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Cdl Truck Driver Interview Questions

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Describe Briefly About Your Experience

Truck Driver Interview Questions & Answers

The employer asks this question to find out whether your past experiences match the needs of the company. Having the job posting in mind, summarize your work history.

Sample Answer

I have been a truck driver for 4 years now. The journey has been rewarding and encouraging. Over these years, I have gained a lot of skills in Loading and unloading cargo Recording cargo deliveries refueling and cleaning vehicles inspecting trucks and recording issues reporting road incidents to the dispatcher planning routes using GPS systems, keeping an activities log, and log hours ensuring that the commercial driver license is up to date. Given a chance, therefore, I will use my experience and skills to make a success in this role.

As A Truck Driver You Will Share The Road With Other Drivers Who Do Not Drive Professionally How Will You React To Other Drivers Being Careless On The Road

The interviewer asks this question to figure out how you would behave in a typical situation such as the above. In your response, demonstrates that safety is a big part of a truck driver.

Sample Answer

When Im on the road, safety is my biggest priority. Even though it can be stressful to witness other drivers being careless on the road, I stay calm and focused on being safe myself. I avoid careless motorists as much as possible to lessen the chances of an accident happening. I always try to look out for other professional drivers to make sure theyre safe too.

Types Of Questions To Ask

The kinds of questions that you will want to ask in your interview depend greatly on what your situation is, and what the position is that you are applying for. However, there are a few main things that you may want to consider, and some common questions that may help you to get the information that you need. So if you are curious what you should ask a truck driver recruiter or interviewer, here are some sample questions:

  • What is the expected pay, and is it hourly or per mile?
  • What sort of benefits package is available?
  • What sort of equipment will I be using?
  • What is the companys fuel policy?
  • What opportunities are available for growth or job changes in the future?
  • Are alternate routes available? Will there be others available in the future?
  • What are your main routes and regions?
  • Do you use an electronic logging system?

Basically, you want to use this time to make sure that you know exactly what kind of position you will be filling, and what kind of company you will be working for. Questions should be ones that help you to understand this.

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What Are Some Credentials You Have That Qualify You As A Commercial Truck Driver

This question can be useful in learning the potential hires qualifications. Ideally, the candidate will have completed vital training courses prior to taking their exam and could have certain certifications. You want an applicant who maintains a valid commercial drivers license and renews certifications as directed by the law or certain regulations. What to look for in an answer:

  • Meets at least entry-level qualifications
  • Experience with operating different types of commercial vehicles
  • Completed defensive driving courses


I have a commercial drivers license and seven years of experience driving for a trucking company and delivery services. Ive also completed defensive driving courses and have a safe driving record.

Talk About Your Experience

The Quick Guide to Behavioral Interviewing

Your interviewer may want clarification on certain parts of your job history and work experience, so there will likely be some questions around this topic. This question may focus on a particular item on your resume, or it may be a more general question. Answer as accurately as you can, and if you cannot remember a specific detail, do not be afraid to say so.

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Types Of Questions To Expect

Every company is different, and every recruiter or interviewer will have a different approach to a truck driver interview. Factors that may affect the process may include: whether you are interviewing with a retailer trucking company, the nature of the trucking job, how many applicants there are, the time since the job was posted, and more. However, there are still some common topics that you can expect both in truck driving interviews and job interviews in general. Here are some types of questions to prepare for.

Work And Educational Experience

Your future employer will want to understand how your previous employment and education have qualified you for the job. This might involve the following questions:

  • What were the most valuable lessons you learned in trucking school?
  • What skills and values from your non-trucking jobs will help you as a truck driver?
  • If you have prior experience in truck driving, what was it, and how has that experience prepared you for this job?

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Questions To Ask A Trucking Company

During your interview session you should be given an opportunity to ask questions of the trucking company that you could potentially be driving for.

Earning your CDL is no easy task and you should make sure the trucking company that you decide to work for meets your needs.

These are good questions to ask a trucking company before you get hired. We dont suggest you ask all the questions below but you should pick several that are the most important to you. After all, this is your career and you should pick the best driving company for you.

1. What is your home time policy?2. What can I expect my first year earnings to be?3. What will I be driving? What is the condition of the equipment?4. Is there a vacation policy? What is it?5. What are the main hubs?6. What medical and dental plans are offered?7. Is there assigned trucks or slip seating if local?8. What speed are the trucks governed at?9. Clarify the difference between paid and unpaid miles.10. How are miles calculated?11. What is the average length of load?12. How many terminals does the company have? Where are they at?13. How many employees does the company have?

