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What To Write In A Post Interview Email

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Follow Up Email After Phone Interview

Writing a Post-Interview Thank You Email

Remote companies tend to place more weight on the phone interview than previously and as a result, your phone interview may be the only behavioral interview you have in the hiring process. Therefore, the phone interview follow up email should be more detailed than the initial thank you to a recruiter.

Heres one thank you email example:

Thank you for talking with me earlier today. It was a pleasure to hear about Googles developer team and to learn more about how the position would work. The system youve built to help your developers collaborate remotely sounds like an ideal work environment.The senior developer role sounds rewarding, especially given some of the growth priorities on the roadmap for 2021. My experience as a senior developer at Airbnb, as well as my management experience, make me a good candidate for this position.I look forward to hearing from you about our potential next steps. If there is any additional information you need, please contact me at .

This email is a bit more detailed, referencing specifics from the phone interview and reiterating what makes the candidate the best fit for the role.

Interview Thank You Email Sample

Subject Line: Thank You | Senior Project Manager Interview

Dear Ms. Smith,

I greatly appreciate the time you took to meet with me yesterday afternoon to discuss the Senior Project Manager Position. I enjoyed learning more about the company and especially the details you shared about the collaborative culture, which is something I really value.

I am now even more excited about the position and my fit for the role. In addition to my record of organizing successful project launches under strict deadlines, I also have extensive multimedia production and editing experience.

I also have experience successfully streamlining project processes in my current role and know that skill would be valuable in meeting your goals for making processes more consistent across the team.

Please let me know if there is any additional information you need from me. Thank you again for your time. I hope to hear back from you and have the opportunity to continue our discussion about the role.


Send Your Thank You Note From Your Personal Computer

Use your personal desktop or laptop computer to send this message.

Avoid using your smart phone to write and send this message. It is too easy for unintended changes to be made by the software when auto correction fixes the errors it finds. These kind of changes can make you look inept and unable to use something as simple as email.

If you are employed, DO NOT send this message while you are at work or using your work computer.

If employed and using your employers equipment or network to send your message, your employer may discover the message and your intentions to leave. The result is that you could have a very uncomfortable discussion with your boss about your job search, or you could lose your job.

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Recap Of Your Qualifications

Next, provide a short recap of your experience and background. The interviewer should already be aware of these qualifications after reading your resume and meeting with you, so this section should be brief. Connect your qualifications to the position and its unique requirements to express why you are such a strong candidate for the job. For example, you can write, My social media and search engine marketing expertise would make me an excellent candidate for this marketing role.

Second Interview Invitation Email

FREE 7+ Sample Post Interview Thank You Letter Templates in PDF

When you are ready to invite a candidate to a second interview regardless of its format use the following template. Making it to the next round is a big accomplishment for candidates, so convey your enthusiasm to keep them engaged. Additionally, provide any helpful information upfront so they continue to feel supported and confident ahead of every conversation with your team.

Subject Line: : Invitation for Second Interview

Hi ,

Thank you for taking the time to speak with about the position at .

Were quite impressed by you and are eager to continue the conversation! Wed like to schedule a second interview with you during one of the following time options:

You will be speaking with , , and the interview should last no more than .

Please let me know which time works best for you. I will send a calendar invitation to confirm once we have selected a date and time.


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Thank You After Interview Email Best Practices

Here are some general best practices for writing your interview thank you message:

  • Send the email within a few hours of the interview.
  • Be polite and professional in your language.
  • Highlight things you liked about the job, company, culture, and mission statementMission StatementA mission statement defines what line of business a company is in, and why it exists or what purpose it serves.. (You can use this opportunity to elicit a reply to your email by turning things around by writing, Id be interested to hear what you think are the companys core values.
  • Mention your skills and strengths that best match the job opportunity and what you learned from the interview about what the company is most looking for from the person who is ultimately chosen to fill the position.
  • Dont appear overconfident by sounding as if you just assume that you got the job.
  • Be sure to actually say the words, thank you.
  • Offer to answer any additional or follow-up questions the interviewer may have.

Best Thank You Email Samples After An Interview

Below, youll find four good sample thank-you emails. These can also be sent as a typed or handwritten note if you prefer.

Later in the article, Ill cover the pros and cons of sending this via email versus a handwritten thank you letter/note. So if youre not sure which to send, make sure to read until the end.

For now, just know that you can use these sample thank you emails in both cases.

