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How To Write A Thank You Letter After An Interview

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How to Write a Thank You Letter After a Job Interview

In general, its a good idea to share a thank-you note with everybody you interviewed with individually, from recruiter to hiring manager to potential colleague. If you dont already have their contact info, request it from your main point of contact throughout the hiring process , explaining that youd like to thank them for taking the time to speak with you. If you had a panel interview, you might want to save your time by sending one email to the main interviewer with everybody else CCd.

If you spoke to many different people say, you presented to a room of 10 or more its probably not practical, or a good use of your time, to include each and every one of them. In this case, you can follow the same procedure you would in a panel interview: Send one note to the main interviewer with several of the key players CCd.

A Formal Interview Thank You Email

Dear Mr/Mrs. Smith,

Thank you for meeting with me yesterday to discuss the opportunity at .

I enjoyed learning about the organizations and was impressed by your companys impact in the field of

I am very interested in the role, and I believe that my experience and skills would be a perfect match for the position we discussed. I can begin to contribute immediately by .

Please do not hesitate to let me know if I can provide you with any additional information. Thank you once again for the opportunity. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


This second option works better with almost all legal companies. Its a very formal and equally professional job interview thank you email.

Whichever option you decide to go with, dont forget to add your contact information at the end of the email. Yes, your new employer likely already has your contact details on record. But its in your best interest to make it as easy as possible for your prospective employer to contact you.

Write A Customized Detailed Thank

Here is the word-for-word email I sent my future hiring manager:

Hey Anum,

Thank you again for talking with me Tuesday night, I really appreciate the advice and all your help. It was great to learn more about the Sidekick team and your experience at HubSpot.

Working with such a scrappy, fast-paced team within a company I truly admire would be an incredible learning experience, and I would love the opportunity to prove I’m a great fit for the role.

Attached is a how-to slide deck on SEO that I created for our at 451 Marketing. I’ve also attached my resume and a one-pager to illustrate why I want to work for HubSpot and how I align with the culture.

Below are highlights of publications I’ve contributed to:


I knew I wanted my post-interview follow up email to convey these elements:

  • Context and personality: I started jotting down notes after the interview to ensure that I could include some personal connection or common interest that would help Anum remember me among a pool of hundreds or even thousands of candidates.
  • Determination: I tried focusing on these main themes to demonstrate how badly I wanted the job:
  • Specific characteristics of the team that stood out to me
  • Elements of the position that appealed to me most
  • Values that I share with the company
  • For example, I emphasized the scrappy, fast-paced” nature of the team as an aspect that particularly excited me about this role.
  • Hustle: Finally, I needed to hustle. This brings me to the final step.
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    What To Do In A Panel Interview/group Interview

    Take the business cards or contact information of every person in the panel interview. And send a separate thank you note to each person that attended the group/panel interview. Never send a group thank-you email to everyone involved.

    Be sure to do this for any type of interview where multiple interviewers or multiple people were involved in asking you interview questions.

    Thank You Email After A Coding Challenge

    Sample Thank You Letter After Interview Download Printable ...

    This email is likely to go to a hiring manager with coding experience, and as a result, you can be a bit more technical in your thank-you note. Try something along the lines of this:

    Thank you for administering the coding challenge today it was a pleasure to experience the type of work required by the at . The work seems like exactly the type of job Im looking for, and I believe my experience with would help me thrive in this position.If there are any additional questions I can answer, please let me know. Thanks again for meeting with me to speak about this exciting opportunity.

    Try to share more specifics about your experience with the coding challenge. Were you thrilled to see a debugging task? Do you take pleasure in writing clean code? Be specific about how you see yourself adapting to this role and using specific skills youve honed over the years.

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    Is It Best To Send A Thank You Email Or A Note/letter

    I get asked this frequently: Whats your opinion on sending a thank you email, versus mailing a thank you letter after your interview?

    For most people, I recommend email. There are three reasons why:

  • You can make sure it gets delivered at the exact time you want
  • Its easier and takes less time
  • Its more modern and simpler for the company
  • However, in specific cases, you may want to send a thank you letter in the mail after an interview.

    A paper thank you note/letter might be better if youre in a very traditional industry . Or if youre interviewing for a very high-level position .

    But for most job seekers, I recommend sending a thank you email.

    One more option to consider: You can write a personalized thank you card and then send a picture of it digitally, either in a LinkedIn message or in an email. Thats a good way to stand out and give a more personalized feel to a digital message.