Have You Ever Had An Accident Any Other Problems On The Road

Question and answer for truck drivers with Schneider Driver Recruiters

When you drive a truck seven days a week, its not a question of if, but when you will have an accident , or experience some other problems on the road. Keep in mind that background checks are very common in this profession, and it makes no sense to tell lies in this interview. In a case that you had an accident, they will eventually find it out.

Everyone makes mistakes, and employers are aware of it. For most companies it is not a problem if you caused an accident in the past. But it is a problem if you try to conceal it, or cant admit making a mistake .

Be honest. Explain what happened, and say that you learned your lesson. Ensure the interviewers that you wont make the same mistake in the future.

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Where Do You See Yourself 5 Years From Now

Still driving? Thats all the employer wants to know. Are you looking to make a career out of this position? How do you hope to grow as a truck driver? Think about this one for awhile so that you can give an honest and reflective response. We also have a helpful post on this very question. Check out How to Answer Where Would You Like to Be in 5 Years?

Kindly Explain How You Plan And Organize Your Route

Having in mind that long-haul drives can span days, the interviewer may ask you this question to assess your organizational skills. In your response, showcase that you possess good planning skills and that you can maintain focus to stay safe.

Sample Answer

Every single time I am heading off on a route, I have to take a look at a detailed map even if I have done it before. I believe that having one last look keeps the information fresh in mind before one can begin the journey on the road. In addition, I also pick out stop points every 5 hours to stretch, use the bathroom and drink some water. This helps me to save time which I would have spent in searching for a place at the last minute.

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What Is One Of Your Greatest Strengths

The employer asks this question to establish how well you are matched to the core values of the company as well as what you can bring to the company. While responding to this question, portrays confidence in your key strengths which should relate to the role at hand.

Sample Answer

Besides possessing a clean driving record, I am a self-driven individual who can work long shifts efficiently without any issues. I always look to better myself every day. I also have a great passion for being on the road. This is my motivation and my strength. I am very flexible and can adapt to any unplanned or planned situation including driving any type of vehicle. For instance, recently the dispatcher canceled the order after discovering that he had provided us with the wrong details. Immediately after I was informed about that change, I quickly re-planned all my routes because the wrong details affected the entire schedule. Even though I managed to meet all my deadlines on time since I always leave a buffer for unexpected circumstances.

What Major Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role How Did You Manage Them

Sample Interview Questions For Company Drivers

Here, the employer wants to know how effective you are at handling challenges. As you respond to this question, demonstrate your ability to solve a problem respectfully and maturely.

Sample answer

When I was new in this industry, driving for long-distance and long hours was quite a challenge. I hardly had time for my family since most of the time, I was on the road delivering goods to customers. However, I leveraged my time management skills, organizational skills, and ability to work under pressure to overcome this challenge.

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    How Much Do You Pay

    Check out for current driver pay scales. Demand is strong, so don’t let a firm shortchange you. Anderson recommends evaluating the pay offered in terms of cents per mile.

    But do so with caution, says Mitch Bookbinder of Eastern Freight Ways. For instance, getting paid 50 cents a mile might sound greatunless you’ll be driving and living in an expensive, congested region like New York City.

    What Are The Benefits

    Benefits are closely linked to pay, so don’t consider one without the other.

    “If you are looking at employers, find out how many miles per month, cents per mile and what are costs for benefits and road expenses,” Anderson advises. Some companies offer full medical, dental, vision and short-term disability coverage. The less the coverage, the more cents per mile you’ll want.

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    How Do You Plan And Organize Your Route

    Planning routes takes serious organizational skills. If drivers make a single mistake, theyll miss their deadline. Drivers have to account for multiple factors, such as high traffic areas and road construction. They also have to figure out how long they can drive without tiring out.

    A good answer would describe in detail how an applicant plans their routes. The candidate should include how they deal with traffic, construction, driving times, and bad weather.

    Unfortunately, no matter how much planning you do, issues can still pop up. Drivers usually have to deal with challenges by themselves when theyre working. Youll want to find out how drivers deal with the unexpected.

    Additional Commercial Truck Driver Interview Questions

    3 Things Companies Look For When Hiring CDL Drivers – Driving Academy
    • How long have you been a commercial truck driver with other companies? Have you ever worked freelance?

