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How To Get Ready For A Phone Interview

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Phone Interview Tips To Get You To The Next Round

Getting ready for a job interview

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What is a phone interview and what role does it play in the hiring process? Many companies use phone calls with candidates who look good on paper to determine if those applicants are ready to move to longer, more in-depth interviews. This is sometimes called a phone screen.

Test Or Scenario Question

During a phone interview, you might be asked to perform a simple test or respond to a scenario of some sort. They might be looking for something in your answer like your thought process, ability to be creative or think under pressure. While it might feel awkward to be silent on the phone, it is acceptable to ask for a moment to think about your answer.

During this time, calmly consider the steps you would take to respond to their test. Try and avoid taking more than 30 seconds to respond. You can also try asking clarifying questions to better understand what theyre looking for. Write down the question to make sure you address each part.

Example answer: The employer explains that theyd like you to provide ideas for marketing a local event on a tight budget, and which companies they could partner with. For this scenario, you might explain that grassroots marketing is both affordable and effective with local events. You would invest in strategized word of mouth efforts and a bold, teaser-style social media campaign. You provide examples of several local companies with the same mission or similar industry to partner with to help get the word out.

Make Sure Theres Excitement In Your Voice

One of the biggest mistakes people make in phone interviews is not sounding energetic and excited enough. Because the person cant see you, you have to work extra hard to show that youre enthusiastic about the role and meeting with them.

To help convey this, use gestures and smile while you talk. Both will automatically inject emotion into your voice. Hey, get up and walk around if that keeps you lively. And if somethings funny, laugh! Thats allowed!

Of course, youll want to balance this out by not sounding fake. Keep an eye on how loud youre speaking and try to lower the volume when you find yourself getting too animated. Practice and getting feedback from peers can help with nailing this down.

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An Absolute Guide On How To Prepare For A Phone Interview

Ace your phone interview

Phone interviews have predominantly become the first stage of the selection process in all fields. The job market is not an exception in this case. There are various reasons why organizations and companies follow the policy of having a phone interview before they invite candidates in the flesh to their organizations. In this highly competitive world, a job interview marks the highest level of competition as the race for better opportunities never ends. The selection ratio in such selection processes will be very less, and it becomes imperative for the hiring officials to narrow down the number of candidates who have applied for the job position. This is where phone interviews become crucial and relevant.

Prerequisites for your phone interview

Background preparation

This prerequisite for your phone interview is just like any other selection process where you are expected to do a bit of background research about the company, its core values, and work culture. This will equip you to give a direct answer to direct questions which test your knowledge of the company and the job position you have applied for.

After basic research, you can George down expected questions and your answers for the same. This will become handy during a phone interview and help you to ace the interview.

Comfortable surroundings

Confirm the credentials

Practice sessions

Preparing answers to salary expectations

Handy documents

Study Your Resume And Know Everything About It:

15 Best Phone Interview Tips and Techniques

Any work experience or skills you have listed on your resume are fair game to talk about during the interview. Your resume is all the interviewer has to go by in order to get to know you. They may pick things out from it and ask you to elaborate. Even though you may have a previous job listed that was many years ago, the interviewer may ask you to explain what you did at that job and you are responsible for providing an answer. This is one step you absolutely wont want to skip on how to prepare for a job interview.

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Preparing For A Telephone Interview

  • Follow the 4Ps of all job interviews, even though a phone interview may seem informal.
  • Confirm the time of the interview and the telephone number you want the employer to use.
  • Plan to have the interview in a quiet room away from distractions and noise. Close the door during the interview. If you will be at home, tell your family not to come in if the door is closed.
  • Turn off call waiting on your phone. Make sure the speaker and mic are both working well. Make sure the phone is completely charged.
  • Keep your resumé, a list of your achievements, and a pen and paper nearby for notes.

Be Ready For Common Phone Interview Questions

Speaking of questions there are phone interview specific questions you should prepare yourself for as well.

We cant guarantee that the interviewer will ask you these, but its always better to be prepared so youre not caught off guard if they are asked! Practice answering them before your interview.

Itll not only help with nerves itll make your responses more targeted.

NOTE: We have an article dedicated to phone interview questions.

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Set A Friendly Voicemail Message

Ideally youll actually pick up the phone when the interviewer calls. But in case you cant for whatever reason, youll want to make the best impression you can offlineand this means setting up a professional voicemail message.

