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Cyber Security Analyst Job Interview Questions

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Mention The Steps To Set Up A Firewall

CYBER SECURITY Interview Questions And Answers! (How to PASS your Cyber Security Job interview!)

Following are the steps you have to follow to set up a firewall:

  • Username/password: Alter the default password of a firewall device.
  • Remote Administration: Always disable the Remote Administration feature.
  • Port Forward: For the web server, FTP, and other applications to work properly, configure appropriate ports.
  • DHCP Server: Disable the DHCP server when you install a firewall to avoid conflicts.
  • Logging: Enable logs to view the firewall troubleshoots and to view logs.
  • Policies: Configure strong security policies with the firewall.
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    Common Personal Cybersecurity Interview Questions

    Even with all the necessary skills and qualifications, the best Cyber Security Analyst still needs to have the right personality to fit in with a company or team.

    Here is an example of a personal cybersecurity interview question and how to answer it:

    Question: How do you keep on top of cybersecurity industry news and trends?

    Answer: In cybersecurity, staying on top of trends can make all the difference in protecting your company from emerging threats. Your hiring manager will want to see that you are plugged into the industry. Talk about how you check vulnerability alert feeds and advisory websites, read cybersecurity news sites and blogs, and follow all the top cybersecurity social media accounts. It is also worth mentioning if you have experience networking and sharing ideas with other cybersecurity professionals at conferences, live events, or other meet-ups.

    These Essential Interview Questions Will Reveal Whether A Candidate Has The Skills And Traits Needed For This In

    Youre interviewing candidates for a security analyst position. One is a history major with no formal technical experience. The other has an advanced degree in computer science, with a focus on cybersecurity, and 10 years experience in pentesting and security operations center environments.

    Which candidate do you hire?

    If youre Keatron Evans, principal security researcher at security education provider InfoSec, the history major gets the job. By asking the right questions, Evans could see through the candidates resume and credentials to the most highly valued security analyst traits: troubleshooting and problem-solving skills, curiosity, desire to learn, and an innate passion for cybersecurity.

    Demand for this role higher than ever, a trend that is likely to continue, with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting that employment for security analysts will grow 31% from 2019-2029. The following interview questions will help you stay ahead of that curvey, ensuring you make a successful security analyst hire.

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    Ids Vs Ips: What Is The Difference

    Intrusion detection systems monitor networks for suspicious activity. When a potential threat is detected, the system will alert the administrator. Intrusion Prevention Systems are equipped to respond to threats, and are able to reject data packets, issue firewall commands, and sever connections. Both systems can operate on a signature or anomaly basis. Signature-based systems detect attack behaviors or signatures that match a preprogrammed list, while anomaly-based systems use AI and machine learning to detect deviations from a model of normal behavior.

    What Is The Future Of Cyber Security In The Fast

    Top 12 Common Cybersecurity Analyst Interview Questions with Answers ...

    As the era is fast-moving toward better and smarter technology, cybersecurity is evidently becoming more and more threatened. It is one aspect of technology that is constantly evolving. So, there will always be a need for cybersecurity professionals to keep themselves updated on the latest threats and tools. Cyber Security defense strategies will never go away. Organizations will have to have multiple processes and technologies in place to minimize all threats and risks related to cybersecurity.

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    You Receive An Email From Your Bank Telling You There Is A Problem With Your Account The Email Provides Instructions And A Link So You Can Log Into Your Account And Fix The Problem

    What should you do?

    Delete the email. Better yet, use the web client and report it as spam or phishing, then delete it.

    Any unsolicited email or phone call asking you to enter your account information, disclose your password, financial account information, social security number, or other personal or private information is suspicious even if it appears to be from a company you are familiar with. Always contact the sender using a method you know is legitimate to verify that the message is from them.

    What Are The Qualities That An Information Security Analyst Needs To Be Successful

    The main purpose of this question is to know the most demanding skill sets that should be there in an information security analyst and a few things related to routines such as punctuality and dedication.

    A person interested in a security analyst career should have Strong Data Analysis Skills, Solid Sense of Logic, Ingenuity, Skilled Problem Solver, and Orientation to Detail. Other than that, he should be punctual and think things logically to make a way out of the problem

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    How Do You Keep Company Devices Secure If Theyre On Public/hotel Wifi

    This is crucial for a company that has employees who frequently travel, or who use WiFi that you dont know the security of.

    Norton Security recommends staying off of public WiFi altogether. When on public WiFI, then users should avoid accessing sensitive data, like bank accounts. Users should use a VPN, avoid using public cell phone chargers, which have been used in the past to hack into devices, and avoid connecting to unknown Bluetooth devices.

