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Full Stack Developer .net Interview Questions

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What Is Event Bubbling And Capturing In Javascript

Full Stack Developer Interview Questions 2022 | Web Development Interview Questions | Simplilearn

You must pay special attention to HTML and JavaScript while preparing for full stack developer interview questions.

In HTML API, Event Bubbling and Event Capturing are the ways of the event propagation when an event takes place in an element located inside the other part.

Both the parts have registered a handle with the recent Event. The event propagation mode determines the order in which the elements receive the Event. In Event Bubbling, the Event is primarily captured and handled by the innermost part, and then it is propagated to the outermost part.

Can You Share An Experience When You Found Your Colleagues Code To Be Inefficient How Did You Deal With It

This question is an opportunity to show that you have good interpersonal skills. Start by describing a situation where you found that there was code that could have been written better or optimized.

Then, explain how addressed the issue with your colleague. Clarify that you didnt throw your colleague under the bus for their mistake, but that you instead raised the issue in a respectful manner.

Full Stack Developer Interview Questions And Answers

Full Stack Python Training at 3RI Technologies is a complete package that is designed considering the recent trends and practices.

What will be asked in the interview isnt easy, but these are the questions most commonly asked in the Full Stack Developer interviews. These questions and answers for the full stack developer interview will also help you to clear your concerns and grasp the Full-Stack concepts. Our experts and specialists at 3RI Technologies have revised and built these full-stack developers interview questions and answers. 3RI also offers a complete Full Stack Developer course. Queries and responses for full stack developer interviews include CSS, SPA, JavaScript, SQLite. Full Stack refers to the various technologies that are used to carry out a project. The project may use the mobile Stack, app stack, or web stack. The questions and answers for the Full Stack Developer Interview would cover all these subjects related to and used in Full Stack Developer Technology. You get more benefits if you join the Python Full Stack Developer Course at 3RI Technologies

  • What is your favorite programming language, and why it is your favorite?
  • The full-stack developer usually know

    So as a Full Stack Developer, you should be able to know these programming languages but also be able to choose your favorite language that you understand in-depth, and you are comfortable with it. So that you can easily demonstrate when asked.

    2. So what was the latest thing you learned?

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    What Are Some Common Security Issues To Consider When Building A Web Application

    When interviewers ask this question, they want to know if youre aware of common security risks and how to mitigate them. Theyre also testing to see if you have the critical thinking skills needed to build a secure web application.

    Some common security risks that you can discuss while answering this question include SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, session hijacking, and many more. Further, when you are discussing ways to help mitigate these risks, you can discuss solutions like input validation, output escaping, use of HTTPS over HTTP, and two-factor authentication to display an in-depth understanding of the topic.

    What Is A Continuous Integration And Continuous Delivery

    Net Developer Skills

    CI/CD is a best practice to develop applications in which code changes more frequently and rapidly. Sometimes, it is also known as CI\CD pipeline. It is widely used in DevOps and also an agile methodology.

    Continuous integration is a coding philosophy or deployment practice in which developers integrate their code in a shared repository several times a day. Because modern application requires developing code in different platforms. The goal of continuous integration is to establish an automated mechanism that builds, test, and package the application.

    Continuous delivery starts where CI ends. It automatically delivers the application to the selected infrastructure. CD ensures the automated delivery of code if any changes are made in the code.

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    Can You Tell Us About The Most Puzzling Programming Challenge You Came Across

    Tell about the recent bug and error you came across and explain to the hiring manager how you overcame it. Tell the hiring manager you are the person who believes in collaborative work. Describe how you could get assistance from a coworker, an online community, or your mentor to tackle the problem. When in doubt, its always a good idea to inquire.

    What Is Cors In Mvc And How It Works

    CORS stands for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing. It is a W3C standard and HTTP-header-based mechanism. It permits a server to indicate any other origins instead of the requested one. In other words, it enables one website to access the resources of another website using JavaScript.

    It supports secure cross-origin requests and transfers data between servers and browsers. Advanced browsers use CORS in APIs. It is flexible and safe in comparison to JSONP . It provides better web service integration.

    While using the MVC to enable CORS, the same CORS service can be used but we cannot use the same CORS middleware. We can use a particular CORS for a particular action, for a particular controller, and globally for all controllers.

    A pre-flight check is sent by the browser to the server which ensures that the server will permit the actual request or not. For example, invoking the URL through .

