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Questions To Ask Graphic Designer In Interview

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What Is Your Process When Executing A Project

Questions to ask at a graphic design interview Ep41/45 [Beginners guide to Graphic Design]

Sample answer:

I use four key strategies when carrying out a design project. First, I research the project and try to learn as much as I can about the brand. I ask several questions and use active listening to understand the design brief.

Second, I plan. I incorporate various milestones to break up the project into smaller tasks and ensure I stay on track.

Third, I manage my time with different task prioritization techniques. I write lists that correspond to each milestone and put the tasks in order, based on their importance, urgency, and the internal logic of the project.

Finally, I begin working on the project and incorporate any team/client feedback as I move towards its completion.

What Software Do You Use

Can they go beyond Photoshop and InDesign toward newcomers like Sketch and UXPin? Do they have extra skills like animation, video, or illustration, which could come in handy for other projects? Are there languages or programs they would like to learn? Do they have print skills for layout and production work? Can they back up their design with coding skills? If youre not familiar with the creative design world, get someone on your team who is to jump into the interview or check out our job descriptions to get a better understanding of the skills needed by role.

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Do You Prefer To Work As Part Of A Team Or Independently

Sample answer:

Over the course of my career, Ive worked with various teams and had multiple solo design projects. Both work styles present difficulties and have their advantages.

Even though communication difficulties can occur when working with others, I prefer to work as part of a team, because it allows you to bounce ideas off one another, manage time more efficiently, and offer each other advice.

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Walk Us Through A Design That You Are Proud Of And Describe The Process Involved

Interviewers ask this question to get an insight into your thoughts and way of working to assess your ideation process.

Talk about a project from your portfolio that is relevant to the industry you are applying to.

Explain the research, strategy, tools, software, and elements involved in shaping the design.

Do You Have Experience Working With Style Guides Or Design Systems

Question For Graphic Designer Interview

“Yes â when I started at Zendesk as a visual designer, they were already quite an established team and were in the process of formalizing their visual language. I helped work on the intial styleguide that eventually because their public Brandland.This was a great exercise to work on as one of my first project at Zendesk because it gave me the opportunity to deeply understand their existing design processes and brand. By pulling this together in one single place, we were able to scale our design team much faster while maintaining consistency and a unified brand.Consistency is incredibly important when working across large design teams, and it’s something that sets apart amateur designers and professionals. Consistency and scalability are important, especially at the start of new products. Without a proper styleguide or design system to work from and build upon, maintaining consistent designs and remembering design decisions just becomes a mess. Over time, this builds expensive technical debt that will eventually have to be sorted out.”

Why this is a good answer

Hiring managers are looking for graphic design candidates that are the best fit for their specific job. If you’re applying for a graphic design role at a large company, chances are they’ll already have a unified visual language that they work from.

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How Would You Describe The Process Of Graphic Design

Graphic designers draft roadmaps to make designs that fit the brand/cause. Some designers go with the flow while others follow a plan.

Explain the process you follow and focus on answering the Why of your process.

The popular approach to designing includes the following 6 steps:

  • Launch final design.
  • What Do You Think Of Our Work/company

    A job interview might give you the chance to step into the spotlight, but that doesnt mean youre going to be the only one in it. Employers love to hear you talk about their company and the work that they do just as much as you like to hear people say nice things about your design work.

    This is also a bit of a test to see if youve done your homework, so try to be prepared to answer this ahead of time. Again, if you dont know anything about the company and cant find out any info, this is a good chance to hear more about them.

    Give your honest opinion, but avoid being too negativeafter all, if you didnt like the company or the work that they do, why would you want to interview for the job in the first place? Constructive criticism is okay, but again, you want to frame it around why youre the best person for the job.

    Its okay to impart that there is something missing within their organizationperhaps its a void that only you can fill! But you dont want to come across as someone who is ready to start tearing everything down and doing it all your way.

    Regardless of what you know or how you feel, you should have some nice things to sayeven if its just your initial impressions when you came in for the interview.

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    What Skills Would You Like To Learn In This Role

    If an interviewer asks you this question, it’s possible that they want to see if you’ve read the job description carefully. It’s important that you’re familiar with the duties and responsibilities for the role you’re applying for. In your answer, mention a skill that you’d like to improve or learn and be sure to indirectly refer to the job ad.

    Example:’I’d love to strengthen my problem-solving skills in this role. Although I have previously experienced working with clients and handling difficult situations with them, I know that this role requires that I work with more clients at a time. I believe that working in such a dynamic work environment would also help me strengthen my communication skills and learn how to create in-depth project reports.’