    What Is A Cia Triad

    SOC Analyst (Cybersecurity) Interview Questions and Answers – SOC Processes

    CIA triad is a model designed to handle policies for information security within an organization.

    • Confidentiality – A collection of rules that limits access to information.
    • Integrity – It assures the information is trustworthy and reliable.
    • Availability – It provides reliable access to data for authorized people.

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    Cyber Security Engineer Interview Questions

    Cyber security engineers create security measures to protect the computer and networking systems of businesses from potential hackers and cyber attacks. Cyber security engineers will troubleshoot network and security problems and respond to network breaches to ensure the protection of sensitive databases from cybercriminals.

    When interviewing cyber security engineers, look for candidates who demonstrate analytical, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills. Be wary of candidates who lack an excellent understanding and knowledge of technology and software.

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    Additional Personal Cybersecurity Interview Questions

    • Which trend in cybersecurity are you most excited about? Which cybersecurity trend will have the biggest impact in five years?
    • What is an emerging threat in cybersecurity that deserves more attention?
    • Tell us about yourself.
    • Tell us about your preferred work environment.
    • Tell us about your educational background. How has your education prepared you for this job?
    • What extracurricular activities do you participate in?
    • What skills from previous positions will help you in this job?
    • What are your professional goals?
    • What inspired you to pursue cybersecurity?
    • Where do you see yourself in five years?
    • What kind of team environment do you thrive in?
    • What excites you about our company?

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    Common Technical Cybersecurity Interview Questions

    Cybersecurity roles tend to be highly technical. After your hiring manager gets a good handle on your overall understanding of core cybersecurity concepts, they will likely want to drill down into even more complex topics and technical tasks to make sure you have the right mix of experience and expertise.

    Here are two examples of a technical cybersecurity interview question and how to answer them:

    Question:What are the different layers of the OSI model?

    Answer: The seven different layers of OSI models are:

    • Application Layer

    Question: What steps would you take to secure a server?

    For virtually any job in cyber security, hiring managers will want to know that you have experience protecting and securing a web server. The first step in your response should be to secure passwords for administrative and root users before removing remote access from default admin and root accounts. The final step would be to set up a firewall to monitor network traffic and protect the computer system from being attacked by malware, viruses, or warms.

    What Is A Response Code List Them

    Most common cyber security questions at interview

    HTTP response codes indicate a servers response when a client makes a request to the server. It shows whether an HTTP request is completed or not.

    1xx: Informational

    The request is received, and the process is continuing. Some example codes are:

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    What Do You Have In Your Home Network

    I set up a very strong user name and password for my router and Wi-Fi, its broadcasting feature isdisabled. I set up MAC address filtering on the router and I use WPA2 security encryption technology. It encrypts the traffic on wi-fi networks. I disabled the remote access feature. I use a firewall and configure its security measures and it is always on.

    What Is Arp Poisoning Can You Explain With An Example

    ARP poisoning is a type of cyberattack that aims to interrupt, redirect, or covertly monitor network traffic. The ARP establishes IP-level connections to new hosts by accepting requests from new devices to join the LAN and provides an IP address. The ARP also translates the IP address to a MAC address and sends ARP packet requests to query appropriate MAC addresses to use, which saves time for network administrators.

    After sending fabricated ARP packets to link an intruders MAC address with an IP of a device already connected to the LAN , a hacker can initiate ARP poisoning by changing the extant ARP table to contain falsified MAC maps. A successful ARP poisoning will link the attackers MAC address with the targets LAN, rerouting incoming traffic to the attacker.

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    Can You Reset A Password

    BIOS is a firmware located on a memory chip, often in a computers motherboard or system board. A typical BIOS security feature is a user password that must be entered to boot up a device. If you wish to reset a password-protected BIOS configuration, youll need to turn off your device, locate a password reset jumper on the system board, remove the jumper plug from the password jumper-pins, and turn on the device without the jumper plug to clear the password. This will reset the BIOS to default factory settings.

    There Has Been A Request To Make Sure That Visiting Employees Cannot Simply Plug Into Random Desk Ports Is There An Easy Way To Accomplish This

    Cybersecurity Analyst Interview

    Multiple vendors can lock a particular switch port to a specific device. If this device is swapped out for something else, the port is disabled, preventing the new device from coming online. The benefit is that if the original device is plugged back in, the port remains tripped, thus showing that it was tampered with. Unused ports can also just be simply disabled so that they remain in this tripped state regardless of whether or not a new device is plugged in.

    This way, we do not have to worry as much about malicious or even legitimate users just plugging in whatever they want into the network.

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    Q: What Is Cryptography

    A: This is one of the most common cybersecurity interview questions. Interviewers use it to see if you have the basic knowledge of cybersecurity processes. Your answer should include both a definition of cryptography and how you’ve used it in the past .

