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Exit Interview Questions For Church Staff

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How Do You Approach Project And Task Management

How to Navigate an Exit Interview | Indeed Career Tips

Asking an open-ended question like this about project management will leave room for you to hear how systematic the candidate is. Do they have a personal system for breaking down projects into tasks or do they often get overwhelmed by new projects? Does this person have a process for not forgetting important details of their role? If they dont, they could possibly be missing the ability to follow through and meet deadlines.

Listen for cop outs like, Im just not a detail person, or I have an assistant that handles all that stuff. Depending on your churchs culture, you might need a candidate that can do both the ideation and execution of a project or initiative. If a candidate isnt accustomed to taking projects to the finish line, you might be frustrated when it comes time for them to deliver results in their role.

Questions That Reveal Job Skills And Achievements

Not only does a candidate need to be a good fit for your church, but they also need to have skills and experience that fit your requirements. In order to make sure they will be able to effectively complete the job at hand, here are a few questions to ask.

  • What skills make you the most qualified for this position?
  • What one job skill would you like to improve on?
  • How do you plan on improving your skill set?
  • What would you consider your biggest accomplishment to be?
  • When it comes to ministry, what is your greatest strength?
  • What outside job training or skills would you like to acquire if hired?
  • How did you end up in your current role?

Here Are 10 Things You Should Never Say Before Your Exit Interview

This place is ‘going downhill/a sinking ship/lost without meSo-and-so was mean to me/did something bad/hates it here, tooSHOW ME THE MONEY!@%!Never, ever again.You could have made me stay, you know.Nobody likes working here.10 Things You Should Never Say During An Exit Interview\ > 10-things-you-should-never-say-at-your-exit-in…

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What Would You Change About Your Job

The answer to this question can help you see whether or not you need to change this particular position before you hire someone else. If the job itself caused the employee to leave, you may be hiring someone into a volatile position. Make the position better and you avoid high turnover in the future.

What To Say In The Exit Interview So You Leave On A Good Note

Employee Exit Form Template

Why are you leaving?What were the best and worst parts of your job?How happy were you with things like salary, benefits, perks, time off, the office environment, etc?How do you feel about your managers or supervisors?How do you feel about the support/training/feedback you received?What To Say in the Exit Interview So You Leave on a Good Note\ > article > what-to-say-in-the-exit-interview-so-you-lea…

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What Is An Exit Interview

An exit interview is a conversation that happens between an employee leaving a company and HR or a manager from the same company. The idea is to have an open and honest conversation about why the person is leaving the company. A good exit interview process yields actionable insight for the manager and the company to help retain others.

At the same time, it helps to assess what they feel could be done better in the company.

The purpose of an exit interview is to learn.

You want to find out exactly why the person is leaving and how you could mitigate this happening with other employees.

In exit interviews, you can learn how employees feel the company is run based on the current management style. You can also determine whether or not an employee has been supported enough and where they felt they were let down.

The person asking the exit interview questions could be the employees direct manager or supervisor, a member of HR, or even the head of the company. It depends on who the departing employee is, the position they held, and the reasons for leaving.

Its important to set up the exit interview so that the exiting employee feels comfortable enough to be candid. Otherwise, you may not learn much from the experience.

Churches Generally Hold Varying Beliefs About The Sign Gifts In Which Environment Would You Be Most Comfortable Serving

Even within denominations, churches often have varying views on sign gifts, so this is an excellent topic to bring up in understanding where the candidates personal theological views lie regarding sign gifts. The goal here is not to change what the candidate believes but to make sure that the churchs theology aligns with the candidates theology.

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What Motivates You In Your Work And Career

You want to hire a person who aspires for more than what is right in front of them. If you are interviewing someone who is happy to be in one position for the rest of their life, they are likely not someone who is up for a challenge. The people who are up for a challenge are going to be the ones who will go over and beyond what is asked of them.

What Parts Of Your Current Ministry Job Are The Most Energizing To You And What Parts Are The Most Draining

Employee Exit Interview Questions to Improve Retention

Much can be learned from how the candidate describes his or her own strengths and weaknesses. Its common for someone to stray from the absolute truth in these scenarios because they are focused on making a good impression. By asking what energizes a candidate, youll gain more insight into what strengths they will bring to your team and the work environments where they will thrive. By asking what drains a candidate, youll gain insight into the tasks and responsibilities that the candidate prefers to stay away from. Look for the candidate to be open and honest about their shortcomings as well as strengths and how that might affect their potential position on your church staff. Humility and self-awareness is key for successful church staff leaders, so listen for a humble spirit in the candidates response.

