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Behavioral Interview Questions And Answers For Qa Tester

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Tell Me About A Time You Needed Information From Someone Who Wasn’t Responsive How Did You Handle It

Software Testing Mock Interview – Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers

If the hiring manager asks you this question during an interview, try to highlight your communication skills and your ability to handle challenges with your coworkers. The hiring manager may want to see your level of understanding toward your colleague’s perspective in the situation, so emphasize your ability to be considerate of others while obtaining the information you need.

Example:”I was in a situation at my previous job where I was organizing a plan of action for my team, and the deadline was rapidly approaching. My manager expressed that she was busy with several projects at the time and couldn’t respond to my emails until two to three days later. Rather than getting frustrated, I asked my team members for input, and we created a fully formed plan that we then presented to my manager, who approved it immediately.”

This Is A Repetitive Job What Would Motivate You To Do It Well Every Day

You can talk about a good collective of people, about a sense of responsibility, or about anything else that motivates you in jobincluding a hefty paycheck youll get every month, and the things you want to buy for the money, for you or for your family.

Alternatively you can say that in your opinion, the job isnt repetitive. Sure, you will look at the same processes and things over and over, but some details will always change and you will always try to improve something.

When Should You Stop The Testing Process

The testing activity ends when the testing team completes the following milestones.

Test case execution

The successful completion of a full test cycle after the final bug fix marks the end of the testing phase.

Testing deadline

The end date of the validation stage also declares the closure of the validation if no critical or high-priority defects remain in the system.

Code Coverage ratio

It is the amount of code concealed via automated tests. If the team achieves the intended level of code coverage ratio, then it can choose to end the validation.

Mean Time Between Failure rateMean time between failure refers to the average amount of time that a device or product functions before failing. This unit of measurement includes only operational time between failures and does not include repair times, assuming the item is repaired and begins functioning again. MTBF figures are often used to project how likely a single unit is to fail within a certain period of time

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Why Selenium Is A Preferred Tool For Automation Testing

Selenium is an open source tool which is used for automating the tests carried out on web browsers. Since Selenium is open-source, there is no licensing cost involved, which is a major advantage over other testing tools. Other reasons behind Seleniums ever-growing popularity are:

  • Test scripts can be written in any of these programming languages: Java, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby, Perl & .Net
  • Tests can be carried out in any of these OS: Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Tests can be carried out using any browser: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera
  • It can be integrated with tools such as TestNG & for managing test cases and generating reports
  • It can be integrated with Maven, Jenkins & Docker to achieve Continuous Testing

Can You Explain The Various Tasks Of A Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Every company will have minor differences in the tasks they expect from their QA engineers. However, being able to list at least a few of the possible quality assurance tasks and duties you might have, can show the interviewer that you understand the job. Studying the job description can help you relate the listed tasks to your answer.

Example: “Based on the job description, I understand the major tasks include configuring and integrating the software as well as testing the programs. Some other tasks might include software design, source code writing and change management.”

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Which Test Cases Are Written First: White Boxes Or Black Boxes

Usually, black box test cases are written first and white box test cases later. To write black box test cases we need the requirement document and, design or project plan. These documents are easily available at the initial start of the project. White box test cases cannot be started in the initial phase of the project because they need more architecture clarity which is not available at the start of the project. So normally white box test cases are written after black box test cases are written.

What Is Static Testing When Does It Start And What Does It Cover

Static testing is a white-box testing technique that directs developers to verify their code with the help of a checklist to find errors in it. Developers can start the static testing without actually finalizing the application or program. Static testing is more cost-effective than dynamic testing as it more areas than dynamic testing in a shorter time.

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Why Eq Or Emotional Intelligence Is Related To A Persons Thinking Or Working Ability

All information to the brain propagates through our senses, and when this information is stressful or emotional, our instinct take over and we lose the ability to act or react. Also, our memory is strongly linked to emotion. By staying connected to the emotional part of the brain, persons thinking capability and decision-making ability enhances. This is why EQ is related to the persons thinking or working ability

Describe A Time When You Had To Motivate Coworkers

Top 25 QA Behavioural Interview Questions & Answers | Rahul Shetty

This question is likely to come up in an interview for a leadership position, such as a supervisor, manager, shift leader or project manager. Use this question to demonstrate leadership skills related to motivation and your strategies to promote productivity and success on a team.