    Cryptography is a method of secure communication to protect data from third parties that the data isn’t intended for.

    You can say something like: ‘In my previous position, I used cryptography to encrypt the company’s data and ensure that the information is transferred securely via the company’s private network.’

    Q: Explain What Snmp Is

    A: SNMP stands for simple network management protocol, which is considered an internet standard protocol and application layer protocol.

    The SNMP is used to collect and organize information for managed devices on IP networks. It’s also used to modify that information so you can change the device’s behavior.

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    Why Do You Feel You Are The Most Suited For This Role

    Tell more about your skills, educational background, and experience over here. Your interest and motivation also play a huge role, so try to state these things as this will make you the best choice for the role.

    My educational background, certificates, experience in the practical field, and interest, all these things make me the best choice for this role. If you have an interest, you gradually build skills in it and make the things work out for you. The most important thing is passion, and I am very concerned about this job, and I have skills for this job as well. So this is why I am pretty much, like confident, you can say, that I am the best suit for this job.

    Top 20 Information Security Analyst Interview Questions with Sample Answers:

    Unauthorized Computers And Devices On Network

    Soc Interview Questions and Answers â CYBER SECURITY ANALYST
    • Authenticate the user and the device before joining them to network.
    • Implement access control process to recognize each user and each device and enforce security policies. With access control method we can also block noncompliant endpoint devices or give them only limited access. Network access controls implement a defined security policy for access which is supported by a network access server that performs the authentication and authorization. dynamic network access control works on specific computers that are connected to a local area network and are considered to be trusted systems. When an unauthorized user attempts to access the network, the trusted systems will restrict access and then communicate the action to the main policy server.
    • Mobile device management should be in place to control and configure which devices can access your network.

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    What Major Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role How Did You Manage Them

    If you joined any previous job, then the interviewee over here wants to know what the few challenges that you must have faced were? And whenever we join any job, there are a few challenges that we face, and thats what the interviewee wants to know. Try to be more general over here as if youll say that I did not understand the work then, of course, youll be out in a few minutes.

    The major challenge that I faced during my last job as an information security analyst was to manage work with teams because transferring them the data and making them understand about the work was little bit time-taking and due to that other tasks became tough for me to manage, but somehow, it took little bit effort and time and then I got the pace and managed the time and the work together.

    What Is Forward Secrecy And How Does It Work

    • Forward secrecy is a feature of specific key agreement protocols which gives assurance that even if the private key of the server is compromised the session keys will not be compromised. It is also known as perfect forward secrecy.
    • The Algorithm that helps in achieving this is called “DiffieHellman key exchange”.

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    What Qualities Make Someone A Good Cybersecurity Analyst

    All cybersecurity jobs require mastery of computer science, but those heading into a cybersecurity analyst interview might not need to know every detail of every enterprise system and its security features.

    One reason is that the field itself is constantly changing, and not every cybersecurity analyst has to keep up with everything in order to perform his or her job well, Wade said.

    A strong foundation in computer science may support success in this field, but is not a hard requirement. It also sometimes tends to undervalue certifications that test for a body of knowledge and overvalue certifications that are achieved through entirely practical means, Wade said. Given the constant evolution of this field, a candidates years of professional experience can have lower emphasis than their demonstrated practical mastery, which opens up opportunities for candidates from broad backgrounds. That said, candidates with practical backgrounds involving scripting, coding, or application development tend to be particularly well equipped.

    Sherrod DeGrippo, senior director of threat research and detection at security firm Proofpoint, added that, as the industry has changed over the last 20 years, so have the requirements for positions such as cybersecurity analyst.

    Leidos Cyber Security Analyst Interview Questions

    Cybersecurity Analyst Interview Questions / Answers
    • – San Andrés and Providence and
    • Papua New Guinea – All Cities
    • United Arab Emirates – All Cities


    I interviewed at Leidos


    The good part about this interview process was that the primary person in contact with me was very friendly and kept the process moving – I didn’t have to wait very long between each step of the interview process. The bad part was that the in-person interview was me on one side of the table, 4 or 5 men on the other side asking questions. I don’t mind team interviews, but the physical layout made me feel unwelcome.

    Anonymous Interview Candidate in Scott Air Force Base, IL


    I applied online. The process took 4 weeks. I interviewed at Leidos in Jul 2020

    InterviewInterview Questions

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    How To Ace Cybersecurity Analyst Interview Questions: A Helpful Guide

    With cyber crimes becoming a pressing concern, there has been a growing demand for proficient cybersecurity analysts. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts job growth of 35% for information security analysts in the next ten years, making it one of the fastest-growing occupations. If you are preparing for a lucrative career in this field, prepare to ward off the competition with this comprehensive guide to potential cybersecurity analyst interview questions.

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