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Healthcare Data Analyst Interview Questions

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Find The Minimum Number Of Weights Needed To Identify The Defective Stack

5 DATA ANALYST Interview Questions and TOP SCORING Answers!

The solution to this puzzle is very simple. You just must pick 1 coin from the 1st stack, 2 coins from the 2nd stack, 3 coins from the 3rd stack and so on till 10 coins from the 10th stack. So, if you add the number of coins then it would be equal to 55.

So, if none of the coins are defective then the weight would 55*10 = 550 grams.

Yet, if stack 1 turns out to be defective, then the total weight would be 1 less then 550 grams, that is 549 grams. Similarly, if stack 2 was defective then the total weight would be equal to 2 less than 50 grams, that is 548 grams. Similarly, you can find for the other 8 cases.

So, just one measurement is needed to identify the defective stack.

Who Are The Instructors And How Are They Selected

All of our highly qualified Data Analytics instructors are Business Intelligence experts with years of relevant industry experience. Each of them has gone through a rigorous selection process that includes profile screening, technical evaluation, and a training demo before they are certified to train for us. We also ensure that only those trainers with a high alumni rating remain part of our faculty.

What Is Your Process When You Start A New Project

This question lets you measure candidates organizational skills and how well they anticipate. It also gives you an opportunity to see if candidates leadership or work styles are compatible with your company culture. What to look for in an answer:

  • Clear steps
  • Consideration of deadline


My first step is to take some time to look over the project so that I can define the objective or problem. If Im having a hard time figuring that part out, I reach out to the client. Next, I feel out the data to see whats there, how reliable it is and where it comes from. I think about what could be the best way to model it and whether the project deadline seems to work.

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What Do Data Analysts Do

This question is basic but serves an essential function. It weeds out the candidates who lack a rudimentary understanding of data analysis. It also lets you compare how well various candidates understand data analysis. What to look for in an answer:

  • Coverage of each step
  • Mention of soft skills, such as communication
  • Discussion of how data analysts benefit a company


In general, data analysts collect, run and crunch data for insight that helps their company make good decisions. They look for correlations and must communicate their results well. Part of the job is also using the data to spot opportunities for preventative measures. That requires critical thinking and creativity.

Q9 If You Are Given An Unsorted Data Set How Will You Read The Last Observation To A New Dataset

Business Analyst Healthcare Interview Questions And Answers

We can read the last observation to a new dataset using end = dataset option.

For example:

data example.newdataset set example.olddataset end=last If last run 

Where newdataset is a new data set to be created and olddataset is the existing data set. last is the temporary variable which is set to 1 when the set statement reads the last observation.

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What Do You Know About Data Analytics

The purpose of this question is to gain an insight into your understanding of the field in a broad sense. Talk about data analytics in terms of its purpose in a business context and what it can help organizations achieve. Dont wade too deep into the weeds stick to explaining the importance of being able to process and interpret data the right way and how you approach those things.

Additional Situational Interview Questions For Data Analysts

What are your top communication skills?
Please provide an example of a situation in which you demonstrated leadership capabilities on the job?
Describe a time when you had to persuade others. How did you get buy-in?
Please provide a self-assessment of your writing skills? As a Data Analyst, why is written communication important?
Have you ever had to present to an audience of stakeholders who didnt understand data analysis or what a Data Analyst does? How did you explain your insights and processes?

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What Are The Duties Of A Data Analyst

The following are the duties and responsibilities of a data analyst- Define the objective Determine the sources Gather data Clean, segregate, and mine the data Quality Assurance Analyse the data Observe, interpret and predict Cross team collaboration Report generation and presentation of the trends or insights

Why Do You Think Creativity Is Important For A Data Analyst How Have You Used Creative Thinking In Your Work So Far

Data Analyst Interview Questions And Answers | Data Analytics Interview Questions | Simplilearn

How to Answer

A data analyst is usually seen as a professional with a technical background and excellent math and statistical skills. However, even though creativity is not the first data analyst quality that comes to your mind, its still important in developing analytical plans and data visualizations, and even finding unorthodox solutions to data issues. That said, provide an answer with examples of your out-of-the-box way of thinking.

Example Answer

I can say creativity can make all the difference in a data analysts work. In my personal experience, it has helped me find intriguing ways to present analysis results to clients. Moreover, it has helped me devise new data checks that identify issues resulting in anomalous results during data analysis.

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Q3 What Is The Difference Between Data Mining And Data Profiling

Data Mining: Data Mining refers to the analysis of data with respect to finding relations that have not been discovered earlier. It mainly focuses on the detection of unusual records, dependencies and cluster analysis.

