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Automation Testing Interview Questions For Experienced

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Automation Testing Interview For Experienced| Mphasis Interview Questions

This is a general interview question that can apply to any position but use this opportunity to ask about the specifications of the job role and the hiring organization. For example, you might choose to ask about what frameworks the team prefers, what kinds of tests you may be automating and what types of tasks you may be responsible for if hired. Heres an example:

Example: What kinds of frameworks does the team prefer to use for automation testing and what resources or tools do you provide them to complete their work?


Here are some additional tips to help you prepare for your automation testing interview:

What Is The Need To Use The Testng With Selenium Rc

If the requirement of the automation test suite is supposed to work against the different servers and client platforms then, we need to invoke the test cases from the command line. Also, we do need the test case results reports periodically to make estimates and also implement the flexibility on how to create the tests. Such kind of flexibility is provided by the TestNG.

Infosys Selenium Interview Questions

  • Brief Description
  • How will you rate yourself in Selenium?
  • How will you handle pop-ups?
  • Which framework you are using in your project & why?
  • How will you handle javascript pop-ups?
  • How will you handle the SSL issue?
  • How will you take a screenshot?
  • How will you handle AJAX? Explain it with code.
  • Explain your framework.
  • What is STLC, Test Plan & Defect Life Cycle
  • Traceability matrix
  • Selenium Grid concepts with code? RC
  • Project Description
  • Which Selenium version do you use now
  • What Selenium version u started working
  • Explain the interface with an example
  • What version control do you use in the current project?
  • How do you schedule execution using Jenkin
  • Difference between Explicit n Implicit wait

Explain to me how can we schedule the test case in Jenkins to run at a specific time.Ans: In Jenkins, there is one option to build periodically. U can schedule the build over there using the following option.MINUTES Minutes in one hour HOURS Hours in one day DAY MONTH Day in a month MONTH Month in a year DAY WEEK Day of the week where 0 and 7 are SundayExample: */5 * * * * means every 5 minutes OR 5 * * * * means the 5th minute of every hour

There was Two round is there

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Pwc Test Automation Interview Questions And Answers For Experienced Qa

Here is a next addition of PWC automation QA interview question and answers

Please note: these question are already verified from respective source. If you have any additional question feel free to post in the comment section.

1) What is collection in java.?

A Collection is a group of individual objects represented as a single unit. Java provides Collection Framework which defines several classes and interfaces to represent a group of objects as a single unit.

The Collection interface and Map interface are the two main root interfaces of Java collection classes.

2) What is Hashmap, please provide one example?

HashMap is a part of Javas collection since Java 1.2. It provides the basic implementation of Map interface of Java. It stores the data in pairs. To access a value one must know its key. HashMap is known as HashMap because it uses a technique called Hashing. Hashing is a technique of converting a large String to small String that represents same String. A shorter value helps in indexing and faster searches. HashSet also uses HashMap internally.

// Java program to illustrate // Java.util.HashMap import java.util.HashMap  import java.util.Map   publicclassGFG  map.clear   print   }  publicstatic void print   else   } } 

3) Write a program Search a letter in string?

/ Java program to illustrate to find a character // in the string. import*   classGFG } 

6) What is page object model?

Which Case Studies And Projects Will Be A Part Of This Selenium Certification Course

What are the generic Selenium Grid interview questions?

Case Study #1:

Domain: Tours and Travel

Problem Statement: Umbrella Corp. recently acquired a new travel website company and have assembled a small team of developers and testers to overlook the project. You are leading the Testing team and have decided to take the automation testing route using Selenium to rapidly conduct functional tests on the web application. Your goal is to create test automation scripts to verify general functionality of the given scenarios.

Case Study #2:

Domain: E-commerce

Problem Statement: The rapid growth of Abstergo Inc.âs E-commerce website has laid a lot of pressure on the respective teams involved in the web applicationâs development. You have been hired to scale and automate their testing needs with respect to the rapid frequency of releases from the development team. You have decided the best way to go about this would be to use Selenium Grid to handle the scaling aspect and TestNG to reduce scripting time. Your goal is to create a Grid of nodes and automate test cases using the TestNG framework.

Certification Project:

Problem Statement:Aperture Enterprises is a Testing Solutions Company, providing various solutions for the testing needs of their clientâs products. Being a part of their Automation Testing Division, you have been tasked to create Test Automation Frameworks that are best suited to test the various scenarios for their clientâs products.

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How To Click On A Hyperlink In Selenium


The command finds the element using link text and then clicks on that element, where after the user would be redirected to the corresponding page.


The above command finds the element based on the substring of the link provided in the parenthesis and thus partialLinkText finds the web element.

