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What Questions To Ask In An Interview At The End

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What Brought You To This Company/role What Keeps You Here

Questions to ask at the End of an Interview | Career Interview Tips

When a company is truly a great place to work, the person youâre interviewing shouldnât have any trouble answering this question. Their answer âgives you so much insight into the culture, organization and your future leader. This is one that I always recommend candidates ask,â says Jessica DeVilbiss, Talent Acquisition Business Partner focusing on aerospace systems.

As an added bonus, asking questions like this that aim to uncover what the interviewer likes about their job and company can endear you to them.

âI love it when candidates ask me that question because it allows me to speak more personally of my experience,â shares Albrenna Richardson, Talent Acquisition IT Recruiter. âIt gives me the opportunity to describe the many benefits of working for Northrop Grumman and why they should join the organization.â

What Are The Next Steps

Every employer is different, but most jobs usually have a hiring process. Asking this question reiterates your interest in the role and your willingness to proceed. You can also form a more appropriate timeframe of when they will be looking to contact you and provide feedback.

Many hiring managers may appreciate a thank you for your time message via email but dont harass them afterwards. Allow the appropriate time they have mentioned to pass before following up further and focus your time more wisely checking you have up to date references and a portfolio of work to be proud of should this be requested.

What Qualities Do Successful Managers Have At This Company

This is a question to ask if you are applying for a managerial role. You will require knowledge of the core competencies and skills the company expects in a leader if you wish to be a success. For example, if multitasking and interpersonal skills are required, you need to show you have demonstrated these qualities during your career to date.

Most interviewers will name drop at least one of the companys top performing managers if they dont, it could be an indication that the organisation is short on great leaders which suggests promotional opportunities are limited.

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What Questions Should You Ask At The End Of An Internal Interview

Its an exciting time! Youve applied for an internal role at your company and youve just found out that youve been invited to an interview. Youre not too worried because youve worked at the company for a while now and youve got a pretty good grasp on what type of personality the hiring manager has, so it should be a piece of cake, right? Wrong! You might think that youve got this, but internal interviews pose a unique set of challenges in comparison to regular external interviews. So what questions should you ask at the end of an internal interview?


How Does This Departments Culture Differ From My Current Department

Eight Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview

Although you work at the same company, departments can vary wildly. If youre interviewing for the same department youre currently working in, this question might not apply to you, but if not, its definitely an important one.

Some departments can be really loud and full of big personalities. Some can be really quiet and barely speak. Some departments might eat lunch together as a team at the local pub every Friday and some departments might eat at their desk every day.

Whilst these arent deal breaker issues, if youre used to working in a loud team environment, and you then move to a super quiet working environment, it can be a huge culture shock. You want to ensure it will fit with your personality type.

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How Would You Describe The Ideal Candidate

Approach this question with caution.

Although its a great way to see if your answers have ticked all the boxes, build up a good rapport before you ask it. Because if youre not sure your performance was what they were looking for, you might not like their answer.

And no matter what they say, its probably safest to not add anything afterwards especially if its to say how much it sounds like you.

When can I expect to hear from you?

This is the perfect way to end an interview so dont forget it.

Not only does it show that youre keen, its also good for your peace of mind. No-one wants to sit by the phone for a week, waiting for it to ring especially if it turns out its not going to for a minimum of two weeks because they have other interviews to do.

And if you dont hear back even after asking this, heres why they havent called and how you can get feedback.

If You Were To Hire Me What Might I Expect In A Typical Day

This shows your eagerness about the position, Harrison says, and it gives you a better idea of what the job would be like on a daily basis so you can decide whether you want to pursue it.

“A frank conversation about position expectations and responsibilities will ensure not only that this is a job you want, but also one that you have the skills to be successful in,” he says.

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The Best Questions To Ask At The End Of Your Interview

Youre almost through your job interview, and the interviewer asks: Do you have any questions about the role?

When its your turn for questions, what you ask can go a long way to helping you learn about the role and even impress the employer.

Asking insightful, thoughtful questions can help you gain a deeper understanding of the role youre applying for and ensure its a good fit for you.