    Interview Thank You Letter Format

    Use our interview thank you letter format, separated into individual paragraphs, to help you structure the perfect letter today!

    1st Paragraph Open your letter by thanking your interviewer for taking time out of their busy schedules to discuss the available position at their company. Reference a personal connection you made with the interviewer and how it has increased your interest in the company and/or role.

    2nd Paragraph Use this section to expand upon the factors discussed in the interview which make you a strong candidate for the position. Explain how your educational background, the experience you gained in your previous role, and your noteworthy accomplishments will allow you to help the company reach its goals.

    3rd Paragraph If you werent able to discuss certifications, skills, or experience which makes you an ideal candidate during the interview, use this section to offer information about these qualifications. You can also use this section to clear up any misconceptions or discuss any point in the interview that you feel you didnt cover strongly enough.

    4th Paragraph Close the letter by restating your gratitude for the interviewers time, your anticipation of their response, and an invitation to contact you if any additional information regarding your application is required.

    The breakdown of an email looks something like below:

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    Send The Email Within 24 Hours

    When it comes to sending your thank-you email, dont delay.

    Ideally, do that within 24 hours, Nelson said.

    If you interviewed in the morning, send it that afternoon. And if you interviewed in the afternoon, send it the following morning.

    A prompt note shows that youre responsive, a strong communicator with follow-through and that youre excited for the role.

    If you wait two or three days to send it, though, the hiring manager might get a different impression of you that youre slow to respond, or not too interested in the position.

    Explain What Makes You The Best Fit For The Role

    STOP Sending Thank You Letters After a Job Interview

    You can use this next section to reiterate any skills or qualities you may possess that make you well-suited for the position. View the job posting as you type this email and mention any preferred skills they have listed that you may have as well. You can also reference your notes if you took any during the interview and use those to connect yourself to the position or company.

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    Add Your Signature And Proofread

    You can now add your signature to the end of the email. This can be your first and last name. If you’d like your interviewer to view your online profile or any social media pages, you can share this at the end of the email as well.

    Once you’ve added the signature, you can proofread your email to ensure that it’s free of any grammatical or spelling errors. You should also reread your message to ensure it’s clear and simple for the reader to understand. After everything is reread, you can send it to the interviewer.

    When To Write A Thank

    Writing a thank-you note to your interviewers shows that you are gracious, humble and thoughtful all important qualities for potential new hires to possess. Thats why you should write a thank-you letter after every interview within 24 hours. You dont want to risk having recruiters or hiring managers think that youre cocky, ungrateful or absentminded.

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    Three Templates For A Perfect Interview Thank You Email

    If you want to create a strong professional brand and leave a lasting impression with employers, you need to master the post- interview thank you email.

    As soon as you leave a job interview, its best to follow up with a sincere, professional, and engaged thank you email. Make sure they know you appreciate their time and attention in meeting with you!

    Before we dig into the mechanics of a great interview thank you email, though, know this: sending an email is not a replacement for sending a handwritten thank you note to your interviewer. I always advise folks to do both after an in-person interview. But it will take a day or two for your beautiful thank you card to arrive on your interviewers doorstep. Email has the advantage of delivering an instant dose of gratitude to the people who have the power to give you the job of your dreams.

    When writing your post-interview thank you email, keep these three things in mind:

  • Keep it short: You dont need to compose a long letter. Busy professionals already have too much email to read. So keep it short and sweet.
  • Keep it professional: Focus on the topics you previously discussed with the interviewer. This isnt a time to go into personal details.
  • To help you out, I built three email templates for you to follow. Use these templates as a guide to build your own personal rockstar thank you email to send after job interviews!

    Use A Proper Greeting

    How To Write Thank You Letter Template After Interview ...

    In the case of a follow-up thank-you note after a remote interview, you have already spoken with the person to whom you are addressing your email. Whether you had a remote interview on the phone or by way of a video conference, you should take note of how you addressed the interviewer at that time.

    If you begin your conversation by addressing them formally , but they then instructed you to call them by their first name, it is acceptable to continue to do so when you send a follow up thank you email. However, if the subject was not addressed specifically in the interview, using formalities and their last name is still appropriate.

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    Ask About The Next Steps

    It’s great to be forthcoming about what comes next in the hiring process. This shows enthusiasm in the job. Asking something like, “What else can I provide to be helpful and move forward to the next steps?” is a great way to show your passion for the position.

    Here is an example:

    Looking forward to hearing what the next steps in the interview process might be. Very excited about this opportunity!