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What Types Of Tests Would You Choose Not To Automate

If presented with this question, focus on the skills you use to determine whether its appropriate to use automation testing. Knowing when not to apply automation testing can help you save the company valuable resources, time and money. The potential employer may use this question to see whether you can allocate tools and resources appropriately to perform your job. Consider the following example answer:

Example: I would not automate test cases that are seldom executed or that are more quickly executed manually. I also would avoid automation testing on cases that extend to exploratory and usability testing, as these test types could present misuse of time and resources.

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Why Are You Interested In This Role

I enjoy performing automation testing, and my major aim is to ensure accurate tests that will increase your organizations productivity. I will advocate for end-users and ensure we deliver quality products. Furthermore, I will collaborate with other testers to ensure we find any bug before we deliver software which will, in turn, create a great reputation for your business and lead to loyal customers.

Is It Exchanging Data Through Javascript

Automation Testing Interview For Experienced| Testing Interview Questions

Ans: Selenium provides commands to execute Javascript on the app, it is also possible to execute functions and have them return data . If you exchange JSON strings it should be fine as JSON.stringify will turn your JSON string into an object on the app side, while on the test side , you can rely on hundreds of libraries to parse the string you receive.

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Explain How To Document Each Function In The Api Document

Description: Small description of what a function does

Syntax: Syntax about the parameter of the code, the sequence in which they occur, required and optional elements, etc.

Parameters: Functions parameters

Error Messages: Syntax of error messages

Example Code: Small snippet of code

Related Links: Related functions

What Are The Most Difficult Scenarios To Test With Appium

Ans: Appium is not suitable for all types of tests. There is a particular scenario that will make your tests more difficult to write: data exchange. I already said it but I will repeat the same thing because it is very important: Appium and WebDriver are designed to automate stuff not to exchange data with them. So what if we need to exchange information with our app during tests?

Should we give up on Appium and write our tests manually for each platform? I am not saying this, but there are cases where you should consider this option .

Appium is very nice because it will let you write tests once for all platforms instead of writing as many tests as the number of platforms you need to support. So if you need to exchange data with your app while testing it and this data flow is the same for all platforms, then you should probably keep on using Appium and find a way to write a layer on top of it to handle data. Depending on your needs this might take time, but, in my experience, it is really worth it.

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Can We Do Automation Testing Without A Framework

Yes, we can automate testing without the need for a framework. We just need to comprehend the automation tool we are using and implement the steps in the programming language that the tool supports.

If we automate test cases without a framework, the programming scripts for test cases will be inconsistent.

A framework is necessary to establish a set of principles that everyone must follow to ensure the clarity, reusability, and consistency of test scripts. Additionally, a framework provides a centralized location for reporting and logging features.

How To Login To Any Site If It Is Showing An Authentication Pop

work experience form uk

To handle authentication pop-ups, verify its appearance and then handle them using an explicit wait command.

Use the explicit wait command

WebDriverWait wait = new WebDriverWait

Alert class is used to verify the alert

Alert alert = wait.until)

Once verified, provide the credentials


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What Are The Advantages Or Benefits Of Selenium Rc

Advantages or Benefits of RC include,

  • Data can be read or write to or from .xlsx, .csv, .txt etc.,
  • Dynamic objects and Ajax based UI elements can be handled.
  • Conditional statements and Iterations functionalities can be used to improve and enhance performance and flexibility.
  • Support for any programming languages and Operating systems.
  • Selenium RC can be used on any browser which is enabled with Java script.

What Are The Qualities That An Automation Tester Should Poses To Be Effective

The tester should evaluate and understand priorities. He/she should understand what they need to test and what they dont, what to automate and what to test manually. Should have the ability to ask questions to evaluate the requirements, changes they need to do, and the bug to fix. Moreover, the tester should be able to initialize data and test for a products behavior or application.

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Appium

Ans: The disadvantages of Appium are listed below:

  • The testing of that android that is lower than 4.2 is not allowed.
  • Appium has limited support for hybrid app testing. You will not be able to test the action that allows switching of applications from native to web app and from web app to native.
  • There is no support that will allow you to run an Appium Inspector on Microsoft Windows.
  • Why Should You Use Selenium For Test Automation

    Top 50 Software Testing Interview Questions & Answers| Software Testing Training | Edureka Rewind -6

    Selenium should be used for test automation as it:

    • Is a free and open-source tool
    • Has a large user base and community support
    • Has cross-browser compatibility
    • Has great platform compatibility
    • Supports multiple programming languages
    • Has fresh and regular repository developments
    • Supports distributed testing

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    What Are The Limitations Of Selenium Testing

  • Unavailability of reliable tech support: Since Selenium is an open-source tool, it does not have dedicated tech support to resolve the user queries.
  • Tests web applications only: Selenium needs to be integrated with third-party tools like Appium and TestNG to test desktop and mobile applications.
  • Limited support for image testing.
  • No built-in reporting and test management facility: Selenium has to be integrated with tools like TestNG, or JUnit among others to facilitate test reporting and management.
  • May require the knowledge of programming languages: Selenium WebDriver expects the user to have some basic knowledge about programming.
  • Full Stack Java Developer Course

    What Is The Major Difference Between Driverclose And Driverquit


    Its a command by which the current window can be closed. For example, if we have multiple browser windows open then, by using this command we can close the window with which the focus is.


