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Basic Coding Questions For Interview

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Given An Array Of Integers Every Element Appears Twice Except For One Find That One

Coding Interview Questions And Answers | Programming Interview Questions And Answers | Simplilearn

Anil Kadimisetty, director of engineering at Chainalysis

What skillset is this testing for? Not every interview candidate who gets selected actually solves a problem. That actually doesnt matter that much. Because in the real world, a single individual does not know the answers to everything theyre trying to solve. You are going to only succeed when youre able to collaborate with others, get others feedback and act on that. When you get stuck, what do you do? If someone is giving you a hint, are you responding well to the hint? That means youre probably great at collaborating later on when you come here.

Is this a good interview question? At Chainalysis, were about cryptocurrency. In an interview, if we ask about that because thats what we do on a day-by-day basis most people would fail, because no one really knows about cryptocurrencies.

So what you do is, you use the most abstract way of asking about those things without mentioning the topics, which are domain specific. If you abstract the domain knowledge out of it, you will come down to a basic problem like this. So thats what this is. Its actually making the hiring bar common across all candidates with different domain experiences. This is a good equalizer.

Top 45 Programming Interview Questions

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

Preparing for an interview in the IT industry means familiarizing yourself with job-specific terminology. By taking the time to review potential interview questions and thinking about your answers in advance, you can present yourself as a qualified candidate.

In this article, we discuss common programming interview questions and provide sample answers to help you prepare for your next interview.

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How To Create A Record In Java

Records is a preview feature introduced in Java 14. Records allow us to create a POJO class with minimal code. It automatically generates hashCode, equals, getter methods, and toString method code for the class. Records are final and implicitly extends java.lang.Record class.

import java.util.Map public record EmpRecord 

Read more at Records in Java.

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What Is Soft Reference In Java

Soft References are a special kind of reference, which slightly changes the default behavior of the Garbage Collector, allowing the GC to maintain objects without strong references until the Java Virtual Machine runs out of memory. In this last case, the Garbage Collector will try to save the application scanning the memory and deleting all the soft references.

Code snippet of Soft Reference in Java:

import java.lang.ref.*// ...Object obj = new Object  // New Soft Reference to obj objectSofReference< Object>  softRef = new SoftReference< Object> 

What Do You Mean By Documentation

Java Interview Questions By Pankaj Panjwani

Documentation is the explanation of how to use and operate a piece of software. This includes information on requirements, architecture/design, technical specifications as well as instruction manuals for the end-user, system administrator, and support staff. Documentation includes requirements documents, user documentation, system documentation, process documentation, and product documentation.

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Why Is Java Coding Popular Among Employers

One of the biggest reasons Java is popular among employers is because of its independence. As long as your computer has the Java Runtime Environment, you can execute a Java program on your computer. Most computers can handle a JRE, including Macintosh, Linux, Unix, Windows and selective mobile phones.

Features that make Java programming popular include:

  • It’s easy to learn and implement.

  • Any code written with Java can run on virtually any computing platform.

  • The code is robust enough to independently run Java programs without any external dependencies.

  • Java has experienced consistent development.

  • It’s a memory management and multithreaded programming language.

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Can I Become An Expert In Programming Within 6 Months

While you can certainly master the basics, it is not a realistic timeframe to become a programming expert in six months. This is because there is such a wide range of programming languages, each with its own application and use cases. Your best bet is to choose a programming language to specialize in, such as Python or C, and learn as many code concepts as you can in the next six months.

Programmers need to have a range of skills, including the ability to adopt new technologies, solve problems, and notice little details. These are skills you will continuously develop the more you practice programming.

Since youre hereNo one wakes up knowing how to code they learn how to code. Tens of thousands of students have successfully learned with our courses, like our Software Engineering Bootcamp. If youre a total newbie, our Software Engineering Career Track Prep Course will be a perfect fit. Lets do this!

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How Would You Implement The Insertion Sort Algorithm

  • We assume the first element in the array to be sorted. The second element is stored separately in the key. This sorts the first two elements. You can then take the third element and do a comparison with the ones on the left of it. This process will go on until a point where we sort the array.

int a =

for {

int n = m

while {

int k = a

a = a

a = k

Linked List Based Programming Interview Questions

Top 15 Python Coding Interview Questions with Solutions – Do it Yourself

reversing a linked listlinked list23. How to find the middle element of a singly linked list in one pass?26. How to reverse a single linked list without recursion?29. How to find the 3rd node from the end in a singly linked list?recursion Visualizing Data Structures and Algorithms in Java30 linked list programming questions

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Are Programming Interviews Hard

Coding interviews are generally difficult because youre expected to code a solution under time constraints, while also explaining your thought process to the interviewer. Interview questions are designed to be difficult because the cost of hiring a bad engineer is very high.

