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Why Are You Job Searching Right Now

Candidate script How to qualify and interview candidates on a cold call – Recruitment Training

If youre unemployed, be direct and say so. BUT have a good reason for why you want this particular job too. This is super important. Employers want to feel like you want their job, not just any job. I cant stress this enough.

If youre currently employed but job searching to find something better, keep it positive. Focus on what you want to gain in a move. Id love to find an opportunity that will give me a bigger chance to lead and manage projects, etc.

Dont badmouth your current job or employer, and dont talk about the bad things youre looking to escape or get away from. Just keep it positive and focus on what youd love to gain by changing jobs.

Sample answer if youre unemployed:

I was laid off four months ago so Im in an active job search. Im hoping to find a position that will let me continue to build my skills as a customer service supervisor. Im particularly looking to stay in the software industry, which is one reason this job excited me.

Sample if youre currently employed while job searching:

Ive learned a lot in my current job and enjoyed it, however, Ive been in this position for four years and feel that to take my skills to the next level, I should expose myself to a new work environment to continue challenging myself. I saw your job description mentions ___, which is one of the key things I hope to continue doing in my next role, so this seemed like a great job to apply for and have an interview to discuss.

Creating A Telephone Interview Script For Successful Consistent Interviewing

Telephone interviews are an easy, time-saving way to screen candidates. Developing a script or template for interviewing will make conducting telephone screens even more efficient, especially if your organization has more than one person screening candidates for the same job. An interview script will help to focus the discussion, make your organization sound more professional, and give you the tools to quickly rate a candidate and compare him or her to other candidates, in order to truly gain the time savings that phone interviews are supposed to result in.

Remember, you want your interview to be brief and relatively casual, so preparing a common repeatable script can take any bumbling or stress out the experience. On the flip side, you dont want to over-engineer the script. Just remember you dont want to come off sounding ridiculously rigid or serious your goal is to be professional and friendly.

Here are some tips for building a repeatable and reliable script.

Your script should consist of:

1. Brief Intros: Include a brief introduction of the interviewer and a few-second description of your company.

2. Job Description: Briefly describe the position to refresh the candidates memory. Phrase it so that the top qualities or skills you are looking for are included.

Why did you apply for the position?

What skills or qualifications do you possess that are uniquely suited to the position?

What do you like least about your current position?

Walk Me Through Your Resume

Many interviewers will ask, Walk me through your resume as one of the first few phone interview questions because it breaks the ice, gives you a relatively easy question, and gives them a chance to learn more about your background.

Also, some interviewers will enter the phone screen without having reviewed your resume at all . So this is your chance to highlight key career accomplishments and take the interviewer briefly through your resume and career story.

Keep your answer to one or two minutes. Its important to stay concise and focused with open-ended questions like this.

And keep the employers job requirements in mind when answering. You shouldnt just share everything youve done you should spend more time highlighting key jobs and experiences that will be most relevant to your next employers needs.

For example, if youve worked for eight years total, but the past four in the same industry as this employer, spend almost all of your time discussing your experience over the past four years in their industry.

Sample answer:

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What Questions Do You Have For Me

Always have questions to ask the interviewer. It can make the difference between getting hired and not getting a callback after the phone interview. .

You can ask about the job duties, goals, the team, the company overall, the training youll receive, how your performance will be measured, and questions about the actual interview process

If youre having an interview with a recruiter, here are some good questions to ask them.

Get Prepared For Your Phone Interview

Schedule Phone Interview Email Sample

Even though you are not meeting in person, it can still be crucial to get prepared for the phone interview as you would an in-person interview. Research the company you applied to ahead of time, practice how you will greet the interviewer and how you will answer the interviewers questions, and keep your resume nearby during your interview for quick reference. Also, its a good idea to write down their name in your notes to keep as a reference throughout your interview.

Additionally, write down some questions that you plan to ask the interviewer during the phone call. For instance, write down any questions you have about job duties, required credentials or any other information you would like to know more about.

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Email Templates To Schedule Phone Interviews

Scheduling phone interviews online are a common first step in the interview process at many companies. For active candidates, its an exciting foot in the door to the company and an opportunity to speak to why they are a good fit for a position. Keep these points in mind while composing interview invitation emails to active candidates:

  • The job search can be daunting and scary. Keep the tone friendly and approachable.
  • Be informative. All your candidate knows so far is what was listed on the job description.
  • Include your contact information so the candidate can reach you with any questions.

