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Why Morgan Stanley Interview Question

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You Are Encouraged To Use Your Creativity To Tackle Complex Problems

Morgan Stanley Interview Experience | Backend/Software Developer – SQL Interview Question Answers

If you are someone who enjoys stretching yourself professionally, who is excited to take on new and complex challenges every day, youll find a way to build a gratifying career at Morgan Stanley. Take Sebastian, a quant analyst who is profiled in the videos I mentioned above. Sebastian told us, I dont feel like Ive stopped learning here at Morgan Stanley. Once Ive mastered a concept, theres always something else I can become good at. Together, we work across business units to find solutions to whatever problems we face. One example: our recently launched Plastic Waste Resolution, a firm-wide commitment to combat the ever-growing plastic waste problem that exists today. Employees across Research, Corporate Services, Investment Management, Human Resources and our Sustainable Investing Institute are all working towards our goal of achieving carbon neutrality for global operations by 2022.

Do You Have Experience Preparing And Delivering Presentations

    What You Need to Know

    Most people experience anxiety when it comes to public speaking. The interviewer wants to know your experience in this regard and how you’ve accustomed yourself to stepping outside of your comfort zone. Doing so will display leadership potential.

    Written by Kevin Downey on June 20th, 2022

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What Happens In A Morgan Stanley Hirevue Interview

In a HireVue interview, youll record yourself answering questions.

Those questions might be shown to you as a couple of lines of text or they might be displayed as a pre-recorded video by someone at Morgan Stanley asking you that question.

Then, youll get around 30 seconds to prepare your answer and around two minutes to answer.

The number of questions varies, so be ready to answer anything from 2 to 5 questions.

You can answer on your cell phone, laptop, or desktop computer as long as it has a camera.

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Walk Me Through Your Resume

Many interviewers will use a question like this, or tell me about yourself in order to break the ice and start off your interview. That makes this a particularly crucial question, as it establishes the interviewers first impression and sets the stage for the rest of the interview.

Youll want to know your resume inside and out and be prepared to answer follow-up questions on each of the experiences you included. Anything you have put on your resume is fair game for the interviewer to ask about.

Sample answer: I started getting interested in finance at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where I majored in math and economics. I was really drawn in by the rigidity and rules of mathematics, combined with the creativity of financial strategy.

I got to do a summer analyst internship in leveraged finance at LP Freeman while I was a student, and then they brought me back to work full-time after graduation. During my first two years there, I worked primarily with international clients, structuring and syndicating their debt to fund refinancings, M& A initiatives, and so on.

I found that I felt the most challenged and invigorated when I was helping clients fund M& A deals, so in my final year I asked to be transferred to the IB Mergers and Acquisitions team. The first deal that I worked on with the team was a nearly $1 billion acquisition, and I was responsible for creating the financial models that determined the valuation of the company our client acquired.

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Morgan Stanley Internship Interview Questions

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What Is Your Experience In Excel And Financial Modeling

I have been using Excel for over 10 years, and it has been a valuable tool in my work as a financial analyst. I have used it to build models to forecast financial results and to track and analyze data. I have also created macros to automate repetitive tasks. Excel is a powerful tool, and I am always looking for ways to leverage its capabilities to improve my work. I am confident in my ability to use Excel to support my work in financial analysis and modeling.

Morgan Stanley Internship Interview

A Morgan Stanley internship interview will vary based on the division to which you are applying. First, you will likely go through an initial screening type interview with someone from Human Resources. From there, a more typical fit interview will take place, with some standard behavioral interview questions being asked. However, a more technical interview often follows the screen, where you are asked questions about the market, analytical approaches, or specific tools and techniques relative to the role.

Questions such as What are the advantages of Object Oriented Programming? or What is quantitative easing and how does it affect the markets? may be asked. To land a Morgan Stanley internship, youll need to know your stuff, but what exactly that stuff is will depend on the role. If you land a Morgan Stanley internship video interview, treat it like an in-person interview. Be on-time and dress to impress.

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Financial Advisors With Morgan Stanley Who Are Active In Their Community See A Higher Rate Of Success Tell Me About An Organization Or Group Outside Of Work With Which You Are Involved

    What You Need to Know

    As Morgan Stanley advertises on their website, ‘At Morgan Stanley, giving back represents an integral part of our culture. And while supporting the communities in which we live and work is a priority year-round, during Global Volunteer Month, the firm kicks up its efforts, bringing employees together to strengthen the impact that we can make with nonprofits around the globe.’ They ask this question in the interview to gauge your volunteerism and to see to what degree you already embrace similar values as theirs.

