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What Is An On Demand Interview

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#1 Preparing For The Interview

On Demand Video Interview Tips & Tricks

Even if you do not know in advance the questions that will be asked during this exercise, it is still essential to prepare yourself.

To do this, we advise you to do some research on the company . The more you know about the company and the position offered, the more youll be well prepared, and, therefore the less stressed you will be!

Describe A Time When You Struggled To Communicate Something Technical To Someone What Did You Do To Eventually Get Your Message Over

Managers have to understand your forecasts , in order to benefit from your work. You should talk about a situation from the past when you used pictures, demonstration, charts, or perhaps just explained your analysis or forecast in a language of common people.

Ensure the interviewers that you do not expect to sit at your desk all day, working with data, and just sending emails over to the managers. You expect to participate in the meetings, make presentations, and explain things to different people from the company, in a language they should understand. Thats the attitude they seek in the best applicant for this job.

Special Tip: Download all questions in a one-page long PDF, print it, and practice your interview answers anytime later:

What Do You Know About Our Business Field And Demand Patterns In It

You do not necessarily have to know anything, but you should care. Try to do your homework. Check their principal products, and think about the demand patterns, seasonality, etc. Read some industry news, and think how recent trends may have impacted their business.

They do not expect you to make some forecasts directly in an interview. But they will prioritize you over other job candidates when they see that you are actually interested in their field of business, and know something about their products.

And if you are bold enough to make predictions , always add that these are just estimations, and that youd need to see historical data and try different models to make better forecasts.

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Describe The Best And The Worst Forecast Youve Ever Made

When talking about the best forecast, try to explain the benefits your work had for your former employer. For example, you forecast a drop in demand for a certain product segment, against all odds. Managers took your prediction into account, produced less and used their capacities elsewhere, which eventually resulted into better quarterly sales and better profits.

Talking about the worst forecast, you should explain the following:

  • what mathematical models you used in your forecast
  • why they proved inaccurate at the end
  • lessons you learned with this unsuccessful forecast, and how they helped you to become better in your job

Remember that your attitude matters for the interviewers, not the exact forecast you talk about. If they see that you can admit making a mistake, analyze it and learn from it, they will give you a lot of points for the bad forecast you describe in an interview.

What To Expect During An Investment Banking Hirevue Interview

Taking an On

Having a HireVue interview will be a new experience for many applicants because top banks like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have only recently begun to use HireVue.

The first interview is provided by HireVue. It does not completely replace the more traditional, intensive recruiting process. If the first interview is successful, then a representative from the bank will contact the candidate for a second interview. From then on, any upcoming interviews will be part of the regular interview rounds, involving live interactions with analysts, associates, and even VPs and MDs.

You will be given about 20-30 seconds for each question to think of a response. After that, youll have up to three minutes to record your answer. The amount of time given really depends on the questions. For instance, a question about why you would be the best candidate for the role will require a longer and more thoughtful response than answering a question about what your overall GPA is.

See our investment banking interview questions and answersInterviewsAce your next interview! Check out CFIâs interview guides with the most common questions and best answers for any corporate finance job position. Interview questions and answer for finance, accounting, investment banking, equity research, commercial banking, FP& A, more! Free guides and practice to ace your interview.

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For The Recent College Graduate

If you are a yet-to-be-employed, recently graduated college student, the job search probably doesnt bring you a whole lot of joy. Resume after resume, cover letter after cover letter – it can feel like each application is quickly sucked into a black hole.

With most job descriptions requiring 2+ years related experience, it is easy to wonder if most of these applications are a wasted effort. Perhaps, like most recent grads, you didnt graduate with a stellar GPA or an Ivy League degree – what chance can you have against those that did?

On-demand video interviewing gives the average grad an advantage in a couple ways. Weve already touched on the first: it gives employers insight into your personality and ability to think on the fly. While you might have no direct experience in the workplace, you can still display competitive attributes. The second is perhaps more important for the recent grad: it signifies the employer is willing to take a chance and hire outside the box.

Think about it this way: if an employer cared only about past experience and academic pedigree, they would only need a resume for their hiring decisions. By investing in a technology that provides a platform for candidates who dont look great on paper to display their skills, they show that they are willing to invest in less experienced applicants.

Here are some tips to make the most of the opportunity an on-demand video interview provides:

How To Prepare For Accentures Hirevue

Start with what you can control.

