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Mortgage Loan Originator Interview Questions

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What Sort Of Work Culture Do You Find Most Appealing And Why

How to Pass Mortgage Loan Officer IQ and Aptitude Hiring Assessment Exam: Questions and Answers

Every company wants to find the perfect culture match for their organization. Many studies prove that hiring for culture first and ability second yields far superior results. While you may be a lone wolf, be careful how you answer this question should it fall out of alignment with the organization.

Answer Sample:

I succeed when expectations and accountability are in place, and equally enjoy a balance of working solo / working as a team

What Have You Done To Improve Your Knowledge In The Last Year

    How to Answer

    The interviewer would like to understand how you continually keep up with modern industry trends. Have you attended any seminars recently? Did you go to a major conference? Do you always read a certain financial magazine? Whatever ways you have continued improving your knowledge, share it with the interviewer!

Us Bank Mortgage Loan Originator Interview Questions

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I applied online. I interviewed at U.S. Bank in Dec 2020


Did the application online which was pretty easy and fast. I got a call from the recruiter for a brief description of the job then I got a call back for a second interview with the hiring manager, told me they will get back to me after the holidays which was like two week then I never heard from them. When I follow up after two weeks then I was informed that the position was filled

Interview Questions

  • Tell us a time you had to deliver a bad news to a client and how you delivered it.

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Our Company Offers A Variety Of Loan Options How Would You Ensure You’re Suggesting The Best Loan For Each Customer

Interviewers often ask this to test your level of industry knowledge. They want to know that you don’t require too much training on their offerings and how to explain them to customers. Try to highlight how expansive your knowledge is and how you would explain the features of different loans. Consider describing a situation in which you helped a customer choose between multiple types of loans.

Example answer:”I’ve had experience selling many different types of loans, so I’m well-versed in several features of varying loans. I believe I’m talented at conversing with new customers who don’t exactly know what they’re looking for. I try to describe each option once before comparing them. Even if the customer knows what they want, I always try to outline each option available to them in case there’s something they might not know.”

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Relationship Development And Service:

Mortgage Loan Officer Interview Questions Template
  • Spend a significant portion of their time outside of the office developing relationships and networking as a means for business
  • Attend all closing meetings for purchase transactions when possible
  • Take ownership of issues by acting as the borrowers advocate. Follow through on all commitments
  • Achieve a high level of efficiency in real estate transactions to meet the needs of the member
  • Provide borrowers with solutions to financial needs recommending appropriate ABC Company products and services
  • Become proficient with ABC Companys products, systems, and procedures

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General Loan Processing Interview Questions

A hiring manager asks general questions to learn more about your personality, interests and work ethic. Some common general questions include:

  • Tell me about yourself.

  • How did you hear about this position?

  • Why do you want to work at this company?

  • What are your greatest strengths?

  • What is a weakness you have?

  • Tell me about a time you faced a challenge.

  • What are your core values?

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

  • What is your proudest achievement?

  • Why are you the right person for this role?


What Do You Know About This Organization

    How to Answer

    With any job interview, we recommend that you visit the company website before arriving at your interview to learn a few key facts about the organization. Focus on their mission & vision, history, and any recent company news. Also, take note of the services that they offer. When the interviewer asks you this question, simply state 4-5 key facts that you learned from the website.

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Loan Officer Interview Questions

Question: How experienced are you with reviewing and filing loans?

Explanation: This is a general or opening question. Interviewers will ask you this type of question to start the interview, get you talking, and learn more about your background. They utilized your answer to formulate additional questions throughout the interview.

Example: In my previous jobs, I worked with hundreds if not thousands of clients, reviewing their loans and mortgage applications, processing them, and filing them with the appropriate government entity. My work resulted in a great deal of revenue for the organizations I worked for as well as my clients getting the financial assistance they needed.

Question: Have you worked with automated loan processing tools, such as Loan Prospector and Desktop Underwriter ?

Explanation: This is a technical question in which the interviewer is trying to discern your familiarity with common loan-practicing software and tools. As a loan officer, you should have experience using these applications and be able to talk about them in detail.

Example: I have a great deal of experience with both Loan Prospector and Desktop Underwriter. In addition, I use other tools, such as Microsoft Excel and Salesforce. Together, this suite of applications allows me to do my job more efficiently and process a greater number of loans in the same amount of time.

Question: Can you describe your typical working day as a loan officer?