Example: We went through a merger at Yan, Inc. last year that lowered morale for some teams. Our group had new management that gave us responsibilities with which we had little experience. I noticed a dip in our overall productivity and felt I had to do something to improve our perspective on the situation.

So I called a meeting and encouraged the team to embrace the learning opportunities and see this as career development. We went around the room and listed one positive thing that came from this experience individually. The mood lifted after that, and the positive energy translated into better productivity and engagement.

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Hypothetical Qa Job Interview Questions

Another aspect of interviews will always be what if or hypothetical questions. These types of queries will always have you draw upon that knowledge base you have to answer the question in a way the interviewer finds satisfactory.

In a sense, that means that there is no right or wrong answer, but thats not entirely true. The wrong answer is the one that fails to showcase a candidates expertise. Prepare ahead of time by asking yourself questions like these:

  • Using what criteria do you select testing tools?
  • How do you approach projects you have doubts about?
  • How would you ensure that your team does not overlook details in the QA process?
  • How do you know a test was executed correctly?
  • What do you do if you discover your team is performing a test on a product even after finding a defect?
  • How would you create and sustain quality control?
  • How does one reduce the number of faults in a project?
  • How do you measure the success and coverage of your tests?
  • If a client found a sizable defect in a status report, how would you resolve the issue to stop it from occurring again?
  • If you joined our company, what three things would you do first?

Lets look at some example answers for a few of these questions.

Behavioral Interview Questions For Software Engineers

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

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When interviewing for a job as a software engineer, you may answer both technical and behavioral questions so that the employer can gain a better understanding of your capabilities. However, behavioral interview questions allow the hiring manager to learn more about how you would perform in a variety of workplace scenarios and situations. Preparing for behavioral interview questions may help you answer these questions more confidently, which can help a hiring manager better assess your skills. In this article, we list 10 common software engineer behavioral interview questions with sample answers for you to review.

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Top 50 Qa Interview Questions

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

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Software quality assurance engineers monitor and assure the quality of software engineering methods and processes. While a QA position covers a lot of information, there are common questions that interviewers might ask to find out how much you understand about the field Knowing the questions you could be asked about a QA position can help you prepare your answers.

In this article, we list 50 common QA interview questions about software quality assurance and provide examples of how to respond.

What Is Adhoc Testing

Tell Me About Yourself. The Right Answer.

Adhoc testing is an informal way of testing the software. It does not follow the formal process like requirement documents, test plan, test cases, etc.

Characteristics of adhoc testing are:

  • Adhoc testing is performed after the completion of formal testing on an application.
  • The main aim of adhoc testing is to break the application without following any process.
  • The testers who are executing the adhoc testing should have a deep knowledge of a product.

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Behavioural Interview Questions You Must Know

If youâre looking for the ultimate list of behavioural interview questions then youâve come to the right place!

A recent study shows that tech startups contributed to the creation of nearly 1.6 million jobs in Australia between 2003 and 2014. Clearly, the stats highlight the importance of tech startups and small businesses towards contributing to the net economic development of Australia.

Whether youâre looking to land a job with a big player or hoping to make a difference with a newer startup, youâre in demand.

The only thing standing between you and your dream job is the interview process. Tech startups usually split the interview process into different stages, which includes a phone interview as the first step, a behavioural interview as a second step, followed by more technical & group assessments . This article will focus entirely on the behavioural interviews, and what you need to do to ace them!

Weâll tackle 40 of the most common behavioural interview questions, but first letâs take a look at why companies ask them.

A Qa Testing Interview Questions And Answers For Intermediates

1). How can you differentiate the three related terms quality assurance, quality control, and the testing?

Ans:- Quality assurance is the process of defining quality standards for the project. Quality control is the process to find the defects and suggest necessary improvements for the same. Testing is the process of finding the defects and reporting the bugs to the developers.

2). What is the right time to start with QA activities?

Ans:- Well, QA activities should start from the beginning of a project. The early QA activities generally help to control the overall project costs and sets quality standards for the project. The costs, time management, and efforts are very difficult to manage once QA activities are delayed.

3). Give a quick review of the software testing life cycle?