    Tell Me About The Best Design Piece From Your Portfolio

    Graphic Design Interview Questions and Answers | Graphic Design

    Questions about a candidates portfolio will give you a glimpse into their artistic style and what theyre capable of. Asking about the piece theyre most proud of can also reveal insights about what gives them the most satisfaction. What to look for in an answer:

    • Pride in their work
    • Ability to explain a design piece
    • Confidence in their design skills


    Im most proud of this print and digital coupon I designed for a retail company experiencing low redemption rates. I interviewed customers and gathered critical data to overhaul the design, and even though the discount being offered was exactly the same, my new design led to a 65% increase in redemption rates compared to the previous coupon.

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    Opportunities And Average Salary

    When looking for a graphic designer job, you should understand that salary is determined by experience, location and skill. An entry-level graphic designer can expect to earn between 25,000 /mo. However, a principal graphic designer who has been working in this field for 15 years can make up to 15L per year.

    What Is Your Design Process

    Knowing what the designers design workflow looks like will give you insight into how they work, and whether or not the approach to designing your companys project meshes with theirs. Be sure to ask for a detailed explanation of their process so that it can be compared against your expectations in terms of timeline and deliverables.

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    How Do You Handle Negative Feedback

    Every designer has received negative feedback at some point in their career. There are a host of reasons for this, from unclear client needs and expectations to difficult clients to a misstep on the part of the designer. How you bounce back from that negative design feedback and use it to improve a project is the key information an interviewer is looking for with this kind of question.

    What Do You Think Is The Most Important Skill For A Graphic Designer

    12 UX Designer Interview Questions to Help You Pass the Interview ...

    This query is designed to test your information about the graphic design enterprise. to reply to it, you could talk about a spread of factors, along with creativity, expertise, difficult paintings, dedication, and a good eye for detail.

    you can also mention that ahit picture fashion designer wishes to be privy to cutting-edge developments in the industry, and need to be able to adapt their style to fit the wishes of their clients.

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    Suppose Fungi Are Growing On Some Plants In A Landscape You Designed How Do You Handle This Situation

    Interviewers ask this question to test how you handle challenges when performing your duties. It’s important for your answer to demonstrate your problem-solving skills and flexibility to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. You can also show your creativity and ability to innovate when answering this question.

    Example:”In such situations, my first step is to inspect the plants and check for any signs of disease or damage. If the fungi only infected a few plants, I can remove them and replace them with uninfected plants. In contrast, if the fungi affected a large landscape area, I evaluate whether it’s safe to apply fungicide to treat the infection or remove all the plants. Then, irrespective of the situation, I inform the client about the infection and discuss all the options for treating or removing the infected plants.”

    How Would You Evaluate Whether Your Design Is Successful

    Sample answer:

    There are a few criteria that I use to determine whether my designs are successful. The first is looking into the return on investment , or analyzing the data to see the financial impact of my design. This might be through increased traffic or purchases.

    I also consider whether the design speaks to my audience and look to see if customer engagement has increased.

    Finally, I check to see whether there was an uptick in conversion or retention rates.

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    Graphic Designer Job Description Duties And Responsibilities

    As a Graphic Designer, you will have numerous duties and responsibilities. These include liaising with managers, clients, and customers to establish the design work needed and to determine a set brief with strict timescales. You must manage clients expectations, be transparent throughout the design process,communicate clearly and in a timely manner, and work hard to deliver on expectations.

    As a Graphic Designer, you will be responsible for many different aspects of graphic design workincluding typesetting, design, print, and digital production. Other day-to-day duties include creating cutting-edge graphics, design concepts, and layouts of company logos, websites, illustrations, and advertising media using the appropriate, dimensions, font size, and style.

    As a Graphic Designer, you will also be required to keep current with digital advancements, maintain competence in the use of software and graphic design tools, and take responsibility for your ongoing professional development.

    Finally, you will need to work with external contractors including printers and web developers to ensure the project is delivered on time and to expected standards.

    How Do You Get Unstuck Creatively

    GRAPHIC DESIGNER Interview Questions & Answers! (How to PASS a Graphic Design Job Interview!)

    This should help you to determine the person’s attitude toward coming up with ideas, how he fights the tendency to procrastinate, and the out-of-the-box technique he uses to bring fresh concepts to his work. It should also show how self-aware he is about what he personally needs to do his best work in stressful environments.

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    Which Design Packages Are You Comfortable Using

    This question evaluates your experience working with software packages for design. Use this question to emphasize your work experience and expertise as a graphic designer.

