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Azure Migration Interview Questions And Answers

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What Are Four Types Of Migration

Azure interview Questions and Answers – Azure Migrate – Part 1

Types of migration can vary depending on the context. Some of the types are:

On-premise to On-Premise: Moving data from an on-premises environment to another on-premises environment.

On-Premise To Cloud: Transferring data from an existing system to a new system in the cloud.

Cloud to Cloud: Moving data between different cloud providers.

Cross-Platform: Transferring data between two different platforms, Windows and Linux.

What Is Azure Redis Cache

Azure Redis Cache is an in-memory Redis cache system by Azure that helps web applications to optimize performance.Data is fetched from the backend database and stored in the Redis cache for the first request. On subsequent requests, data is fetched from the Redis cache. Azure Redis cache provides powerful and secure caching mechanisms by using Azure Cloud.

What Do You Understand By Power Bi

Power BI Embedded is a platform-as-a-service analytics solution that allows developers and ISVs to seamlessly integrate their dashboards, Visuals, and insights into an application for their clients. One of the best features of Power BI Embedded is that customers require no prior knowledge about Power BI.

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How To Add An Administrator To The Azure Portal

To add an administrator to the Azure portal, it has to be given the owner role. It will be able to manage only those resources in the subscription that are assigned to it. To add an administrator, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to the Azure portal
  • Go to the Hub menu and then to Subscription and select the subscription that the administrator will need access to
  • Select Access control in the subscription blade, and then click on Add
  • Go to Select a role, and click on Owner
  • Here, provide the email address of the user to be assigned as the owner
  • Click on the user, and then click on Select
  • How Do I Gauge The Bandwidth Requirement For My Migrations

    Azure Migrate Assessment Performance Metering Accuracy

    Bandwidth for replication of data to Azure depends on a range of factors and is a function of how fast the on-premises Azure Migrate appliance can read and replicate the data to Azure. Replication has two phases: initial replication and delta replication.

    When replication starts for a VM, an initial replication cycle occurs in which full copies of the disks are replicated. After the initial replication is completed, incremental replication cycles are scheduled periodically to transfer any changes that have occurred since the previous replication cycle.

    You can work out the bandwidth requirement based on the volume of data needed to be moved in the wave and time within which you would like initial replication to complete .

    You can estimate the bandwidth or time needed for agentless VMware VM migration using the following formula:

    Time to complete initial replication = /bandwidth available for replication.

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    Microsoft Azure Interview Questions And Answers For Experienced

    16- What is table storage in Windows Azure?


    • The Azure Table storage allows us to store structured data. It stores NoSQL data.
    • Azure Table storage service allows storing structured, non-relational data.
    • The main advantage of using table storage is, that it is fast and cost-effective for many types of applications.
    • You can store any number of entities in the table.
    • You can use table storage to store datasets that dont require complex joins or stored procedures.

    17- What is Queue storage in Windows Azure?

    Answer:Azure Queue storage is a type of Azure storage that can store large numbers of messages that can be accessed from anywhere in the world using HTTP or HTTPS protocols.

    This is like FIFO implementation, messages will add to the end of the queue. The size of a queue message can be up to 64 KB.

    18- What is Azure diagnostic?

    Answer: This is an API-based system that collects the data to diagnose the application which is running continuously. This is one of the important APIs by Microsoft.

    19- What are the examples of some applications in Azure?

    Answer: There are many applications provided by Microsoft Azure. For example Web Applications, Cloud Services, Mobile applications, Storage services, Virtual computing, Networking services, Analytics services, etc.

    20- What is auto-scaling in Azure?

    An auto-scaling solution actually reduces the amount of manual work engaged in the case of scaling an application.

    21- What do you mean by BLOB storage and what are their types?

    What Are The Main Cloud Models In Azure And When Would You Use Each

    Understanding the options Azure has to offer in the deployment of cloud resources is key knowledge for any Azure professional to possess, so it would be unsurprising for this question to come up in your interview.

    Not only will you be expected to know that the main models are private, public and hybrid cloud, but youll also need to demonstrate your understanding of when these would need to be deployed. Of course, simply explaining with a definition is the most basic way of answering, so for some added brownie points, think of a real-life example of when youve implemented any of these models and why they were best suited given the circumstances at hand. Describing any challenges you ran into and how you overcame these will add some extra depth to your answer.

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    Can I Request For A Support Session If I Need To Better Understand The Topics

    Intellipaat is offering 24/7 query resolution, and you can raise a ticket with the dedicated support team at any time. You can avail of email support for all your queries. If your query does not get resolved through email, we can also arrange one-on-one sessions with our support team. However, 1:1 session support is provided for a period of 6 months from the start date of your course.

    What Is Azure Cloud Service

    Azure Interview Questions | Azure Interview Questions And Answers | Azure Tutorial | Simplilearn

    Cloud service can convey multiple web applications in Azure, characterizing a number of parts to disseminate handling and permit adaptable scaling of your application. A cloud service comprises a minimum of one web part, as well as specialist parts, each with its own particular application documents and design. The fundamental favorable position of cloud service is the capacity to help more complex multilevel structures.