Start your interview in a place that is quietâ away from kids, pets, lawnmowers, etc. Not only will the person viewing your video have a hard time understanding you, loud noises right when you are about to answer a question might sap your confidence.

Even though you might be at home, dress as if you were at an in-person interview. People viewing your answers appreciate the professionalism of someone that took the time to think about this issue and record using appropriate clothing.

Lighting is absolutely key. If you record in an environment with low light, youâll come across as a blurry, barely recognizable mess on video â which does not help your chances of getting hired. Open your curtains to let in lots of natural light or turn on lights to brighten up the environment. When it comes to lighting, more is always better â as long as the lights arenât pointed at your camera!

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How Should You Answer On

Because theres no interaction with an interviewer, it can be particularly challenging to get your personality through during an on-demand interview. Your answers must be enthusiastic, professional, and thorough. Its essential that your answers give a glimpse into who you are as an employee. Hiring managers will be looking for a positive attitude, self-motivation, and flexibility.

While recording answers, it will feel awkward. But the lack of response doesnt mean you need to fill dead space with rambling! While your answers should be thorough, keep them concise. Describe your past experiences in detail but come to a clean and confident end. Try your best to avoid filler words and endings such as, so yeah! or and stuff.

What Is The Best Video Interviewing Software

On-Demand Interview Process

The best video interviewing platforms are:

  • VidCruiter: Best video interview platform with full recruiting suite
  • MyInterview: Best Video Interview Software With Free Tier
  • SparkHire: A top interview platform for SMB and staffing
  • Brazen: Video interview + career fairs & chatbots
  • XOR: Comprehensive AI recruiting platform
  • HireVue: Great video interview solution with broader assessment suite
  • interviewstream: One of the first video interview platforms
  • RecRight: Great candidate support
  • Avature: Great Video Interview Platform Combined with CRM
  • OutMatch: Video interviews plus candidate assessment
  • Harver: Video Interviews Plus Candidate Assessmentsâ
  • Hireflix: Best for one-way interviews
The Top 13 Best Video Interviewing Platforms – July 2021

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Share Candidate Recordings Internally

Since youll have interviews on file, its easy to share them across different stakeholders and hiring managers in order to review, evaluate and inform the hiring process, and collaborate on objectives. The Green Job Interview platform allows different team members to review candidates and rate their responses collaboratively.

With each candidate being asked the exact same questions, you can compare apples to apples more evenly, says Chip, and with no human present, an interviewers bias is removed from the process. But, its important to get the most out of the experience by bringing a lot of different perspectives and viewpoints into the process.

Live Online Interview Tips

A live video interview is like a face-to-face interview. You’ll have an interviewer or a panel of interviewers ask you questions in real time. It will be on a service like:

  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts
  • Zoom

In a live video interview, if you have any technical problems, let the interviewer know. Dont try to muddle through. Its better to stop and restart than pretend everything is okay.

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Prepare For Your Video Interview

Once you have found out which type of video interview you are being asked to do, make sure you:

  • make a note of important times and deadline dates
  • double check the contact details for sending your recording back
  • spend some time on practice questions if you are sent any – they will help you become familiar with the format and understand what to expect

Like all interviews youll need to prepare well. Make sure that you:

  • research the company and whats involved in the job
  • look at the company website and get an understanding of their culture and values
  • read through any guidance notes from the recruiter and follow their instructions
  • go through your CV or application form and prepare examples to show you have the skills and experience the employer wants – use the STAR method to help you structure your answers
  • make presentation slides that you can have on screen as a prompt
  • prepare some answers to common interview questions and have some questions of your own

Set The Stage For A Distraction

For the first time in UK, AI and face

Choose a location thats free from the distractions of children, roommates or pets. Hang a sign on the door asking mail carriers and package deliverers not to ring the doorbell.

Make sure the background is free from clutter and embarrassing items like laundry piles. Set up lighting thats bright but not glaring, illuminating your face from the front. Natural light is best.

Turn off email, text and social media alerts, software updates and other notifications that may pop up on the screen during the interview. Turn off programs that might interfere with the webcam, and close browser tabs.

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Tips For Acing Your On Demand Video Interview

Virtual hiring is the standard now, with 86% of companies now using technology like on demand video interviews, also known as one-way video interviews, to recruit and meet candidates. As an alternative to phone screens, an on demand interview is a quick way for recruiters and hiring managers to determine if candidates meet the role requirements and fit the company culture.