Hi ,Thank you so much for your application to the position at ! I reviewed your application and would love to set up a phone interview to learn more about your background and experience. We can also discuss the position in more detail, especially the tasks.Here are a few times when Im free to talk. Do these work for you?Thanks,

Specifications Of The Position

When you email to schedule a phone interview, include the job title in your first paragraph and even in the subject line. Job seekers may apply to many vacant positions at a firm thus, advise them of the job they are interviewing for before you schedule a phone interview. As a bonus, declare the name of your organization once again. It is a job seeker’s market, and top prospects have a wide range of premium companies from which to choose remind them of your credentials.

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What Is Retire Fers Deduction On My Paycheck

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1. Center Scripts Examples for Greetings. Customers always deserve to be greeted and welcomed with a polite and friendly message whether in live chat or by phone. Its one of the good customer engagement strategies to greet everyone without any distinction whether they are first-timers or repeat. If you prefer phone communication, please let me know when would be a good time to reach you or you can call me at 777-7777. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Jamie Williams, Sample Phone Script, “Hello. My name is Malik Taylor and I’m a junior majoring in Media Studies at UC Berkeley. Is this a good time for you to talk briefly?. Clarify the reason for the . Confirm it is a good time to talk with the candidate. Schedule a date and time to conduct the interview. Inform the candidate who will be involved in the interview process (i.e. greeting or escorting the candidate, conducting.

Let Them Know You Enjoyed The Interview

Final Interview Roleplay! Ready? (with script) Callcenter interview practice part 2

Dont forget to mention that you enjoyed the interview. Use this conversation to express your interest and gratitude for the opportunity. Even if youve already said thanks in a follow-up email, talking about how you enjoyed the meeting can make a significant difference.

Hiring a new employee isnt easy for anyone involved. Hiring managers have to meet many applicants and often deliver bad news. Show a sense of empathy for their stress and extra workload during the hiring process. Expressing that you understand their situation during your follow-up call can leave decision-makers feeling warm about you and your candidacy.

If you want to stick out in their mind, you can even bring up something you talked about in the interview. That could be a similarity you shared or something positive in your resume you spoke about during your meeting. Whatever the case may be, bringing that shared experience up shows many things.

It shows that youre genuine and truly care about getting this job. Both of those details can improve your chances of getting a job offer.

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Interview Invitation For A Video Interview

Subject: Marketing Coordinator Interview Invitation

Dear Samantha,

We have received your application for the marketing coordinator position at XYZ Company. Thank you very much for your interest in our organization.

I would like to schedule a video call to discuss the position with you. Could you let me know your availability for early next week?

When we have a time scheduled, I’ll send you a calendar invitation to confirm the details with instructions for participating in the call.



How Applicants Should Reply

Express your thanks. Applicants should begin their message by thanking the person who contacted them for the opportunity. Its polite and will make sure that your future interactions start off on the right foot. Further, it shows the hiring manager that you understand professional etiquette.

Make sure have the right information. Confirm the details outlined in their invitation. It might feel strange to re-type the date and time of the interview in a reply, but the hiring manager sending the invitation might be arranging several other interviews at the same time. Writing it out gives the hiring manager a chance to catch a mistake if any incorrect details were included.

Clarify any points of confusion. Is crucial information missing from the email invitation? Dont be afraid to ask for more information. No hiring manager should think less of an applicant for wanting to know exactly who they will be speaking with. In fact, asking is more likely to make an applicant look like a conscientious person who is prepared and doesn’t like wasting people’s time.

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Do’s And Don’ts For Making A Follow

Approaching a follow-up call with the right attitude can make the difference between giving the employer another reason to hire you and making them less interested in your application. Consider these tips for what to do and what not to do when following up after an interview to make sure you set yourself up for success:

How To Invite A Candidate For Interview By Phone

Reschedule Appointment Letter (7+ Sample Letters and Templates)

Communicating with candidates by phone makes your approach more personable. But, when your purpose is to schedule an interview, phone calls can create confusion. People may forget what was said if they were in a hurry or didnt take notes. Also, candidates may feel uncomfortable taking this type of call if theyre at work.

Email is more convenient and allows you to provide details about your interview process. State your purpose and your companys name in the subject line to ensure that candidates will open your email.

After your initial email, you could send a text to confirm candidates appointments or send them directions to your offices.