    Written by Kevin Downey on June 20th, 2022

    1st Answer Example

    “I recently began sitting on the business commerce board for our city. We raise funds for local schools and other needs for the community while providing helpful resources to local business owners. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience and plan to dedicate myself more often to giving back to others.”

    Written by Rachelle Enns on June 20th, 2022

    2nd Answer Example

    “Aside from being a Financial Advisor, I am also the parent of three young children. Their schools and sports groups are often running community fundraising events. This year, I volunteered to be a school committee treasurer. It doesn’t take much of my time, but it feels great to be an active parent helper.”

    Written by Rachelle Enns on June 20th, 2022

Morgan Stanley History & Culture

How to Ace the Interview | Morgan Stanley

Knowing the history and culture of Morgan Stanley is important as you navigate the interview process. Morgan Stanley interview questions may take you in many different directions, but keeping in mind what the firm is all about can help you deliver better answers.Morgan Stanley was founded in 1935 as one of the earliest investment banks on Wall Street. It handled $1.1B in public offerings and private placements that year, representing a 25% market share. The firm great steadily over time, reorganizing as a partnership in 1941 to enable its rapidly expanding business activities. It joined the New York Stock Exchange in 1942. The firm co-managed the World Banks $50M bond offering to help reconstruction efforts in Europe after World War 2.

In the 1970s, Morgan Stanley grew dramatically and was the first international investment bank to open an office in Tokyo. In this era, it also launched the departments that continue to this day: Sales & Trading, Research, Investment Management, Realty, and Private Wealth Management. The bank went public in 1986 and in 1997, merged with Dean Witter to create the largest securities firm of the time.

Giving back to the community is also a clear part of Morgan Stanleys history. Examples include:

  • The banks involvement in the U.S. Committee for the Care of European Children in 1940
  • The launch of the Morgan Stanley Foundation in 1961
  • Investing $60 million to build the Morgan Stanley Childrens Hospital at New York-Presbyterian Hospital

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As A Financial Advisor Your Compensation Is Tied Directly To Your Productivity How Do You Feel About Working In A Highly Commissioned Role

    What You Need to Know

    Thoroughly research the position and pay structure before the interview. Avoid asking any clarifying questions that you should already know the answer to. If you have experience working in a commission-based environment, attest to your ability to perform in this regard. If you don’t have experience with this pay structure, say so while detailing the applicable skills you employ, which you believe would be transferable to this pay structure.

    Written by Kevin Downey on June 20th, 2022

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What Do You Believe Is The Biggest Challenge Facing The Wealth Management Industry Today

    What You Need to Know

    This is another opportunity to talk shop with your interviewer. Try to connect with them on relatable points, keeping your tone optimistic and enthusiastic. Speak with confidence on your up-to-date, relevant take on this aspect of the business, and share your thoughts to speak to your experience level. The aim here is to exude an overwhelming competence and above-average skill level.

    Written by Kevin Downey on June 20th, 2022

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How To Prepare For Morgan Stanleys Hirevue Interview

Start with what you can control.

Start your interview in a place that is quiet away from kids, pets, lawnmowers, etc. Not only will the person viewing your video have a hard time understanding you, loud noises right when you are about to answer a question might sap your confidence.

Even though you might be at home, dress as if you were at an in-person interview. People viewing your answers appreciate the professionalism of someone that took the time to think about this issue and record using appropriate clothing.

Lighting is absolutely key. If you record in an environment with low light, youll come across as a blurry, barely recognizable mess on video which does not help your chances of getting hired. Open your curtains to let in lots of natural light or turn on lights to brighten up the environment. When it comes to lighting, more is always better as long as the lights arent pointed at your camera!

What Are Your Strengths

Join Stanford Consulting

I am great at communicating with others and I have a lot of patience. I am also very good at customer service. I am also a great problem solver and I am very organized. I have a lot of experience dealing with customers and I know how to handle difficult situations. Being a great problem solver, I am very organized and I always have a plan. I am also good at time management. I know how to prioritize and I am always on time. I am a great asset to any team.

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Tech / Quantitative Questions From Morgan Stanley Interviews

Explain a design pattern.

What is the smallest path in a m*n matrix from top left to bottom right?

What are the responsibilities of the Operating system?

What is dependency injection in angular? What are the benefits?

What is the Monty Hall problem? Explain how you would solve it.

How do you create a service now dashboard?

What is your preferred database?

Write a function that converts a string to an integer.

Tell us why you are interested in Morgan Stanley Technology and what unique perspective you can bring to the program?

Tell us about a tech trend that will be important in the next year.

How would you place locks to be threadsafe?

Write a chess player program.

What are the data structures in R?

How would you debug code?

How do you implement a hit counter that increments every time some accesses a page?