As the candidate, a one-way video interview is generally the first step in your interview process. You can expect to receive an email with a link inviting you to answer pre-chosen questions from the recruiter or hiring manager. Then, using the camera on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, you will record your answers to the on demand video interview questions and submit them for review.

While some people may find video interviews intimidating, especially since recruiters can make a decision whether to hire you within the first 90 seconds, the key is preparation. With these 6 on demand video interview tips, you will easily wow your prospective employer and stand out amongst all of their top candidates:

  • Be present and authentic
  • What Is A Video Interview

    Put simply, a video or virtual interview is an interview conducted via video, rather than over the phone or in person. There are a few ways that this can be done, each with their own challenges.

    There are two types of video interview: a regular face-to-face interview in real time via a video feed, or a pre-recorded interview where each candidate will be given the same set of questions with the same amount of time to respond. The candidates answers are recorded and watched back later.

    All forms of video interview can be nerve-wracking, for many of the same reasons as other interviews, but also some unique ones. It can be harder to gauge body language and other conversational cues over the internet, for instance, which can make it feel a bit stiff and awkward. With pre-scripted interviews, there can also be a lot of pressure because you have a time limit in which to answer the question, and its not so much a conversation as a presentation.

    This article will give you the essential tips you need to get rid of your nerves and turn up for your virtual interview confident and well prepared.

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    Choosing A Webcam Placing And Lighting

    There are two main things to consider here: what webcam you use and how you use it.

    These are both important because they will determine how youll be able to present yourself. A clear, sharp, well-positioned image will make you look professional and presentable.

    The webcam you use will largely be determined by your budget and preference. If possible, an external webcam thats a price-point above the cheapest would be good. If you have a very up-to-date laptop, the inbuilt webcam will probably suffice too.

    If youre looking to buy an external webcam, then youll get great value out of the Logitech C900 series , but there are plenty of other brands such as Creative. Do some googling, read some reviews and figure out which you might like best.

    Do not use a tablet or phone camera if you can avoid it.

    When deciding where to place your camera, bear in mind that the webcam should be looking slightly down towards you. A low placement looking upwards is never flattering. Try and make sure the camera is positioned a little above your eye level.

    Its also important to practice talking into the camera instead of looking directly at the on-screen image of the interviewer. Virtual eye contact is a difficult skill to master, but if you can achieve it, youll make a much better impression.

    Practice Putting A Background On Zoom

    Streamline Your Candidate Screening with interview on demand

    If you do not want the interview panel to see what is behind you during the interview, you can use a Zoom interview background instead.

    This will require some preparation.

    You will need to set up your Zoom account and activate the feature in advance.

    To convey a professional image, choose a plain background that is not too busy or distracting.

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    Just A Few Of The Many Features Vidcruiter Offers With An On

    More recruiters are making the switch to asynchronous video interviews, otherwise known as pre-recorded video interviewing, as their main screening method during the recruitment process. This is largely due to the advanced features which are constantly being added to the technology. Below, youll find some of the additional benefits of using this software.

    Provide A Friendly Experience

    Candidates can access their one-way video interviews on any device through a web browser or by downloading our app in the Apple or Google Play stores.

    We are currently using interviewstream to screen our candidates immediately after their resume has been reviewed. We send the candidates an invitation, and the interview is usually completed within a day. Its a much faster process today.

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    Test Things Are Working

    When working with tech, things can go wrong in unexpected and mysterious ways. Be sure to check your whole setup, both well in advance so you can fix any problems, and on the day so you can be sure nothing gets in the way.

    Internet Connection

    A slow internet connection can make the image and audio choppy on the video call. There are a few things you can do to improve it.

    First, check your internet speed at a website like or Bandwidth Place. Youll receive three numbers: ping, download speed and upload speed. The lower ping the better, and the higher of the other two the better.

    Your download speed will determine how the interviewers image and audio look. Youll want at least 10 Mbps, but 25 and above is ideal. The same goes for upload speed, which will determine how your image and audio comes across.

    Check this several times throughout a typical day. If your internet connection is patchy or slow at certain times, try to avoid these if you can when scheduling your virtual interview.

    Everything Else

    For everything else tech-wise, have a run-through at least an hour before your interview and check the following:

    Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years

    I have interview coming up with EY had first on demand ...

    There is no perfect answer to this question because responses will vary depending on the industry and the individual. A recruiter or hiring manager simply wants to find out how well you plan ahead and if your goals match those of the company. Its important, though, to avoid saying anything that makes you seem abrasive, short-term minded, or lacking in goals.

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