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Interview Questions On Salesforce Admin

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Creating A Salesforce Queue: Lead Queue Example

Salesforce Admin Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers & Experienced – MindMajix

Lead queues are the most common ways to use Salesforce queues. An organization could ask their admin to create a lead queue to distribute to each regional team. Were going to create a queue for the EMEA Leads.


1. From Salesforce Setup, search queues.

2. Click Queues

3. Click New

4. Enter a Label. Well use EMEA Leads in this example.

5. The Queue Name automatically populates. add a Queue Email. An email notification will be sent to this email address whenever a new record is added to the queue ideal for shared team inboxes.

6. Click Send Email to Members. This will mean that all Queue Members will receive email updates .

7. Scroll down to the Supported Objects section. Find Lead in the list of available objects.

8. Click Add to move Lead into the selected objects column.

9. Scroll down to the Queue Members section. Remember that Queue Members can be individual users , Public groups, roles and roles and subordinates .

10. Well Add Barry BDR as a queue member.

11. Switch from the Users view to Public Groups

12. or Roles.

13. or Roles and Subordinates

14. Well add the Role and Subordinates: Director, Direct Sales. This means that any users with the role Director, Direct Sales and users lower in the hierarchy will gain visibility into the queue.

15. Click Save

16. Search for Lead Assignment Rules

17. Here are the rules you have created and if they are active. We would like to include the EMEA Leads queue within the Standard rule.

24. Click EMEA Leads

Define Dynamic Dashboards Can We Schedule Dynamic Dashboards

Dynamic dashboards help us display the set of metrics in an organization. They are created to provide security settings for dashboards at

Two setting options are there in dynamic dashboards:

  • Run as a specified user
  • Run as the logged-in user

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Suppose A Record Meets Workflow Criteria For Time Based Workflow Action The Action Goes In Queue Later Before The Time Based Action Is Triggered The Same Record Gets Modified And The Criteria Previously Met Is Changed And Now It Does Not Meet The Workflow Criteria What Happens To The Time Based Action Placed In Queue

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These rules apply to the escalation of cases as per the criteria defined in the escalation rule entry. Along with the rule entries, it is possible to create escalation actions to specify what happens when a case escalates. An escalation rule can reassign the case to another support agent or even a support queue.

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What Are The Features Of Salesforce

There are various features of Salesforce that include:

  • The Salesforce CRM is helpful in getting the right sales data that helps you to make the right decisions in the business.
  • The salesforce CRM is portable as you can also use its Mobile App that will turn your smartphone into a portable sales office and you can see your dashboards anytime with the app.
  • It also gives you options to log calls, respond to new leads, and many more.
  • File Sync and Share:
  • With Salesforce, you can easily share your files and sync them to track the content in real-time.
  • Searching for files in Salesforce is easy and you can also subscribe to its alters that will give you time to time notifications when any changes are incorporated into the files.
  • Sales Forecasting:
  • Salesforce provides you to give credits to the right person and track their progress individually by using forecasts as per overlays.
  • You can also track the journey of the leads to find if they are interested in the deals or not. It is very helpful in sales to analyze the leads through its brilliant forecasting.
  • Lead Management:
  • Salesforce app works like a fast lead converter machine that keeps you informed about the new leads and their sources. Its automatic emailing system is very helpful to reach out to your customers and boosts the revenue-generating system.
  • The lead management of Salesforce gives time-to-time updates on the contacts and also uses the sales path to understand the related documents that are needed in lead management.
  • Can You Edit An Apex Trigger/ Apex Class In Production Environment Can You Edit A Visualforce Page In Production Environment

    Top 200+ Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers for 2021 ...

    No, it is not possible to edit apex classes and triggers directly in production environment.

    It needs to be done first in Developer edition or testing org or in Sandbox org. Then, to deploy it in production, a user with Author Apex permission must deploy the triggers and classes using deployment tools.

    However, Visualforce pages can be created and edited in both sandbox and in production.

    Only if the page has to do something unique , it would have to be developed via Sandbox.

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    What Is Happening With Workflow Rules And Process Builder

    With the release of Winter 22, Salesforce announced the retirement of Workflow Rules and Process Builder beginning in Winter 23.

    Both declarative tools were predecessors to Flow and are no longer necessary . Its important to know that existing workflow rules and processes will continue to operate as they have, but best practice is to create all new declarative automation using Flow.

    Salesforce is developing tools to help admins migrate older automation to Flow.

    Because an admin can expect to work with orgs that have existing workflow rules and processes in place, understanding them remains vital. For further reading, check out Workflow Rules vs. Process Builder and Process Builder Vs Flows Become the Ultimate Admin.

    What Are The Types Of Apex Triggers In Salesforce

    Triggers are divided into 2 types

  • Before Triggers
  • Before Triggers: Before Triggers can be used to update or validate values of a record before they are saved to the database.

    After Triggers: After Triggers Before Triggers can be used to access field values of the records that are stored in the database and use this value to make changes in other records.


    Trigger trigger_name on Object_Name  WHERE trigger_events can be comma separated list of events.

