

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