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Conducting An Interview: Dos And Donts

Interviewing is an art. That said, it is a good idea to follow these rules:

  • Do have a thorough understanding of the candidates background
  • Do stay focused on the candidate
  • Do ensure consistency in the questions you ask each candidate
  • Do express curiosity and interestand ask more questions if necessary to better understand the persons perspective
  • Do not take over the conversation. Permit the candidate to talk as long as it is relevant to the interview
  • Do not let the candidate veer away from the focus of the interview
  • Do not ask questions about the candidates religion, gender, sexual orientation or any other area of potential discrimination
  • Do not allow your personal biases to affect your opinion of the candidate
  • Do not take notes about your opinion of the candidatesimply record their answers
  • Do not oversell the job
  • Do not permit unnecessary interruptions

When Someone Gives You A Referral

When you are making calls, you can build a network inside the industry. If a previous client has given you the contact of a new prospect, you may have an advantage because customers are more likely to trust the advice of someone they know instead of a stranger. Referrals can also work if you have gotten their contact information from a gatekeeper within their company. Here is an example of a cold call script if someone has referred you:

Hello. This isfrom. I’m looking for, is that you?

I’m calling becausesuggested we get in touch to discussDidtalk to you about?

I helpedfind a solution to a situation like yours. Would you be able to schedule a time to talk a little more about whatcan do to help you with this challenge?

If you are going to use the name of the person who referred you, make sure you have that information, as well as some personal information about who they are and how you know them to support your claim that they referred you.

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Email Invitation To Interview Example

Heres an example of an email invitation to interview, so you know what to look out for when a recruiter reaches out to you:

Dear Samantha,

Thank you for applying for our Account Manager position here at ABC Company. Wed like to invite you to a phone interview with our hiring team. Please send over a few times that youre free this week or next, and well find a time that works for everyone. Wed like you to talk to our Account Director, Bill Smith, and one of our current Account Managers so you can get a feel for the position.

Wed also like for you to send over any references you may have and resend your resume. Sometimes the documents get lost in the transition from our job board to the interview.

If you have any questions, dont hesitate to contact me over email or give me a call. My phone number is in my signature.

Many thanks.

Cold Candidate Interview Invitation Email

HR Recruiter Calling Script |HR Interview #call #interview #hr #readytogetupdate #readyforssenglish

If you come across a truly excellent potential employee when sourcing candidates, you may want to talk to them immediately especially if theyre in a high-demand role, like a software engineer or developer. Use the following template when reaching out to a candidate for the first time to invite them to an interview.

Subject Line: Opportunity at

Hello ,

I came across your profile on and was interested in your recent work in . Im a recruiter at , and were looking for a that I think you would be a good fit for.

I would love to hear more about you and tell you about the role. Are you free this week for a quick 15-minute call? Im available at the following times:

Please let me know if any of these times work for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Choose A Quiet Location

Robert Half Talent Solutions suggests calling from a land line to avoid dropped phone calls and other connection problems. While you may be rushing to run errands, get to work, or commute by subway or bus, calling the employer back on a cell phone in a noisy public place is a risky action.

Wait until you have a quiet room or office from which you can make the call with no background noise. Make sure you will not be interrupted during the call by locking doors or informing housemates that you’ll need silence until the call is over. This will help you avoid any embarrassing interruptions when calling to schedule an interview.

How To Stand Out With Your Interview Invitation Email

An upcoming interview can be stressful and a source of anxiety for job seekers. Providing additional information solely for the candidates benefit gives the impression of a compassionate employer who values its people. It may seem simple, but its the little details that create a standout employer brand. Include the following information in your interview invitation email to engage and entice prospective employees.

Mention What to Wear

When it comes to in-person interviews, candidates want to look the part. Theres no need for the candidate to wear a suit if your office is on the casual side. Letting them know what is appropriate in terms of your office dress code helps take the pressure off of deciding what to wear. Not having to fret over how they physically present themselves allows candidates to focus on the conversation and highlighting their qualifications.

Recommend Travel Options

Candidates may come from all over the surrounding area for in-person interviews. Do not assume they will be able to grab a cab. Reference subway lines, train stations, bus routes, bike options and parking garages in close proximity to your office. Ensuring they arrive at an interview on time is a major point of concern for candidates. Providing them with the resources to plan ahead will earn you serious bonus points.

List Items to Bring

Explain What Happens Upon Arrival

Talking Points to Mention

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