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Staff Accountant Interview Questions To Ask

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Top 3 Accounting Interview Questions

5 Staff Accountant Interview Questions & Answers

Now that you have a strategy to answer accounting interview questions, you might be feeling pretty pumped. Having a great approach feels good, no doubt about it. But that doesnt mean a few examples wont help.

Here are the top 3 accounting interview questions youll probably face and tips for answering them.

How Do You Stay Motivated At Work

I am passionate about accounting and enjoy routine day-to-day tasks. I am motivated by knowing roughly what I am expected to do daily, depending on the time of year. I plan my tasks meticulously and endeavor to clear my to-do list before the day ends. This keeps me motivated as I can see the progress I am making. I also keep abreast of the current trends in the industry, which enables me to create informed reports for management.

Senior Accountant Interview Tips And Frequently Asked Questions

The following tips and advice will help you to prepare in the best way possible for your forthcoming Senior Accountant interview. Read the tips and FAQs below to gain an advantage in your accounting interview.

How do you introduce yourself as a Senior Accountant?

At the very start of your Senior Accountant interview, the hiring manager will ask you to introduce yourself. Sometimes, they will say: tell me about yourself. Either way, the best way to introduce yourself is to talk about the skills and qualities you have, any experience you possess that is relevant to the role, details of significant achievements you have gained in your professional life to date, and the type of person you are including what you will do in the role if they hire you.

How do I prepare for a senior accounting interview?

The easiest way to prepare for a senior accounting interview is to research the company, write down a list of strengths you have, consider how you will add value in the role, what you do to maintain your professional development, and how you keep updated with changes to finance and accounting laws and regulations.

What questions are in an interview for a Senior Accountant?

What makes you the ideal candidate for this senior accountant position?

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How To Answer Staff Accounting Job Interview Questions

Staff accounting interview questions are a mix of questions about accounting, your accounting skills, behavioral questions regarding character, soft skills, and personal work ethics.

To make the best out of the session, always give an honest reply when a question is thrown at you during the interview. If you fail to do so, the interviewer is most likely to notice and decide that your lack of candor is a red flag for deeper problems.

For the most success, use instances from your career in your responses and keep your answers well organized. You want to tell a story thats compelling and fact-based, but dont delve too deeply into details.

However, you can increase your chances of performing well by practicing with our staff accountant interview questions below.

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Are You Detail Oriented

Hey everyone! I got a interview tomorrow for staff accountant role ...

    How to Answer

    Absolutely! Accountants must be detail oriented, and the interviewer wants to hear that you are confident in your detailed nature. Begin by sharing that you are a detail oriented person, and explain 2-3 things you do to ensure the details are managed well. Do you keep checklists to ensure steps in a process are not missed? Do you color code files to ensure you are processing things correctly? Sharing your examples will enforce that you are in fact detail oriented.

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Question 3 What Would You Say Is The Role Of An Accountantwhat Accounting Software Have You Used

This is a technical inquiry intended to assess your level of experience. Mention your experience with the program they use first, followed by others. If you have no prior experience with this program, emphasize that you are a quick learner keen to take on a new challenge.

Sample Answer

I have experience with Quickbooks and Xero.

Question 13 What Processes Are You Most Familiar With In Accounting

Because accounting duties differ from one business to the next, hiring managers may use this question to learn more about the work youve done and how it relates to the job youd perform with them. A good response is one that carefully Xrays your previous duties. You should mention the accounts for which you are accountable, as well as the sections of the financial statement for which you are responsible. This is also an excellent time to discuss with the recruiting manager any processes that you helped to improve.

Sample Answer

In my last role, I was responsible for reviewing the general ledgers, posting closing journal entries, and reconciling accounts. I also work closely with the leaders in my department to evaluate any unusual variations in spending, particularly for high-risk accounts. While I do work for a large organization, I have developed strong working relationships with a group of our internal clients and Im responsible for facilitating communication between the finance department and those clients.

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Tell Me About A Person You Admire And Why They Have Made An Important Impact

What are you assessing?

Ability to understand impact and the big picture.

How do you handle this question?

This question will help you identify your candidates views on what it means to have an impact tying into their ability to understand where their work will fit into the bigger scheme of things for your firm. This is essential for any member of your practice, but become even more critical if you are recruiting a doer who may not be exposed to the big picture of your firm.