    Learn end-to-end Azure concepts through the Microsoft Azure Course in Hyderabad to take your career to a whole new level!

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    Explain Azure Virtual Networks

    The Azure Virtual Network is the most basic component of your Azure private network. With the help of VNet, many types of Azure resources, such as Azure Virtual Machines , can connect anonymously with one other, the internet, and even local networks. VNet works just like any standard network in a locally-owned data center, but in addition to a standard network’s features, it offers Azure’s operational features like scalability, availability, and exclusion. Interaction of Azure resources with the internet, connection with Azure resources, communication with local resources, screening and directing network traffic, and connection with Azure services are all scenarios that can be executed with a virtual network.

    What Is The Difference Between Service Bus Queues And Storage Queues

    Explanation: The Azure Storage Queue is simple and the developer experience is quite good. It uses the local Azure Storage Emulator and debugging is made quite easy. The tooling for Azure Storage Queues allows you to easily peek at the top 32 messages and if the messages are in XML or Json, youre able to visualize their contents directly from Visual Studio Furthermore, these queues can be purged of their contents, which is especially useful during development and QA efforts.

    The Azure Service Bus Queues are evolved and surrounded by many useful mechanisms that make it enterprise worthy! They are built into the Service Bus and are able to forward messages to other Queues and Topics. They have a built-in dead-letter queue and messages have a time to live that you control, hence messages dont automatically disappear after 7 days.

    Furthermore, Azure Service Bus Queues have the ability of deleting themselves after a configurable amount of idle time. This feature is very practical when you create Queues for each user, because if a user hasnt interacted with a Queue for the past month, it automatically gets clean it up. Its also a great way to drive costs down. You shouldnt have to pay for storage that you dont need. These Queues are limited to a maximum of 80gb. Once youve reached this limit your application will start receiving exceptions.

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    Azure Data Engineer Interview Questions September 2022

    | | | |

    In this blog, I will cover the Top 30+ Azure Data Engineer Interview Questions.

    Microsoft Azure is one of the most used and fastest-growing cloud service providers. Azure is expected to grow in the future, and with more demand, more Azure professionals are required. Talking about professionals, data engineers have been the most demanding job role in the IT sector. Most learners are already preparing themselves to become skilled data engineers, and for those, we are here to cover some most asked topics in Azure Data Engineering Interview Questions.

    What Actions Would You Take If Your Application Was Denied

    TCS Hiring Contest

    I hope my application will be approved, and I will have the chance to work in the United States. I have the desired document and have completed all the paperwork I was instructed to complete. As a result, I am convinced that my application will be approved, as it is my right as a citizen of this nation to be permitted to travel to other countries, provided that I meet the requirements. If my application is denied, I will resubmit and remedy any mistakes I may have made to get disqualified.

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    Is It Possible To Design Applications That Handle Connection Failure In Azure

    Yes, it is possible and is done by means of the Transient Fault Handling Block. There can be multiple causes of transient failures while using the cloud environment:

    • Due to the presence of more load balancers, we can see that the application to database connections fail periodically.
    • While using multi-tenant services, the calls get slower and eventually time out because other applications are using resources to hit the same resource heavily.
    • The last cause can be we ourselves as the user trying to hit the resource very frequently which causes the service to deliberately deny the connection to us to support other tenants in the architecture.

    Instead of showing errors to the user periodically, the application can recognize the errors that are transient and automatically try to perform the same operation again typically after some seconds with the hope of establishing the connection. By making use of the Transient Fault Handling Application Block mechanism, we can generate the retry intervals and make the application perform retries. In the majority of the cases, the error would be resolved on the second try and hence the user need not be made aware of these errors unnecessarily.

    Following is the sample code that can be used for the retry policy. Here, if the connection is not successful, then the action is retried based on the retry policy defined. There are 3 retry strategies – Fixed Interval, Incremental Interval, Exponential Backoff Strategy.

    What Do You Know About The Azure App Service

    Azure App Service is a completely managed Platform as a Service offering for proficient developers that conveys a rich arrangement of abilities to the web, mobile and integration scenarios. They offer a very adaptable, universally accessible mobile application development platform for Enterprise Developers and System Integrators that conveys a rich set of capacities to mobile engineers.

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    Windows Azure Interview Questions And Answers

    Windows Azure Interview Questions and Answers for beginners and experts. List of frequently asked Windows Azure interview Questions with answers by Besant Technologies.We hope these Windows Azure interview questions and answers are useful and will help you to get the best job in the networking industry. This Windows Azure interview questions and answers are prepared by Windows Azure Professionals based on MNC Companies expectation. Stay tuned we will update New Windows Azure Interview questions with Answers Frequently. If you want to learn Practical Windows Azure Training then please go through this Windows Azure Training in Chennai

    With Respect To Azure What Is Public Private And Hybrid Cloud

    Azure Interview Questions and Answers | Microsoft Azure Interview | Intellipaat

    Public Cloud Every component that the user is using in his/ her application are running only on Azure

    Private Cloud – Azure services are being run within an on-premises data center or on-premises data centers are used by the user to host systems or applications

    Hybrid Cloud – Combines features of both Public and Private cloud. Some of the users components are being run on Azure and others within an on-premises datacenter

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    Top 50+ Azure Interview Questions And Answers

    Preparing for an Azure interview? Give your preparation a new edge with these frequently-asked Microsoft Azure interview questions that we have brought with the detailed answers!

    Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud providers thriving with its prompt service worldwide. Microsoft Azure is a dominating service provider with a market share of 20.3% which is in regular terms to hire professionals. With 70 and above offering of compliance and 120,000 subscribers per month, it has ranked as the 2nd most dominating cloud service provider. Besides, the importance of the Microsoft certification path is another reason for the popularity of Microsoft Azure.

    In this blog, we have compiled some of the common Azure interview questions that are most acceptable to understand all the basic and critical aspects to crack the interview. We present here the most frequently asked 50 questions with their appropriate answers that will enable you to crack the interview.

    What Is Azure Devops

    Azure DevOps is a SaaS platform that provides development services for creating work plans, working together on code, developing applications, and deploying them. It offers an end-to-end DevOps toolchain for the development and deployment of software. It is able to integrate with a number of popular tools in the market and is a great way for setting up a DevOps toolchain.

    Learn more about Azure DevOps from this Azure DevOps Interview Questions blog by Intellipaat.

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    What Is The Migration Assistant Tool In Azure Websites

    Migration Assistant tool will examine our IIS installation and recognize the sites that can be migrated to the cloud, featuring any components which cant be migrated or are unsupported on the platform.

    Once broken down, this tool will likewise create sites and databases provided under the given Azure membership.

    How To Create A Resource Group In Azure

    [MAR 2021] Microsoft AZ

    To create a resource group in Azure:

  • Log in to the Azure portal
  • In the menu on the left, select Resource groups
  • In the Resource groups page, click on Add
  • Fill in the details in the fields as follows:
  • Subscription: Select your Microsoft Azure subscription
  • Resource group name: Enter a unique name
  • Resource details region: Select a location
  • Click on Review + create
  • Once validation is passed, click on Create to create your resource group
  • Thats it in our blog on MS Azure interview questions and answers. Hope these Azure questions help you in your Azure Interview job preparation.

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    You Create A Container Image Named Image1 On A Developer Workstation You Plan To Create An Azure Web App For Containers Named Webappcontainer That Will Use Image1 You Need To Upload Image1 To Azure The Solution Must Ensure That Webappcontainer Can Use Image1 To Which Storage Type Should You Upload Image1

    Image1 should be uploaded to the Azure container registry. The registry credentials are configured in the web app. App service needs information about the registry and image to pull the private image. In the Azure portal, go to Container settings from the web app and update the Image source, Registry, and Save.

    What Is Azure Active Directory And How It Is Used

    Microsoft offers Azure active directory, a fully managed multi-tenant service that implements identity and access capabilities for applications running in Azure as well as applications operating in the on-premises environment. It is used for providing single sign-on and multi-factor authentication to help users from protecting attacks.

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    What Is Windows Azure Diagnostics

    Windows Azure Diagnostics enables you to collect diagnostic data from an application running in Windows Azure. You can use diagnostic data for debugging and troubleshooting, measuring performance, monitoring resource usage, traffic analysis and capacity planning, and auditing.


    BLOB stands for Binary Large Object. Blob is a file of any type and size.

    The Azure Blob Storage offers two types of blobs:

    URL format: Blobs are addressable using the following URL format:

    An Application Front End Is Hosted On Azure But Due To Security Reasons Customer Want Database To Be Hosted On

    Top 15 Azure Interview Questions and Answers | K21academy

    Looking at the requirement of connecting single on premises DB machine to Azure hosted application, Azure VNET based Point to Site can be considered as correct choice in this scenario for Azure to on premises connectivity. Point to Site is ideal choice for establishing VPN connectivity between on premises resources and Azure resources where number of resources to be connected is limited.

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    What Are Some Factors You Should Consider When Selecting The Right Migration Partner

    It would be best if you consider different factors when deciding which company will be best for your project. Some things to consider include:

    • Their experience in data migration.
    • Their ability to meet your specific requirements.
    • The quality of their services and support.
    • How well they understand your business needs.

    Data extraction is transferring data from a source system to a destination system.

    Describe The Azure Kubernetes Service In Brief

    A hosted Kubernetes cluster can be easily installed on Azure thanks to the Azure Kubernetes Service . It is the only one in charge of overseeing containerized applications. It is an open-source approach to traffic management, scaling, and automatic deployment. As a managed Kubernetes service, Azure handles crucial tasks like health diagnosis and management. Due to Azure’s control over the Kubernetes masters, you are only responsible for managing and maintaining the agent nodes. As a result, AKS is totally free the only nodes in the clusters for which you must make payment are the agent nodes.

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