Ans:- This is a step-by-step testing process that should be executed in a defined order to make sure that the testing goals are achieved. There are multiple types of software testing life cycle models that can be used based on your project needs and requirements.

4). How are test pan and test strategies both different from each other?

Ans:- Test strategy is usually defined as the project manager, where the complete approach to testing is given in detail. At the same time, the test plan will demonstrate the testing process for a particular application or module under a project.

5). What are the steps involved when writing a test case?

6). How will you check whether a test case is good or bad?


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Which Technique Should Be Considered In The Script If There Is Neither Frame Id Nor Frame Name

If frame name and frame id is not available, then we can use frame by index. For example, there are 3 frames in a web page and if none of them have a frame name and frame id, then we can still select those frames by using frame index attribute. All the frame will have an index number like the first frame would be at index 0, the second at index 1 and the third at index 2.


Free: Behavioral Interview Questions Pdf Checklist

Software QA Analyst & Tester – Interview Questions

Ok the next thing you should do is download our handy “Behavioral Interview Questions ChecklistPDF“.

In it you’ll get 25 common behavioral questions along with tips on how to answer them and the traps you need to avoid….

All in a beautifully designed pdf Jeff spent hours working on. —- He made me put that in

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List Of Qa Interview Questions And Answers

My goal with this article is to help prepare you for the kind of QA interview questions you’ll be asked whether it’s about automation, your testing process, or your personality.

Often, the interviewer will be interested in two things: your abilities as a QA engineer and your approach to testing.

Some QA interview questions will be open ended or seem vague. This is because the interviewer wants to listen to your approach. They’re trying to get a sense of the kind of worker you are, and, more importantly, if you’re the kind of worker that will fit in with their testing team.

Without further ado, here’s a list of common QA interview questions and answers for you to get an idea for your responses. Good luck!

Can You Describe Your Ability To Work In A Team

Quality assurance is a team effort, and an excellent candidate must know how to work well with others. The goal of this question is to find out whether a candidate is a team player. It also helps you decide which QA team they’re most suited to based on their strengths and interpersonal skills. What to look for in an answer:

  • Interest in collaborating with others to achieve quality standards
  • Ability to work independently and as a team
  • Interpersonal skills to build relationships with team members and foster healthy working relationships


“I’m a great team player who sees each QA task as an opportunity to learn and share my ideas. I’d be happy to work with both experienced and entry-level QA professionals in your organization. I’m a strong communicator and enjoy working with others towards a shared goal.”

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Do You Prefer To Use Your Qa Skills At The Beginning Middle Or End Of A Process

This question reveals when a candidate would prefer to focus their QA skills. If catching mistakes early is crucial to you, look for candidates who focus their skills at the start of a process. Otherwise, consider candidates who prefer to spot errors at the middle or end. What to look for in an answer:

  • Experience and preferred working style
  • Ability to adapt to your work culture and processes
  • Understanding of the QA process


“I prefer to use my QA skills at the end of the process. In my experience, this enables me to detect quality issues before it reaches customers or a supervisor goes through my work. However, I could also adapt and review my work at the beginning of or midway through a process as well.”

C Qa Testing Interview Questions And Answers For Experienced

Software Engineer Behavioral Interview Questions And Answers

71). Why have you chosen QA for your career?

Ans:- I wanted to connect my career with development, so I decided to start with QA first. It can be a platform to become a successful developer with the right skills and knowledge.

72). Why do you like the QA job?

Ans:- It makes you a highly knowledgeable resource with depth knowledge of the product and helps in identifying and resolving the most potential errors to achieve maximum client satisfaction.

73). According to your resume, you have worked for multiple industries in a short time span. Can you explain why?

Ans:- Well, I am not concerned about workplaces because I worked on projects. In my previous work, I was a consultant and more focused on project work.

74). What have you done in your last project?

Ans:- Answers for this question vary from person to person. You just have to brief your experience for the last project and how you become successful in fixing malfunctioning issues.

75). Do You love to work in a group or alone?

Ans:- Mostly, I like to work in a team where each member supports others, and there are always more options to learn something new.

76). How are you dealing with your team members?

Ans:- Everyone has different hobbies, lifestyles, and their area of expertise is also different. Based on my experience, I believe in establishing a nice relationship with team members during short tea breaks.

77). How was your experience with Managers in your previous Companies?

80). What are your career goals?

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