Why Are You The Best Accountant For Us

How To Interview Staff Accountants

    How to Answer

    Talking about ourselves in this way can be challenging. We recommend reaching out to a few colleagues, family members, and friends. Ask them for their opinion. You’ll probably be surprised at the consistency in their responses! Their answers will give you the response to the question. Tell the interviewer what sets you apart, and explain how your colleagues, family members, and friends have encouraged you with your gift in this area.

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Where Do You Go To Learn About New Technology

What are you assessing?

System and technology skills, initiative, willingness to learn.

How do you handle this question?

If you are a practice that embraces technology, you will likely be adopting new systems in the future. Having staff who demonstrate an interest in technology will be a huge plus, and it is safe to assume that those who go out of their way to stay up-to-date with developments in the ecosystem will tick this box.

The answer to this question should not be a simple yes or now. By asking your candidate where they go, they are required to give you details on how they go about it, which will help you to assess how sincere they really are.

What Accounting Salary Are You Offering

You might be asked that question in the interview, so you should be prepared with an answer. Keep in mind that employers are finding they must increase salaries to attract and retain skilled professionals.

You can see starting salaries and the trends shaping the finance and accounting sectors hiring market in the latest Robert Half Salary Guide. Localize your insights by selecting the city nearest you to automatically adjust salaries for regional cost of living, talent availability and other factors.

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Describe A Time You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learned

In a previous role, I forgot to run the daily backup for a week because we had not encountered any challenges with the accounting system. Then the system crashed. We had to redo a weeks worth of work. This taught me always to take caution and not assume just because it has not already happened that it wont happen. This also enabled me to implement other risk mitigation measures, such as fraud control in the organization. I now keep creating backups daily to avoid running into such an issue again.

What Has Been Your Favorite Part Of Working For This Company

Best Interview Questions to Ask Accounting &  Finance Job Applicants ...

You can connect with the hiring manager by asking about their experience with the company. This question can also uncover more information about the company culture and what it may be like to work there than the job description alone. Your interviewer may mention that they appreciate the hands-on leadership or opportunities for growth within the company, all of which can help you decide if this position is a good fit for you.

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How Have You Led An Accounting Team To Success

Interview questions that identify hard and soft skills show you several aspects at once of your candidate. Finding someone who can easily work with and lead others is always going to one of the most important parts of the hiring process.

You should also expect a list of metrics and deliverables from past jobs in the candidates answer. Working well with a team is only valuable if you can prove it brought in money and was good for business.

When Does Goodwill Increase

While goodwill is an intangible financial asset, it is a key part of your business and your candidate must understand how subsidiary purchases can greatly add to a company’s assets.

Asking very specific accounting interview questions like this forces the candidate to lay their knowledge on the table.

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Hiring An Accountant: 10 Interview Questions To Ask When Hiring An Accountant

Hiring an accountant can be overwhelming if you dont know where to start, or what to ask. Here are some tips to help you find the right fit.

  • Here are 10 interview questions that will ensure you hire the right accountant or firm to manage finances for your business:
  • Other questions to ask related to experience include:
  • Other questions to ask related to communications include:
  • Other questions to ask regarding accounting and bookkeeping services include:
  • Other questions related to validating work experience include:
  • Other questions to ask regarding accounting capabilities include:
  • Other questions to ask regarding budget and cash flow management include:
  • Other questions to ask regarding software include:
  • Other questions to ask may include:
  • Other questions to ask regarding billing include:
  • Learn more and try Zeni today.

Whats Your Greatest Professional Achievement So Far

6 Common Junior Accountant Interview Questions And Answers!

If the interviewer asks, whats your greatest achievement? dont be timid. Its okay to brag and talk about something youre really proud of. Show some excitement/emotion.

Pick something from your professional career. Or if youre looking for your first job with no experience, then pick something from your academic career

Explain what you accomplished and why youre proud of this. Bonus points if you can pick an accomplishment thats related to the work youll be doing for them in this job! .

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What Are Some Of The Challenging Things About The Position

This question can help give you a better understanding of the company culture and what aspects of the job others have found challenging. This question also allows you to address how you have handled similar situations and challenges in the past, showing the hiring manager you’re ready for all aspects of the job. Even if you haven’t encountered similar professional challenges, asking this question can still give you a greater scope of the position and company overall.

What Is The Difference Between Accounts Receivable And Accounts Payable

Accounts receivable is money that the company expects to collect from its customers and also partners.

