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Interviewing Skills Training Course Outline

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How To Introduce Yourself In Interview | Self Introduction In Interview For Freshers | Simplilearn

As part of our team training service, we offer full customisation to our clients. This customisation covers everything from content and material to questions, activities and even images and inclusion of their company logo! Our dedicated team of writers and editors are happy and ready to handle any customisation request that you may have. Book in your session and experience the Paramount Training difference!

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What Skills Or Experience Do I Need To Already Have Before Starting To Learn About Interviewing

Anyone who is ready to look for a job is qualified to study interviewing. Because the interview process is necessary for almost any job, even entry-level positions, you won’t need any previous skills or background. However, if you have interviewed for jobs in the past, that experience can help you gain more from your studies. A background in areas like human resources, sales, negotiation, business management, and communication may also help prepare you to learn more about the interview process.â

Can I Learn About Interviewing By Taking Online Courses On Coursera

This is an easy question to answer: yes! Whether youâre an experienced job searcher looking to upgrade your interview skills or just starting your career, and whether you speak English natively or need to work on your English language skills, Coursera has courses to meet your needs. You can improve your interview skills with courses and Specializations from top-ranked universities like University of Maryland, College Park, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University of California San Diego. Coursera also gives you the opportunity to learn about interviewing with Salesforce, an industry leader in providing software for customer relationship management as well as human resources management.â

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Who Delivers Your Interviewing Skills Training Courses

Our interviewing skills courses are delivered by our friendly and highly experienced trainers. We live and breathe what we talk about in these sessions as we use most of the tools and techniques ourselves on a daily bases and bring this real-world experience into the session and the examples that we use.

What Are Common Career Paths For Someone Interested In Conducting Interviews

Course Outline Template Word Luxury Training Outline Template 7 ...

Those who study interviewing because they work or want to work on the other end of the processâconducting interviewsâwill often go into fields like human resources or business management. However, almost anyone who runs or manages a business will conduct interviews at some point during their careers. Learning more about the process can help prepare you to be an excellent business leader who makes good hiring decisions that improve your company. Learning more about the interviewing process can also help if you want to become an entrepreneur.â

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How To Conduct Interview Training For Hiring Managers

Hiring managers are as important to the recruitment process as recruiters if not more so. They’re often the ones who open a new position, and ultimately make that final decision on who to hire. But it’s crucial that they know how to interview effectively and with minimal bias so, interview training for hiring managers is a must. This guide will give you everything you need on training hiring managers to be effective, impartial interviewers so they get the best candidate for the role.


Even experienced hiring managers can benefit from interview skills training. Heres how to build an effective interview training plan for hiring teams:


About The Interviewing And Resume Writing In English Specialization

This specialization will help you develop the English language strategies and communication skills you need to advance in your professional career. Whether you already have a successful career and are looking to move forward, whether youâre looking to change careers, whether youâre starting out in the world of work, or whether youâre coming back into the world of work after some time away â if you believe in working for more than a paycheck, then this specialization will help you. The core courses cover preparing for a successful job search, including self research and research of the job market and industries of interest strengthening your interview skills by recognizing what hiring managers are looking for and taking steps to prepare for the types of tough questions today’s premier companies use and preparing a resume, cover letter and supporting business documents. The capstone will allow you to apply the skills you learn in this specialization to your own job search.

A key benefit of this specialization is the opportunities you’ll have to practice your interviewing skills with other job-seekers from around the world. Youâll give them feedback and theyâll give you feedback. In this process, youâll gain new insight into what makes a speaker successful and youâll gain confidence in your English interviewing skills.

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Behavior Based Interviewing Training For Hiring Top Talent

Behavior Based Interviewing Skills Training that Works

Your behavior based interviewing skills training program is useful for every type of interviewer, from the beginner to the most seasoned.Technical Recruiter |Microsoft

I had always thought that behavioral interviewing was an unlearnable skill. I was wrong. Your interviewing skill training was extremely useful.Managing Director |Bank of America

We asked LSA to improve the behavioral interviewing capabilities of our managers to increase the probability of both hiring top talent and future leaders who fit. LSA designed a highly customized solution for our unique business and culture.

I would highly recommend LSA Global as a trusted and top quality partner.Rae Phillips | HR Project Manager |Polycom

Behavior Based Interviewing Skills Training Program

  • Are you hiring the top talent that you need?

  • Is the hiring process too long or complex?

  • Does your hiring or selection process lack consistency?

  • Are you making hiring or interviewing mistakes?

  • Is first or second year attrition too high?