A Loan Officers Responsibilities Will Include:

Top 20 Loan Officer Interview Questions and Answers for 2022
  • Meeting with potential clients
  • Evaluating loan-seekers credit and the potential risk of issuing a loan
  • Preparing loan proposals based on the evaluation of a client and their financial history
  • Monitoring and adjusting loans to minimize risk for the financial institution
  • Rejecting potentially risky loans as well as making sure the client understands the reasons why

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How Would You Describe Your Communication Style

Being a great communicator or building up those communication skills is usually at the core of success. Communication styles vary, and thats okay. We all use various communication styles in varying capacities. Figure out what your tendencies are and how you can tailor them to work well with others in various situations. If you’re a great interpersonal communicator, great, talk it up. If you’re a networking wizard who can reel in new clients, that’s fodder too.

Due Diligence Prior To Job Interview

Another important thing you can do is make sure you know as much background information as possible about the people you are interviewing, as well as the company. You need to see if they have been in the news lately, see if the interviewers have been with the company for a short or long period of time, and see where they have worked previously. Knowing this information gives you a lot of talking points during the course of the interview. For example, you can say I have seen that you have been in talks to merge with company X, how does this affect the company in the short-term and long-term? ]

For example, you can say I have seen that you have been in talks to merge with company X, how does this affect the company in the short-term and long-term? If the position is for an accounting or finance-related position, you can look for the company financials online so you can ask about specific points of the Income Statement and Balance Sheet.

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What Made You Leave Your Last Job And Why Are You Choosing Us

An innocent question, but deadly if answered improperly. Your desire for better compensation or venting about the terrible leadership at your last job may leave your interviewer with the wrong impression of you. Regardless of the reason your employment ceased to be, keep it on point and do not get negative here.

Answer Sample:

It was time for me to move on, and I feel as though I am ready for a new challenge

Things Are Changing Quickly In Our Industry What Do You Feel Are The Biggest Challenges Within The Role Of Mortgage Loan Officer

Mortgage Loan Officer Cover Letter Sample

To be certain, a wide range of answers are acceptable here. Try discussing buzzworthy topics like AI, software, and inexpensive labor. No matter what you answer here, do some research ahead of time and be sure you can back up your answer.

Answer Sample:

Its hard to know for sure with industry factors such as x and y changing so many things all I can say is that Im excited for the challenges that come with that

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Why Do You Want To Work Here

Employers want candidates who want them back. If one party isnt happy with the match, chances are that the job will be short lived. For your best chance at receiving the job offer, explain to your potential employer all of the reasons that you want to work for them. However, avoid answering with generic reasons like wanting a better salary or benefits. Instead, take a specific approach with reasons that relate specifically to the company.

  • XYZ Financials training program really caught my eye. It shows that the company really invests in their people as well as their clients and that is the kind of environment I want to be a part of.

What Are Three Skills You Think A Good Loan Officer Should Have

To make sure that applicants understand the requirements of the job, employers may ask what skills you think are necessary to be successful in the role. When answering, make sure to reference the skills they listed on the job description to show employers that youre a great match for the role.

  • To be a successful loan officer, I believe you need strong sales or marketing experience, exceptional communication skills, and good decision making. Without those skills, I think it would be very difficult to attract new business and sell different mortgage structures to clients.

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Tell Me About A Time You Discovered A Risky Applicant How Did You Handle It

Identifying and finding risk in potential borrowers is only half of the job for a credit investigator. Once identified, theres still the matter of helping the loan reach the approval or denial stage. If youre asked this question, speak from your experience and share what your recommendations were for the underwriter or loan officer.

  • I discovered a borrower that had a little too much credit card debt. Their other assets made them a decent borrowing candidate, but to offset the risk, I recommended to the underwriter that the mortgage was restructured to an FHA loan to protect against a default.

Importance Of Mastering A Job Interview

Mortgage Loan Officer Interview Questions & Answers

In my experience, I have obtained 8 jobs over the course of 11 or so years. Now, this may be a lot of turnovers. However, what this helps me with is always being on top of my game when it comes to the dreaded interview. I know people that are nervous and scared silly about sitting down with management and getting grilled about their background, experience, etc. What I am going to go over with you next is how to put your best foot forward and make sure you get that job of your dreams.

Questions To Ask

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How Do You Stay Motivated In Your Work

This is a general question that interviewers often ask to see what keeps you motivated in your career. Mention what keeps you inspired in your job.