However, remember that interviewers do not expect you to know the answer to every question in an interview. They are also interested in your ability to ask the right questions, think outside of the box, and work within given constraints. They will also evaluate how clean your code is or how long it takes you to come up with a solution.

What A Coding Interview Looks Like

Candidate assessment is the process of evaluating whether a developer has the right skill set to succeed in a given role. During the assessment process, various members from the hiring team, including developers, hiring managers, and recruiters, often rely on coding questions sometimes in the form of a take-home test or live coding challenge to gauge a developers technical proficiency. Coding challenges throughout the interview process gauge the candidates problem-solving skills and technical proficiency in various programming languages and frameworks. Tests can also measure a programmers ability to navigate a complete application environment, translate log messages, and interchangeably use the command-line, IDE, and browser to interact with the environment.

Its important to keep in mind that getting a correct answer to a problem isnt always enough to pass a coding interview. Interviewers will also be assessing your code quality, technical communication, and the efficiency of the solution.

Examples of coding tests include:

  • Take-home tests sent during screening
  • Multiple-choice tests
  • Project-based tests
  • Pair-programming in a virtual IDE

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Given A Roman Numeral Convert It To An Integer

Cody Daig, technical mentor at Galvanize

What skillset is this testing for? Once you see the solution, it can be very easy to figure out however, getting to that solution is often a struggle for most people. Because you have to think not only about where youre at, but the next value in that Roman numeral. So, for example, four is IV. And so you cant just go, I, thats one, V, thats five boom, were at six! Actually, youre at four. So how do you differentiate between adding and subtracting not only looking at where youre at but where youre going? So its kind of got those two different pieces there.

Is this a good interview question? It depends on the knowledge of the interviewee going into the question here. I make the assumption that most of the time people know Roman numerals, and that can be an incorrect assumption, because not everyone actually knows or understands Roman numerals. So if you are coming into it not even knowing Roman numerals, its a challenging one. In general, I would say youre not at that much more of a disadvantage, as long as youre upfront and honest, like, Hey, Ive never worked with Roman numerals before.

How Do You Traverse A Binary Tree In Postorder Traversal Without Recursion

C interview questions

Move down to the leftmost node using the left pointer. While moving down, push root and roots right child to stack. Once you reach the leftmost node, print it if it doesnt have a right child. If it has a right child, then change the root so that the right child is processed before.

The algorithm goes as follows:

1. Create an empty stack

2. Do the following while the root is not NULL:

a) Push roots right child and then root to stack.

b) Set root as roots left child.

3. Pop an item from the stack and set it as root.

a) If the popped item has a right child and the right child is at the top of the stack, then remove the right child from the stack, push the root back and set root as roots right child.

b) Else print roots data and set root as NULL.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 while the stack is not empty.

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Best Resources For Coding Interviews

The selection of good resources is very important for success in your coding interviews. If you chose the wrong resource then more than money, you will lose the valuable time you need for preparation, hence spending some time researching for a good resource.

If you need recommendations, the following are some of my the tried and tested resources to learn Data Structure and Algorithms in-depth for coding interviews:

And, if you prefer books, there is no better than the Cracking The Coding Interview, by Gayle Laakmann McDowellwhich presents 189+ Programming questions and solutions. A good book to prepare for programming job interviews in a short time. Btw, I will also earn some money if you buy any of these resources mentioned here.

List Of Interview Coding Questions

Here Im listing basic programming questions you should practice to master any of the programming languages.

We also have a list of coding questions categorized by the data structure.

Basic Coding Questions

  • Write a program to print the day of the week based on the given number using the switch case.
  • What is the Harmonic Series? Write a program to generate the Harmonic Series.
  • Write a program to find the average of consecutive n-Odd numbers and n-Even numbers.
  • Print the Triangle as follow, using for loops. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 N
  • Create the class having a member variable of employee detail and getter and setter function for each variable.
  • Write the program to read and write a file.
  • Find the longest line from the file.
  • Take the students Mark as User input and check the range of Mark.
  • String Handling

    If you are learning Python, check the bitwise operators in Python.