Try something like: Hi, youve reached . Im sorry I missed your call. Please leave me a detailed message and Ill return your message as soon as possible. Thanks!

How To Prepare For A Phone Interview

Top 10 Phone Interview Tips | To Get **YOU** Ready for any phone Interview

Whether youre trying to launch a career, land an internship, or get into your dream school, first impressions are everything. To get an offer letter, youll need to dazzle the interviewer and showcase yourself in the right light.

Before you hop on the phone, check out these pre-interview tips to make sure that youre prepared and ready to impress.

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Will You Travel For This Job

Again, one you should consider before the interview. This one might be a little easier than the first question as it means you should be able to come back to wherever you are right nowbut again, keep in mind what this means to both your professional and personal life. Be honest. Be honest. Be honest.

Do You Have Any Questions

It is important that when given the opportunity, you ask at least a few thoughtful questions to your phone interviewer. This shows you are engaged, actively listening and genuinely interested in the opportunity.

Researching the company is an easy way to understand the companys history, mission and values. A great place to start is by browsing the companys website. You can also search the internet for recent news articles. Use the information you find to help shape your questions. Your initiative will be well-received because it proves you took the time to learn about the company and industry.

Here are a few example questions you might consider asking:

  • What does a typical day look like for a person in this position?

  • How has this role grown or adapted to suit the needs of the organization?

  • What kind of growth does the company expect to see within the next five years?

  • Do you have any concerns about my experience or skill set?

  • Thank you for explaining the role to me in such depth. When might I hear back from you regarding next steps in the process?

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Ask What The Next Steps Are

Prompt the interviewer to communicate what happens next in the interview process. As well as clarifying any steps you yourself need to take, it also shows that youre keen to hear from them and still interested in the role.

Chances are, unless youre interviewing for an international job, your telephone interview will be the initial round of interviews, so getting details like the above right should improve your chances of being called back for a second interview.

You might find it easier to stand during your telephone interview, it can help keep you alert, but if youd prefer to sit down, avoid a comfortable sofa and instead opt for an office or desk chair. Good luck!

Answer The Phone Professionally

Phone Interview Tips

How you answer your telephone is important since it may be the first impression the interviewer gets of you. Make a habit of always answering your phone professionally if you’re looking for work.

While some phone interviews are scheduled, sometimes recruiters may call unexpectedly. A recruiter may also call during an unscheduled time to set up an interview or to confirm or change an interview time.

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Why Are You Applying For This Position

Another common question, Why are you applying for this position? or What about this job interests you? tells employers whether or not you are serious and have a genuine interest in pursuing the position. To answer this question, use details listed in the job description that made you want to apply. This can be duties listed in the job description, details about the company or something about the job that aligns with your career goals.

Example answer:Ive been working for several years on gaining skills in your industry. I feel I have the knowledge, skills and qualifications youre looking for, along with a unique perspective coming from a different industry. I am passionate about working in the environmental protection space, and it is time for me to make a change. I feel your company is the perfect place for me to do that.

The Phone Interview Might Be The Most Important Part Of Your Job Search Heres How To Make Sure You Get It Right

Crush your phone interview with these tips.

Think the interview is the first step to landing your next job? Think again. Most jobs start with a phone call either with a recruiter, HR manager, or hiring managerand sometimes, all three. So before youve chosen your interview outfit or practiced your handshake, youll need to practice a few phone interview tips to get you to the next step.

In the age of texting, Zoom, and hashtags, phone conversations are something of a lost art, but its a skill that can be quickly mastered if you know some of the basicsand plan ahead.

Prior to dialing in, make sure youre prepared to show off your best professional self to potential employers. Here are five expert phone interview tips that will help you get through even the toughest calls.

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What Are Common Second Interview Questions

Here are some interview questions that often come up during a second interview and that you should be ready for :1. What is it about this job that interests you?2. What do you want from your career and how does this job fit into that?3. Can you give an example of your problem-solving abilities?4. Can you give us what you think are your three most important qualifications for this position?5. Why should we hire you?

Prepare Questions You Want To Ask

Get Ready for Interviews: Part 3b Preparing for competency interview questions

Interviewers want to know youre interested in the position youre applying for. Display your interest by asking insightful questions at the end of the interview. Some questions you could ask include:

  • What will my daily responsibilities include?

  • What is the workplace environment like?

  • What is your favorite part of working for the company?

