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Technical Questions For Product Manager Interview

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Technical managers are responsible for managing teams of people, leading on technical projects, and overseeing the implementation of technological and organizational systems and processes. They are often responsible for troubleshooting technical issues and problems and incorporating end user feedback into new systems and processes that help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the business.

Technical managers are also required to make important decisions that enable improvement, efficiency, and effectiveness of technical operations within an organization whilst ensuring all regulatory rules, policies, and procedures applicable to their industry are adhered to. Whilst technical managers are responsible for managing teams of people, technical workers generally do not need someone to supervise them. Instead, they need a technical manager that will provide leadership, guidance, and make effective decisions when there is a conflict of opinion, or when the information available is ambiguous, unclear, or vague.


Technical managers work in a variety of different sectors and industries including computer information systems , construction, engineering, program management, chemical and pharmaceuticals, food and ingredients, research and development, software engineering or development, and medical device manufacturers.

Additional Personal Product Manager Interview Questions

Tell us about yourself.
What aspects of the product management process excite you?
Why should we hire you?
Why do you want to work at our company?
What do you do for fun?
Where do you see your career in five years?
To be successful in a product management role, what do you need from your manager?
As a Product Manager, how do you define success?
Please tell us about the best idea youve ever had as a Product Manager? How about the worst?
What interests you about a product management role?
What is your top quality as a Product Manager?

Non Technical Product Manager Issue : Discussions With Technical Teams

It comes with no exception that holding an important discussion with your technical team can prove to be a difficult task if you harbor no knowledge of substantial technical calibre. This ranges from discussions involving keywords and terminology such as what platforms your team uses to discuss project deadlines and appropriate time estimates for a task.

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+ Critical Product Manager Interview Questions To Review

Getting ready for an upcoming product manager interview?

If you are trying to land a product management job in a fast-growing company you can expect to go through a tough interview process.

Because product managers play a crucial role in the companys long-term success, selecting the right candidate is a big responsibility for hiring managers.

The good news is that you can make the process go smoother if you equip yourself with appropriate knowledge and resources. Taking the time to go over a few common interview questions gives you the chance to organize your thoughts to communicate your abilities more effectively during the interview.

This guide will help you to get to your interview prepared to excel even the most challenging questions.

How Can A Product Failure Be Prevented

Customer interview report template

The key to success of the product is innovation. Refurbishing ideas and using stale concepts is a recipe for product failure. My first step would be to make sure that the product stands out with its features.

I would launch the product to a sample audience before the official launch to gather peoples perspectives about the product. In case of frequent negative feedback, I would identify the pain points and resolve them.

Even though marketing plays a key role, overhyping a product often leads to its failure. I would promote marketing of the product post its release once the reputation of the product has been established.

Pricing the product right is another way as higher prices push potential buyers towards cheaper alternatives that are affordable and relevant.

Resolving bad user experience, poor design, inefficient implementation, lack of quality control, etc. would also help damage control.

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How Do You Align The Technical Team With The Product Vision And Overarching Goals Of The Company

Some recruiters might reserve this question for a technical product manager interview. However, most product manager interviewers tend to include this question in their interview process since it is more people management-related as opposed to technical.

With that in mind, the question invites candidates to touch on the strategies they use to unify the technical team with product strategy.

The nature of the question implies that fluid communication and frequent follow-ups will be crucial in this phase.

Candidates should refer to the importance of conducting as many meetings as necessary. In doing so, they must mention how important it is to sensitize the technical team and orient them on the product vision as well as the companys overarching goals.

The best candidates will also speak to the passive and active resistance that the technical team will display either before or during the development phase. You must mention how your meetings will help to reduce any type of resistance. Be sure to indicate that you will conduct ad-hoc meetings as needed in order to resolve specific concerns that one or more team members may have.

Here are some more technical product management-related questions that recruiters can ask:

3. Talk me through how you would write an algorithm to recommend friends to add.

4. Explain how you would write an algorithm to recommend contacts to add.

5. Describe how you would write an algorithm to recommend articles to a user.

How To Answer Product Manager Interview Questions

Alright, we know that youre here for example product manager interview questions and answers, and we promise were getting to that. But thats really not the best place to start, anyway. Instead, lets talk about strategy.