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Why Is It Important To Write A Thank

Its true that some employers expect a thank-you letter after an interview. Its a gesture that reinforces your interest in the role, while also showcasing good manners. When you write a thank-you note after an interview, you gain yet another opportunity to influence your potential employer’s decision. If you write a thank-you note, you can reiterate your interest in and qualifications for the position.

A handwritten thank-you letter offers a personal touch and has the potential to set you apart from other candidates as many people dont mail letters anymore. However, it can take days for a mailed letter to arrive. The hiring process can move quickly so its recommended to always send a thank-you email, even if you decide to also send a handwritten letter. When you email, you can connect with the hiring team much more quickly and influence their decision before they complete the hiring process. Send your thank-you email no more than 24 hours after the interview.

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Tips For Writing An Effective Thank

How to Write a Thank You Email After the Interview & WOW Them!

To write a subject line that works in the thank-you email you send after an interview, consider the following tips:

  • Be positive: Use an upbeat tone for the subject line that maintains the energy of the interview.
  • Be polite: Make sure to use friendly, respectful language and avoid being sarcastic, humorous, or overly informal even if you have developed a relationship with the hiring agent.
  • Be punctual: Ensure the recruiter receives the subject line in a thank-you email that is sent as soon as possible after your interview.

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Mention A Highlight From The Conversation

Again, you want to keep this short and mostly focused on how grateful you are for their time and consideration. But to really stand out and remind the hiring manager of how wonderful the interview was , and remind them of who you are , briefly mention a highlight from the conversation or something you know they really enjoyed hearing or talking about.

For instance, if their eyes lit up and their ears perked when you talked about your excellent communication skills, touch on that again in your thank-you note. If you bonded over having graduated from the same college, a simple P.S. Go Wildcats! might put a smile on their face.

Simplify Your Subject Line

Keep your email subject line straight and to the point. Resist the urge to get clever or wordy.

Simple, streamlined subject lines work best for the occasion, according to career coach Wendy Saccuzzo. Shesaid winning examples include Following up, Thanks for the conversation and Thanks for the interview.

Appreciated your time yesterday is an example of a subject line Manoske suggests applicants use.

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Long Interview Thank You Email

In the long version, you have more opportunities to explain your skills in detail . This is appropriate after an in-person interview or other meaningful interactions during the hiring process.

Subject line: Thank you for your time

Dear Mr. Jefferson,

Thank you very much for your time yesterdayit was a pleasure speaking with you about the account executive role. From our conversation, its clear that ABC Inc. has the energetic and hardworking environment Im seeking.

I especially enjoyed discussing your need for someone who can create value and insight during client conversations. Its an interesting challenge, and Ive continued reflecting on it since our meeting. Over the last few years, Ive encountered many of the same roadblocks we discussed: tightening client budgets and lengthy decision-making processes. Prioritizing the quality of the conversation over simple information delivery has been one of my most successful tactics in overcoming those roadblocks and one reason Ive routinely exceeded my quotas.

In my relationships with clients, I focus on building trust and boosting credibility, and Im excited about the prospect of bringing that skill set to ABC Inc. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me by email or phone.

Create A Strong Subject Line

FREE 7+ Sample Post Interview Thank You Letter Templates in PDF

While the subject line comes first in the e-mail, it’s advisable to think of a title last. Saving the e-mail title for last allows you to understand the essence of the e-mail and find an appropriate heading. It also gives you time to think of a catchy e-mail title that can quickly attract the reader’s attention. In addition, it’s important that the e-mail title reflects the call to action in the message. You may also include numbers to make the content more attractive and give the impression that the expected response falls within a timeline.

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Compose The Body Of Your Email

Introduce the reason for your email.

The body of a follow-up email should be kept very concise and to the point. Begin with thanking the interviewer for their time, mentioning when the interview took place to remind them.

Example: “Thank you for taking the time to interview me this morning, it was a pleasure speaking with you and learning more about the position.”

Reiterate your interest in the position.

Address specific discussion points and/or details from the interview and reaffirm your interest in the position. Address what in particular makes you the right fit for the job or how your experience and interests align with the requirements or demands of the position.

Example: “I was very interested to learn about . I am very excited about the prospect of .”

Add a closing paragraph.

End with a short paragraph addressing the next steps and asking whether any additional information is required of you . If during the interview a request for additional information was made, you can mention that this has already been sent or provided or that it is enclosed with this email.

Example: “Please advise on the next steps and whether there is anything you need from me in the meantime. I look forward to hearing from you.”