According to Harvard Business Review, up to 50% of all executive hires end in firing or resignation. Why? According to Harvard, success today depends increasingly on intangible competencies like teamwork and cross-cultural literacy rarely found on resumes.

Participants practice these techniques, then learn how to make the best hiring decision.

Optional Interviewing Training Modules

A Suggested Course Outline


The focus for the Interview Skills course needs to be everyone who is going to carry out a recruitment interview or a selection interview. Interviewing is so open to unconscious bias that it is only fair for all recruiters to receive the full training.

Suggested Course Objectives

  • Produce a person specification which matches task and culture
  • Design behavioural interviewing questions
  • Use critical incident questioning
  • Effectively use the behavioural interviewing techniques to get evidence of a candidates past behaviour in a situation
  • Use an assessment process which provides objective, unbiased results.

Interview Skills Course Film Scenarios

Many learners need to see skills and techniques in action before they try them out for themselves. We use our own professional film scenarios which we scripted and created to illustrate different aspects of this skill set.

We will build each Interview Skills course around these filmed interview scenarios so that you can learn the skills of interviewing by watching how it is done before you practise.

The course also needs to provide real interview practise. Role play just doesnt work when learning how to develop your interview skills.

Watch a sample from one of the videos:

You can view snippets from our other videos here:

Interview Skills Course Practise and Feedback

It is a good idea for you to run practise interviews in interview rooms. We can film each interview so that you can provide feedback after the interview as finished.

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How Do I Know If Learning About Interviewing Is Right For Me

Anyone who has never had a job interview before can benefit from learning about the process. You may also consider learning about interviewing if you’ve had one before and didn’t do so well. Even if you’ve already got a job, but you want to move to a new field or seek a promotion, you may want to learn about interviewing so you can ace those that are more complicated or advanced. Learning about interviews can also help you prepare to enter college, graduate school, or a professional organization.â

Topics Covered In This Course

What To Do Before the Interview

This session participants will know how to set-up the interview and prepare for the interview, to be clear what kind of people the organisation is looking for, have a broad understanding of career paths, be aware what candidates look for in their jobs and know what it is to Quality of the interviewing process.

What is the purpose of an Interview?

Participants will determine Why do organisations spend time interviewing people?

What To Do During the Interview

Participants in this session, will know the structure of the interview, and the 5 key and essential aspect of conducting interview.

What you can and cant ask

This session participants will learn what you can ask, should avoid asking and never ask during interview.

What To Do After the Interviews

In this session, participants will be able to know how to evaluate candidate- Review candidate performance in relation to the rating system, maintain objectivity and consistency of ratings, and provide feedback for candidates.

Choosing the right candidate

  • Know what the required skills are to carry out an effective interview
  • Be able to plan and prepare for an interview
  • Be able to give the right first impression to candidates
  • Know what questions to ask and how to record the answers
  • Understand what to avoid asking during the interview
  • Know how to choose the right person for the job

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Unit : Before The Interview

In this unit we help you prepare for a professional job interview. While most people think about job interviews in terms of how well you can convince a potential employer that you are the best person to fill their job opening, remember that the interview is also your opportunity to learn more about the company where you might work, and ask questions about your future job responsibilities. After you have had several successful job interviews, we hope you have the opportunity to choose among several job offers.

Completing this unit should take you approximately 2 hours.

Who Should Attend Our Interviewing Skills Training Course

Leadership skills training topics

This interviewing skills training course is for anyone who needs to recruits and conduct interviews to fill positions in their business.

If you want to:

  • Know how to structure an interview
  • Be able to ask the right questions to find the perfect candidate
  • Have clear selection criteria to measure candidates against
  • Have a fair, consistent and objective approach to interviewing
  • Make your process a positive experience for candidates
  • Get the right person for the job, first time

Then this interviewing skills course is for you.

The course is suitable for people of all levels and in all roles and industries.

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Interview Skills Training Course Overview

Whether you are completely new to the job market, re-entering the workforce or looking to advance your career, this course will empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to dazzle during your next interview.

Course includes video lessons, printable course transcript, a practice exam with evaluative feedback , your final exam submission, and a course certificate of completion.

At TeachUcomp, Inc., you choose how you want your interview training delivered.

Online subscriptions offer the most flexibility and value. With online training, you can access your courses anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection . Your subscription grants you instant access to ALL of our courses for one low price. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. You may choose between a monthly or annual plan.

Courses are also available individually via digital download and online for a one-time charge.

Train Hiring Managers Interviewing Skills To Hire The Right Person Without Breaking The Law

Behavioral based interviewing skills are essential for every managers success. Making good hiring decisions and team member selections allows the managers to surround themselves with talented people that have the right kind of skills to achieve great results. Too often, team leaders and managers lack training to develop interviewing skills.