Having a solid interview strategy makes a difference. It gives you a process to fall back on, making it easier to answer even an unexpected question.

Lets face facts theres always a chance a hiring manager will catch you off guard. In fact, some try to do it on purpose, asking outlandish questions that no one in their right mind would ever predict.

So, how do you develop that winning approach? By embracing proper research and technique.

Research lets you learn details that can help you stand out. While the hiring manager is probably going to ask you open interview questions, they are actually trying to find out if you have skill X or trait Y. They arent just going to ask you that directly because yes and no questions arent effective for getting to know what candidates genuinely bring to the table.

Start by reviewing the product manager job description.

If you keep seeing the same skills or traits repeated throughout the posting, those are obviously important to the company. They are there for a reason after all. You need to show the hiring manager in your interview that you possess these skills!

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What Do You Value In A Workplace

Nicholas Stanford, a product manager at Grammarly, stresses the importance of understanding a companys history before the interview.Its always a great sign that youre a conscientious person who has been thoughtful about your interest in the role, he said. One aspect of this might be putting some effort into understanding the companys vision demonstrating that you get what the company is trying to do. Its also a good idea to have some strong opinions ready about the companys current product so you can show youve considered whats good about it and also where the product can go in the future.

For Milo, this learning process is a two-way street. Two of his standard questions are: What do you need to know about Tinder to make a call on coming to work with us? and What do you value in a great workplace?

But these questions also reveal whether the candidate did their homework. Do they understand enough about Tinder to be able to explain why they are interested in the role? Can they see themselves at the company for the long term? As Milo put it, Spending effort toward getting a job at a company that one doesnt understand or has taken the time to learn about is not a great sign.

What Would You Improve About Our Product

15 Common Technical Product Manager Interview Questions

This is another question that examines how well the candidate knows your company. You want to bring aboard professionals who took the time to learn about your product and who can think critically about it. What to look for in an answer:

  • Pros of the execution/example of something that succeeded
  • Something that didnt go well


Yes, you did a creative job of executing your product. I especially enjoyed the video that went viral and the buildup to the product reveal. One thing I would change would be to narrow the focus of the product. It wasnt clear if it was meant for parents or children.

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How Do You See Your Role As A Technical Product Manager Differing From A Pm

When interviewers ask this technical question, they want to understand a few things. Firstly, they want to ensure that you are aware of the distinct role you are interviewing for. They want to check that you are on board with it as some folks do not actually want to be hired as Technical Product Managers. Second, they want to get a sense of what your understanding and prior experience of the role is as it can drastically differ between companies. Therefore, this question is primarily testing your understanding of the role and experience so far in the role.

Nailing Your Amazon Product Manager Interview Using The Star Framework

If you want to nail your Amazon product manager interview, your best bet would be to use the STAR framework. This technique helps you give your interviewers elaborate answers, which will provide them with more than enough details to know that youre the right person for them. The STAR framework consists of four steps:

  • Situation The first step of the STAR framework requires you to talk about a story where you faced a problem and had to resolve certain actions to solve it.
  • Task The next step requires you to talk about what you need to do to solve the problem.
  • Action The action step requires you to give a few examples of actions you took to complete the task.
  • Result Last but not least, the last step of the STAR framework requires you to give a brief breakdown of the results of your actions.
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    How Do You Know When A Product Is Designed Well

    Not everyone agrees on what good product design means. Maybe your company prioritizes some factors over others, and your candidate should be on the same page. What to look for in an answer:

    • Fit with your priorities
    • Explanation of the why


    A product is well-designed when its simple, intuitive and promises what it delivers. Consumers should be able to use it out of the box without thumbing through a hundred pages in a manual. Plus, a well-designed product today should be environmentally friendly. I shouldnt be able to notice a waste of resources such as excessive packaging.

    Leadership Skills Interview Questions

    35 Technical Interview Questions &  Answers

    Successful product managers must be skilled at leading a cross-functional team. This requires the ability to make decisions, influence other people, and unite teams around a common vision and goals. Here are a few examples of interview questions that explore your leadership skills:

    • What types of people do you like to work with?

    • Tell me how you motivate other people?

    • What makes you really angry?