What To Do Right After A Job Interview

Resist the urge to go straight to the pub. Of course, you should celebrate a bit, assuming all went smoothly. However, whether you feel you aced the interview or not, you should immediately look for an opportunity to write down some notes.

I know what youre thinking, I just spent days stressing over this interview, and now you want me to spend more time thinking about!? Yes, thats exactly right. But dont worry, it will be over soon enough.

While you interview its a good idea to take notes on what the recruiter tells you however, its also easy to miss jotting something important down if you are focused on being responsive. So, when you finish an interview, whether you go home straight away or sit down somewhere else, take a moment to reflect on any important information mentioned during the interview, compare this with your notes, and write down anything you may have missed.

The reason behind is that you will capture information that may help you prepare for a second interview or to help you make a decision should you be offered a job. Salary information, job responsibilities, requested references/portfolios/work samples, and even the names of all of your interviewers are good to capture on paper for future reference.

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Casual Interview Invitation Email

If youre a young company that boasts a desirable startup culture, show it off by opting for a more informal interview invitation. Every stage of the interview process is an opportunity to showcase your culture and core values, so dont be shy. Again, your voice and tone should be consistent across every piece of collateral from your career page to recruiting email templates.

For casual, conversational interview invitation emails, use the following template.

Subject Line:: Interview Availability

Hi ,

Thank you for applying to the position at . Weve reviewed your application materials carefully, and were excited to invite you to interview for the role!

Your interview will be conducted and last roughly . Youll be speaking with , our here at .

Please let us know when you are available during the following times:

Thanks again for your interest in joining the team! Were looking forward to speaking with you.


Don’t Listen To Boring And Repetitive Advice Online

How To Write an INTERVIEW FOLLOW UP EMAIL! (The PERFECT Follow Up Email after a JOB interview!)

If you search “Follow up email after interview” in Google, you’ll come across incredibly boring email templates, such as this one:

Dear ,

Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me yesterday. It was such a pleasure to learn more about the team and position, and Im very excited about the opportunity to explore a career with your company.

I look forward to hearing back from you about the next steps, and please let me know if I can provide any additional information.


So, what’s wrong with it?

  • It’s incredibly boring.
  • The same thing could be written to any other interviewer.
  • Fails to mention any personal connection or topic of conversation that occurred during the interview.
  • Conveys a lack of interest in the company.
  • Provides no added value to the interviewer.

If I sent this as my follow-up thank you email, I might as well not have sent one at all. I needed to prove that I deserved the job. That I was the person this team needed.

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When To Send A Thank

If youâre writing a thank-you letter to the interviewer, itâs essential to consider the email timing. For the email to be relevant, you should try to send it while the interview is still fresh in your mind and in the mind of your interviewer. Try to send the email as soon as possible, within 24 hours ideally.

Pro Tip: To make it faster, you can prepare a thank-you email template in advance. Leave blanks in the template that you can personalize after the interview.

Note: If you are communicating with a hiring manager for a job through the Upwork platform, please note that all communication should be through Upwork. Instead of sending an email, users are required to use the Upwork Messages feature, where you can send a thank-you message. Learn more about Upwork Messages.

Best Sample Thank You Emails After An Interview

  • /

If youre looking for how to write a professional thank you email or note after your interview, youve come to the right place.

Im going to share exactly what to do when thanking the employer, based on my experience as a recruiter. And Ill give you plenty of sample thank you emails that you can use for inspiration, too!

Because the truth is: sending a follow-up message to thank the interviewer is a great idea, but if you dont send the right type of message, it can do more harm than good. So what you say matters!

Lets get started

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What Is A Follow

A follow-up e-mail is a message that a company, employer, or employer sends after a prior communication to request an action from the receiver. When you send a follow-up message, you remind them of the previous e-mail while gaining additional information from the recipient. It’s important that you identify the purpose of the e-mail and employ a call to action so that the recipient understands the intention of your message and knows what to do.

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Sample Thank You Email Template #1

Thank You After Interview Email


I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me today about the job opportunity. I enjoyed learning about the role and where you see the company headed in the new few years.

I feel confident my experience with and will translate into similar success as your new

I can see by the types of projects you are working on that is an exciting place to work. I am highly interested in joining your team and contributing to its future successes.

If you have any more questions or need additional information from me please dont hesitate to reach out. I look forward to hearing back from you about the next steps.

Again thank you for your time.


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