Sample Answer

Motivation should come from the challenges in the job, which should be turned into goals. Having both short-term and long-term goals in the career to generate business is of utmost importance. The work shall get interesting only when we look at the nearest goals and motivate ourselves towards achieving them.

What Are Your Weaknesses You Need To Work On

Recruiters also test your honesty and integrity to see whether you own up your weak points. Handle the question intelligently and speak about ways to combat your weakness.

Sample Answer

One of my weaknesses is that I tend to take on too much stress while handling several important responsibilities at once. Stress isnt good on both personal and professional grounds. While it can take a toll on my health and ultimately hamper my work, it may also lead to mistakes and confusion if my brain is too stressed out.

I have been trying to reduce my stress level these days by organizing and scheduling my responsibilities to simplify the work at hand.

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How Do You Calculate Risk Assessment

This is another technical question to see how well acquainted you are with professional terms related to banking, finance, and loans. Mention the definition of the term in brief before telling how you would calculate it.

Sample Answer

Risk assessment helps gauge the borrowers risk of paying off the loan and its impact on the bank. The formula of risk assessment is measuring the maximum amount of loss that can occur and multiplying it with the probability of the loss.

Questions You May Get In A Loan Officer Job Interview

Matt LaPorta
  • Why loan officer ? Try to focus on the value you can bring in this job-to both the bank and the customers. Say that you believe to have the right skills, such as communication skills, empathy, resilience, sense for detail, understanding for the needs and desires of other people, understanding for the financial terminology and banking business etc.
  • Why our bank ? Why not one of our competitors? Tell them something nice, something they will enjoy listening to. For example, you can praise them for the selection of loans they offer, or low interest rates. Or perhaps for great customer service , or their reputation, working environment, anything. They should feel that you honestly want to work for them, and not just for any bank.
  • Tell us something about your studies/previous working experience. Try to talk about relevant things: subjects youve had in school that will help you in the new job. Or any jobs you held in customer service, sales, or in finance business. Tell them how your studies and professional career prepared you for a job of a loan officer. Show them that you believe in your skills, and they will start to believe in them as well!

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State Three Of Your Greatest Strengths

Most interviewers will ask you to mention your greatest strengths to see your confidence and decide whether you are a suitable candidate for the job. Highlight your strengths that make you an able person for the job.

Sample Answer

My first biggest strength is that I am a fast learner. I prefer learning the ropes of a job while working in the field, and I can honestly pick up the nitty-gritties quickly.

Secondly, I would say that I have a growth mindset. I always keep the window open for new learning experiences and apply them in my profession.

Thirdly, I consider communication skills to be one of my greatest strengths, making me suitable for this profession.

Questions About Your Background And Experience

Naturally, employers will want to know if you are qualified to be a loan officer, and again they’ll want to hear some specific examples drawn from your experience. Here are some such questions to prepare to answer.

  • What banking experience do you have?
  • What licenses do you have ?
  • How familiar are you with banking and consumer lending laws and regulations?
  • Do you have experience with FHA and VA as well as conventional loans?
  • Can you work without a draw?
  • How do you feel about commission-based pay?
  • Explain negative amortization.

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What Are Your Greatest Strengths Greatest Weakness

Here, employers are looking for how you can fit into the role and the various job duties. When answering, make sure to tie your strengths to the different required and desired skills the employer included in the job description. And when it comes to your weaknesses, be honest about where you hope to improve. For extra bonus points, highlight a strength or skill that you do possess that helps you overcome those weaknesses.

  • Im a great listener and communicator, which helps me provide a great customer experience as a Loan Servicer. I would say my greatest weakness is only having a couple years of experience in the mortgage industry. However, as a fast learner I can learn the ropes and adapt very quickly.

Why Do You Feel You Are The Most Suited For This Role

Mortgage Loan Processor Interview Questions with Answers

This is one way of asking why the company should hire you. Mention your skills and experience which you feel make you the most suitable candidate for the job role and discuss how well you can handle the responsibilities.

Sample Answer

Over the years, I have learnt the importance of prompt and accurate decision making and paying attention to detail, which are very important for the role of a loan officer. I thoroughly acquaint myself with the regulations and clauses, verify the documentation with utmost focus, and proofread every detail before taking a decision about the loan processing. I have also worked hard on my interpersonal skills, which I feel would help to establish excellent customer service on behalf of your company. Also, I possess the resilience to deal with clients with a calm demeanour.

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