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    What Are Some Common Scalability Issues To Consider When Building A Web Application

    When interviewers ask this question, they want to know youre thinking about the future of the company and how your role might impact its growth. Here are a few things to keep in mind when answering this question:

    • Make sure your application can handle an increasing number of users. This means considering things like performance, capacity, and scalability from the start.
    • Be aware of common bottlenecks that can slow down a web application, such as database queries, network latency, and file I/O.
    • Caching is often used to improve performance and scalability. Identify what can be cached and how it should be invalidated when data changes.
    • Design your application for failure. This means using techniques like circuit breakers and failover clustering to handle unexpected outages.

    What Are The Differences Between Server

    Top 45 jQuery Interview Questions and Answers | Full Stack Web Development Training | Edureka

    Here are the differences between server-side scripting and client-side scripting:

    • Server-side scripting involves writing the code that will work in the backend and not be seen by the users of the applications. Client-side scripting is the writing of code that will influence what users see.
    • Server-side scripting requires interactions with the server being used for an application. The client-side description doesnt involve interactions with the server.
    • Server-side scripting is used to improve how server resources are used. Client-side scripting can improve user experiences and the aesthetic appearance of applications.
    • HTML, CSS, and Javascript are common client-side scripting languages. ASP.NET, Java, and PHP are common server-side scripting languages.

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    What Do You Enjoy More Management Or Execution

    This question will be asked by every senior professional for Full Stack web developer interview questions. Basically, the hiring manager wants to know if you are comfortable in a technical role or want to switch to a managerial role. They can also ask if you prefer to work alone or in a team. From your interests, the company requirements can be different. So, it is good to establish the expectations at the front.

    How Hard Is It To Become A Full

    Becoming a full-stack developer is harder than choosing between backend and frontend development. The best way to become a full-stack developer is to study one first, then learn the other.

    Since youre hereNo one wakes up knowing how to code they learn how to code. Tens of thousands of students have successfully learned with our courses, like our Software Engineering Bootcamp. If youre a total newbie, our Software Engineering Career Track Prep Course will be a perfect fit. Lets do this!

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    What Is Something You Like To Do Outside Of Work

    This ice breaker is often used to determine whether youd be a good fit for the organizations culture.

    Give an honest answer. Dont exaggerate your volunteer experience or say that you want to backpack around the world if thats not who you are. You can list more mundane things, like hanging out with your dog, if thats what you really enjoy.

    Have You Ever Led A Development Team What Happened And What Did You Learn

    SSM Infotech Solutions

    Leadership is important for an experienced developer. Even if youre not interested in a management role, a senior full stack developer will need to take charge of the team and educate them on principles and best practices.

    Example: I was the team lead on my last project. I put communication and visibility first, dug into our DevOps strategy, and we pushed the product out the door on time. I learned a lot about managing the strengths of my team members everyone is different and does things differently, but by embracing those strengths, I was able to create the best possible project.

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    How Has Your Experience Prepared You For This Position

    The key to answering this question is to be familiar with the role and the company. What is the company trying to achieve in the short term? What does the job description say theyre looking for in a full-stack developer?

    Once you know this, you can cherry-pick instances from your past which demonstrate that youre the right person for this role. Lets say a company is looking for a full-stack developer who has e-commerce experience. If youve worked with e-commerce tools or transactional software, cite this as evidence that youre suited for the position youre applying for.

    Tell Us About The Best Implementation Or Debugging You Have Done

    It is a tricky question. This actually gives an idea to the hiring manager of the complexity and style of projects you have done in the past. You should also mention the issues you faced and the measures you have taken to overcome that roadblock. You can also tell the hiring manager what you have learned from the issue you have faced.

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    State Difference Between Normalization And Denormalization

    Normalization and denormalization are the two main methods of altering the structure of a database.

    Normalization Denormalization
    Normalization involves removing redundant data from a database and storing consistent, non-redundant data. It involves combining data from multiple tables into a single so that it can be queried quickly.
    It primarily focuses on clearing out unused data and reducing duplicate data and inconsistencies from a database. On the other hand, denormalization aims to achieve faster query execution by adding data redundancy.
    During normalization, tables are reduced in number due to the reduction of data in the database. Denormalization, on the other hand, involves integrating data into the same database and therefore the number of tables to store the data increases.
    Data integrity is maintained by normalization. A change to the data in the table will not impact its relationship with the other table. Data integrity is not maintained by denormalization.
    It optimizes the use of disk space. It does not optimize disk space.

    What Is Net And How Does It Work

    Full Stack Development Mock Interview | Interview Questions for Senior Full Stack Developers

    This question shows an interviewer how familiar you are with .NET as a product and can highlight your expertise if you’ve used it before. You can take this time to explain .NET in enough detail so that the interviewer can confirm you know what it is and will be able to begin the job without formal training in how to use the platform.