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Did You Feel Like A Valuable Part Of The Company

If the answer to this question is no, use it as an indicator that there may be others in your organization who feel the same way. Remember, where theres smoke, theres fire. The answer to this question can help you discern the problem and help you take steps to remedy the situation before it becomes a bigger issue.

How To Conduct The Best Exit Interviews

Strategy and planning will help you ask the best exit interview questions of employees who are leaving that will allow you to collect information to give you actionable insights. Here are some tips to consider:

  • If your company is large enough to have a human relations department, have someone from that team conduct the interview. That might make it easier for the exiting employee to be honest and forthcoming about their answers.
  • The best time to schedule an exit interview for someone who has given two-weeks notice is somewhere in the middle of that time not immediately following the announcement and not right before the last day.
  • Whether its a phone or video call or in person, let the employee know the reason for the meeting. Make it clear that they arent obligated to answer any questions that make them uncomfortable, and be prepared to listen, rather than express your opinions.

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Identify Areas Of Improvement In The Workplace

Ask your employee about their everyday life in the workplace and if that is part of the reason why theyre leaving. They can point out aspects of the employee experience you didnt notice because they dont directly impact you.

For example, one of the reasons theyre leaving may be due to frustration over slow business management software. With this valuable information, you can investigate alternative solutions that will benefit other employees.

Dont Wait For The Exit Interview To Ask These Questions

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Want to gather this information before your employees decide to leave? Incorporate these questions into your performance reviews. Identifying concerns before they become problems can help you retain valuable employees and keep your business running smoothly.

And dont be afraid to ask whether their work schedule was amongst the reasons they decided to leave. There are many scheduling options out there, such as:

It would be a shame to lose a valuable employee over something as easily changeable as schedule.

And if youre wondering how to actually schedule those alternatives, the Sling app can help. It provides powerful tools, including onboard artificial intelligence, to help you schedule five, 10, or 100 employees quickly and easily.

When you use Sling to manage your employees, you can dedicate more time to ensuring that your team members have what they need to do their jobs well and that you dont have to ask these exit interview questions again.

For more free resources to help you manage your business better, organize and schedule your team, and track and calculate labor costs, visit today.

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Why Are You Looking For A New Job

This is an open-ended question that leaves room for you to interpret motivation and underlying personality traits. It will help you determine if this person is a passive candidate casually exploring opportunities or an active candidate who is committed to looking for a new job. Neither is bad, but it is a good distinction to uncover so that you can assess if they feel drawn to your church specifically or if this is just another application they submitted out of many.

A Guide For Exit Interviews

Exiting is a process not an event. It is important to see the exit interview as part of enabling a good transition for both the person and the organisation. An exit interview is in part a pastoral response to the one leaving, it is also an important management task which aims to minimise loss of intellectual capital and receive valuable feedback on systems that might otherwise never be received. The following are offered as indicative questions that would help an exit interview fulfil its purposes. They are not necessarily questions to ask, but questions that lie behind the interview.

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Conducting A Fruitful Exit Interview

Pastoral turnover is happening, and more is to come. Part of this is due to normal cycling in the mutual ministries of clergy and congregations. Much is related to the stresses ministers experienced during the pandemic, when they were called upon to take on more responsibility than ever before, often with less support. These shifts created fissures or widened pre-existing ones in ways that now seem difficult to bridge as Covid continues, particularly in pastors exhausted states.

Whatever the cause, if churches and their leaders are parting ways, it is essential to conduct an exit interview. This kind of meeting offers the pastor closure and provides the church a wealth of insight that it can use for discernment during the transition between settled leaders.

Here are some considerations when planning a fruitful exit interview:


Its important that the leadership group setting up the exit interview sees the departing pastor’s insight as a gift, a way to get a head start on the church’s self-assessment work in the interim time. Pastors can view their full participation as one of their final acts of care and leadership for the congregation. This mutual understanding sets the table for a productive, even if at times difficult, conversation.


Parties involved

Clarity about confidentiality

Questions to ask the pastor

Why Did You Start Looking For A New Job

Sample Exit Interview Questions | SurveySparrow

The answer to this question will be different for everyone. Employees may have started looking for a new position in search of better compensation, employee benefits, or work culture. Some may have just wanted a change.