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    What Is Apex In Salesforce

    Apex is a strongly typed object-oriented programming language. It allows developers to execute flow and transaction control statements on Salesforce server in combination with calls to the API. Its syntax looks like Java. It uses syntax and acts as a database stored procedure. Apex allows the developer to add business logic to system events like button clicks, related record update, and Visualforce pages.

    What Is A Salesforce Profile

    Salesforce Admin Interview Questions and Answers – For Freshers & Experienced | Intellipaat

    The importance of this question has less to do with understanding what a profile is and more to do with why it matters. Salesforce is a powerful tool with quite a bit of data. The profile structure helps a company decide who has access to what.

    Example:”**A Salesforce profile allows companies to control access to features and set permissions for employees. For example, a company might want to restrict access to some of the data in Salesforce, or they might want to limit who can initiate a significant marketing campaign. There are laws governing automated marketing, such as email, and companies often want to control mass emails and ensure they contain the right messaging.

    Salesforce has two kinds of profiles: standard and custom. A standard profile has whatever standard permissions the Salesforce administrator has set up. A custom profile might have more permissions based on the employee’s role and responsibilities.”

    Please note that none of the organizations mentioned in this article are affiliated with Indeed.

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    Intermediate Salesforce Admin Interview Questions

    1. Exactly what is a profile? What types of profiles are available in Salesforce?

    In Salesforce, a profile is similar to settings and permissions. It allows users to perform different functions according to their preferences. This is another method of managing particular records.

    Profiles can be divided into two types:

    • Standard profiles: Profiles created by
    • Custom profiles: Profiles created by users

    The standard Salesforce profiles are as follows:

    2. How do Profiles and Roles differ?

    Salesforce Profiles differ from Salesforce Roles in the following ways:

    Profiles: Object and field-level access can be controlled using profiles, such as general permissions, tab level permissions, read & write permissions, etc.

    Role: We may offer record-level access using roles, including organization-wide defaults, Role hierarchies, sharing rules, and manual sharing. Responsibility determines record-level access.

    3. Can users be deleted or frozen?

    We cannot delete a user in, but we can deactivate the user using the Freeze feature.

    You can freeze a user by going to:

    • Setup > Manage Users > Users

    4. Describe how stores files, documents, and images. allows us to store files, documents, and images as follows:

    5. What are the default fields in an index?

    The default indexed fields in Salesforce are:

    6. What does Field Dependency mean?

    • Controlling Field.
    • Dependent field.

    Setup | Administration | Manage users | Profiles

    How Many Events Do We Have In Aura Components How Are They Used

    Answer: There are three types of events:

  • Component Events: Used when data is sent from child to parent.
  • Application Events: Used when data is sent from one component to another component which is not in any hierarchy
  • Standard Out of Box Events: Some default events which can be used by us. Example: showcase.
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    How To Crack Salesforce Interview

    This video is designed to provide you with a perception of the Salesforce platform and help you build your dream career in it. It makes you aware of the skills and certifications needed for Salesforce Admins and Developers. It also includes steps and strategies to prepare for and crack the Salesforce job interviews.

    What Is The Consideration While Deleting An Approval Process

    Interview Questions On Workflow Rules In Salesforce

    Ans: Approval processes can be deactivated and deleted. If there are already records in pending status, an approval process can be deactivated but not deleted. In order to delete an approval process, we need to ensure there are no records in the org which is locked in the approval process else an error will be encountered.

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    What Is Visualforce

    Visualforce is a framework for the platform. It is a component based markup language. It allows defining user interface component in Salesforce. Page layout feature will enable you to configure the user interface easily, but by using Visualforce pages, you can customize your user interface.

    How Does Apex Work

    All Apex programs run entirely On-Demand on the Platform.

    • First, the platform application server compiles the code into an abstract set of instructions that can be understood by the Apex runtime interpreters.
    • The compiled code is stored in metadata.

    When the end-users trigger the execution of Apex by clicking a button or the VisualForce page the application servers retrieve the compiled instructions from the metadata and send them to the runtime interpreter before returning the result.

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    What Are Governor Limits

    To assure that no one gains resources from others, establishes various restrictions that limit code execution. Salesforce must do this due to its multi-tenant architecture, where all the customers and organisations share one resource. If the governor limits are not satisfied, an error will rise, and the program execution will terminate. Following are the types of Governor limits:

    • Static Apex Limits
    • Per-transaction Certified Managed Package Limits

    What Is Workflow In Salesforce

    Salesforce Interview Questions And Answers | Salesforce Tutorial | Salesforce Training | Edureka

    Workflow in Salesforce is business logic that helps you to automate your organizations normal processes and procedures, saving you a significant amount of time. Workflow allows records to carry out tasks like changing data or notifying individuals or external systems. We can automate tasks like assigning tasks, sending emails, updating fields, and sending outbound messages.

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    Topic Based Interview Questions

    In this type of interview, the interviewer will ask you questions from all the sections of Salesforce you are familiar with. Keep in mind if you do not have expertise in some areas, do inform the interview honestly. Show interest in learning but never bluff. The interviewer is probably a person with years of experience and will know if you are bluffing or not. The most common topics will be around:

  • Salesforce fundamentals
  • Trigger, Workflow and Process Builder
  • Integration and Testing
  • Apex, Aura, Visualforce and LWC
  • Reporting Tricks For Queues

    Records assigned to Queues should not be actioned until a user assigns themself to work on the record. This way, you can attribute that users efforts to the correct team member.