This interactive interviewing skills training helps managers and supervisors develop proven behavior based interviewing skills and interviewing techniques to find the best candidate every time. Using practical examples and interactive exercises, managers learn how to get past the candidates prepared answers and uncover a candidates real work attitude that can make all the difference when it comes to job performance.

Plus, participants gain a new understanding of employment laws that impact interviewing and learn how to make good hiring decisions legally. They learn how to ask great interview questions without breaking the law and how to work with human resources to ensure good recruitment and candidate selection processes are maintained.

Avoid hiring mistakes by avoiding interview and candidate selection mistakes.

If those questions concern you, this seminar is for you.

We tailor this course to meet the needs of your business and address the specific job placement issues your organization is facing.

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What Topics Can I Study That Are Related To Interviewing

While learning about interviewing can help you get a job, there are other topics you can study to enhance your skills. These might include communication, English, writing, and public speaking. All of these will help you build confidence and leave a better impression at a job interview. You may also want to learn the art of negotiation. You might consider specialized topics, like resume and cover letter writing or how to interview for specific types of jobs.â

Unit : During The Interview

Top 10 Tricky Interview Questions & Best Response Strategies | Indeed Career Tips

This unit offers resources to help you optimize the time you spend with interviewers to learn more about their expectations and convince them that you are the best person to fill a job opening. Remember not to focus exclusively on how to impress a potential employer. Think about what you want. An interview is an opportunity to meet your potential employer to decide whether you want to work for them and if the position they are offering will help you achieve your career goals.

Completing this unit should take you approximately 1 hour.

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Full Course Outline: Behavioral Interview Training



This is an excellent course for both hiring managers and HR practitioners.

Workshop Topics

– Workshop overview, objectives and participant expectations

– What are competencies, what are behaviours?

– What is a behavioural interview?

– The STAR Method

– The SBOT Model

– A Behavioural Statement

– A Good SBOT, A Bad SBOT, Other Types of Questioning

– Identifying Behavioural Questions

Interviewing for Competencies Theory

– Planning the Interview

Persuade Managers That They Need Training

Experienced hiring managers probably know how to build rapport with candidates and discern candidate potential. But, more complex interviewing techniques like combating biases, using structured interviews and avoiding cliche questions dont always come with hiring experience.

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Schedule a meeting with hiring managers and discuss the status of the hiring process, as well as how they approach interviewing. Give them some pointers on what they can improve. Research can give more weight to your recommendations. For example, if you want to convince a hiring manager to try structured interviews, you can present them with research that shows that structured interviews are better hiring tools.

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What Kinds Of Careers Can I Get With Interviewing Skills

Being able to approach interviews with confidence is an essential skill for the pursuit of virtually any career path. Whether youâre looking to work as an administrative assistant, a software engineer, or a financial analyst, mastering the art of the interview will help you land the job you want – regardless of whether youâre just beginning your career, looking to switch careers, or already have a successful career and want to advance it further.

If you have strong interpersonal communications skills and an understanding of how interviews fit into the job search process, you could pursue a career in human resources . Human resources managers are responsible for planning and coordinating an organizationâs staffing needs, including recruitment and hiring. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, human resources managers earn a median annual salary of $116,720, and jobs in this field are expected to grow faster than the economy-wide average over the next decade.â

Tailoring Our Design For You

Interview Skills Training

This outline provides a great flavour of the skills and knowledge your people will benefit from by attending any Speak First training or coaching on this topic whether standard, tailored or bespoke.Heres how Speak First can make the training even more relevant for you and your people:

Tailored Design

Tailored design develops existing content and enhances it with relevant case studies, role-plays and more to make the learning even more effective for your people

Bespoke Design

Working in partnership with you, we develop bespoke solutions that incorporate this, and other topics, to create custom solutions for your organisations specific needs

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Interviewing Skills Training For Managers

10% discount on 10+ courses 20% discount on 50+ courses

This Interviewing Skills online course has been designed to help managers increase their confidence when hiring by detailing the recruitment process from start to finish.

The course outlines the legislation surrounding recruitment and the legal responsibilities that everyone involved must comply with. It also details how to carry out an organisational analysis to identify where the new recruit will fit, explains how to write a job description and tailored job adverts, and develop interview assessment templates. Finally, it covers how to develop insightful interview questions that will help uncover a candidate’s traits, and teaches learners how to evaluate these responses to ensure they get the best hire.

  • Developed by professionals
  • Fully online course and assessment with no time limits
  • Full audio voiceover
  • On completion, certificate is posted the next working day

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