Data Profiling: Data Profiling refers to the process of analyzing individual attributes of data. It mainly focuses on providing valuable information on data attributes such as data type, frequency etc.

What Is Knn Imputation

K-Nearest Neighbors is an algorithmic method to replace missing values in a dataset with some plausible values. KNN assumes that you can approximate a missing value by looking at other values closest to it. It is more effective/accurate than using mean/median/mode, and can be performed easily using libraries like scikit-Learn.

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How Do You Write A Stored Procedure In Sql

You must be prepared for this question thoroughly before your next data analyst interview. The stored procedure is an SQL script that is used to run a task several times.

Lets look at an example to create a stored procedure to find the sum of the first N natural numbers’ squares.

  • Create a procedure by giving a name, here its squaresum1
  • Write the formula using the set statement
  • Print the values of the computed variable
  • To run the stored procedure, use the EXEC command

Output: Display the sum of the square for the first four natural numbers

Healthcare Business Analyst Interview Questions With Answers

TOP 250+ Healthcare Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers 31 ...

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

An interview is a chance for you to make a pitch for why you are the best choice for a job. If you are applying for a healthcare business analyst position, a potential employer may want to test your analytical skills and ability to explain your conclusions. Understanding what questions you may get and why they are asking them can help you better prepare for your interview. In this article, we discuss some common questions in a healthcare business analyst interview, explain why companies ask them and provide guidance for your response with sample answers.

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Determine The Minimum Number Of Races To Be Conducted In Order To Find The Fastest Three Cars

Now, you can start solving the problem by considering the number of cars racing. Since there are 25 cars racing with 5 lanes, there would be initially 5 races conducted, with each group having 5 cars. Next, a sixth race will be conducted between the winners of the first 5 races to determine the 3 fastest cars.

Now, suppose X1 is the fastest among the three, then that means A1 is the fastest car among the 25 cars racing. But the question is how to find the 2nd and the 3rd fastest? We cannot assume that Y1 and Z1 are 2nd and 3rd since it may happen that the rest cars from the group of X1s cars could be faster than Y1 and Z1. So, to determine this a 7th race is conducted between cars Y1, Z1, and the cars from X1s group, and the second car from Y1s group Y2.

So, the cars that finish the 1st and 2nd is the 7th race are actually the 2nd and the 3rd fastest cars among all cars.

How Do You Prepare For A Data Analyst Interview

The first thing that you need to do to prepare is to understand what the company youre applying to is trying to achieve with its data analysis efforts. Recruiters are quickly impressed when you show an understanding of the organizational context youll be working in.

After that, focus on your skills in regard to three things: data analysis math and stats, data analysis approaches, and data analysis tools. Finally, attempt practice questions like the ones weve covered here .

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General Healthcare Business Analyst Interview Questions

During a healthcare business analyst interview, an employer is likely to ask you some generalized questions aimed at assessing your personal and professional preferences in situations. Common general questions you may get include:

  • Do you prefer to work individually or as part of a team?

  • How often would you receive performance reviews if it was your decision?

  • Do you like when a manager is hands off or do you perform better under direct supervision?

  • What would you be doing if you didn’t work in healthcare?

  • Tell me about a favorite hobby outside of work.

  • How do you work to maintain a balance between your career and your personal life?

  • If you could retire today with plenty of money to do anything, what would you do?

  • Do you prefer working in person or remotely?

  • How important is it to you to form personal relationships with your coworkers?

  • What is most important to you when considering a career opportunity?

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Data Analyst Interview Questions From Top Companies

Interviewing with PwC for a Senior Data Analyst Position

Data analysis is a rapidly growing field, and companies are increasingly looking to hire the best talent to handle big data. Here are a few examples of interview questions for Data Analysts from some of the top tech companies :

Here are some common tech interview questions for Data Analysts:

Please explain the difference between clustered and non-clustered indexes in SQL?
What data cleansing techniques do you use?
How do you define data normalization and non-normalization?
Please explain what cascading referential integrity means.
Whats your time management approach for solo projects?
Are there specific functions in SQL that you use the most?
Please provide an example of a situation in which you automated an otherwise manual process.
Do you recall a time when you expected one thing when you began an analysis, but then got results you didnt anticipate?


get started

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Q9 Can You Tell How To Create Stories In Tableau

Stories are used to narrate a sequence of events or make a business use-case. The Tableau Dashboard provides various options to create a story. Each story point can be based on a different view or dashboard, or the entire story can be based on the same visualization, just seen at different stages, with different marks filtered and annotations added.