    Example answer:.NET is a virtual machine that writes, reads and executes strings of code in order to design web applications. Developers compile code for .NET in the coding languages of C# or VB .NET that then translates into other coding languages so the computer can execute it in CLR .

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    Hire A Full Stack Developer With Homerun

    Remember what youâre looking for when youâre interviewing Full Stack Developers for your business. Many candidates might have the right skills and abilities, so be sure to also look for someone who is a values fit for your company and is in it for the long haul.

    Now that youâve got the right interview questions for a Full Stack Developer, itâs time to get set up with the right hiring tool. Homerun helps you organize and streamline your hiring workflow, making a good impression on candidates.

    âWith Homerun you can:

    • Get a visual of the hiring workflow
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    What Skills Do You Need To Be A Full

    A Full Stack developer should be familiar with:

    • Basic languages – Must be proficient in basic languages like HTML, CSS, and SQL.
    • Front-end frameworks – BootStrap, AngularJS, VueJS, ReactJS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Ruby, PHP
    • Back-end frameworks – Express, Django, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails
    • Databases – MySQL, SQLite, Postgres, MongoDB, Cassandra, Apache storm, Sphinx
    • Additional skills recommended – Git, Machine Learning, SSH, Linux Command, Data Structures, Character encoding.

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    A Quick Note On Technical Questions

    If you look for full stack developer interview questions for freshers online, youll see a lot of technical questions such as:

    • What is GraphQL?
    • Describe a Rest API?
    • Should you choose jQuery or React?

    In reality, these questions are very rarely asked in a full stack developer interview. As a full stack developer, youve already provided your portfolio. While you should know the answers to these questions, full stack development is extraordinarily broad.

    You could be interviewing for a position in mobile app development for iOS or a position in enterprise SaaS development on the cloud. You could be interviewing for Python, JavaScript, or a banking application thats built on COBOL that needs to be modernized through a sequence of ever-more-complex APIs.

    Because of that, there arent any real technical questions universal to full stack web development.

    Know your code. Know your loops, functions, and strategies. Be prepared for a coding interview. But dont over-obsess over the minutiae. Even the most rigorous employers are now using more take home programming examples than live coding interviews.

    What Is The Native Image Generator In Net

    Senior Software Engineer .Net Full Stack/ JavaScript at 99X Technology

    An interviewer might ask this question to assess your knowledge of specific functions available within the .NET platform. By showing that you know how to use the tools in .NET, you can highlight your proficiency in web development and in the program.

    Example answer:The Native Image Generator translates the .NET assemblies to machine code for developers to use on a specific processor. This can bypass the constrictions of the JIT, which compiles each method only one time.

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    How Does Sql Differ From Nosql

    SQL is a standard database query language that is used for accessing and manipulating data in relational databases, while NoSQL is a non-relational database management system that does not use the SQL query language. Functionally, NoSQL is generally used for big data, whereas SQL is used for traditional data.

    What Is An Html Tag Attribute Or Element

    An HTML tag is a code element that defines the structure and content of a web page. HTML tags are used to enclose web page content, such as text, images, and other media.

    An HTML attribute is a code element that provides additional information about an HTML tag. Attributes typically specify the id, class, or style of an element.

    An HTML element is a code element that represents a piece of content on a web page. Elements are typically enclosed by HTML tags.

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    What Is Promise And Explain Its States

    As an alternative to callbacks in JavaScript, promises are used to handle asynchronous operations. In addition to handling multiple asynchronous operations, they provide better error handling than callbacks. Promises can be a better way for a user to read the code effectively and efficiently, especially when that particular code performs multiple asynchronous operations. The Promise object represents the result of an asynchronous operation and the resulting value. The promise is in one of the following states:

    • Pending: In its initial state, neither fulfilled nor rejected.
    • Fulfilled: Indicating that the operation was successful.
    • Rejected: Indicating that the operation failed.

    How Servletcontext Is Differ From Servletconfig

    Full stack developer interview questions and answers – Part 1 | ARC Tutorials
    ServletContext ServletConfig
    ServletContext represents the whole web application running on a particular JVM and common for all the servlet. ServletConfig object represents single servlet.
    It is just like a global parameter associated with the whole application. It is the same as the local parameter associated with a particular servlet.
    It has application-wide scope so define outside servlet tag in the web.xml file. It is a name-value pair defined inside the servlet section of web.xml files so it has servlet wide scope.
    getServletContext method is used to get the context object. getServletConfig method is used to get the config object.
    To get the MIME type of a file or application session related information is stored using a servlet context object. The shopping cart of a user is a specific to particular user so here we can use servlet config.

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