Only by asking this question to all employees leaving can you identify any common themes.

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What Are Your Goals

This question will help you determine if your interviewee thinks strategically about the future and plans ahead. If he or she doesnt have a direct answer , chances are making plans is a difficult task. Ask about previous plans they have set and accomplished and why for additional insight. Asking this question will also help you discern if the interviewees goals align with the mission and goals of your church.

How Can We Improve Our Training And Development

Employees leave for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common is that they didnt feel they were growing, developing, and improving as much as they would like. If that is the case with your outgoing employees, theyll let you know how you can improve in that regard when you ask them this question.

Remember, training and development are less about learning new skills or advancing up the ranks and more about keeping employees engaged in the work they have. If you can identify better ways to do that, you can reduce attrition and increase employee retention.

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Questions That Show Compatibility With Your Church

The following questions will help to make sure the candidate is a good fit for your church. Its important that this person aligns with your churchs mission, and these can help you get to the heart of that.

  • Please share your personal testimony with me.
  • What do you enjoy most about your current church?
  • Why do you want to work at our church?
  • How would you describe your style of working?
  • Can you please describe your ideal working environment?
  • Why are you leaving your current job?
  • Do you have any theological questions for me?
  • Describe your favorite and least favorite supervisor.
  • What challenges do you see impacting our church?

Would You Recommend Our Company To A Friend Looking For A Job

Church of Scientology Exit Zone: Initial Survey Reporting Archive Released

If at all possible, you want the answer to this question to be yes. It indicates the success of the company as a whole. The outgoing employee may be dissatisfied with small aspects of her job, but you want her to talk positively about the company. If she wouldnt recommend your company to her friend, find out why and then fix it.

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Which Specific Denomination Or Christian Groups/tribes Would Be The Best Fit For You

You can sometimes tell which denominations or tribes a candidate is associated with through their resume by seeing where they went to college or seminary as well as churches theyve worked at in the past. However, this is a good question to ask, especially if a candidate has multiple denominations or tribes represented on their resume.

What Is Your Preferred Work Environment

Employees typically have a preference for what kind of work environment helps them be most productive. Some prefer professional and quiet environments while others like more open, flexible spaces. If you hire an introvert for the role, yet the role will require them to interact in a part of the organization that is loud and constantly bustling, it may cause tension. Its helpful to hire employees who know how they are wired and how that influences their work and productivity.

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Find Out Why People Leave Your Church: 8 Tips For Exit Interviews

This week I listened to people who left their churches and never went back. I didnt like their stories, for a couple of reasons.

First, it was painful to hear of their wounds. Their reasons for leaving varied widely, from mistreatment to malfeasance to neglect.

Then, it was agonizing to hear how none of them had been contacted by the churches they left. They felt ultimately disposable and forgotten.

Unfortunately, their stories are all too common. Even for churches that report shining statistics of new members, theyre often losing equal numbers out the back door. Whats happening? Why are they leaving?

Churches like to call in paid consultants to analyze their situations. Usually these hired guns interview the staff and survey the congregation. They typically uncover predictable things. But they may miss the glaring problems, which are best articulated by those who have left.

So, before you call in the next consultant, take a hint from other organizations: talk to your past customers. See what good employers do they conduct exit interviews. It seems so obvious. But, in the church world, this contact is rare.

Why? Are we afraid of what well hear? Is it too awkward? Do we feel that contacting lost members will only pander to their complaining?

How To Interview For Quality Work Ethic

What Happens When You Leave Google? (exit interview)

Another component that is often hard to assess in the interview process is work ethic. We often hear from church leaders, They had an excellent resume and interviewed really well, but he just doesnt have the work ethic to keep up with our churchs pace. It is vital that you interview for work ethic to help ensure that the candidates personal work ethic aligns with your churchs expectations.

Below are nine questions to ask both the candidate and yourself in the interview process to see if they will add value and be able to do their job well.

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What Does Your New Position Offer That Influenced Your Decision To Leave

The answer to this question will indicate the specifics of where your company is lacking. It could be company culture. It could be pay or benefits. It could be lack of flexibility. It could be any number of things.

The important thing to remember is that the information the outgoing employee provides can be used to pick up the slack where your company has fallen short.

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