To create a story in Tableau you can follow the below steps:

  • Click the New Story tab.
  • In the lower-left corner of the screen, choose a size for your story. Choose from one of the predefined sizes, or set a custom size, in pixels.
  • By default, your story gets its title from its sheet name. To edit it, double-click the title. You can also change your titles font, color, and alignment. Click Apply to view your changes.
  • To start building your story, drag a sheet from the Story tab on the left and drop it into the center of the view.
  • Click Add a caption to summarize the story point.
  • To highlight a key takeaway for your viewers, drag a text object over to the story worksheet and type your comment.
  • To further highlight the main idea of this story point, you can change a filter or sort on a field in the view, then save your changes by clicking Update above the navigator box.

What Are Your Long

Knowing what the company wants will help you emphasize your ability to solve their problems. Do not discuss your personal goals outside of work, such as having a family or traveling around the world, in response to this question. This information is not relevant.

Instead, stick to something work-related like this:

My long-term goals involve growing with a company where I can continue to learn, take on additional responsibilities, and contribute as much value as I can. I love that your company emphasizes professional development opportunities. I intend to take advantage of all of these.

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Data Analyst Interview Questions And Answers : Overview

Last but not least, if you didnt land the data analyst job, learn from your experience. Try making mock data analyst interviews with a friend or a colleague. Include the challenging data analyst interview questions you couldnt answer before and find a solution together. That will make you feel more self-assured next time you go to a data analyst job interview. To quote ,

Chase fewer jobs but do a better job on them and do a post-mortem afterward so you can learn.

That said, when youre consistent and manage to stay organized in your data analyst job search, good things happen.

What Are The Best Methods For Data Cleaning

Top 100 Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers
  • Create a data cleaning plan by understanding where the common errors take place and keep all the communications open.
  • Before working with the data, identify and remove the duplicates. This will lead to an easy and effective data analysis process.
  • Focus on the accuracy of the data. Set cross-field validation, maintain the value types of data, and provide mandatory constraints.
  • Normalize the data at the entry point so that it is less chaotic. You will be able to ensure that all information is standardized, leading to fewer errors on entry.

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Q5 Can You Tell The Difference Between Var X1 X3 And Var X1 X3

When you specify sing dash between the variables, then that specifies consecutively numbered variables. Similarly, if you specify the Double Dash between the variables, then that would specify all the variables available within the dataset.

For Example:

Consider the following data set:

Data Set: ID NAME X1 X2 Y1 X3

Then, X1 X3 would return X1 X2 X3

and X1 X3 would return X1 X2 Y1 X3

Additional Common Interview Questions For Data Analysts

Tell me about yourself.
If you had to specialize, which area of data analytics would you prefer to work in? Why?
Which data analytics project are you most proud of?
How do you handle pressure and stress?
What are your long-term data analysis goals?
What would you bring to our company? Why would it be a good decision to hire you?
Why does our company interest you?
Please tell me about your passions.
Do you have any professional credentials or data analytics certifications to validate your skills or boost your career opportunities as a Data Analyst?
What is your greatest strength as a data professional?
What is your greatest weakness?
What kind of work environment do you feel most comfortable in?
What part of a data analysis project do you enjoy the most?
How do you measure success?

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Whats The Largest Data Set Youve Worked With

What theyâre really asking: Can you handle large data sets?

Many businesses have more data at their disposal than ever before. Hiring managers want to know that you can work with large, complex data sets. Focus your answer on the size and type of data. How many entries and variables did you work with? What types of data were in the set?

The experience you highlight doesn’t have to come from a job. Youâll often have the chance to work with data sets of varying sizes and types as a part of a data analysis course, bootcamp, certificate program, or degree. As you put together a portfolio, you may also complete some independent projects where you find and analyze a data set. All of this is valid material to build your answer.

Interviewer might also ask:

  • What type of data have you worked with in the past?

Data Analyst Interview Questions And Answers 2021

Data Analyst Interview Questions

Why you should be familiar with data analyst interview questions?

If youre aiming for a data analyst job, sooner or later, youll reach the final stage of the application process – the data analyst job interview. So, how can you ace the interview with ease? By being well-familiar with the data analyst interview questions in advance.

And thats exactly why you should read this article. Here youll learn everything you need to nail the challenging job interview and secure a career as a data analyst:

  • How to prepare for the data analyst interview
  • A list of real-life data analyst interview questions and answers
  • What the data analyst interview process in 3 leading companies looks like.
  • Bonus content: how to present yourself in your best light and leave a lasting impression on the interviewers. But that will come last. In the meantime

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