    Advanced Coding Questions

  • Write a C program to upload the file to another PC connected to the network?
  • Write a C program to download the file from the network?
  • These two questions are more related to network programming. If the job profile is related to networking, you have to prepare for such questions. These questions were asked in the Persistent coding interview as per the experience shared by the candidate.


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    Whats Your Process For A Crashing Program

    For an effective response to this question, youll need to use both hard skills and soft skills. Carefully explain your process to your interviewer in a conversational and logical way to show you thoroughly understand the process. Describe how you would search for the bug and the steps toward a solution.

    Example:I worked at a startup called Innotech after grad school. I enjoyed the projects I worked on there, but we frequently had problems with crashing programs. After I run a debugger, I look for patterns. For example, maybe the program crashes while running certain commands or in specific conditions. If the program only crashes every fifth time the page loads, I would look into that further. Once I have identified patterns, I would then consider ideas for problem areas that might include elements of those patterns and use a code to search those possible elements. I am usually successful with this method.

    Read more:Soft Skills: Definitions and Examples

    Linkedlist Programming Interview Questions

    C Programming Interview Questions and Answers | C Interview Preparation | C Tutorial | Edureka

    14) How do you find middle element of a linked list in a single pass?15) How do you find the 3rd element from last in a single pass? 16) How do you find if there is any loop in a singly linked list? How do you find the start of the loop? 17) How do you reverse a singly linked list? 18) Difference between a linked list and array data structure?Grokking the Coding Interview: Patterns for Coding Questions30 linked list interview questions

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    Why Is Java Known As The Platform

    Interviewers ask this question because they want to determine whether you know the basic features and foundations of Java code and their real-world benefits. When answering this question, make it clear to the interviewer you know the platform independence feature was one of the primary purposes for creating Java code and how this feature creates real-world benefits in application. You can show the real-world application benefits of this feature by describing a specific example of code you have written on one platform that runs across multiple platforms.

    Example answer:”One of the primary purposes for Java code was to create a programming language that developers could use across multiple platforms without having to change the source code for each platform. Platform independence means the execution of your program is not dependent on the operating system being used. Earlier programming languages, such as C and C++, require developers to compile separate source code for every operating system they run it on.

    For example, at my last job, I wrote Java code using a Linux operating system. We could then run this byte code on any other operating system, such as Microsoft or MAC, by converting the code using the Java Virtual Machine, which is available to install on all operating systems. This saved the developers time as we only have to write the source code once.”

    How To Use Foreach Method

    The forEach method provides a shortcut to perform an action on all the elements of an iterable. Letâs say we have to iterate over the list elements and print it.

    List< String>  list = new ArrayList< > Iterator< String>  it = list.iterator while ) 

    We can use forEach method with lambda expression to reduce the code size.

    List< String>  list = new ArrayList< > list.forEach 

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    Best 8 Coding Interview Questions And Their Answers

    The best strategy for cracking the coding interview is to prepare better. It is a dream to get into the MAANG companies, but the competition is high. In order to beat the competition, one has to be ready in order to get that dream job!. Let us look at some of the most important coding questions that are asked in interviews hosted by massive companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Google, etc.

    1. How can you find the first non-repeated character in a word?

    In order to answer this question, you first need to understand what must be done to promote this function. A function needs to be written that accepts strings and returns the first non-repeated characters.

    For example, in the word, passage, p is the first non-repeated character or in the word, turtle, u is the first non-repeated character. So, how do we solve this problem? We can create a table for storing the repetitions for all the characters and then select the first entries that are not repeated.

    Check out our Java Bootcamp designed to upskill working professionals.

    Whats The Difference Between A Designer And A Developer

    Basic but Most Important Java Interview Questions

    While there doesnt have to be a stark divide between designer and developer , designers generally focus on the look and feel of a website while developers focus on making that design come to life.

    Designers are in charge of the aesthetics and usability of a website, app, or program. They make sure their products are not only beautiful to look at, but that they make sense from the end users point of view. Designers typically work with tools like Photoshop and Webflow to make mockups of how they want a site to look.

    Developers are the ones who handle the coding element building a productthey take that design and turn it into a functioning app, website, or program, using a programming language like HTML. For more about the different kinds of web developers out there, check out this article about the differences between front end, back end, and full stack developers.

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