    However, there isnt a way to prevent a user from working on a record when its still assigned to the Queue. For example, you dont want users to change a Tasks status if its still assigned to the Queue.

    So, how do you prevent this?

    You can create a validation rule which will prevent the Task status from being marked as completed if the owner is still owned by the Queue. The user will be forced to update the Task owner in order to mark it as complete. Knowing Salesforce Prefixes is useful here you can see this in action below:

    READ MORE: Salesforce Object Key Prefix List

    Alternatively, you can create a custom action that calls automation, for example, a Flow, which would mark the Task as complete, and also change the Task owner automatically to the user who triggered the action.

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    Create Or Edit Assignment Rules

    Automatically add records to a queue when they are created, based on specific record criteria using Lead Assignment Rules.

    Remember: Queues share the same characteristics as a record owner therefore, to add records to a queue, you only need to update the record owner!

    • Use the Quick Find box to search for Lead Assignment Rules. Youll land on a page that lists the rules you have created and whether they are active. We would like to include the EMEA Leads queue within the Standard rule.
    • Note that its easy to set up a new Lead Assignment Rule too!
    • Find the entry you want to change. I have a rule entry that assigns any leads that are not from the US. For the purposes of this demo, I will just use the when country is not equal rule entry.
    • Change the filter from User to Queue.
    • Type EMEA Leads in the box. You can use the Assignee Lookup to ensure you find the correct queue.
    • Choose an email template that is sent to the record owner when the lead is assigned.
    • Finally, click Save.

    I Want To Delete 30000 Customer Records But Do Not Want Anyone Else To Recover Them What Can I Do

    Salesforce Einstein Interview Questions

    If you are applying for the role of a Salesforce administrator, you can expect the interviewer to ask such operation-based questions. These questions test your familiarity with the system and help the interviewer determine if you have the skills to solve Salesforce operational challenges for other users. You can explain these questions by specifying the command or procedure that solves the issue and how you use it.

    Example:”Salesforce makes it easy to bulk delete records permanently using the hard delete option. The difference between delete and hard delete options is that the former sends the deleted records to the Salesforce recycle bin, where it remains for 15 days. The hard delete erases all records permanently from the Salesforce system with no way to recover it.”

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    Q3 What Do You Understand About Roles & Profiles In Salesforce

    Profiles: It decides the base level access that is provided to the user. To control the object and fields access, profile should be setup and assigned to user, If a user can create, edit, or delete records, it is determined by a profile. We can restrict and can extend the object level access of a user by using profile depending on the requirements.While creating a user, itâs required to choose/assign a profile.Roles: It decides the record level access given to a user. When organization-wide default sharing is set to private for any object, we can extend the access using roles.

    We can set a user higher in a role hierarchy to give access of the records owned by users lower in the hierarchy. For example: Sales Managerâs role can be selected higher and Sales repâs role lower in the role hierarchy to give Sales Manager access to Sales repâs records.â

    What Are Reports In Salesforce

    Reports are an essential part of any business. Descriptions provide a clear picture of the management.

    Reports are used to track the process towards its various tasks, control expenditure, increase revenue. Reports help in trend prediction. allows you to generate reports in different styles.

    In, we can create four types of reports:

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    Q3 How Would You Track Performance Of Sales Reps In Salesforce

    Have a play with reports on Opportunities and Leads, also check the subscription functionality on reports, a hidden gem not many use! I can also use any Automation in Salesforce that would notify and send Email to Sales Managers of Accounts whose related Opportunities have not been closed in the last 1 year.

    State Difference Between Salesforce Admin And Developer

    Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers | Salesforce Interview for Freshers and Experienced

    The differences between Salesforce admins and developers are as follows:

    Salesforce Admin Salesforce Developer
    Salesforce administrators are responsible for ensuring that the Salesforce applications are properly installed and implemented in an organization. Salesforce developers, as the name suggests, are primarily involved in the development process of the application.
    Salesforce developers implement new implementation strategies to enable business improvements. It is, more or less, the responsibility of this individual to design and develop specific codes and functionality to create customized applications.


    • Assessing business requirements and recommending the most effective solution.
    • Assisting with upgrading the Salesforce system.
    • Integrate and configure the system continuously and effectively.
    • Administration of Salesforce profiles, roles, workflows, etc.
    • Assist in preparing reports for team members, etc.
    • Maintaining the database, including performing diagnostic tests and erasing duplicate entries.
    • Documentation of processes such as error reports and the updating of field history tables.
    Among the top companies offering Salesforce administration jobs are Amazon, Expedia, Kaplan Financial, Main Street Hub, Magnetrol, Globoforce, AvidXchange, and many other companies. Among the top companies offering Salesforce Developer jobs are Slalom Consulting, Accenture, Crossmark, Inc, Accenture technology solutions, Cognizant, and many other companies.

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