    How To Write The Perfect Interview Thank You Letter

    Getting through a job interview can often feel like walking a tightrope. But a touch of common courtesy in the form of an interview thank you letter can help you land your dream job.

    During the whole hiring process, there are many different factors that cause one candidate to lose out to another. The companys culture and the personal preferences of the people doing the hiring play an important role. Thats why its important to remember that many people like receiving appreciative emails. In this article, well delve deeper into the significance of an interview thank you letter and help you craft the perfect one.

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    Common Thank You Letter After Interview Mistakes

    The common mistakes that employers may see in thank you emails:

  • Failing to proofread.Make sure you have spelled the names of the interviewer, company, position, etc. correctly, notes Kelleher. Not doing so comes across as sloppy. Have a friend review your letter or read it out loud so you can catch errors.
  • Overly familiar tone.This mistake undermines your credibility. Skalka remembers when an applicant once attached a coupon to the follow-up email that related to a hobby of Skalkas. Such things can come across as overly familiar or even a little creepy. The key is to make sure you focus on what you can contribute professionally to the hiring company. While these are indeed significant mistakes, one mistake is still worse:
  • Not sending a follow-up email at all.Unfortunately, the majority of job candidates we interview do not follow up at all, notes Skalka. Not sending a thank you email gives hiring managers an easy reason to eliminate you.
  • And in case youre wondering:

    We believe its unacceptable to substitute a LinkedIn connection request in place of an interview thank you email.

    • Expresses thanks and answers last-minute questions
    • Refers to details from the interview
    • Demonstrates enthusiasm for the company
    • Advocates why you are the best person for the position
    • Is free of typos and other mistakes
    • Has a professional tone
    • Is distinct for each person who interviewed you

    Sample Interview Thank You Email/letter #:

    how to write thank you letter after interview.

    Hello < Interviewers Name> ,

    Thank you for taking the time to speak with me < yesterday/Friday/etc.> about the < Job Title> position at < Company Name> . It was a pleasure talking with you, and I enjoyed learning more about the opportunity.

    The information you shared about < Something specific about the job that interests you> sounded particularly interesting.

    I am confident that my skills will allow me to come in and succeed in this role, and its a position Id be excited to take on.

    Im looking forward to hearing from you about the next steps, and please dont hesitate to contact me if you need any additional information in the meantime.

    Thank you again.

    Best regards,

    < Your First and Last Name>

    This example above is a little longer and more formal. You could send this as a handwritten thank you letter after the interview, or as an email.

    Note that at the end of the third paragraph, you could also add details about WHY you feel confident youd succeed in this role. Doing this will make your thank you email more convincing to hiring managers.

    Try to remind them of something you shared in the interview, like a piece of past experience, or a skill you have, that will prove to them youll be able to come in and be successful in their role.

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    How Soon To Send A Thank You Email After An Interview

    Aim to send your post-interview thank you email the day after your job interview, between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm. If your interview was on a Friday, then send your email the same day, in the evening instead of waiting a day. .

    Always make sure the email is sent within 24 hours of your interview so that your conversation is still fresh in the interviewers mind.

    If you decide to send your thank you note as a letter in the mail, you should still send it within one or two business days of your job interview. They wont receive it as soon, because the thank you letter needs to get delivered, but its best to send it soon after the interview so the employer receives your note relatively quickly.

    Subject: Appreciated Your Time Today

    Hi ,

    Thanks for meeting with me today I appreciate you taking the time.

    I really enjoyed our conversation, and was especially excited about what you shared about the companys new initiative for aligning the sales and marketing orgs. Its always great to chat with someone whos passionate about RevOps.

    Let me know if you have any further questions. And no matter the outcome, I hope we can stay in touch.


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    When And To Whom You Should Send Thank You Emails

    Hiring managers recommend you send a thank you email quickly.

    Jeff Kelleher, Talent Management Specialist at Combined Insurance, states, My suggested rule of thumb is to send a thank you email within 48 hours of your interview.

    Vienne Cheung, a Partner at Motu Novu in Boston, recommends that you send an interview follow-up email within 24 hours: For me, I read that as a candidate that is eager to work with us.

    Make sure you either send emails to everyone you met or reference the other people in the thank you email to the hiring manager.

    Gretchen Skalka, a Senior Manager at TBC Corporation, notes, The hiring manager usually puts some thought, some strategy behind the selection of people to co-interview. It also shows that they were paying careful attention to the entire room and content of the interview, and not simply focusing on the hiring manager.

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