    • How frequently do you meet with cross-functional teams?

    • Tell me about a project that required you to influence people that did not report to you.

    • If I spoke to your coworkers, what is one word they would use to describe you?

    • Tell me about a time when something went wrong at work and you took control.

    • Have you ever had a disagreement with a teammate? What was the outcome?

    • How do you communicate with executive leadership?

    • Describe a time when you used data to make a decision.

    • How would you describe your leadership style?

    • Who do you respect most for their leadership ability and why?

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    Q: How Do You Define Your Product Roadmap

    This question has a good level of product strategy in it but it also combines the tactical work. This is the part where you want to show you can think of activities beyond the coming few sprints.

    The ideal answer would start by defining the company objectives, and the role your product/team has in achieving this. Then, based on priority, outline the critical areas you need to focus on to support these objectives. Now is also the time to mention the North Star KPI.

    From this point forward, you want to describe how you build the most crucial features and improvements first, together with the engineering team. You also want to mention more specific KPIs that will tell you whether these features are successful or not. Lastly, you want to talk about how you would inform stakeholders prior to decision on this road map, align it with other engineering team and ensure everyone has time to give feedback before finalizing the roadmap.

    If you still feel a lack of confidence for your upcoming interview, dont hesitate, check out our Prep Service and Book your Free Intro Call with our team.

    Jenica did it. Now she has the job of her dreams.

    Explain The Role Of A Technical Product Manager As If You Were Talking To A 7

    An easy way to tell if a person is experienced in their field is to ask them to explain what they do.

    A person with little experience will provide a long job description, sprinkled with jargon that even they probably dont fully understand.

    On the other hand, an experienced professional will share a substantially shorter description without using any industry jargon.

    Hiring managers often slip in this request in their list of technical product manager interview questions. Its a clever way of testing whether they truly understand what the job is all about and what it exactly entails.

    Youd be surprised to know that even some talented candidates struggle with describing their JD in a simple way. Some might even go as far as protesting that its impossible, due to the purely technical nature of the job.

    However, thats not the case.

    In case youre wondering, heres how I would describe the technical product management role to a 7-year-old: I help create stuff that makes life easier.

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    Do You Have Any Experience Managing A Team

    Again a recruiter may choose to ask this question right in the beginning.

    While managing a team is a huge plus, its certainly not a prerequisite.

    If the candidate has ample experience in their field, impressive knowledge, and a proven track record, it doesnt matter if they never got the opportunity to supervise a team.

    Additional Behavioral Product Manager Interview Questions

    The Top 10 Product Manager Interview Questions (And How To Answer Them)
    Have you ever failed as a Product Manager? What happened and what did you take away from the situation?
    Please describe a situation in which you made a mistake. How did you handle it?
    Please describe a time when making data-driven decisions helped you find success?
    Do you recall a time you made a decision without the use of data?
    Please try to recall a situation in which you had to say no to an idea or project.
    Whats the most challenging problem youve faced as a Product Manager?
    How do you motivate your team?
    Have you ever experienced a conflict with a manager or team member?
    Have you ever had to make a difficult decision while considering the input from many different sources . How did you make your decision?
    How do you make difficult decisions around determining your priorities?

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    Name Some People Or Products Who Influence Your Approach To Product Design Management

    This question can help interviewers learn more about your training and inspiration in product design management. Consider making a written or mental list of your inspiration before the interview to reference, especially if you have multiple influencers.

    Example:”My first supervisor at my first product design job still influences how I run a team today. She was frequent and clear in her communications and always had the time to schedule individual meetings for members that had questions. She provided only constructive criticism and made the office a welcoming place to visit and a safe place to share new ideas. I try to model my supervisory practices after her.”

    Why Do You Want This Job And How Does It Fit Your Overall Career Trajectory

    Lifers are pretty much extinct these days, so everyone is always plotting a long-term career path toward their ultimate job. This question gives you a sense of whether theyre thinking of this position as a short-term stepping stone or someplace theyll want to stay for a while because it complements their long-range plans. If they can identify the professional gaps this role will fill, it shows humility and drive. Keep an eye out for both of these critical traits. If they want your job in six months or dont have a compelling rationale for wanting the job, their resume can go to the bottom of the pile.

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