    • How long have you had your CDL?

    • Where did you receive your training?

    • Describe how you handle a breakdown?

    • How do you handle a missed deadline?

    • How do you handle a situation in which a shipment was damaged en route?

    • How do you make sure you remain alert and safe on long drives?

    • Explain the regulations you have to comply with while doing your job.

    • What basic maintenance do you have to perform most often on your vehicle?

    • What logs do you keep to make sure orders and deliveries are properly recorded?

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    How To Prepare For Your First Truck Driver Interview

    Imagine this scenario. With your commercial drivers license firmly in hand, you walk confidently into the carriers recruiting office and await your first truck driver interview. You prepared for the list of truck driver interview questions the hiring manager will ask and have a few of your own.

    But how do you know what questions to expect? This post can help.

    Well review some common truck driver interview questions that give insight into the skills truck drivers should have, along with a few questions to ask the employer.

    Why Are You Interested In This Role

    Your response to this question helps the interviewer to understand your motivation behind applying for this job. The best way of responding to this question is to discuss your love for travel and your passion for exploring different places while on the road.

    Sample Answer

    I love being on the road. I have always been passionate about trucking since it allows me to explore different sights and meet new people. This job caught my interest because I saw an opportunity to grow in this industry and fulfill my passion.

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    Describe A Time When You Were In An Accident Or Encountered Some Other Issue While Driving How Did You Handle The Incident

    When trucking companies are coming up with truck driver interview questions to ask, they always come up with a version of this question. So, be honest! Accidents happen to everyone, and if you arent upfront about your accident history, the company will find out sooner or later.

    When answering this question, focus on how you handled the accident. The interviewer is looking to find out how you deal with accidents and other safety situations and ensure you focus on following proper protocol, so make sure you go into detail about your response rather than just the details of the accident.

    Truck Driver Interview Questions In Canada


    “When searching for a job as truck driver, be prepared to be asked about your past experience in the field. In addition to experience, employers are looking for drivers with clean records and who are willing to do long hours and be loyal to their company. The ability to communicate and be amicable are also attractive qualities to those hiring.”

    truck driver interview questions shared by candidates

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    How Do You Stay Motivated In Your Work

    The employer asks this question to get a better understanding of your personality and who you are as a person. In your response, provide a concise and to-the-point answer about what motivates you.

    Sample Answer

    Satisfying the needs of my customers leverages my motivation. I find motivation when I make my clients happy. I feel that it is my responsibility to meet customers deadlines. Additionally, I am enthusiastic about this role for it allows me to explore a new and different environment. I just love that being in the right profession and this is enough motivation!

    What Interested You In This Position

    Any employer will want to know what interested you in working for them. There are a hundred different ways to answer this and one way to never answer: I just really need a job. Dont. Ever. Say. This. Were willing to bet that its not, though. Being a truck driver requires a certain level of interest in operating vehicles and traveling. So what drew you to the position? Are you a mechanic junkie? Interested in seeing more of the country? Excited to fill a crucial role in the day-to-day of our country? Be passionate in your response!

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    Share With Us Your Greatest Achievement

    Here, the employer seeks to understand your proven work performance and your valuable accomplishments. In your response, provide insights as to who you are as well as your proudest achievement.

    Sample Answer

    My greatest achievement is contributing to retaining all our customers for the last three years. I always ensure to deliver goods on time. When I experience interruptions that are beyond my control such as heavy traffic on the road, I call my customers and seeks more time. This working relationship has made us have a mutual trust for those three years.

    Describe A Time When You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learnt

    Schneider’s truck driver interview process

    The response to this question will help your interviewer to know whether you can admit your mistakes and learn from them. While responding to this question share a real situation that you failed in and the lessons you picked from it.

    Sample Answer

    When I was new in this field my passion to perform would drive me to take more roles than I could handle. I would find myself driving for long hours and since I was determined to deliver goods to customers without failing on deadlines, taking short breaks was not an option. I could spend two to three days on the road without taking any stopover. This would make me get a lot of fatigue and concentrating on the road would become interrupted. One day while I was still on the road, I dozed a little bit yet I was still driving. I almost got into an accident. From that day, I have learned to take a stopover whenever I feel exhausted. I always find a parking area where I can rest and then continue with my journey when I am sober enough.

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