    This command closes all the browser windows which are open. For example, if we have multiple browser windows open then, this command can close all the windows at once.

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    What Is Regression Testing

    Software is never completed. A constant stream of new features, functions, bug fixes, etc. are being added by the developers. There is a chance that all of this new code will break the previously functioning functionality. Regression testing is a testing method where a tester ensures that no functionality from the old features has been broken.

    Its objective is to confirm that tested and developed functionality continues to function after new code has been added. Automated regression testing is when a tester uses testing frameworks and tools to carry out the regression testing automatically.

    If you want to enrich your career and become a professional in QA, then enrol our “QA Certification Training” This course will help you to achieve excellence in this domain.

    Should You Be Automating All The Testing

    Assignment 3

    Although there are benefits to test automation, it is impractical to automate all forms of testing. User interface checking, usability testing, and accessibility testing are some types of testing that can only be carried out by a human tester. Another testing method where a human tester adds more significance than an automated test is exploratory testing.

    In the testing process, a tester randomly browses through the software, just as an end-user would, in an effort to discover any bugs, UI inconsistencies, or other hidden issues that developers may have missed. Large projects involving complex calculations and repeatable test cases benefit from automated testing. A human tester offers a higher return on investment than automation would for features which change frequently and test cases that are rarely executed.

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    Explain Xpath Absolute And Xpath Attributes

    XPath has two main types of expressions: absolute and relative. Absolute expressions always start with a forward slash , which indicates the root element of the document. Relative expressions do not start with a forward slash, and are relative to the current context.

    Attributes are another important part of XPath. Attributes are added to elements and can contain valuable information about that element. In order to access an attribute, you must use the at sign followed by the attribute name.

    I Build My Apps With Cordova Is It Supported By Appium


    • CORDOVA is a very famous system that enables you to develop web view-based apps for all platforms in a short time. Appium does not explicitly say that Cordova is supported, even though they do it implicitly as some examples using apps built with Cordova are provided on Appiums website. So the answer is that Cordova should not be a problem. Why am I being so shy about it? Because anything can happen and it actually happened to me!
    • Cordova and Appium are two different projects that are growing up separately and independently, of course, a mutual acknowledgment is present, but both teams do not really talk to each other when pushing features. So problems can occur .

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    How To Reverse A String In Java

    It might be surprising, but there is no reverse utility method in the String class. But, itâs a very simple task. We can create a character array from the string and then iterate it from the end to start. We can append the characters to a string builder and finally return the reversed string.

    public class StringPrograms public static String reverse }

    Bonus Points: Adding null check in the method and using StringBuilder for appending the characters. Easy to Miss: The indexing in Java starts from 0. So, we have to start at âchars.length 1â in the for loop.

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    In Selenium What Are Breakpoints And Start Points

    Automation Testing Interview For Experienced| MindTree Interview Questions

    Breakpoints: Breakpoints are used to stall the execution of the test. The execution will stop whenever a breakpoint is implemented, and this will help us check whether the code is working properly or not.

    Start points: Start points are the points from where the execution should begin. Start points can be used when we want to run the test script from the middle of the code or after a breakpoint.

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    Should You Automate All Testing

    Although test automation has its advantages, it is not practical to automate all kinds of testing. Some testing can be done only by a human tester, such as user interface testing, usability, and accessibility testing.

    Exploratory testing is another type of testing where a human tester provides more value than an automated test. In exploratory testing, a tester explores the software randomly, just as an end-user would do, and tries to find the bugs or UI inconsistencies or any hidden problems that developers might have overlooked.

    Automated testing is helpful for large projects involving complicated calculations and for repeatable test cases. For features that change often and rarely executed test cases, a human tester provides a bigger ROI than automation would.

    When Do We Use Findelement And Findelements

    findElement is used to access any single element on the web page. It returns the object of the first matching element of the specified locator.

    General syntax:

    WebElement element = driver.findElement)

    findElements is used to find all the elements in the current web page matching the specified locator value. All the matching elements would be fetched and stored in the list of Web elements.

    General syntax:

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