    Example: “I’m proficient with Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Canva, Adobe Photoshop and Aftereffects. I’m always eager to learn new design packages to create attractive designs that meet my client’s demands.”

    What Type Of Graphic Design Work Do You Enjoy The Most

    “While I have a strong background in brand design and branding, lately I’ve been gravitating much more towards web design. I really enjoy using Figma and have started learning Webflow to build out my personal website.”

    Why this is a good answer

    As part of your research for the graphic design interview, noting down specific skills and software mentioned in the job description or used by the company is an invaluable exercise. With this knowledge, you can weave these into your answers to make it clear that you have extensive experience with these specific skills and are a good fit for the job.

    This answer is genuine, honest, and highlights your strengths in key skills and software that are mentioned in the job description.

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    How Do You Stay Abreast Of The Latest Design Trends

    Since the graphic design industry is constantly shifting, designers must stay aware of current trends to stand out and keep their designs fresh. This question will reveal if a candidate has the design mindset and true passion for graphic design that can give your company a winning edge. What to look for in an answer:

    • Strong knowledge of cutting-edge style trends
    • Commitment to continuous learning
    • Involvement in the graphic design community


    I follow my favorite designers on Instagram, subscribe to art magazines and challenge myself to read two blog articles on graphic design per day. I also regularly attend local graphic design meetups and take design courses on in my spare time.

    Is There A Need For Graphic Designers To Improve Their Knowledge How Do You Keep Up With Changing Trends

    10 Interview questions to ask a UX designer... ...

    The design industry is constantly evolving, and graphic designers need to stay abreast with the latest trends to create unique designs.

    Discuss what you do to develop your skill set and keep up with new techniques.

    Sample Answer: I read books and magazines and follow vlogs and blogs of my favorite graphic designers. This helps me keep up-to-date with the latest trends and also upgrade my skill set.

    I also work towards enhancing my knowledge of new software applications and keep experimenting with different tools.

    Stand Out From Your Peers this Appraisal Season

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    How Do You Stay Organized When You Are Provided With Multiple Design Assets Files And Ideas

    What tools or strategies does the candidate use to stay organized and productive? Agencies are fast-paced, and oftentimes, people are working on multiple different client projects at any one time. You need someone who values “organized chaos” and can manage his own tasks and projects without handholding.

    How Do You Cope With Tight Deadlines

    Sample answer:

    My main approach with tight deadlines is to organize my time efficiently when putting my ideas together.

    I create estimates for myself by focusing on pre-defined milestones and breaking the project down into smaller, achievable goals. If its clear that I wont meet the next milestones deadline, I always let the team know that I need some help.

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    What Do You Think The Next Big Design Trend Will Be

    This is another question that gives insight into how involved you are in the design industry. Designers who are involved in the industry, who undergo continuing education, and stay abreast of evolving technologies and trends generally have a sense of what might be coming next in the industry. While not every interviewer will ask a question along these lines, its good to be prepared for it.

    Why Is Communication Critical When Completing Graphic Design Projects

    Graphic Design Interview Questions with Answer Examples

    Sample answer:

    In my opinion, communication is critical not only for understanding and discussing design briefs but also for making changes, incorporating feedback, and requesting support from others when working with tight deadlines.

    Frequent communication with the team is essential, and regular check-ins with my clients help align my creativity with their vision. It also helps me share the underlying brand messages effectively and make sure it meets the clients needs.

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    Can You Give An Example Of A Project That Went Well

    “Of course! When I was a graphic designer at Eight Sleep, I worked on a project with the content team to design infographics and interesting visuals for their top 10 most popular posts.The goal was to not only improve the posts visually, but to give the content team assets to share on social media and promote discussions about the posts.I researched dozens of companies and best practices and pulled together a collection of great examples in Figma to share with the content team. Once we were all aligned on th best approach and visual direction, I spent several weeks creating and iterating on these assets in Figma and Illustrator, uploading them to our CMS in Webflow as I went.Once the new posts were live and re-shared and our social media accounts, I tracked their engagement and we saw a significant uptick. The engagement rate increased by 45% and blog traffic was up 20% over the following quarter. A lot of this traffic, surprisingly, was from infographics shared on Pinterest. This has since turned into a valuable growth lever for the content team and we applied the same to the entire blog.”

    Why this is a good answer

    This is a great answer because it leverages the STAR method to help the hiring manager follow along by providing a focused answer with a digestible but compelling story. Using quantifiable metrics shows clearly that your work had a positive impact and that you’re data-driven.

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