Director of Robert Half Australia, Nicole Gorton says having questions prepared can be a strategic move that sets you apart from other candidates. It demonstrates your interest in the position and the company, she says. Simply saying no when youre asked if you have questions suggests youre not prepared, havent researched the company or are not interested enough in the role.

Here are some of the best questions to ask in an interview. Choose a range of questions that matter most to you, and ask several of them with confidence.

Is There Anything I Have Said That Makes You Doubt I Would Be A Great Fit For This Position

Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview | Job Interview Tips (from former CEO)

Asking this question at the end of an interview can feel terrifying. After all, you are asking whether there is any reason why the hiring manager wouldn’t want to extend you an offer. However, if you have the courage to ask this, you stand to gain a better sense of the next steps in the hiring process and an opportunity to address any reservations that the hiring manager might have about your candidacy while you still have his or her attention.

Having considered some of the questions that can put you in the best light and close the interview on a high note, here is a short list of questions that you should never ask in an interview.

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Questions To Ask At The End Of An Interview

The interview is about to end, and you are feeling pretty good about how it has been going. You finally begin to relax, but then you hear the question that inevitably comes at the end of every interview: So, do you have any questions for me? Many candidates make the mistake of declining to take advantage of this opportunity, incorrectly thinking that their questions wont have an impact on their success in the interview. However, asking relevant questions can be crucial in distinguishing yourself from other applicants.

Your ability to answer questions correctly is not the only factor that determines your strength as a candidate. Hiring managers also look for enthusiasm in prospective employees. Asking the interviewer relevant questions is one way to demonstrate your interest in that particular school. This final stage of the interview is also a chance for you to prompt the interviewer to share his or her knowledge about the position and school district. Most importantly, this opportunity will help you assess whether or not the position is right for you.

What your questions communicate to your interviewer:

  • Your interest in the position
  • The Information you already have about the role
  • Your desire to know more about the educational goals of the school district
  • Your eagerness to participate in programs outside the classroom, such as extra-curricular activities or the school districts training programs

Can You Tell Me Exactly What I Would Be Expected To Do If I Were Hired For This Position

This question helps to make sure you know exactly what youre going to be doing and what is expected of you. This is a great way to make sure there are no nasty surprises waiting for you when you start. Having your job explicitly laid out for you not only allows you to know what youre signing up to do, but can also help you decide if you are not only willing to do the workbut also able!

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What’s One Of The Most Interesting Projects Or Opportunities That You’ve Worked On

“I like this question because it gets me thinking about my own experiences, and my response changes depending on what I was or am working on and in theory, should always be changing if I’m challenging myself and advancing,” Brown told Business Insider.

Brown says that by asking for a specific example, candidates can get a better picture of what the job entails and how people function in certain roles.

What Sort Of Person Would Be Successful In This Role

Best questions to ask at the end of an interview

In an interview, youâre probably already wondering whether youâre the type of person the company is looking for. Asking this question allows you to know for sure . Plus, it provides you with more information than whatâs in the job description alone.

âIt helps give the candidate some color as to what the team is looking for,â Wallace shares. And again, it gives you the chance to show how youâre the right fit â â also may give them an additional opportunity to showcase how they meet those characteristics that they may not have realized were valuable,â Wallace adds.

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What Are Your Favourite Aspects Of Working Here

Your interviewer is likely to be high up the food chain within the company and his answers will show you what he values most and what led to him being successful. As a result, you will be able to decide if you share similar values and whether you can be a success. If the interviewer struggles to say anything positive, thats a sign for you to look elsewhere for employment!

What Makes You Different From Your Competitors

When I applied for my current job, I asked questions about the companys competitors and how they differentiated themselves. This is a good question to ask because companies want to see that you are diligent enough to do your homework in advance of the meeting and have a genuine interest in the field you are moving into. Casey Hill, blogger at Musings of Entrepreneurship

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How Soon Do You Need Someone To Start

Ask this question to help you determine their interview process timeline. It’s also useful to ask this if you want a heads up on how much time you have to make a job switch as you’ll need to notify your current or previous employer and give them notice. This is especially important to ask if the job requires relocation since you’ll need to make arrangements.