Accounts payable, on the other hand, is money that the company owes its suppliers and other creditors. I have experience handling both payables and receivables. For receivables, I can make projections on what the company is expecting and chasing for the payment from the clients. I process supplier payments based on the agreed credit terms to ensure that the company is on top of its payables.

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Questions About Background And Experience

Prepare to answer questions about your work experience, qualifications and accounting skills that allow interviewers to evaluate your past performance and your ability to meet the job requirements:

  • What is your experience in tax accounting?

  • What credentials do you hold?

  • How do you keep your credentials current?

  • Why did you choose a career in tax accounting and not another accounting field?

  • What were some of the projects you completed in your past role?

  • What financial information do you use to develop business metrics?

  • How do you prioritize the various accounting tasks you’re responsible for?

  • What is your experience with accounting software?

  • How would past clients describe you?

  • How do you ensure the accuracy of your work?

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How Have You Made Improvements To Accounting Processes Or Developed New Processes For Past Organizations

The 14 interview questions all accountants must know the answers to ...

This question helps interviewers get an idea of how motivated you are to contribute to organizational growth and success. Use examples from past experience to highlight your ability to innovate and implement strategies that improve outcomes and contribute to an organization.

Example:”In my past role as the manager of an accounting team, I implemented a more cost-effective way of tracking financial KPIs through automating transactional reporting. After collaborating with my team, we decided it would be more efficient and save time during the rush of tax season to integrate an ERP to monitor progress toward financial goals, report cost-reduction outcomes and ensure compliance with updates to tax laws. By initiating this system, the company was able to cut costs by 17% and reduce accounting errors by 85%.”

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What Are Some Ways To Reduce Human Error In The Accounting Department

There is no right or wrong way to answer this question. You can focus on specific skills that can help the team prevent inaccuracies, such as attention to detail, time management, and organization.

You can also focus on the software you found useful for catching or preventing errors or ways youve automated certain tasks to keep everything accurate. Additionally, you can discuss the key areas to pay attention to, such as invoices, receipts, and tax documents.

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How Do You Plan Yourself To Meet Tight Deadlines

Deadlines characterize accounting. To meet them, I plan my to-do list well, considering the deadlines. I classify my to-do list based on urgency and the importance of tasks. I focus on doing the most urgent and key tasks daily. I break down the tasks into manageable bits and keep working on them to ensure the deadlines are met.

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What Work Objectives Did You Set For This Year And What Steps Have You Taken To Ensure You Will Achieve Them

    How to Answer

    Interviewers love hearing that you have goals that you are actively working towards. Think through the goals you have personally set for yourself or projects that you are hoping to complete. Perhaps these goals will be department-wide instead of personal. That is okay too! Go ahead and share 2-3 goals that you have for yourself this year. Describe your intended deadline, and explain where you are at in the current process. Be sure to explain what measures you have put in place to keep yourself on track with achieving each goal.

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One Of The Roles Of A Staff Accountant Is To Review The Company’s Financial Records To Look For Any Discrepancies Or Suspicious Transactions What Would You Do If You Noticed Signs Of A Coworker Stealing Money From The Company

Accounting Interview questions and answers for Freshers #upgradingway #interviewquestionandanswer

Staff accountants should be able to audit company records and act appropriately if they find any discrepancies, whether they are mistakes or indications of someone abusing the company’s accounts. Because they work with financial data, staff accountants need to demonstrate strong ethics and an understanding of the proper way to report their concerns. This question gives the interviewer an idea of how a candidate would react to a potential moral conflict in the workplace.

Look for these characteristics in a candidate’s response:

  • Honesty and trustworthiness
  • Attention to detail and ability to closely follow procedures
  • Tact and discretion

An example of a strong answer to this question is:


“Embezzlement is a serious accusation, so my first action would be to check my work and look closer at the company’s financial records to make sure I wasn’t missing any essential details that could explain the situation. As an accountant, it’s my responsibility to protect the company’s financial heath, so I would immediately start recording my findings and review past account statements for similar fraudulent behavior to determine the scope of the issue. Then I would report to my supervisor and bring up my concern, identifying exactly why I suspected theft and how I believed the theft was occurring.”

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Why Have You Chosen A Career In Accounting

    How to Answer

    How did you land in the accounting field? Have you always enjoyed working with numbers? Did you take a high school or college accounting course that made you interested in the field? Or, did you have a mentor who encouraged you to pursue the field? Go ahead and share your story describing what led you to pursue a career in the accounting field.

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