Given a file with multiple records, write a program to read, process and aggregate the records.

What is object-orientated programming?

Given a list of strings group all the anagrams together and return it.

Given 2 arrays, find common numbers in them and return in the form of an arrayList.

Start from a blank edit and write a function hat given a depth, calculates how many direct friends someone has. If depth is 2 – you have to return the direct friends of the person plus the direct friends of all of his direct friends. You don’t have to run it, so don’t worry about implementing anything outside of what you use.

What is CLR?

What are SOLID principles?

Would You Cold Call For A Year If It Meant You Had A Steady Client List Afterward

    What You Need to Know

    The main goal is to exude your willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. A can-do attitude without reservations could speak to your work ethic and overall worldview. Your willingness to take the good with the bad and not just favor one task over another will set you up as a more desirable candidate.

    Written by Kevin Downey on June 20th, 2022

    1st Answer Example

    “I am more than willing to put time and sweat equity into building my book of business via cold calling. My years of experience in client development within wealth management give me a good amount of latitude however, I will never stop trying. I am fully prepared to roll up my sleeves and make as many cold calls as needed to maximize my success.”

    Written by Rachelle Enns on June 20th, 2022

    2nd Answer Example

    “I thoroughly enjoy meeting and connecting with people, and I love the idea of getting them to say yes, even when they were initially inclined to say no! I cannot expect success to be handed to me overnight. I’d be willing to cold call for a year to catapult my career. Upfront investment in the long-term health of my job is an approach that I can get behind.”

    Written by Rachelle Enns on June 20th, 2022

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Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years

In five years, I see myself continuing to work hard and push myself to reach new goals. I want to be a leader in my field and continue to grow my knowledge so that I can be the best at what I do. I also see myself maintaining a good work/life balance so that I can enjoy my free time and hobbies outside of work.

Morgan Stanley Hirevue Question #1

[2021] Pass Morgan Stanley’s Interview | Morgan Stanley Video Interview

HireVue Question: What recent transaction interests you and why?

Lumovest Analysis: This is a very common Morgan Stanley HireVue question. It is specific for candidates applying to Morgan Stanleys Investment Banking Division. While it may also appear for candidates applying to other roles, it is particularly common for the Investment Banking HireVue. Morgan Stanley has asked this question for several years. Therefore, we highly recommend all investment banking candidates to prepare for this question in advance. First, you should pick a transaction that occurred within the last 6 months. Second, you should pick a recent transaction that Morgan Stanley worked on. You should not pick a transaction that MS was not involved with. And third, you should be able to explain that transaction clearly and succinctly.

Sample Answer

A recent transaction that interests me is Elon Musks $44 billion acquisition of Twitter in an all-cash transaction. On this transaction, Morgan Stanley served as the lead M& A advisor to Elon Musk. Elon Musk, the founder of PayPal, Space X, Boring Company and Tesla, first announced in early April 2022 that he had purchased 9% of Twitters outstanding shares. Subsequently, he made an offer to purchase the entire Twitter for $54.20 per share. This is about a 38% premium to Twitters undisturbed stock price prior to Elon Musk announcing his 9% stake.

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Do You Have Your Certified Financial Planner Designation If Not Is This Something You Would Like To Achieve

    What You Need to Know

    Whether you are a certified CFP or possess other industry certifications, this is a great opportunity to discuss what you earned or any plans to pursue additional certifications or educational opportunities. Whatever your answer is, you should emphasize a desire for continual career growth.

    Written by Kevin Downey on June 20th, 2022

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Which Factors Do You Believe Most Impact The Growth Of The Wealth Management Industry

    What You Need to Know

    Your answer should enlighten the interviewer on how current and up-to-date you are informed of the most recent developments in your industry. Share any recent newsworthy developments you’ve read about and how you feel they will impact your work and industry. By ‘geeking’ out on this question, you’ll potentially be able to connect with your interviewer in a meaningful way, making your interview more memorable for them when reviewing which candidates rise to the top.

    Written by Kevin Downey on June 20th, 2022

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Morgan Stanleys Hirevue Interview Specifics

The questions asked will be mostly behavioral ones, so make sure you are brushed up on how to answer those. The best way to answer them is via the STAR method if you arent familiar with how to ace every question using that method, check out the video below.

You also want to be aware of Morgan Stanleys corporate values. You want to answer the behavioral questions on HireVue through the lens of those values. This will make the hiring managers life very easy as they are looking for those values in every person they evaluate.

You can find Morgan Stanleys corporate values on its website. Also take a look at their website to familiarize yourself with Morgan Stanleys history and corporate goals, because knowledge of those can be extremely helpful in an interview.

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