‘is There Anyone Else I Need To Meet With/is There Anyone Else You Would Like Me To Meet With’

Questions To Ask In An Interview! (3 SMART Questions to ASK at the End of a JOB INTERVIEW!)

Hoover said knowing if they want you to meet with potential coworkers or not will give you insight into how much the company values building team synergy. In addition, if the interviewer says you have four more interviews to go, then you’ve gained a better sense of the hiring timeline as well, she said.

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What Is The Biggest Problem Facing Your Staff/company & Will I Be In A Position To Assist

Now you are really getting down to the nitty-gritty this question immediately suggests that you see yourself as a problem solver. Its a great way to show you are thinking about the team and also enables the interviewer to imagine you in the job. If you are applying for a managerial role, there may well be a way for you to solve the problem.

Why Is The Position Available

This may appear to be a very simple question but the answer could give you a fantastic insight into what its like to work for the company. Perhaps the last person was fired or quit this may suggest the job has a high turnover rate which is not a good sign. Maybe the last person was a bad fit it is always a bonus when you follow an employee that performed poorly as you look good in comparison!

Alternatively, the previous occupier of the job may have been promoted which is obviously excellent news as you may be in the same position yourself one day.

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Can You Describe The Working Culture Of The Organisation

Asking this question is a great way to assess the working environment of the company and it gives you the opportunity to discover whether you’ll fit in.

From the recruiters response you’ll learn if and how the organisation prioritises employee happiness, of any benefits on offer and what the work-life balance is like.

What To Ask Your Potential Employer

7 Smart Questions You Should Ask at the End of Every Job ...

You can find a variety of interview questions on career websites, but I caution you one size does not fit all. Questions must be tailored to the employer and industry. Asking the right questions can help you determine whether or not this particular role is right for you.

Keep in mind, its still standard advice not to ask about salary, time off or benefits in the first interview. Nowadays, conducting research beforehand will help you find answers to those types of questions. If you cant find those answers, wait until subsequent interviews or when you have an offer, then you can begin to have those conversations and negotiate if needed. Here are eight questions to ask a potential employer following your interview:

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‘where Do You See Yourself In Five Years’

Becca Brown, the cofounder of the women’s shoe-care company Solemates, interviewed 20 to 30 job candidates a year in her various roles at Goldman Sachs. She previously told Business Insider she wished candidates would have asked her this question.

“I like this question, and yet no one ever asked it because it’s difficult to answer,” she said. “It’s an important question for anyone to be asking him or herself, and so if ever a candidate were to ask this question, it would have stood out.”

She continued: “I think this is a good question for interviewees to ask because as a candidate if you see where the person interviewing you is headed, you can decide if that trajectory is in line with your career objectives. While they don’t have to be completely correlated, it’s helpful for the candidate to have some indication of the interviewer’s direction.”

What Are The Growth Prospects Here

It is one of the most crucial questions to ask at the end of an interview, as its answer can determine your career growth trajectory.

Even though it might be too early to ask what the company has to offer you when you are not even hired, asking this question can help you get a basic idea of what to expect, in case you do get the job.

Furthermore, the recruiters get a clear idea that you are growth-centric and that may increase your chances of getting hired.

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What Are The Performance Expectations For This Position Will That Expectation Change The Longer I Am Doing The Job

This is a two part questionbut knowledge is power and the more you have, the better off you are! You want to make sure you and your employer establish early on what they expect from you performance wise and not just for the immediate future. If this is a job you plan on sticking with for a period of time, make sure early on that you know what they want you to do and if that will change over time.

What Training Is Offered Within The Company 12 How Do You Support People Who Want To Gain Extra Skills

QUESTIONS TO ASK AT THE END OF AN INTERVIEW! (7 GREAT Questions to ASK at the end of Job Interview!)

This question is a great way to reaffirm to your interviewer that you are looking at staying in the company for the long term. Showing willingness to be trained can also help them to see you as flexible and someone willing to pursue the necessary steps towards success both as an individual and as a colleague.

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