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Once The Phone Interview Is Over

After you hang up, grab your pen and paper and jot down a few notes. Write down the questions that you were asked so you can use them to practice for your next phone interview or in-person interview.

You should also make note of how you answered the questions. Which questions did you nail? Which ones stumped you? Analyzing your performance will help you improve for next time.

Finally, you will want to send a thank you note or email to the interviewer. A good thank you note will express gratitude for the interviewers time, communicate your enthusiasm about the job, and reiterate your strongest qualifications for the position.

After reviewing the tips above, you should be prepared to wow any recruiter or hiring manager during a phone manager. Good luck!

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Phone Interview Questions About You

  • What are you looking for in your next job? What is important to you?
  • What is your greatest weakness?
  • What is your greatest strength?
  • Describe a typical work week.
  • How would you describe the pace at which you work?
  • How do you handle stress and pressure?
  • What motivates you?
  • Questions about your career goals.
  • What type of work environment do you prefer?

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Ask The Right Questions

Phone interview questions can help you screen applicants, save time, and find the best ones.

Here are some questions that you can ask in a phone interview:

  • Tell me something about yourself other than whats mentioned in your resume.
  • What core skills do you think you have that makes you fit for this role?
  • Why do you want this job?
  • Why are you leaving your current job?
  • What are your expectations with this job?
  • What are your salary expectations?
  • Have you researched about our company? What did you like about it?
  • If you are hired, how soon can you join?

Lastly, let the candidate ask you questions. This will show how interested and engaged they were throughout the interview .

Have Your Computer Ready

Interview Career Ready Pack of Posters

Whether you prefer to use a laptop or desktop computer, plan to have it ready for your phone interview. Make sure its charged, updated, and that your volume is off. Have the company website, social media pages, or other relevant tabs open in your browser, as well as the job posting.

Try not to type too much or too often because it can be heard over the phone, which makes you seem distracted.

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What To Expect During A Phone Interview

There are a few occasions when an interview happens over the phone. Many companies use a phone screen with a recruiter as the initial step in the hiring process. This is a critically important part of your job search. The recruiter will ask you about your background, skills and experience to see if its well-aligned with the open position. They may also be screening to see if you would be a good culture fit for the company. If all goes well, the recruiter will move you onto the next stage. But if they come away with a poor or incomplete impression of you, things are unlikely to progress.

The next stage of the interview process is also typically conducted over the phone. In this phase, you will likely speak with the hiring manager or another individual on the team thats hiring. This interview is usually more in-depth than the phone screen as the interviewer has a deeper knowledge of the open role and what qualifications would make someone successful in it.

Both of these interviews usually last around 30 minutes. Consider phone interviews your opportunity to sum up whats most attractive to you about the job and the company, as well as the skills and qualifications you bring to the table.

Image description

  • Why are you applying for this position?

  • Why do you want this job?

  • Tell me what you know about the role

  • Why do you want to work here?

  • Why are you looking for jobs?

  • What are you passionate about?

  • What are your salary expectations?

  • Are you interviewing with other companies?

Polish Up Your Telephone Communication Skills

During the phone interview, youll need to sound as professional as you would if you were meeting the interviewer face to face:

  • Dont chew gum or eat while youre on the phone.
  • Have a glass of water close by, in case you need a sip or two during the conversation.
  • Standing up is an option to consider. Sometimes you can focus better when youre standing.
  • Be sure to smile. Smiling will project a positive image to the listener and will change the tone of your voice.
  • Speak slowly and enunciate clearly.
  • Dont ramble on so the interviewer cant interject or ask more questions

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How Do You Prepare For A Phone Interview

Its important to prepare for a phone interview as you would any other interview. That means being ready to answer each question clearly and concisely. But keep in mind that phone interviews provide an advantage: you can keep important information at the ready and reference it as needed. So, print out the job description, your resume, and any accomplishments or stories you want to share in advance.

  • Do your researchRead the job description. Understand the key skills that will make a candidate successful. Then, spend time researching the company and the interviewer. You should go in knowing more than the average customer. Review the company website, press releases, social media accounts, LinkedIn profiles, and employee reviews.
  • Plan your answersYou never want to reply, I dont know to an interview question. To ensure this doesnt happen, prepare your answers in advance. For every requirement listed in the job description, you need an impactful story to tell. Think about your background and how it relates to this role, including school projects, volunteer work, or internships if you dont yet have the on-the-job experience. Then, use the STAR Method to tell compelling, succinct stories.
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